Alexis "Lexi" Leandra Delereux
Age: 36
Occupation: University President
Status: On that Grind!
Played-By: Scarlett Johansson
Misc: Misc

Alexis Leandra Delereux, of the Old Money Delereux family, has never been shy about her position of privilege and status. On the contrary, she has a reputation for flaunting her designer clothing and luxurious Paris vacations. When it comes to her ambitions, however, she denies any unfair advantage over any of her competitors.

In a short time she skyrocketed from a position a graduate of UCC, to a cushy position at an investment firm, to the associate dean of the very University she had graduated from. When the prior University President fell ill, she stepped up as President pro-tempore and took on his duties, much to the chagrin of those professors and administrators who had been employed before she had even graduated.

After the previous President announced his retirement, she launched a dizzying campaign to woo over the Board of Trustees. Rumors swirl about the lavish parties and yacht trips she used to win them over. In the end, they selected her for the position of University President. Her iron-fisted style troubles members of the faculty, and she retaliates viciously at any mention of her supposed bribery.


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