(2019-02-25) Monday's are Hell
You'll never guess how much they charge you when you get brains on the walls at a hotel.

Kate wakes up to the knock at her door, she pushes back the heavy coverlet and pads barefoot to the door. She's half asleep, doesn't think to check the peephole before she opens it up, knuckles wiping the sleep from her eyes. "I didn't order any room servic.." She blinks a few times when she realizes who it is, taking two steps back pulling the door with her so Sevin can walk in. She's wearing a printed tee-shirt, Guns-N-Roses by the look of it, her legs bare.

The door swings open, and it is indeed a certain Arabic man standing on the other side. Wool coat worn over top of a dark suit, pale silver shirt and dark, striped tie. His hair is its usual scruffy mess of curls, and his hands are shoved into the pockets of his pants, gaze steady as he comes face to face with the tall brunette. A beat before he moves, stepping wordlessly into the suite with a flick of his eyes about the room like he's checking it for hidden threats. Once he's reasonably satisfied that the immediate area is clean, he turns to Kate and sighs. "Are you all right?"

Kate pushes the door shut, walking over to the bed to climb back atop it, pulling the covers with her. She doesn't lie down, she just gathers the covers and sits there, yawning hugely. "I'm fine. How did you find me?" She is a little more awake now, leaning to the side to turn on a light. She doesn't ask him to sit, or how he's doing, she just stares at him.

Sevin watches her pad back to the bed and climb under the covers, his expression giving away little. As usual. "Mm." It seems for a moment that that's all he's got to say for himself. His eyes follow her hand as she reaches to flick on the light, then travel back to her face slowly, returning her stare pound for pound. He hasn't moved from a few feet inside the suite's entryway. "I followed the paper trail. It wasn't very hard." A beat. "I was worried."

Katherine leans back against the headboard, her eyes drifting to the window that looks out over the city. "Why were you worried? I've been gone for two days, and I've been in touch with people back home." She glances back at Sevin, head tilting as she raises a brow. "What were you worried about? Do.." She swallows a yawn and picks up her phone, tapping at it for a few brief moments. "Do you want something to drink or something?" She pauses from her tapping, something occurring to her. "What did you think would happen to me in Denver?"

Sevin is quiet for a while. Thinking, probably, as he tends to, in his glacially slow way. "Yes. I wouldn't mind tea, if you have any.. here." The hesitation is accompanied by a glance toward what passes for a kitchenette in here, and he eventually eases out of the doorway like he's aware he's being awkward. "I just wanted to make sure you got here safely. It seemed out of character for you to leave so suddenly." And he's a paranoid, paranoid man. The concern seems sincere, at least, rather than a flimsy excuse.

Kate throws back her covers, getting to her feet again. She moves over to the electric kettle, picking it up and brushing past Sevin on her way to the bathroom. The sound of running water can be heard for a few moments before she reappears to plug it in. The hotel is very nice, the room sporting a sitting area, a large television and a king sized bed. The bathroom has a fancy toilet and a shower with many jets on a few different walls. She moves to plug in the kettle, bending over briefly to do so. "You know why I left." She glances over at Sevin, her brow furrowed. "If I hadn't got here safely, you'd have heard something from someone, I'm sure." She gestures to the chairs, climbing back into the bed to settle into it.

Sevin's hand brushes her shoulder glancingly, when she steps past him. Perhaps to steady her, or to steady himself. Or just to touch her. He pauses a long moment, then follows along a few steps in her wake. Not too near, but near enough to watch her puttering about with the kettle. "I had a feeling," he murmurs. Something in his voice that isn't quite amusement. "And I wanted to make sure, myself." That she got here safely. The offer of the chair is considered, and then accepted grudgingly. He settles on the edge of it, knees spread wide, elbows draped on his thighs. Eyes intent. "When are you coming home?"

"You could have called me, or texted me." Kate says, her eyes on the kettle for a moment before she gazes at Sevin. She meets his intent gaze, not flinching away from it. "I don't know when, why? Is there something that I'm missing besides the morning show?" She sees the light blink on the kettle and she gets up again, her shirt riding up to her hip, showing her underwear. She sets out two mugs, pours in the hot water and puts an earl gray teabag in one, and orange tea in the second. She carries them over to the table, setting the mugs down on the table near Sevin. "You pick which one you want, and I'll take the one you don't." She's close enough that he would be able to smell the minty lavender body wash that she's been using, the scent warring with the fragrance from the cups.

