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[[include LogInfoBox
|title=The Meeting
|summary=Bob and Sheila meet with Mr. Johnson
|related=[[[log:Another Dinner]]]
[[include LogPlayerTop]]
[[include LogIcon name=bob]]
[[include LogIcon name=sheila]]
[[include LogPlayerBottom]]

It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp…

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Current Logs

Our Logs

(2019-01-25) Vyv Finds a Wife

…not his. Cash's.

(2019-01-25) Texts In the Night

August, alone in the B&B, sends a few texts while indisposed, and can't help meddling when an opportunity presents itself.

(2019-01-25) Sticky and Sweet

I can't even, too much going on.

(2019-01-25) Nevaeh Say Nevaeh

After finding Katya, Vyv drives Cash home.

(2019-01-25) Cinnamon Rolls

Kate, Layla and Sevin have coffee, while August turns into an agent of chaos.

(2019-01-24) Naked Voices - Episode 1

Sam, August and Katherine sit down to discuss various subjects.

(2019-01-24) Four Pages

Breakfast, chatting and plans to meet later.

(2019-01-23) Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Nina arrives for a short chat while August beheads a horse. Don't ask, it gets weird if you ask.

(2019-01-22) Taco Tuesday

Oh shit, is that really Cash?

(2019-01-22) Kama Sutra

Someone take their phones away please.
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