(2019-02-27) Peak Physique Showdown II
Olivia takes on Jasper.

Is Peak Physique popular this time of day? More than you'd think, less than you'd expect. It's probably the combination of middle-of-the-week Wednesday and the flurried, cold weather outside that's stopping most from sticking strictly to their schedules. Still.

Leaning up against a corner of the ring would be Jasper, giving the adjacent Max a lesson in learning to have to look up when talking to someone. He seems pretty chill with it.

Brushing a little bit of lint that is never there, never has been there and never will be there, Max coughs out a little laugh. "Ain't shitting you when I saw I got 'em for the carbs. She's gonna throw off my plans if I meet her too often." And then he's looking around, taking in the interior of the gym with an appraising eye at Jasper mentioning how good a gym it is for the town that it occupies. "They called it Peak Physique because Gentrification Gym hit too close to the mark, man. You know how it is, you live in an apartment and you start seeing white people in their 20's jogging, you know the rent's going up."

"Uso, Auggie throws everything off, believe me. She got straight women thinkin bout how much she be a tall drinka wata. Believe me, I unnastand" Jasper flashed a bright smile, rolling the center of his back over the ring post and rolling his shoulders while Maxon spoke. "I dunno, gentrification gym got kinna a ring to it, ya'know?" he replied sarcastically and thwacked his head backward against the pole gently, "You normally in this ting to workout?" he asked, clearly the head thwack was his way of indicating the boxing ring.

Olivia arrives in sweats and t-shirt, a gym bag over one shoulder, gloves on her hands already. She peers around as if looking for someone before spotting Max near the ring and offering him a raised hand in greeting. "Don't suppose you've seen Liz?" she asks before something that resembles a smile and a nod to the giant with Maxon. "Hey. Max teaching you some moves?"

"Storm in a teacup, that one." Max grins, taking a moment to rub the underside of an eye with the edge of his thumb, shifting his weight to the balls of his feet for a moment lest he be stood still for too long. "An' like I said, I think it would have been the actual name of this place until someone pointed out the obvious issue with that." His hand is going up to start talking about the ring when Olivia enters, Max's head turning in a languid fashion until he spots her, returning the wave. "Liv. Shit you not, she was in here earlier then left. She still being evasive, sweetheart?"

His thumb does a quick point in incredulity to Olivia's second question. "…Look at him. Look at him, lady. He is the moves."

The bark that came out of Jaspers mouth was just like that. A bark. From a dog. A very large dog. The smile on his face retained its place at the title bestowed upon his friend and shrugged, "That's a fair title" he remarked and when Max bobbed on his feet and a new voice entered the silent gym, save for the quiet array of judges passing their scores of the reputable dog show on the corner television, and Jasper turned to see its source. "…" he parted his lips and then Max answered it for him. He raised a large hand and waved it off in Max's direction, "Don't listen to this guy, he's crazy" Jasper told Olivia, as if it wasn't common sense and made a swirling gesture at one ear in sign for just that, "I'm a lover, not a fighter, Uso."

"Evasive? Nah, she's being Liz" Olivia deadpans as she wanders over to the ring and drops her bag on the floor. "How was she?" A smirk at Max's description of Jasper before she offers her hand to the latter while looking up…and up…at his face. "Olivia Lopez. Nice to meet you, Mister Moves." She looks from one to the other before a shake of her head. "I guess if I need to practice fighting someone I can't reach, you two are great for that. Though if you're a lover, Mister Moves, you probably shouldn't be hanging around the ring." Her eyes narrow. "Unless there's some kinky stuff that happens in there in the early hours. Not my business."

"How was she?" Max ponders this for a moment, flipping the bottle from end to end in his hand. "Herself? Thought I only half know her." Synopsis given with a gentle smile, and a couple more flips of that bottle before his voice goes a smidge less jocular. "I figure she's not resting that shoulder up, If I'm honest. She's still favoring her good arm way too much and it's starting to wear on her after a few minutes. Impatience is gonna bite her in the ass, Sweetheart." And then a glance to Jasper. "Oh, fucking A. You're Mister Moves now." He beams. "Ignore that this is coming from Nana Max, and we're all good."

