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  • Choose a name, enter it in the blocks below, and hit enter or press the button
  • Fill out the fields as shown below.
  • Log icon name should be their mushname (all lowercase); if their mushname has a space, replace this with a hyphen.
  • The new log will automatically be linked to the log page and have a social/plot log tag.
    • Distinction: 'social' is slice of life RP/conversational at best while 'plot' is action oriented, stopping a crime, fighting a villain, etc. Not to be confused with official plots.
  • Add tags for the players involved.

New Logs

Log titles should start with the OOC date, in the form: (2017-08-23) Log Title

Log titles cannot have the # hashtag symbol for wiki reasons.

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Example Log Format (wiki-advanced)

[[include LogInfoBox
|title=The Meeting
|summary=Bob and Sheila meet with Mr. Johnson
|related=[[[log:Another Dinner]]]
[[include LogPlayerTop]]
[[include LogIcon name=bob]]
[[include LogIcon name=sheila]]
[[include LogPlayerBottom]]

It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp…

How Do I Get a Log Icon?

Visit the Wiki Log Icons page.

Current Logs

Our Logs

(2018-09-02) Bad Luck Brew

A night at the coffee shop ends in embarrassment, a date and a possible live in! Never boring!

(2018-09-01) Tailgating

Almost trouble, but not quite. Students meet before the first big game of the season.

(2018-09-01) Early at the Last Chance

Luke shows up early at the bar, and Maddie gets a suspicious visitor.

(2018-08-30) Developmental Meeting

Danny reports in to Chief Augustus on Professional Mentoring for a local high school student, the meeting progresses with Detective Ashlea

(2018-08-29) Victoria's Secret

Cop Talk
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