(2019-02-23) Naked Voices - Episode 3
Vyv guests with the hosts.

The backdrop of the set looks like a soda shop mixed with a bar. A long counter runs along the back wall, several different types of liquor set up under the shining lights. In the forefront is a tall red table, the top glass, and sitting around the table are four tall legged comfortable chairs. A cocktail glass and a bottle of water sit at the four places, with a menu slotted in the napkin holder in the middle.
"Welcome to the newest episode of Naked Voices. The show where there is no filter, no shame and no holding back." Kate rests her chin against her knuckles, flashing a smile at the camera. She's wearing a pair of black leather leggings, a loose white button down men's shirt with a pinstriped purple, gray and black vest. On her feet are a pair of strappy black leather stilettos. She crosses her legs before she continues to speak. "I'm Katherine Stone, and with me today I have.." She gestures to August and the camera shifts, bringing the tattooed woman in view. "The undisputed champion of marriage proposals.."

In the middle of the table, facing the cams, August Lexington sits, long legs crossed under the table. She wears snug black plum that stops just short of knee-height boots that lace up and tie at the knee with a stiletto heel that's easily five inches. Her top is cropped, sleeveless to display both full sleeves of black and grey tattoos, and hits her just under each collarbone. It's fitted, quite modest all things considered. Her long grey hair is pulled up into a sweep which leaves the tattooed length of her throat bare. "August Lexington." The grey-eyed woman lifts her hands and waggles them to the camera. Tattoos, no rings! Her nails are painted plum with sparkles at the tips of her little claws. Still unwed. "Evening, friends. Thanks for your sweet notes. We love your messages by mail. It's nice to open a letter these days, don't you think?" She turns her head to look at Vyv who's seated beside her, between her and Sam.

Kate quirks a brow at Sam, the camera shifting to him to let him introduce himself, a smile on her face as she taps her fingers against her cocktail glass.

Sam looks a bit like he lost the battle with his hair today - sometimes it has a mind of its own, but one could likely be convinced the ruffled style was by design. He's wearing close fitting slacks and black shoes, his legs crossed at his ankles while he sits on the stool, a cream dress shirt with sleeves rolled up and a couple buttons left open on top. He had a sports jacket, but it's hanging nearby and not actually on his person. As usual he has brought his strong television smile game to the station and he's beaming it toward August in the moment that the camera drifts in his direction. "Sam Ryce. Always excited to be here among friends and thinking we're going to have a pretty exciting show tonight." He shares the smile with Kate then and finally settles it toward Vyv.

Finally, she turns to grin at Vyv as the camera swings to him for an introduction. She gazes down at the cards, getting ready for the camera cut back to her.

Vyv's hair is behaving itself, by contrast, which is probably for its own good. Surely there would be Consequences of some sort if it had refused. He's wearing a clearly-tailored peacock-blue three-piece suit, the matte wool helping to tone down the effect of the intense colour, with a tie of golden silk apparently hand-painted with large, tumbling blue feathers. In the close shot, the creamy shirt beneath these resolves into a pattern of tiny golden- and blue-tinted paisley shapes on white. A white-trimmed pocket square sprouts from his jacket's breast pocket, arranged so that the points create three neat layers, the shades shifting from the pale gold of the shirt pattern in the back to the deep gold of the tie in the front, by way of a middle shade in between, and now and then when he gestures, the camera captures a glimpse of a slim, leather-banded watch, or of antique gold stirrup cufflinks set with a line of citrines that also gradiate from pale to deeply golden. For those keeping score at home, he's in brown suede chelsea boots as well, but they recede demurely beside the ladies' stilettos. As well they ought. As more or less promised long ago, he's brought pastries along with him, but those probably lurk off-screen. No one wants to watch people chew.
He's sitting crosslegged as well, posture virtually perfect, and looks fairly comfortable that way, attention on each of the others as they make their introductions. When it comes to his turn, he inclines his head a touch to the camera, one side of his lips turning up in a small half-smile, and greets it with, "Vyvyan Vydal. Good evening. And thank you all for joining us to see how much I may regret my life choices today," in that accent of his.

