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[[include LogInfoBox
|title=The Meeting
|summary=Bob and Sheila meet with Mr. Johnson
|related=[[[log:Another Dinner]]]
[[include LogPlayerTop]]
[[include LogIcon name=bob]]
[[include LogIcon name=sheila]]
[[include LogPlayerBottom]]

It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp…

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Current Logs

Our Logs

(2019-02-02) What's Cookin'?

Saturday morning in the B&B kitchen, but it turns out Vyv's the one cooking there when Sam and Sevin arrive. August has a mysterious box…

(2019-02-01) Ultimatums

Calvin is being a stubborn, well, Calvin. Vic is brought in to give him the hard truths.

(2019-02-01) Hot and Steamy

Vyv and Nolan meet in the gym sauna. Why, what were you thinking?

(2019-01-29) The Drop

Four people (Hi Lucas! You're cute.) struggle through snow and ice to rescue a deputy.

(2019-01-29) Strolling in Snowstorms

A conversation goes way off the rails.

(2019-01-29) Fair Warning

Olivia likes muffins.

(2019-01-28) Snowstorm Food Drive

People gather at the Merrimack Homeless Shelter to donate, cook and flirt with Nolan. (You go gramma's)

(2019-01-28) Armed and Not-So-Dangerous

3 out of 5 ain't bad.

(2019-01-27) Naked Voices - Episode 2

Claire joins the three hosts.

(2019-01-26) Damn Fine Coffee

Saturday morning is a popular time to go get coffee.
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