Alejandro "Alex" Jimenez
Age: 35
Occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic
Status: Single
Played-By: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Misc: Misc

A new edition to town from the West Coast, Alex works on motorcycles while also looking into the death of his brother's family. He might also have something to do with an outlaw motorcycle club.

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(2018-11-26) The A-Team.... and Lonnie

Alex goes to see August, ends up meeting Anthony and reuniting with Lonnie.

(2018-11-24) How to Buff a Bumper

Alex goes to check out the Mad Hatter, runs into it's resident Wise-Ass

(2018-11-05) A Lioness In Winter.... er.. Fall

As Alex has difficulty as he makes his way into Calaveras. He comes across an angel in the form of Jo.
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