Once introductions are made, the camera moves back to Katherine and she is tapping the cards in front of her with a smile on her face. "Our cocktail today is called a Painkiller, a mix of navy rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice and orange juice. It's a pina colada on steriods, apparently. Her eyes twinkle as she picks up the her glass, raising it to clink with the others at the table. "To happiness, fortune and never having to say that you're sorry." She takes a sip of her cocktail, smacks her lips and nods before she sets it down. "Tasty."
Kate shifts in her seat, glancing around at the others at the table, a slight smile on her face. "The topic of the day is a question that I've asked myself a few times. So take your time to think about it, and riddle me this.. If you could make one rule that everyone else had to follow, what would that rule be?" She taps her cards, setting them down so she can take another drink from her cocktail. "No limits, because .. this show isn't about limits, is it?"

August's smiles are reserved for moments more rare, but she does do a good job of sitting around looking pretty. At least when she's on-air, she does her best not to let her expression slip into her haughty bitch tattoo parlor face. Luckily, nobody at table inspires the necessity for same. It's frankly a good time with cocktails. The silver-eyed woman considers the cocktail for a moment, reaching for the glass. She picks it up and sips briefly. No mango juice today. And no comment on the change. "That's not awful."
Aug looks to Kate as she asks the question of the day, and her expression is thoughtful. One rule for everyone. She doesn't leap in first. Sip. Hm. Maybe she likes this cocktail.

"This is going to get philosophical. That's the kind of question that needs more than a single shot." Sam says, taking up his own drink and tipping it back. He gives a quizzical look at the glass after it's gone, but doesn't have much else to say about the liquid. "One rule. If I could make everyone else in the entire world follow a rule? I mean, the golden rule is golden for a reason, but I think it falls short in a lot of ways. I think I'd like to have a rule that insists that everyone put themselves into the shoes of another person before they make heavy and sweeping judgements. Be that of a particular person or a group of people defined however we'd like it. And I mean, they really have to try. I think it would make such a huge impact on the world if we could all slow down and consider another perspective once in awhile. And that spans across everything - we talk about relationships a lot on this show, but how quickly do we get into a place where we don't even consider things from our partner's point of view." He sets down his shot glass and looks like he might continue, but he schools himself for now, letting that much settle in.

Vyv lifts his glass to that toast, clinking gently, and gives it a sip. "Yes, that will do," he decides, and takes a second sip before lowering the glass to the table. August gets a glance at her comment, or possibly the sip, brief but thoughtful; it segues easily into a bit more thoughtfulness when Katherine's question comes out.
Sam's answer makes him smirk briefly, and give the man a sidelong look. "Oh, you're going to make us all look shallow, then, are you?" he asks. "Mn. I've thought of a few, and really I could probably go on all /day/ with this or that annoying thing people do," he says, "…do things properly the first time; don't expect other people to fix things when you couldn't be arsed to do them right; don't match your tie and pocket square. But it really all boils down to one quite simple one in the end: Do as I wish. Preferably without making me tell you what that is, first. I have other things to do. And most of them are quite a bit more fun. I suppose 'try to see things from other's perspectives' isn't unreasonable as rules go, but you know, it rather boils down to 'do as I wish' in the end as well, doesn't it? I think perhaps they all do."

"That's a little bit like getting a single wish and then asking for more wishes." Sam points out with a grin while he listens to Vyv's response. But, he doesn't delve much deeper so the other two get a chance to have their voices heard.

"She did say no limits," Vyv notes. Yes. He's exactly the person for whom 'no wishing for more wishes' was added.

Kate lets out a soft laugh, eyes shifting from Sam to Vyv, her eyes settling on the latter. "Do as you wish. That's.. that's an interesting way to think of things. One of these days we're going to have to sit down and chat about what things you wish." She gestures at Sam, her laughter going quiet. "There is a reason that when you rub a lamp, the genie says that you can't wish for more wishes. That doesn't mean that you can't wish for more genies." She folds her hands in her lap and considers for a few moments. "I think if I had one rule that everyone had to follow, it would be .. think before you speak."

"That would make this show a lot less interesting." Sam replies, eyes sparkling with amusement when he looks over toward Kate. "A good one though. I think it pair nicely with my line of thinking. If we took a few breathes here and there and thought about what we were saying and who we were saying it to? I'd live in that world." He pauses a moment and adds - "And as for finding out what things Vyv wishes of us all - well, the show is getting started. I'm hoping we learn a lot more about that before it ends."

