Angela Bell
Age: 30
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Status: Engaged
Played-By: Jessica Stroup
Misc: Former counsel for Bell Industries

The Bell family has been around for a while, and Angela is just a part of one of the newest generations of money-makers for the family. Having attended Stanford University for law she's returned to work in the legal department for Bell Industries, one of the family's newer companies.

Bell Industries is a newer branch of the families various different interests, and with it they have begun to get into pharmaceutical research, and sales, and other related things.

As part of her New Years resolutions (come about a week early), Angela decided after much thought and discussion that she was not happy doing what she was doing. Instead she tendered her resignation and has begun working towards building her own practice. Which means, right now, she's looking for office space and clients.




(2019-01-08) Talk With Me?

A quick meeting at the television studio.

(2018-12-31) New Year Luau

The Boardroom hosts a luau to ring in the New Year. Grass skirts and coconut bras abound!

(2018-12-12) Early Christmas

Mostly Ethan, Luke, and Angela talk about Christmas stuff. Kate cameos.

(2018-11-23) Karaoke Night

The Boardroom hosts its first ever karaoke night!

(2018-11-20) The Fellowship of the Ring

Three nerds and Angela try to marathon the LotR trilogy.

(2018-11-19) Still Complicated

Two star crossed lovers meet in a gym and talk politely(?) at each other.

(2018-11-18) That one day when the coffee shop got all the RP.

The tone of this log is all over the place. tl;dr - coffee shop RP.

(2018-11-17) Having a (Tropical Evening Charity) Ball

Food, drink, Polynesian dancers, zoo animals, protesters, the return of Calvin Shay, and multiple furious exits. Anything for a good cause!

(2018-11-15) Tea for Two

Girl talk gets serious.
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