"Like I said. I wanted to make sure, myself." In person. For whatever reason that he doesn't explain. His head half-turns when Kate steps past again to fetch the kettle and make the tea, and undoubtedly his gaze tracks the way her shirt rides up. The glimpse he gets of her panties. He works his jaw slightly and turns away, watching his hands for a moment. "Whichever one. I don't really give a shit." They're cups, after all. A slight inhale is taken, and the breath released slowly. He himself smells strongly of clove spice, like he's smoked one recently. "And no. You're not missing anything. But the place isn't the same without you."

Kate picks up the orange tea, moving to add a spoonful of sugar. She takes a sip, drifting back toward the bed, setting her tea down on the nightstand. "You're more awkward than usual. Why?" She turns to eye Sevin, sitting down on the edge of the bed, her eyes on him. "Yeah well, I needed a break." She hears footsteps moving down the hall, the heavy tread making her frown. The sound seems to pause outside of her door and she goes still, listening for a few beats. When the steps move past, she looks back at Sevin. "You obviously came to say something, beyond you checking up on me. What's on your mind?" She picks up her tea again, holding it close to her as the steam rises in slow spirals.

Sevin's head turns a fraction toward the door, at the sound of footsteps. When they pause, his left hand moves slightly, fingertips brushing his coat aside. If Kate's watching him, she'll have little trouble spotting the gun that's holstered in a shoulder rig, buckled over his shirt and under his suit jacket. He's still, until the steps continue on. The deadbolt is visually checked, and then his pale gaze flicks back to Kate, and his hand falls away from his side again. "I don't think I'm being awkward. And what's on my mind is your safety." He's thinking, probably, of those men in Rio. The other cup is reached for, and he blows on the surface of it a couple times before sipping.

Kate takes a sip of her tea, setting it aside. She watches Sevin reach inside his coat, frowning when she spots the gun. "So you came to see if I'm fine, sit there and drink tea. You waited until the late evening to come. This.. all seems normal, right?" She leans back on her hands, huffing out a sigh. The footsteps approach the door again, a polite knock sounding at the door. "Room Service." Comes a pleasant call from the other side. She gets to her feet, picking up her phone as she drifts toward the door, her fingers tapping on her screen.

"Don't." That's spoken in a terse, sharp voice like a whipshot. He's on his feet in a fraction of a second, far quicker than a man of his stature should be able to move. The weapon is drawn, and he tries to close his hand around Kate's upper arm and pull her away from the door. The question that's posed to him, of course, is utterly ignored.

"I don't want to get charged for that, I didn't order room service." Kate turns her phone to show it to Sevin, hissing out a quiet "Fuck." When he pulls her away from the door. She looks like she might be about to argue, when the sound of someone slotting a keycard into the door sounds. There is a click and the door is shoved forward, catching on the security chain. She knows immediately that something is wrong, room service doesn't try to shove their way into a door.

Sevin tugs the younger woman back and away from the door, unless she resists. And even if she does, he's a good deal stronger and will probably win that battle regardless. Her waist is snagged, and she's pulled around to his other side, so he's between her and the entryway. "Get behind the bed. Go." His voice is calm and even, his eyes on the door as it's jammed open a couple of inches. There's a dull, mechanical sound as he racks the slide on his pistol and moves in closer, shoulder to the door. He listens for a moment, then does a quick visual check through the peephole.

There are five people outside, four men and one woman. They're all dressed in black, save the woman, she's wearing a red suit, dark sunglasses, and a large hat. Two of the men are watching down either side of the hall, and the other two are attempting to gain entrance to the door. Kate doesn't argue with Sevin anymore, she takes slow steps until she's behind the bed. She knees down behind it, her dark eyes wide on the door. The security chain is being tested, and voices in low tones discuss options, as one of the men continues to attempt to gain entrance into the room.

