(2019-02-21) Twelve Is Enough
Everett and Willow discuss World War 2 and future children.

With it being a random Thursday night in February, there really isn't a whole heck of a lot going on at the moment. For a change, Calaveras appears to be fairly calm and quiet this evening. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that Everett is spending the evening quietly, in his dorm room, hunched over his desk and reading over notes in a notebook, a textbook open beside it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, studying. There are also a red, blue, black and green ink pen on the desk, each being used to write individually in the notebook, apparently color-coordinating his note-taking as Everett goes back and forth from his American History textbook to his notebook.

Willow just lets herself in these days. "Gosh it's cold out" she offers, hidden away in her huge jacket, beanie, and scarf. Plastic bags on her arms. "I brought din dins" she grins from behind the scarf…so her voice is muffled too. She pulls it down. "That's better. Are you studying? That's cool. What are you learning about?"

When the door opens, Everett's head whips around to see who's coming in. But there are so few people who would come in unannounced, it doesn't really startle him overly much. Yup, Willow. Pushing back from the desk a little, Everett sighs and sets his pen down. "American History just before and during the Second World War. What's for dinner?" he asks, rising from his seat and moving to help Willow with the bags so she can take her coat off and get comfy.

"When was the Second World War?" Willow is giving him a quiz! Or she may not know and is genuinely asking. "Did we win? War sucks though. All those people being hurt. It's not nice. Thanks, hon." That last for the bags being taken away. "I got us Chinese…but from just down the road. Not China. I would have to get it delivery from China." The coat comes off before she is rushing to pull something out of one of the bags. "Look at this t-shirt I got." She opens it off to show him the words on the front; 'Who needs tits…'. And then she shows him the back. '…with an ass like mine'. "Do you like it? I thought it was funny…and apt."

"Well, it actually started in like nineteen thirty-nine in Europe, but we didn't get involved until forty-two," Everett answers the first question first, setting the bags down on his table. He's begun parceling out the food when Willow dives back into the bag and pulls out the shirt. He guffaws once, then smirks at his wife. "Well. I mean … it ain't wrong. But why you always talkin' 'bout the fact that you're on the IBTC? Would you rather have tig ol' biddies?"

"IBTC? Itsy-bitsy-titsy…city?" Willow shrugs at this before grinning at her husband. "I'm not talking about it, the t-shirt is. And I like my IBTCs. And so do you. And you like my ass too. So, all good." She throws the t-shirt back in the bag for washing before wearing - like it says on the instructions. "Why were we three years late to the war? Didn't we get an invitation?"

"Itty-bitty titty committee," Everett rolls off his tongue. "And I just ask because you bring them up an awful lot. … you got a thing for boobs?" he teases, grinning. "And you're right, but I like pretty much everything about you so that kinda goes without saying." Everett leans down and gives his wife a quick kiss to strike hone the sentiment before he goes back to separating the food out again. "Oh, we didn't get involved because all of the fighting was going on in Europe and Africa and it didn't really have much to do with us. So, we didn't start fighting until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor."

"There's a committee? Should I be a member? Do you know where I can get an application form?" Willow seems quite concerned she is missing out, but she will be smiling again once the kiss happens. She sits on the couch to listen to the history lesson. "Wars concern everyone. They are all bad things. Sitting out was not a nice thing to do. Especially if we had friends being killed."

"The fact that you got itty-bitty titties means you already is a member, hon. That's the point. And it's not an actual club, it's just something people say bout girls with small breastesses," Everett explains. He then grimaces a little and nods to the rest as he sits down. "Yeah, ain't nothin' 'bout either of the world wars was good. But this one was more important cuz we had to stop Hitler. But we actually focusing more on what else was goin' on as a country back then, like the economy and stuff. It's pretty interesting. Definitely stuff I ain't never talked about before."

"I'm already a member? Cool. I bet you there isn't a Big Titty Committee. So, yay, one for us!" Willow even fistpumps about that. "I've heard of Hitler. So we were more concerned about ourselves than the rest of the world? That's sad…but I guess it's no different now. Food ready? I'm starved. It's hard waiting for a bus in the cold. I really need a car again." She pouts. "But I promised not to steal one again."

Everett just chuckles and shakes his head as the titty conversation finally runs its course. And, since she asked, Everett does his duty and hops back up, moving to grab some paper plates from the giant stack of them on his shelf. Yay for bulk shopping! "Well, it was a /little / different back then, but yeah. And … do you wanna see if we could get a loan together? We /are/ married, now, so they look at both of our finances."

"Do you have any finances?" Willow giggles. "Vic pays me what she can. I guess it could be okay for a fifth hand car. I might be able to soup it up a little. Or know someone who could. Would it help? I mean, do you have somewhere to park it here? I should be able to park it at work." A lick of her lips at the sight of the food. "Sooo hungry" she sighs. "Maybe I'm pregnant?" she adds nonchalantly.

"Well, yeah, there's obviously parking here. And no, I'm on scholarship, so I haven't taken any loans out yet. … I could, though. Or I could just fill out one of the credit card apps they keep sending me," Everett says with a shrug as he hands his wife a plate and the silverware he grabbed even if it wasn't mentioned. Plastic, of course. An eyebrow quirks at the mention of Willow maybe being pregnant and Everett pauses. Just for a second, though, because … well, it's Willow. "Could be. Go'n one-up Vic and have triplets?" he suggests.