August drags her fingertip around the rim of her cocktail class, turning her gaze to Vyvyan's suit. Her gaze trails down his hand-painted tie. She smiles and sips, then puts down her glass. She looks to Sam, perhaps taking in the exuberance of his hair today. And then she looks to Kate. "Do unto others, consider all perspectives, do it right or clean up your own mess, think before you speak." August shortens and repeats all these, and whews. How many has she broken today? Aug reaches up to brush her fingers over her lips, then says, "Look for the gifts in other people."

Katherine says, "I think all of these are good. It's hard to be honest in this case though. I'm sure at some point every one of us would want to be selfish. Make the rule something that benefits us."

"I feel like these all would benefit us. But, I get what you're saying. My problem is I'm either thinking big picture on how to make the world a better place, or I'm really petty and selfish - like everyone should let me go first in line at the DMV when I have to get my license renewed. It's harder to think of things in the middle." Sam muses.

"You could also wish to secretly have the ability to grant wishes," Vyv notes, "and then be free to grant your own whenever, without having to work out where to store all those genies. Think how constrained all those bottles would make one's decor. You'd end up with oriental rugs and cushions everywhere." He takes a sip of his drink, and smiles faintly. "Petty and selfish is where you get the more interesting ones, though. We really already know what the big picture, save the world sorts of answers are, after all, if we think about it a minute or two."

Kate turns her gaze on August, her head tilting slightly to the side. "I like yours the best though. Look for the gifts in other people. I think sometimes we don't let ourselves look beyond the surface. We should dig a little deeper sometimes, think about someone else before we think about ourselves." She grins over at Vyv, nodding as she snorts out a laugh. "One of these days, you're gonna have to teach me about being selfish, I bet you're an amazing teacher. That is said with all of the love, by the by."

August smirks when Sam mentions the DMV line. "License renewal, Sam." She shakes her head, "Remember the genies always come with consequences. Just watch a couple of horror movies. Nothing ever comes out exactly how you expect, no matter how specific you are." Yes, August watches horror movies. A lot. She picks up her glass to finish it, looking to Kate as the brunette turns to her. "Sometimes it's hard to dig deeper when someone's a bag of dicks, but even the dickiest have something to offer." She lifts her glass to the camera. Then looks to Vyv. "I just want the number of your tailor. That suit is gorgeous."

"I agree, that's a good one. Everyone has something to offer and we're quick to dismiss people if we don't see it right away." Sam taps his fingers on the table top, smile shifting between Kate and Vyv, eyebrows raising just a little. "Maybe Vyv should teach us all how to be properly selfish. Though, I've taken a few tries at that in my life and I really think I prefer a more moderate approach."

"It's a gift," Vyv says, inclining his head to Katherine as though genuinely acknowledging a compliment, "…and I suppose I might share it with you all someday. If I feel like it." It's not until then that the corner of his mouth quirks up again, and he takes another little sip. "I'd say 'as well as' rather than 'before'. But people do have a tendency to confuse it with 'instead' either way, I've noticed. Particularly when they /are/ the other person." He considers for a breath, then allows, "That looking for the gifts in others isn't a bad rule suggestion, overall. But I'd say surfaces are often underrated. A fair portion is what one's chosen to offer others, after all." August gets a smile, there — still small, but both sides. "And thank you. Not local, I'm afraid, but I'll still happily pass it on."

Kate chuckles and folds her arms over her chest as she uncrosses, and then recrosses her legs. "She's not wrong about the suit, you look better than almost all of us put together." She brushes her hair back, the curl settling behind her ear. "Anyone here take things for granted?" She asks, her eyes shifting from Vyv, over to Sam before it settles on August. "Something you didn't realize you would miss until it's gone?"

"Vyv says surfaces are important because of how great his surface is." Sam points out, flashing an easy grin toward the other man before turning his attention back toward Kate. "I've taken my share of things for granted." He replies, a bit more soberly. "I think it's our nature to assume that something will always be there and one day it isn't and … that's not an easy thing to deal with." Clearly Sam isn't in the mind space to think small today. Can't just be that one really good scotch that they don't carry in the country any longer. Has to be big, significant things.

