(2019-02-23) Leaving on a Jet Plane
After the taping, Katherine and Vyv have a cup of coffee and talk about butter and boys.

Kate walks into the production office, a coffee carafe in the middle of the table. The donuts are pretty generic American, looking a bit lackluster. She smirks over at Vyv as she makes her way to the table, pulling out the chair to settle into it. "I got a few recipes from my time in Paris, but I haven't tried them yet. Been busy with this stuff." She shifts a bit until she's comfortable. "So how have you been doing? How is construction going? You're opening soon, yes?" She leans in, turning over a mug so she can pour some coffee into it. She decides against a donut for now, pouring some cream into her drink.

"Nothing will be quite right without the proper butter," Vyv warns, "particularly the viennoiseries. You may be able to get it to rather good, but never quite to perfect." He moves to take a thoughtful look at the donuts, but decides against them for at least the time being as well. "I'm downright ecstatic to say we're essentially done." Strangely irritated for ecstasy, that. "Done with the contractors, at least. Down to finishing the decor in the flat, really. I've been breaking in the new kitchen staff over the last few days, doing the bits and bobs for City Hall and the like." He claims one of the chairs for himself, then one of the mugs, and some of the coffee for good measure. None of the cream, though. "We ought to be opening properly this Monday. Finally." A small pause, and, "Aside from that, I've been all right, I suppose." And actually using his room more nights out of the last couple weeks than in the couple-few weeks before, she or Charlotte might have noticed. Virtually all of them, in fact. "How about you, how have you been?"

"I was told that over in Paris, but I'll give it a try, just because I'm the kind of person who never wants to take something lying down." Kate folds her hands on her lap, chuckling as she nods at Vyv. "I'll be out of town, but .. I'll be with you in spirit. When I come back though, I'm going to come in, buy a lot of horribly naughty goodies, take them home and feed them to people." She looks thoughtful for a few moments, shrugging. "I've been okay. I'll be okay. Probably going to be spending more time at home, which some people will enjoy. Charlotte will hate it, I think she's getting into running the business now."

"I'm importing butter," Vyv says, with a half-smile, and takes an experimental sip of his coffee. Neither mouth-burning nor unpleasantly luke-warm; it will do. "Heading off again, are you? Apparently that's quite de rigueur lately. Where to this time, and why do you expect to be around more? …afterward, I presume, since if you can both be out of town and spending more time at home simultaneously, I'd very much like to learn that trick."

"If you're importing butter, I'm going to be buying some off of you. Feel free to charge outrageous prices, it will be worth it." Kate nods at Vyv, wrapping her hands around her mug so she can tap her fingers on the side of it. "I'm actually just running away for a while. Going to Denver, going to see what flights are going where.. and just taking the one that looks the best." A wry smile curves her lips, her eyes twinkling as she gazes at Vyv. "I've been sleeping at Sevin's a lot lately, and I'm not going to do that anymore. Home, where my own bed is." She takes another sip of her coffee, setting it aside. "If I could figure out how to be here, yet elsewhere? I would do it."

"You could just buy the croissants," Vyv points out, but there's enough of the little smile to suggest he doesn't really expect that to satisfy the actual itch. Still, "Likely more cost-effective." Another sip, leaning back in his chair, though as she goes on he shifts position, leaning slightly in instead to set the mug down and hold it rather similarly to the way she was a moment ago, albeit without the finger tapping. At the moment, anyway. "…mn. Didn't work out, then?" Bit of an obvious question, one could argue, but maybe there are other possibilities he's allowing for. Or maybe it's just his form of being more or less sympathetic.

"I could do a lot of things. I should do a lot of things, but I don't." Kate shakes her head at Vyv, smirking for a few brief moments before she rolls her eyes. "I'm cursed, I'm pretty sure. I feel like I should just be quietly cursed in my own corner for a while. That's why I'm taking a trip. Hopefully wherever I end up is warm, welcoming and has a semi-decent hotel with room service. That's all I really need right now." She swings her crossed legs back and forth slowly, brow furrowed. "How are things going with you and Cash?"

Vyv clearly had things to say about the earlier portions, but that last question derails them; there's a blink, and a slight tilt of the head. "I don't recall mentioning that," he says, eyeing her thoughtfully, and there's a slight hesitation before he answers, "They've sent him off to be all Marine-ish a while. About a month, supposedly. He left on the fifth." A pause, glancing down to the liquid in his mug, and he lifts it for another sip. Might not entirely have minded if it were that cocktail again, really, but the coffee will certainly suffice. "…so I suppose 'as well as could be expected', really." Might be more than one way to take that, and he doesn't seem about to pin it down, if so. There is, however, a faint smile toward the coffee before he adds, "Hasn't been boring, though." Eyes lift to her again, "So, cursed, hm? I'm not sure where you could go to find skilled curse-breakers these days. Usually I think you need to know who placed it, too. Any thoughts?"