Sevin is perfectly aware that if these people are professionals, and really want to get inside the room, they aren't going to let some flimsy security chain stop them. He could meet them with force, or he could take a different tact. Such as calling out in a clear voice, "Who's there?" His gunhand rests on the slide for the chain, other hand on the handle, shoulder against the door like he's preparing to have to throw his weight into it. His gaze flicks across to where Kate is crouched down, then back to the door. Breath steady.

The woman turns toward the door, her voice cold as she speaks in clipped English. "Someone owes us a great deal of money and resources. He has chosen not to pay us. We are aware that the woman inside this room means something to him. Send her out, or we will come in and get her." Kate pushes a hand down on the bed, looking like she is going to get to her feet. Her mouth opens to respond, before she realizes they're asking for her to be sent out. She shoots a questioning look in Sevin's direction. *SLAM* Something heavy hits the door right above the handle where the security chain is attached. There is quiet for a few moments, and then the noise comes again, jarring the door forward.

Sevin jerks his head toward Kate, gaze steely. "Stay," he mouths. And though he doesn't say it, the implication is, I've got this. As the battering against the door starts, he adjusts his approach slightly and considers his options. A silencer is withdrawn from his coat pocket and screwed quickly onto the end of his gun. Then, a moment before he expects the next blow against the door, he slides the security chain free and backs up two steps with the sig sauer poised to take a shot. With any luck, the door will swing wide, startling or unbalancing whoever is trying to forcibly gain entry. And give him the jump on whoever stumbles in, with a shot aimed to the knee.

The sound of something hitting the door startles Kate, and she automatically crouches down, the sound is as loud as a shot after all. She hears the chain slide free, and it makes her peek over the edge of the mattress, seeing the door swing open wide. The shot takes the man with the battering ram right in the knee, knocking him on his back with a groan. It's clear that he's hurting pretty bad. Unfortunately there are four more men out there, and three of them draw weapons, rushing the door. The woman takes her time, walking forward after her goons have pressed the attack. She pulls a decent sized firearm from inside her coat, silencer already attached to the barrel.

Sevin swings his weapon low and pops off a shot. It barely makes a sound, with the weapon's suppressor attached. Just a soft pop and a spray of blood, and the man goes down with a howl of pain as his kneecap and a good portion of his thigh explodes from the impact of a full jacketed hollow point round through the joint. The professor, apparently, does not mess around with his ammunition. The door handle is grasped then, and he attempts to slam the door in the face of the first person who tries to barrel through. Hard. Hard enough to break bones or stun.

There is blood on the carpet, and someone will end up having to pay for that. The door swinging shut clocks one of the large men right in the face, and a crunch can be heard as it breaks his nose. It doesn't stop him for very long, and soon there are three large goons in the room. The woman waits for Sevin to be subdued or at least disarmed before she'll walk in the room. He'll likely put up a fight. She looks bored, and absolutely certain that she's going to walk out of here with what she wants. The gunfire and the aftermath made Kate scream, and she scrambles, curling herself in a small ball next to the nightstand. She stuffs her fist into her mouth to keep from making any more noise, trembling as if she's out in the weather.

The door to the face, of course, is simply a pretext. A distraction, to give Sevin time to rack the slide on his weapon, drop another round into the chamber, and line up a shot on one of his buddies. He's got ten rounds total, which means nine more to play with. Which is either going to be plenty, or a moot point shortly. The second he has line of sight on the next goon, he fires. And then the butt of his weapon is smashed into the face of Mr. Broken Nose, just in case it wasn't broken enough.

The woman steps into the room now, Sevin is occupied with the three goons. She looks like she's planning on walking across the bed, not even blinking a lash as Sevin pops off another shot at the second goon. It takes him cleanly in the neck, and unlike the man outside, he isn't going to remember this pain for very long. He's currently choking on his blood, and the sounds he's making aren't pleasant. The second and third goon close in on Sevin when he shoots their mate, the man bleeding from his nose gets a follow up shot, the sig sauer connecting with his nose, and he howls in pain. The two men are attempting to grapple with Sevin, trying to subdue him. The orders might change, they didn't expect bloodshed or death during this job. All this blood wasn't part of the plan. The woman primes her weapon as she steps up onto the bed, her attention not even on the fight near the door.