"I know it takes me a while sometimes to find the things people have to offer. My line of work I spent a lot of time with strangers, and sometimes the person who walks in the door and makes you wanna bounce them immediately later become your close friend." August shrugs. "Sometimes you sit down at the right place and the right time, you meet your best friend. Sometimes you get mugged. Timing and possibility." She reaches for a water bottle and cracks it open. "Surface is a part of it, but I guess I like to dig a little bit." She smiles as Vyv agrees to offer over the number despite some travel. "I do like to travel for good things."
Aug's expression sobers somewhat when Kate asks after missing something once it's gone. She takes a long sip of her water. She looks to Sam then has to agree. "His surface is pretty slick. That hand-painted tie, tho." She sips her water again, and instead of recapping it, rests the bottle against her thigh under the table. "I think the old adage out of sight out of mind holds true, but sometimes there's something just sweet enough to come back around now and then. I'd need more alcohol to answer that question, Katie."

"If you need a refill on the cocktail, give the bartender a finger wiggle." Kate gestures to the bar, chuckling softly as she shrugs a shoulder. "I think in the instance of both questions, it all depends on how we feel at the time, you know?" She glances over at Vyv, her nose wrinkling slightly. "She's not wrong about your tie, if you want to give your tailor a shout out. Feel free." She purses her lips, picking up her glass to take a sip. "I take time for granted, all the time. I've tried to change that a bit, but it's something you would have to think about every day if you're really going to do better with it."

"What, only almost? I do apologise." Vyv masks the little smile with the glass, though it shows well enough in his eyes. All compliments accepted and appreciated, thank you, even if the latest ones aren't verbally acknowledged; there's that tip of the head, and a generally pleased look that say as much wordlessly.
The next question is also a bit more thoughtful-making. "Quite a lot of things depend on how we feel at the time," he says. "I've a friend I suppose I might not have met if I hadn't been in a fit of pique at just the right moment." A tiny pause. "It was entirely justified, I note. I think we all take all sorts of things for granted all the time, though. Time being one, certainly, though I think to a certain extent we have to. If we don't take for granted there will be more time, we'll never plan for the future. Everything would simply be in the moment, because we'd be constantly aware we can't be sure of anything farther."

"Some aspects of meditation have built in methods to remind yourself to appreciate people. I honestly thing that's the kind of thing you'd need to do to avoid taking people for granted. Even then you likely still end up doing it. I think it's just our nature." Sam raises a hand and rubs at his jaw, giving a small nod to Vyv's comment and shifting his eyes between Kate and August. "I think it's good to take a step back sometimes and think about what you have and who you have and how you'd feel without those things. But, as Vyv says, I don't think it's something we can do constantly. We wouldn't function right."

August chuckles at the mention of a 'fit of pique'. "That's exactly how I met Katherine." She reaches over to touch the brunette woman's arm, giving it a light, affectionate squeeze. She looks to Sam after a moment, nodding with his words about meditation. "I should be honest and tell you I got that piece of life advice from a Trappist monk." She shrugs, raising her hands as if she's been caught. Guilty. Thief! She raises a hand and waves to the bartender, pointing down at her empty glass. "If you look too hard, you'll always be afraid of losing." She swallows, maybe she knows something about that. "But always grope the asses that mean the most to you." She probably means stop and smell the roses sometimes.

Kate chuckles, resting her hand atop the hand that pats her arm. "The best things happen when you don't expect them, honestly." She shifts in her seat, watching the bartender approach to pour more drinks in all four glasses. "So usually we do a rapid fire question round, but tonight I wanted to try something new." She gestures to Vyv, smiling briefly. "Vyv, you're our guest tonight, and we want to focus on you a little bit. So why don't you ask each of us a question, anything you might want to know. We'll answer as best as we're able."

"I don't know, a rapid fire question round sounds intriguing," Vyv says, "but, all right, I suppose. It's not as though I've been developing an interview list." He considers for a few moments, taking a longer sip of his replenished drink, and eyeing each of them a moment. "Mn. We've been far too philosophical tonight, let's see. Katherine, what's the most unusual request a lover's ever made of you, and did you fulfil it? I will note if it was making them vegetarian lasagne for breakfast I will be most disappointed. Whether you said yes or not."

Kate blinks at Vyv when he turns her way, her cup tilted as she takes a drink. She chokes at the question and sets the glass down, clearing her throat. "The most unusual request a lover has ever made of me?" She wrinkles her nose and lets out a sigh. "This question would be better aimed at someone else. I don't really get unusual requests." She folds her arms over her chest, her eyes far away for a few beats, clearly trying to come up with an answer. "I.. really can't think of any unusual requests, Vyv. I'm sorry. It's usually the general bread and butter with me. Sorry. I mean, I would like an unusual request, because it sounds like fun but.. " Her cheeks get red and she glances from the camera, back to the tailored man. "Someone else .. want to take this question?"