"I get around. Not.. like that, mind you. He came to the house one night looking for you. August and I can deduce things pretty easily." Kate raises her eyebrows at Vyv, shooting him a tilted grin before she settles more into her chair. "Mmm, well I hope he comes back to you hale and healthy. Is it scary for you when he goes off like that?" She brushes her hair back out of her eyes, her eyes shifting around the office before she picks up her coffee again. "It's good when it's not boring, but too much excitement isn't good. Getting to miss someone makes them seem more special in the end, right?" She wrinkles her nose and chuffs out a soft laugh. "No thoughts, I dunno why anyone would care enough. Honestly? I'm okay with the way things have gone, I needed a break."

"Ah, yes, I suppose that might do it," Vyv says, with a breath of a laugh. Her questions make him hesitate again, just a fraction. "I don't know. I mean, that sounds as though it would need a higher sample size to answer properly. I don't think he's in particular danger where he is, though…" But there's something subtle under the tone that suggests that if he didn't have a niggling little worry about it before, he does now. "I know he's fine so far, at any rate," he says more airily, "And really, I don't—" A pause, and he sighs, with just the flick of an upward glance. "All right. Maybe I do miss him a little." He takes an almost sulky sip of the coffee before going on, "I think I'd probably take the excitement, usually. I hate being bored. And I'm glad you're all right with things, but I don't see any reason not to be all right with them somewhere warm for a bit. Somewhere warm with good cocktails, ideally."

Katherine gets to her feet, pacing slowly around the office as Vyv speaks. She gazes out through one of the windows, spotting snow falling steadily outside. "Gotta have positive thoughts, because anything else just stresses you out too much. When I get stressed I eat. Don't fall into that spiral." She moves back to the table, resting a hand on Vyv's shoulder lightly. "You do miss him, and it's okay to admit to that, I'm sure he misses you too. He seemed pretty chipper when he was coming over to ask you out, all smart in his uniform." She grins and plops back into her seat. "I need to get out of this city for a few days. I am having one of those…wanting to throw things at walls moments. It's not productive and it won't help anything. Plus? I wanna get warm."

"I don't generally think one can do much about thoughts," Vyv says, "but I suppose deciding which ones to focus on is a thing. Or arguing." Bit dry, the last bit, and assurances or not he still doesn't look entirely pleased, or perhaps just not entirely comfortable, with admitting to caring whether the guy's around or not. Still, he can't quite avoid a little smile at the part about when Cash dropped by, or, after he glances to her and asks, "Was he?" adding, "…which one?"
More coffee, watching Katherine a moment. "Sometimes throwing things at walls does help. …not the things, generally. But there's a sort of catharsis in it, now and then." The corner of his mouth quirks up again, "Sometimes throwing things at people helps, too. But running's a time honoured coping strategy as well. Plus, warmth." He glances toward that window, and the snow beyond.

"He was all dolled up in his military uniform, and asked after you all shy like. August and I thought it was really cute." Kate can see the little smile and it makes her laugh, soft and breathy. "I do agree on the throwing things at walls, but.. a lot of the things in the house are precious keepsakes from my parents. They can't really be replaced." She keeps her arms folded over her chest and sighs. "I didn't get nearly enough time in Rio. It was a lovely place, but two days isn't enough to experience it. I didn't pack my passport or I'd go back there."

Vyv can't help another little laugh. "If he has any non-military uniforms, I haven't seen them yet," he says. "Green or blue?" He assumes not the fatigues. "…and I'm sure it was." Is that slightly softer? Hard to tell, but it is addressed to the coffee before he has another sip. Going to run out soon, at that rate. "There's a very simple solution to that problem. Two, at least. Number one, go get some things specifically to throw. Number two, possibly more satisfying, throw things that belong to the person you're upset with. Or I suppose there's also throw things which you already own but weren't your parents'. There must be some, surely." He pauses, something about her remarks registering. "Are you leaving directly from here, then? You could always go back and get your passport, couldn't you? It's not that long a drive."

"I don't want the temptation of it. I'm driving straight to Denver when I leave here." Kate runs slender fingers through her hair, making her hair look messy, like she just got out of bed. "I don't know, Vyv. I like the vases that he gave me. I think I want them to be in one piece when I get home." She exhales out a breath, pushing to her feet. "The whole point of this vacation is to stop thinking about things, and I'm thinking about them. Gah. I should get on the road soon anyway before the snow gets too deep." She remembers his first question and laughs lightly. "It was the blue uniform. Lots of medals. Very sharp."

Vyv's eyebrows lift a fraction at the first part of the answer to his question, and that little smile sneaks back in, along with a brief moment of not quite focusing on anything in his actual field of view. "…mm. Good to know, thank you." He finishes off the coffee, and pushes his chair back to stand. "If he gave them to you, they belong to you, so that doesn't quite count anyway. Not for number two, anyway. But all right, go and don't think somewhere that doesn't require a passport. Hawaii, maybe? Or Southern California, I suppose." He glances toward the window. "I ought to get a cab before I'm snowed in here, and get bored enough to institute my own programming or something, in any case."

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