Sevin has a decision to make here. He can continue the fight with the two men who are clearly just enforcers for the woman in the silly hat. Or he can deal with her, and hope that they back off. He's aware of her moving past him while he's busy making mincemeat out of one guy's face with the butt of his gun, and growls as one of them attempts to grab his arms and pin them behind his back. A brief scuffle ensues, and he manages to tear his arm free long enough to aim at the back of the woman's head and fire. And then he's promptly knocked to the floor with the butt of the other guy's gun, and goes down hard.

Kate is splattered with blood, gore and brains as the woman gets plugged in the back of the head. The goons know the task, and the one that is uninjured gets to his feet, moving toward the gun that the woman dropped and the goal. That leaves the second goon, his nose absolutely destroyed, trying to keep Sevin in place. The man reaches for Kate, and something inside of her snaps, and she fights back, clawing at the hand that tries to yank her to her feet. She isn't going to go quietly, screaming loud over and over again as she squirms, attempts to bite, and kicks out so that she can't be snatched up. The man obviously is attempting not to hurt her, but if she continues to resist, he'll likely attempt to knock her out.

Sevin doesn't look like he's getting up any time soon. His face is bleeding fairly profusely from a wound in his temple. And he could be mildly concussed, or he could just be faking it rather well; he stays on his hands and knees, head down, panting heavily while tracking the man who's grabbed Kate with hazy eyes. His gaze flicks to his gun that's skidded a few feet away on the floor, then back to the man. He groans softly, and bleeds some more. Down for the count? Or just a really good actor. Hard to say.

She's making a lot of noise, and the considerable noise in the room has probably already attracted attention. That, coupled with her fighting back, is what prompts his decision. The goon clocks Kate, none too gently, with the butt of the gun, and she goes limp, whatever fight was in her is gone now. He hefts her like a sack, tossing her in a fireman carry as he makes for the door. He nods once at the goon with the smashed face, and that one exits first, helping the man who was first shot outside the door. Not much he can do to help at this point, no tourniquet, he's bled out while the fight was going on inside the room. The sound of sirens sounds often in the city, but there are absolutely some heading in this direction.

Sevin's gun, at least, is fitted with a suppressor. But their unwelcome guests may not have been so thoughtful. The Egyptian waits a few more seconds, a few more breaths, before making his move. He lunges quickly for his dropped gun, snatches it off the floor and drops onto his back. The weapon comes up in both hands, muzzle tracking the head of the man who's grabbed Kate. He waits a beat, until he has a clean shot to the side of his head, and then he fires.

The shot hits dead on, and the goon crashes to the floor, sending Kate tumbling bonelessly with him. The last goon, his face already a mess from having the door slammed in his face, not to mention the butt of a gun following up to completely ruin his nose, freezes. He has a choice, he could try to get the girl, she's close to the door. Or he could live, which is something the rest of his associates haven't managed to do. The look of indecision doesn't last long, he takes off, moving for the stairwell instead of the elevator.

Sevin drops his head back against the floor and pants harshly into the silence that ensues. Those sirens are almost certainly converging on them, and then he'll have the cops to deal with, in addition to at least two dead bodies. "Fuck," he breathes, closing his eyes for a moment and trying to slow his heart rate down. After perhaps a half a minute of this, he pushes slowly to his hands and knees, stows his gun in its holster, and shuffles closer to check on Kate. Two fingers to her pulse point, then gentle hands touched to her face and head, checking for signs of blunt force trauma.

Kate stirs when Sevin touches her, and she launches right into panic mode. She doesn't realize who he is for a moment, and she flails as she tries to fight back. This makes her yelp with pain, a hand going to what will certainly develop into a florid bruise at her right temple. There are things splattered on her that are best left undescribed, and she's clearly in shock, curling up once she realizes who's hands are actually on her.

"Shhh. Shhh. You're safe." The words are whispered roughly, his voice sounding a bit shaky from the adrenaline still coursing through his system. His own face is a mess; half-dried blood is painted across his temple and cheek and worked into his hair, and he may well be suffering some sort of concussion. The carpet, of course, is a writeoff. As is his coat and suit. Never mind that it's his favourite one. "How's your head? Can you sit up?" He scooches in closer, arms going around the slender brunette, and a kiss pressed to the top of her head as he holds her.