"The general bread and butter. You make it sound pretty hot when you put it like that, Kate." Sam says, unable to keep his grin at bay. He eyes the second drink that has appeared, but he doesn't actually reach for it. Instead he glances toward August at Kate's last comment. "You have anything that will increase the ratings with its scandal, August?"

Katherine says, "Yeah, well.. I wouldn't mind something hotter, but bread and butter is what I've got, Sam."

August picks up her cocktail glass and tucks a little straw into it. She sips, inked fingers wrapped around it, her silvery gaze askance on Vyvyan as he's asked to be the question master. When Kate blushes and backs off the question, and Aug slides in with a, "My lovers usually want me to stop talking so much, but I never will." She sits up and sips her drink. "Mm. One time, this hot Frenchman asked me to dress up in a skintight latex catsuit, which, ok, really hard to get on guys. It takes alike a half an hour and a bunch of baby powder." She puts her glass down. "And he wanted me to rub him all over with an inflated balloon." She shakes her head. "But by the time I got all 5'11" of me in the fucking thing, I was too tired to play around, so I took two bottles of his wine and went home, and called for a welfare check since I wasn't about to go undo the handcuffs and listen to the crying." She shakes her head again. "You know, I had to have a drunk Samoan cut me out of that thing at five in the morning. Just say no to latex bodysuits, kids. You just end up smelling like rubber tubing and old ladies."

Vyv looks both faintly satisfied and somewhat less faintly amused by Katherine's reaction to his question, the innocence of blink she gets quite obviously put-on and meant to be seen as such. "Shame," he says lightly, "Nothing wrong with bread and butter, of course. Though if you want something hotter, perhaps you ought to inquire as to the availability of horseradish yourself?"
He's willing to let it be pushed off onto August, whatever he might have originally had in mind to ask her; her story gets a soft laugh, right around the part about getting someone else to go deal with the handcuff situation for her. "Hot Frenchmen are sometimes more trouble than they're worth," he says, nodding to her, "but I wouldn't be inclined to let anyone drunk slice me out of something that form-fitting, nationality notwithstanding. Congratulations, you have not disappointed me." A drink, and he looks to Sam. "Hm. All right, let's tritrate our scandal level and go with a simple classic. Oddest place you've had sex with someone?"

"You just have to choose a drunk with very steady hands." Or be supremely drunk yourself, which is the more likely scenario. August snorts into her cocktail, but doesn't go for that question. Sam's got it handled. She looks over to her cohost, awaiting his answer.

Kate places a hand over her heart, aiming a look at Vyv. "I'll inquire about horseradish. I'll mention your name when I do." She glances at Sam, shifting in her seat as she eyes him with amusement. "Yes, Sam. Share."

"I should have taken the oddest request and left this one with August." Sam says with a laugh, shaking his head. "I made my feelings clear about how I felt about sex in public during a previous episode, so you're not going to get much juicy out of me in that respect. No dalliances in the soup aisle of the local grocer. So, I think the oddest place I've had sex is in a ball pit." He grins while he says it, running a hand through his hair. "It was in someone's house. Friends who were stoned a lot and bough a few thousand balls on Amazon and turned half the living room into a ball pit. And, if anyone is wondering if this is a good idea, it really isn't. It's a bit like the latex experience. It seems like it might be a good time, but no. You end up with balls under you or between you or - well, balls everywhere. Balls in your face. You try to roll over and the balls get between you and her." He's miming the action on the stool, showing how the stupid coloured balls might get wedged between himself and his invisible partner.

Kate closes her eyes, her shoulders shaking as she laughs quietly. She should have something to say, and if she wasn't trying not to laugh loud, she probably would be saying it. She runs a hand over her face, picks up her cocktail and drains the rest of the glass. Once she sets it down and takes a deep breath, she shakes her head slowly. "You sound like you had some wild friends before you moved here, Sam."

August can't help it. As soon as Sam says ball pit, she starts laughing softly, her shoulders shaking. Balls in your face. Balls everywhere. When he starts miming, she has to put her head down and just shake it off, her arm across the table.