As for Olivia's comment on stuff that happens in the ring in the early hours? Eyeshift. Another. A third. And then a stare straight up at one of the many cameras lining the place. "THERE WOULD BE IF I COULD GET THE TAPES AFTER. I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME." It's not yelled, but it's definitely a stage speech level for the two others. And, with that little bit of jesting passed, he gives the towel on his shoulder a little check, gives the bottle one last flip, and nods to the two of them. "I gotta say, I hate to love you and leave you both, but my blood sugar just crashed, and I think I'm gonna have to go steal some pancakes from somewhere." So, he's either going to the B&B, or Maude's is getting smash&grabbed. "Not to mention I'm starting to smell like a day-old ham. Best to you both, and a pleasure to meet you finally, Jasper."

And away he goes, showerward, post haste. Hell, he's even stripping the shirt off on the way.
The large Samoan snerked aloud with a cockeyed grin when Max blatantly declared his newly established title to be none other than 'Mister Moves' and paired it with a lengthy shake of his head, "Fuckin crazy Haole" he muttered, and soon after the stage speech to the camera on being able to obtain the tapes afterward came as if to punctuate his very point, at which point Jasper simply glanced at him, back to Olivia, and back to Max as if to say just that.

"Rememba to get the tapes, brotha-man" Jasper offered to him after he excused himself, and unknotted a large hand from his folded arms to splay thumb and pinky out wide in a hang-loose gesture that he gyrated side to side at Maxon's departure. Left alone with the new Olivia lady, he finally took the offered hand grip which he easily covered the distance of, "Jasper Kapua, nice to meet you, lady. You one of the late night barbell crew, huh?"

"I didn't want to say" Olivia nods sagely about Max's ham smell - she's only joking. Possibly. A wave to him as he heads off. "Thanks for the Liz update" she adds before a smirk about the tapes. "I'm sure they'll be on YouTube soon enough." Her hand disappears in the Samoan's. "Jasper Kapua is much nicer than Mister Moves. Though Max will always be Nana Max. He has no choice in that."

A snort about the barbell comment. "I really should do more weights" Olivia admits before shrugging. "Only time I can really get to the gym. And when you sleep bad, much better than just sitting in bed staring at the ceiling. More painful…but still better. What brings you out so late?"

"I been called a lotta things before, Mista Moves is a first" Jasper admitted with a warm smile that broke the general first glance demeanor of a mountain incarnated into the man who walks the earth, and apparently the Peaks Physique gym, and likened him to more of a large teddy bear. "Weights do the body good. Plus, you get to eat more" Jasper noted, slapping a meaty palm against his stomach with a solid and hollow thunk of muscle against muscle.

The man moved from his spot, pushing off with a rock of his shoulder to one side and raised his hands to tug the black rubber band from his hair that had been knotted into a messy bun. "Well, like you say, betta than staring at the ceiling…" his words suggested there was more, but currently he was fighting the unruly locks that fell in front of his face and he captured them back into their rightful place and he knotted them back again with the band, "I work off hours at the tattoo shop, so when I get off I come to the gym. Sometimes before I go in, too. Depends on how I'm feelin" he nodded toward the ring, "I take it you get mosta your workout in the ring, huh?"

"Eating more? Well…when you put it like that, maybe I /should/ do more weights." Olivia looks him over, a sly smile appearing. "You work in a tattoo shop?" She never would have guessed that. "I should get a tattoo one day but I always worry what the canvas will look like in thirty years time. Would hate to have a tatt that requires the skin of a twenty-five year old to look good."

Olivia glances at the ring and nods. "Workout…and job necessity. I get into a lot of fights in my line of work. I need to know how to protect myself. I mean, if I was almost seven feet of muscle I wouldn't worry as much but…" A gesture at herself before she shrugs. "I don't intimidate much. Not the people I deal with at least. But you don't fight, Jasper. No sparring tonight by the look of it."

There was a faint flash of teeth behind the wiry whiskers of his thick beard and thick lips that curled devilishly upward at the mention of eating more, and the thought that she wouldn't have guessed he worked in a tattoo shop. He draped his forearms against the bottom rope of the ring and leaned into with a lazy gait that separated his weight apart as if he was stretching a hamstring. "Ya know what I think?" he said, shifting his left leg back to stretch is leg officially, whiskey eyes looking toward Olivia, "I tink you getta tattoo you wanna get, an in thirty years it’s gonna be just as beautiful as when you get it. For one, somethin tells me you gonna be an aright lookin lady in thirty years, for two…" the map slapped his left pectoral twice, "Not always about looks, in here wheres it mattas, ya'know?" he mentioned, swapping legs in his stretch.

