Abigail Thatcher
Age: 28
Occupation: Emergency Room Doctor
Status: Alive
Played-By: Kat Dennings
Misc: Misc

Abby Thatcher was born and raised in Calaveras before moving away to attend university and going on to medical school in Aurora, Colorado. She was always physically active and enjoyed playing different sports throughout high school. However a demanding schedule during college cut down on her extra curriculars. She continues to follow her favorite teams and is gradually getting into jogging now. It mostly amounts to fast walking, speed walking if you will.

She has a difficult time getting to sleep at night, so it's probably not unsual that she ended up taking the later shifts in the ER of the local hospital. It means she sees a wide variety of different (and sometimes bizarre) medical cases and doesn't have to adjust her sleeping schedule. She's really /not/ a morning person.

She returned to her hometown out of sentimentally and to be closer to her family, rumor has it that her father isn't doing so well.


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