The soup aisle remark gets a smirk, but 'ball pit' appears to be an acceptable answer, from the way Vyv's brows lift at that. His faint smile grows slowly as Sam continues, and though it tops out at still less than complete, the overall amusement continues to increase, particularly once the specific complaints get into the picture. "I don't know, the way you describe it, it doesn't sound /all/ bad," he says archly. "Yes, that will do. Thank you. Ball pits, mn. I'm now contemplating bouncy castles in a new light, as well."
He looks at Katherine again, considering. "Well, all right. Favourite position and why, then. Queen is not an acceptable answer in this case. Nor is quarterback, though I suppose you could probably do something with tight end if you were so inclined."

Kate stops laughing, her eyes on Vyv when he asks his question. "You know, you just named a whole bunch of positions I've never heard of. I'm..embarrassed now." She laughs, running her fingers through her hair before she shrugs her shoulders. "I like missionary, and again, I know I'm boring. I apologize profusely for being boring." She taps her fingers along the side of her glass, chewing on her bottom lip. "The reason why that I like it? I umm.. like being held down, I guess?" She glances at the others and then back to her glass. "Now I kind of want a ball pit in my living room."

Sam seems pleased enough by the reactions to his story, and figures that they're well deserved - he was the one that had to have that experience, so he'd better get some mileage out of telling the tale. He laughs to Kate's comment and shakes his head. "This was a decade ago, Kate. I was in a very different place at the time. These days my life has a lot less ball pits, but I'm OK with that." He cuts a glance to Vyv and gives a small nod - "I think bouncy castles would have a lot more potential. Something worth considering." Then he listens while Vyv delivers the final question, smile growing at the tight end comment. After Kate responds he shakes his head. "I don't think anyone should have to apologize for being boring. If you're enjoying it? That's what it's about. Not really a contest to see who can have the craziest sex." A small pause before adding - "If you put one in, I promise not to have sex in it."

"I don't." Vyv's probably joking, but if so, it's one of the deadpan ones.

"Ball pits are full of bacteria," August mutters, wiping tears from her eyes. She pulls a napkin and dabs so she doesn't smear her makeup. "I woke up drunk in a ball pit once. I'm not sure what happened." She shakes her head, "I did the bouncy castle once. Just…" She shakes her head no. She doesn't say where she found the bouncy castle, or what or whom she entered the bouncy castle with. No elaborations, just a look on her face. No. She flicks a look to Vyv at his deadpan comment. "Same."

"Let's be real, there won't be a ball pit in my living room, but we can get a bouncy castle and fill it full of balls this spring. Why the fuck not?" Kate looks thoughtful, her gaze turning to August. "What do you think? Should we wrap this up here or does anyone else have any questions or insight to share?" She glances around the table, pushing her cards away from her.

Vyv has another drink, leaning back just a little bit on the stool as he considers Katherine's answer, taking just a moment to look slightly disappointed at August's verdict on the bounce house issue. It still sounds fun. "Sam's right, it's a perfectly valid position. And a promising reason. You could probably get quite a bit of horseradish out of that if you wanted, you know." He tilts his head a bit as she moves to that last remark. "Already, really? Mm."

"I'm planning to ask more questions about the bouncy castle after the show." Sam warns August, looking toward Kate when she suggests finishing up. "Here I thought you were going to turn all three of those questions back on Vyv. But, maybe we don't have enough time for that."

"We have time, I'm just trying to make sure everyone is still running strong on juice." Kate glances at August, raising an eyebrow briefly to see her opinion. "We could always have Vyv answer these questions, I think that would be an amazing turn of events." She glances at Vyv, grinning wickedly. "Are you up to answering the questions?"

August says nothing on the bouncy castle issue, but does give Kate a smirk. Then: "Before we wrap, Vyvyan, I'd like to know." She leans in a little bit, her laced fingers under her chin, elbows on the table. "When you're looking to seduce someone, what is it you feed them from your kitchens?" She glances over to Sam at his warning, and grins.

"I'm planning to listen in on the answers," Vyv adds to Sam's warning, and gives a small laugh at the threat to turn the questions back on him. "Tch. That wasn't the arrangement," he says, though as protests go it really sounds more like an assent. Apparently they may have to actually ask the questions themselves to get the actual answers, however, since the one he addresses is August's. "That depends on the someone, I suppose. But I've found a chocolate mousse to be fairly effective, with a bit of vanilla whipped cream to balance the richness. And strawberries, chocolate-covered or otherwise, are a cliche for a reason."

