Alison Brooks
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Status: Single
Played-By: Amanda Seyfried
Misc: Misc

Alison is a student at UCC, attending its fairly prominent geology program. A bit of a student activist, her focus is ostensibly in environmental sustainability. Nonetheless, with hefty college loans that her part-time jobs can hardly hope to cover, she's been seeking out internships with various companies.

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(2018-10-25) He Is Coming! (KCC1 Office Party)

A Halloween party goes wrong, (or right if you hate the media >.>) when a bomber appears!

(2018-10-20) Opening Night of the Calaveras Halloween Carnival

Nothing can ever just go right…

(2018-10-18) Halloween Block Party!

The annual Saminaw Row block party gets interrupted by hooligans. ANARCHY!!!!!
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