"Bah" Jasper waved a hand at the mention of being almost seven feet, "Is betta to me shorta. Everyone underestimates you. I walk ina bar and every tough bastard wanna fight me an test theyself. It's a real pain" he smiled and straightened himself upright after stretching, placing both hands on his hips then. "I neva said I don fight, just that I's not a fighta. If you wanna go a round, I'm cool wit it"

Olivia's brow rises at the compliment sent her way. "You're certainly a charmer, Jasper, I'll give you that." A pause. "Completely right too of course but definitely a charmer. Yeah, what's inside certainly matters more but not sure how that helps with what a tattoo will look like. I suppose I could always get a design that has lines and wrinkles to begin with." Always thinking.

"Yeah, you're probably right about that. I guess you're a magnet for every tough guy in a place. But why do I get the feeling that you don't lose often?" Olivia smirks before considering his offer. "Sure" she nods, "Let's give it a go." Olivia is quite sprightly when she needs to be, jumping up onto the edge of the ring before slipping in under the ropes. She bounces on the heels of her feet, throwing a few practice jabs. "Are you a local, Jasper?"

Jasper erupted with laughter and a bright smile, crowsfeet creasing the edges of his eyes with the jovial bellow at being called a charmer, "You not knowin me very well Miss Olivia. Pretty sure that's a first, too" he mused, and he arched his brows upward when she mentioned getting a tattoo with pre-existing wrinkles, "Thinkin ahead, not a bad idea. Might look like garbage, but not a bad idea" he smirked.

The mention of him not losing often is met with a shrug, "Just lucky I guess." he dismissed. When she readied herself to enter the ring however, he slowly rolled under the bottom rope, expressively groaning as he did so before coming to rest on his back flat on the mat for a moment, "Okay, okay, you win. You're a monstah" he grinned at Olivia and held up his swarthy hands, palm outward, "Take mercy on me" he faux pleaded and then finally pushed himself up, stretching each arm cross his body and hooking it with the other. "Can't say I am. I been here for a little bit, but not supa long. My family is from a little village in Hawaii, but grew up in Miami, mainly. Some time in Seattle, really liked it there, and probably why I chose to come out to Colorado to be honest. Scenery here is to die for, ya'know?"

"Please, just call me Olivia. Miss Olivia sounds like a schoolteacher from the nineteenth century. And not a good one" the Latina teases before a laugh herself about her tattoo idea. "Aww…are you saying wrinkles aren't attractive?" A roll of her eyes to go with a playful frown at his pleading. "I haven't hit you yet."

"New Mexico is prettier" sniffs the woman from New Mexico. "I'm here for work. Down from Denver" Olivia explains. "A nomad? Nice. So, you just came down here to look at the scenery?" She shrugs. "I guess, in a way, that's why I'm still here. My work has finished. Mostly. But I'm still here. Now, if you've managed to recover from rolling into the ring…shall we?"

"Sure ting, Miss Olivia" Jasper teased with a bit of a squinty challenge toward the small Latina woman that he did little to hide by the amused capturing of his bottom lip while he brushed himself off like he'd gotten dirty from the mat beneath him, then did a few toe-touches and arched his back, "No, not at all. Wrinkles are beautiful, they call dem wisdom beauty marks, ya'know?" Jasper smiled, "Tattooed wrinkles…ehhhh…maybe not so much wisdom" he laughed quietly and raised his brows at the mention of New Mexico, "Yeah? I seen pichtas of New Mexico, it's pretty there. A buddy of mine got a job there the same time I got a job in Seattle that took me outta Miami. Always wanted to make the trip" he agreed and when she asked 'shall we' he gave her a pout and stretched his arms over his head, assuming a half-leaned forward posture more alike to a collegiate wrestler than an actual fighter. "Come at me, Sistah" he tempted fate and slapped an open palm against his chest with a solid thunk.

Jasper asked for it, so Olivia gives it to him. Being smaller may help…a little. At least with the initial surprise that she may know what she is doing. Feinting left, she darts within his reach to land a light jab into his stomach before weaving away and ducking his counter-blow. Another few paces back before dropping her guard and peering at him. "You let me do that? Oh, when I spar with Max, it isn't just a boxing match. So, if you want to do martial arts or wrestle or whatever, go for it. Don't hold back…but don't kill me either." Back into guard as she approaches once more. "Your friend still down there or are they a nomad too? Wisdom beauty marks? Does that apply to wrinkles all over the body?"

Jasper circled, slow, steady, and he kept his eye on Olivia he was fairly certain until she slipped inside and landed a jab on his stomach which caused him to laugh a bit, slapping his hand both to block, and his counter point not quite fast enough to do any real reply. "Ah, c'mon, I wouldn't let you win that easy. I's jus gonna treat this like a friendly match, but good ta know" he smiled and adjusted his stance somewhat.