Kate shrugs at Vyv, a wry grin on her face. "It wasn't the arrangement, but gosh, you're just so enigmatic that we want to know more about you." She listens to the answer to August's question before she signals for her glass to be filled. "So tell me, since I can't claim the first question, tell me what your favorite position is and why?" She smiles at the bartender when he ambles over, pushing the glass near the edge of the table so he can pour. "You're going to have to share your mousse recipe with me. I have one, but .. I think yours might be better."

"Chocolate mousse would likely do it for me." Sam agrees, but doesn't say more when Kate asks one of the questions back at Vyv.

"Whipped cream and strawberries does it for me," August says, tipping back in her seat with her cocktail. She taps her glass lightly with a fingernail, and she sips. Finally, August says, "Mousse though. Would probably work too. There's really nothing quite like watching a man work in the kitchen."

"I'll keep that in mind in case I find it necessary to try to seduce you," Vyv notes to Sam, a glance to August suggesting she can consider that kept in mind as well. Stranger things have happened than a requirement to seduce one of them arising. Frogs falling from the sky, for example. As long as the bartender's there already, he takes another, better sip that doesn't quite empty the glass, but does make plenty of room for him to sneak it over to be topped up as well before allowing to Katherine, "It is /quite/ a good mousse recipe. Mm. As for the question, that's difficult. It depends somewhat on my mood, and who it's with." He has to give it some consideration before deciding, "I suppose if someone were to say I had to pick one and only one forever, I'd probably have to end up with doggy, but I'd be second-guessing myself. Too many options."

August finishes her second drink and raises her brows at Vyv's glance her way, a little smirk answering the implication that's a tease and nothing more. "I'd say mine changes with my partner." Her favorite position, she means. "Every new lover is an experiment." She turns to Vyv and says, "Thank you for joining us, chef." She looks to Katherine, and says, "Katie, if you make that mouse…" She leaves the rest unspoken. Let the viewers decide.

Kate lets out a soft laugh, turning to gaze at the camera. "That's all we have time for tonight. Be sure to join us next week as we bring another new voice in to share their experiences." She looks back at August, nodding. "Perhaps when I come back from Denver. I'll make you some mousse." She nods to the director and he gives her the thumbs up as he turns off the cameras. She rests her chin on her palm, her eyes on Vyv. "Want to go get some coffee and a donut in the production office?"

"Thank you for having me," Vyv replies. He holds back a quiet laugh until the camera's turned off, then lets it free. "Interesting notes to end on," he says, and unfolds his legs, stretching them a bit in preparation for standing. "Hm. Yes, all right. Thank you." He takes a final sip of his cocktail, then sets it down and slides the stool back to get to his feet. "The coffee, at least; we'll see on the donuts." Almost sounds ominous.

August slips off of her chair, leaving her empty glass on the table. She touches Vyv's shoulder, "Thank you, Vyvyan, it was good to see you again." It's clear from her hustle that she has somewhere to be tonight, and can't linger to chat once filming wraps. Could be her dog, her bf, or a tattoo appointment. "Sorry to chat and dash, but duty calls." She leans in to touch Kate's arm too, motioning the universal 'call me' gesture, which everyone know really means text me these days. She totters off in her tight skirt and fitted top, knee-height boots sharply reporting each step. It's a wonder she can walk in those things without holding onto someone. French-inspired Louboutins are no joke.

"See you later, August." Kate murmurs, wiggling her fingers at the woman. She nods at the call me gesture, and picks up her coat, gesturing toward the door. "Out here and up the stairs." She makes sure the equipment is turned off, checking the soundboard before she looks satisfied. "I mean, they're not great donuts, but.. they're not horrible either. I bet you could do much better, honestly. I bet you even have a recipe, and it's french and exotic." She manages to walk on her heels without tottering, leading the way for the suited man.

"Shame you didn't get to ask your question back," Vyv remarks to August, "I had a hot Frenchman in mind too. We could have commiserated." This apparently equates to a return of the 'nice to see you again'. He idly adjusts the hang of his jacket as he stands, and then follows where Katherine leads. "Beignets," he says, "boules de Berlin, bugnes lyonnaises… American donuts are generally quite American, at least. Not attempting to imitate anything else and doing poorly, but being their own thing. Some of them even do it rather well." He takes a couple strides a bit longer than he might usually, to end up more walking with her than behind, though still taking her lead for where.

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