"I don't think I'd want three. Not at once. I mean, long term, sure. We can have a dozen or something" Willow suggests, tucking into her food. "So yummy" she sighs about the food. "You're still okay for the wedding and everything? Vic said I was going to be a bridesmaid with her mother. How cool is that? I'll let her mom catch the bouquet though. I don't need to…I guess she doesn't either. We'll look into getting a car. And then I can drive you to practice and everything."

Everett smirks and shakes his head. "I ain't payin' for a dozen college educations. Bump /that/. We could have like four, tho'." He serves himself up some food as well, though he doesn't tear into it as voraciously as his wife. "Wedding I'm good for, tho'. You'll be an awesome bridesmaid. You go'n have both your parents and vic give you away when it's time?" he asks. And, after a tick, "… you ain't pregnant, though, right?"

"But you'll have millions of dollars from your football" Willow points out. "And not all the kids will want to go to college. I didn't go and I turned out fine." She considers their own 'proper' wedding. "Gosh, I dunno. Depends if my parents are busy when we do it. Do you think Vic would mind?" That last question has her thinking some more. "I don't think so. I'm on the pill. I'll let you know if I don't have something…if you know what I mean."

"I have no idea if Vic would mind or not. And … why in the world would we do it when your parents couldn't be there. Even if y'all or chill, I can't imagine them deciding to take off somewhere when they kid gettin' married," Everett says, shaking his head a little at the thought. Then, he quirks an eyebrow. "I always thought being on the pill made that not happen." Another tick. "… do you /want/ to have a kid right nw? I thought you was tryin'a wait? And I don't care /how/ much money I got. We ain't havin' no twelve babies."

"I don't want to interrupt what my parents are doing. They might have plans, you know?" Willow doesn't seem bothered by their presence or not. "I'll call them and see when they're available. Your parents would come too, right? Who is going to be your best man?" A nod about the pill. "It should do, but nothing is a hundred per cent. No, no kid yet. We have nowhere to raise them properly. It can wait until you're rich and famous." A lip wobble for her husband. "Okay, not twelve."

Everett just shakes his head at Willow's willingness to have a wedding without her family. But his wife has always been unique. "… prolly Officer franklin, honestly?" he answers her question on the best man after several seconds poised in thought. "Dude's been nothing but awesome to me since I got arrested. Plus, the time he takes out to watch out for my fam, it's the least I could do." When Willow acts a little bemused at his refusal to give her a dozen babies, he reminds her, "Mney or no, you still gotta give birth to 'em. Small as you is, things might start gettin' disloded, you poppin/' out /that/ many li'l kids.

"Awww…that's good of you to think of him." Willow sighs at how considerate and awesome her husband is. "You should get in touch with him. See when he is available. Don't want to pick a date when he's out hunting criminals or something." She grins at his concern for her joints. "Hey, I might be little, but I'm strong! I won't be popping them out all at once. But, fine, we can go with four and see what happens after that. Okay?"

Everett rolls his eyes again. "I don't think they schedule manhunts. We name a date, I’m sure he'll make himself available," he says. He then raises an eyebrow, surprised. "You seriously want like twelve kids, 'low?" he asks. "I thought you was just being facetious.

"I don't think I'm facetious. Not sure what religion I am. Does that matter?" Willow asks with a little frown. "I dunno. Life is a wonderful thing, right? Our love is awesome. Why wouldn't you want to bring as many people into that as possible?"

Everett /almost/ facepalms. Almost. But he manages not to and instead just shakes his head. "You can use the word apt correctly, but you ain't know what facetious means?" he questions her, an eyebrow raised. "And yeah, our love is awesome, but you forget we gotta /parent/ all them li'l kids! And I know you may be fine with how your parents brought you up, but I ain't into no laissez faire parenting. I'ma be like my parents- all up in they bidness. Twelve kids? Ain't go'n have no time for alla that!"

"I'll parent them. I'll parent them like a motherfucker" Willow giggles. "I mean, you'll be playing football and making all the money and stuff, so I won't need to work. I'll do my art and parent." A roll of her eyes. "Of course I know what 'apt' means. I'm the smart one, remember." A playful nudge of his arm. "If you want to be in their bidness, then I can do that too. We don't need to do laissez faire. Not sure why we would since we're not both women."

The 'like a motherfucker' comment gets a chuckle out of Everett as well as a smile and he nods. "Okay. Well, we'll see what happens. As long as I don't feel like we slippin', we can keep goin'. Though, you want twelve, we prolly can't wait too long to get started. We try and do it back to back to back to back, you ain't go'n be /able/ to parent as well cuz you go'n be waddlin' all the time," he teases, nudging Willow back.

"We might have to do it front ways to get kids" Willow points out. "As much as I love back to back." There were no sex education classes in Willow's life. "No starting until you're rich and famous. That's the only condition. Okay." She leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "Love you."

Everett shrugs and nods at Willow's condition, ignoring her lack of sex ed by smiling and putting one of his arms around her to hug her close. "Love you, 'low. So glad to have you. And /so/ excited to fast forward and get our lives together started."

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