Kate tries to sit up when Sevin moves closer, supporting her with his arms. This doesn't prove to be a great idea, between the shock and the blow to her head, she immediately leans forward, adding vomit to already ruined carpet. "What.." She is spent after that, leaning back against Sevin, unable to summon the strength to move. Probably for the best, once she sees what's in her hair and streaked down her face, she's likely to vomit again. "The side of my face feels like someone…" She can't find words to finish that statement, her eyes settling on the goon who was shot in the neck.

Sevin doesn't seem to be particularly affected by the sight or sound or smell of someone throwing up their lunch. He keeps his arms around her, letting her lean forward when the urge strikes, then drawing her against him when she eases back. "I need you to sit still, and keep talking to me. There are going to be police arriving soon. And they will bring paramedics. You'll be fine." He kisses the top of her head again and tries to avoid the worst of the mess, his beard catching in her hair. As for the bodies on the floor, "Don't look. I'll be right back." He unwinds his arms from her and slips out of his coat, throwing it over top of one of the men. Then moves off to find something else to toss on top of the woman, and the one who must have bled out from the neck wound.

"Keep talking. What are we talking about?" Kate says quietly, turning her gaze away from the dead body almost directly in front of them. When Sevin rises to his feet, she rests on her hands to keep her upright, her breathing shallow and slow. "Police? Paramedics…" She looks a little shaken by the prospect of having to explain what happened. It was so fast she's not even sure she could recount it. Her eyes follow Sevin as he covers the bodies, drawing her feet closer to her and away from the puddle of sticky blood that's slowly spreading across the carpet.

Sevin has to steady himself with his hand against the table for a moment. Clearly, the one guy clocked him pretty good and managed to ring his bell. Once the bodies are covered, he fetches the cups of tea that sit forgotten nearby, and brings them both over. Then settles back down heavily beside Kate, his back against the wall, and one of the cups held out to her. "Anything. Talk about anything. And have a sip."

Kate takes her tea, it's still slightly warm, and has a sip of it. "Is this going to keep happening?" She finally asks, glancing toward Sevin as she concentrates on keeping her hands around her mug, and not looking towards the blood that has managed to spatter at least half of the room. "I thought I was safe here, I didn't use my name at the front desk.." She sips again, grimacing as the tea threatens to make a return trip. Look away from the blood. "I'm dizzy."

Sevin takes a sip as well, and swallows slowly before replying, "You should know the answer to that question. I don't know what sort of man we're dealing with. Or why he seems to have attracted such persistent people." He touches his fingertips to his temple, and winces. "I presume you've tried contacting the police about this?" His head turns slightly so he can watch her. Checking for signs that she might pass out, or is more injured than she appears. "Have another sip," he murmurs softly, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

Kate winces as Sevin's fingers brush her hair away from her eyes, she sips again from her mug, shaking her head. "I had no idea who to contact in Rio. Then things settled down at home, nobody showed up." She turns her head when he says that it's going to keep happening, wincing at the quick movement. She goes quiet, forgetting for a moment that she's supposed to keep talking. She sips from her tea, and after a few moments of silence she sighs.

Sevin's hand drops away from her face, brushing her shoulder lightly, then wrapping around his cup to join his other hand. "When you get back to Calaveras, I think it might be time to give them a call." A beat. "I am trying to keep you safe, Kate. I am trying, but.." He sinks his teeth into his lower lip, nostrils flared in slight agitation. "Call the police. Promise me you will."

Sevin's phone buzzes, and he slips it out to respond to a text message, after wiping the blood off his hand on the thigh of his pants. The suit's a writeoff, anyway.

Kate makes a face, taking a drink from her mug. "I don't know if I'm ready to go back to Calaveras yet." She doesn't look at Sevin, setting her tea down on the ground, the cup mostly empty. "I'll talk to Franklin when I get home. I'll text him once they let us leave here."

Sevin nods slightly, seeming distracted. Or maybe his head just hurts, and he's having a hard time focusing. "I wasn't trying to rush you," he murmurs. Footfalls in the hall then, and a shout of 'police!' goes up a moment before they bust in the door. And find the room littered with bodies, blood, and the two of them hunkered down by the wall. The professor closes his eyes and mentally braces himself to be treated like a criminal, on account of his appearance. It's terribly predictable. And it's going to be a long night.

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