A few steps around the ring, and he stepped and reached for a hook out wide with an open palm that was easy enough for Olivia to slip away from without any worry. "Uhhh, I tink he still there. May have traded him though. We don't talk all the time like we used to…" he moved around the ring slow and steady, "All wrinkles? Of course. Wrinkles are like tattoos, all tell a story"

"Not sure I want people to hear the story from wrinkles on my ass" Olivia jokes as she continues to duck and weave, trying to stay out of the ridiculously long reach of Jasper. Any blows that do come close, she manages to parry away. Though when she punches back, they are blocked just as easily. He's getting used to her now. "I'm better with my pistol" she points out before nodding. "Friendly is what I want it to be too but this sparring will keep me alive one day, so go for it." A curious eyebrow rises. "Traded?"

Jasper arched his brows a bit with a cockeyed shift to his lips of uncertainty, "I dunno, maybe I take a look fa you sometime? Could be a good story!" he smirked a bit at that and shifted a quick step to one side to block one of her punches. "You some kinna cop or somethin? Work wit Elizabeth?" he asked aside, working his way around the ring opposite Olivia when she mentioned it might keep her alive one day, he sported a little grin for just a moment.

The shift in his posture lowered into a shooters stance and he rushed forward, capturing the smaller woman with a massive right arm and rotating in a half-moon shaped step that resulted in sprawling her onto her backside and back against the mat. Jasper, as it was, went to one knee beside her, his hands on his thighs. "Yeah. Traded…" he smiled, "My buddy got drafted by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2010. He goes to New Mexico wit his family a lot" he laughed a bit, reaching a hand out, palm up in offering to assist Olivia up, "I went to the Seattle Seahawks in 2011"

"How very gallant of you" Olivia replies dryly to his offer to read her wrinkles. "I'm a kind of cop, yeah. F.B.I. I was working with Liz on a case to do with a cult that was killing people around here. You must have just missed them. Liz…she got hurt pretty bad." Talking about such things is obviously a distraction to the Latina as suddenly she finds herself flat on her back and discovering new places that hurt.

"Owwwww" Olivia groans, staring at the ceiling and trying to remember what day it is. "You're a footballer" she sighs, things suddenly making sense. Olivia grips the offered hand and drags herself to her feet with his help. A crick of her neck from side to side. "You're playing for Denver now? Or retired?" A few deep breaths - she may have been winded - before she holds up a single hand. "I think that's enough for tonight."

Jasper threw his head back in laughter at the mention of being a footballer, it was a deep, rumbling laugh that started in his belly and ended in what was comparable only to thunder and the smile that it bore with it was broad and full of a happy spread of white. "Hell no!" he waved off the thought of Denver, "I played three years for Seattle as a backup and worked the practice squad. The older I got the less tenacious I was. I try hard not to be that person anymore, ya'know? Betta to be nice, there's enough assholes inna world already" he smiled as she was helped up and he placed both hands on his hips, "I just put around the Mad Tatter, pick up the occasional side gig paintin a mural or somethin. Much mo happier that way" he smirked.

"Sounds like a helluva case. Can't say I'm upset I missed it. FBI must be a pretty big deal tho, you should be proud a yaself for sure"

"Do what you need to do to be happy" Olivia nods. "As long as you don't hurt anyone else doing it. Yeah…plenty of assholes already. I meet a lot of them. It was quite the case. They killed at least a dozen people in the town and surrounding areas. Their leader is dead now. When that happens, the followers usually realise how wrong they were and dissipate." A pause. "We can always hope, right?"

A faint smile at being proud of her position. "I hope my father is at least" Olivia admits softly and then a deep breath before she summons a smile. "Nice to meet you, Jasper. Maybe I'll drop by and get that tattoo one day but for now, time to hit the showers and see if I can find Liz." She will offer a high five…though for him it may be more on the low side. "Thanks for the workout. I might be able to move again in a week."

Somewhere between Olivia's hi-five and Jasper's lo-five was a middle-five that echoed with a sharp crack of their pair of hands meeting. "Hope the one thing always in abundance, sistah" he agreed with a smile and raised his hand into a fist, throwing the thumb and pinky of said hand out wide, "Anytime. If you have trouble walkin, I got somethin ta help, maybe take up yoga" he grinned and dropped to a seated position to roll out of the ring and gather his towel. "Hope ta see you around, Miss Olivia" he smirked and waved his goodbyes.

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