(2019-02-16) Bowling for Calaveras
Everett and Willow go on a data to the bowling alley.

It's been a little bit since there's been actual 'dating' for a particular couple, and after messing up Valentine's and an anniversary, Everett is determined to make up for it. So, he made arrangements, reserved a lane, bought a rose, and showed up to escort Willow to the bowling alley on the bus, which is how they got here. Now, after renting shoes and claiming bowling balls, Everett puts their names into the scoreboard. "So you're up first, 'low. … you know what you're doing, right?"

"Of course I know what I'm doing." Willow rolls her eyes at such a question before tucking her rose above her ear. Followed by some ouches as she discovers thorns. "Who knew roses has thorns?" she grumbles before deciding to prop it up on her seat instead. Willow tries out some bowling balls, finding one that is a fit for her little fingers. "Oh, are you doing anything on February 28? I have a wedding invitation for that day. How cool is that! Oh, Vic and Calvin. We're invited. I wonder if I get to be maid of honor?" She lines up her ball with the pins, a few practice swings with her arm before she rushes up to unleash. Down the wrong lane.

"Uh … hon? Hon? … hon? Hon. 'Low. Willow. Baby. Hon?" Everett tries from his seat at the scoreboard. And then Willow straight up ignores him, caught up in her talk over the wedding, and bowls down the wrong lane. He sighs, smirks, then rises to walk out and put his hands on his wife's hips. "That was a pretty good toss, hon. But, it willl work a /whole/ lot better if you bowl on the lane we're actually supposed to be using," he says, trying to scooch her down to their lane. As long as the ball return is working, he'll still retrieve her ball for her, too. "And there shouldn't be anything I can't skip for that. Did you ever wanna do a ceremony at all?"

Willow was in the zone! You can't just interrupt zonage. It was a gutter ball…of course. "Lucky I didn't hit anything then" she smiles - always look on the bright side! "We should probably do a ceremony" she nods. "Since everyone is so mad at us for getting married. Those we told at least. We should do it after Vic and Calvin though. Don't want to step on their day." A smile of thanks as her ball is handed back. Time for another careful aim of the ball. Tongue stuck out the side of her mouth. A wiggle of her rear because that helps, and then the ball is off again.

Everett chuckles at Willow's response to bowling in the wrong lane. "Oh, yeah, fa sho. I wouldn't dream of getting in the way of their wedding. Besides. Don't it normally take a while to plan that stuff when you got families and parents and stuff? Not to mention, you ain't got a wedding dress yet, do you?" he asks. He then moves back to lean on the ball return as Willow bowls again. When she wiggles her booty, Everett whistles and cat calls her, grinning.

Willow is rather pleased that she hit a few of the pins. Even more pleased at the wolf whistle. "I don't need a wedding dress. They're only for virgins anyway. I wonder if Vic will be wearing one? Does that mean her children are immaculately conceived like Jesus?" A frown at having to figure that one out. "My parents got married real quick. No wedding dress for my mom either." The ball returns as she tries to get her spare. Nowhere close. "Your turn."

"Them dresses ain't just for virgins, 'low," Everett disagrees. "But, it's your wedding, so if you ain't wanna wear one, no biggie." Everett rises, pausing to lean down and kiss Willow as she makes her way back, before turning to grab his much heavier ball from the return. "And they may be miracle babies, but I'm pretty sure Calvin put 'em in her the regular way." Everett barely even takes time to line up his shot before he walks forward and throws the ball down the lane.

"Not sure if I should think about my mom and dad having sex" Willow frowns. "Though I guess it is as much fun as ours is. Isn't it?" A shrug as she watches the bowl, cheering at how much better Everett does. "Maybe you can be a bowling professional as well as a football professional?" She looks around the complex for a moment. "You want a hot dog?"

"… why would you think about your mom and dad having sex?" Everett asks, slightly confused as he returns from the lane. "And no, I'm not hungry. Can I get something for you, though?" he asks, gesturing towards the snack line. "And speaking of parents, am I ever gonna get to meet your family? I mean, I ain't even been to your /house/ ever."

"I haven't lived with my parents for years" Willow replies with a smile. "It's not my house at all. I live with Vic now. You can meet them if you like. They'll like you. Oh, I was talking about Vic and Calvin as my mom and dad. Not my mom and dad. That would be creepy." A shake of her head about the food. "It's okay, I'll get a footlong later." A wiggle of her eyebrows at Everett before she looks down the lane. "My go again?"

"Yup, you're up," Everett responds. He purses his lips, though, as he returns to his spot leaning back against the ball return. "And I don't gotta meet them. I just … I mean … I feel like it's kinda weird that you've never introduced me to your family or anything. I ain't tryin'a judge or nothing. Just … way different from what you'd expect, ya know?" he says, shrugging. "I'm cool with whatever, though. I got you, that's all I need. And bowling ain't really my thing, I just wanted to take you out so we could do something different together. I been feeling like a bum for skipping Valentine's and not making a bigger deal out of our anniversary."

"My parents and I get on fine when we see each other. It's not like we dislike each other. We're always there for each other. But we all go and do our own things, you know?" Willow shrugs. "They were a bit sad I stole cars and stuff, but they helped me get away from that life. Gosh…I haven't seen them in months. They live in the Heights too." A little giggle. "Would you want me to be the same as everyone else?" She lines up the ball and wiggles before rushing forward and unleashing. More pins hit! Which makes her jump up and down and woot loudly. "If you feel like a bum, you can have mine" she winks while waiting for her ball to return.

There's a high-five waiting for Willow as she makes her way back. Then, Everett laughs at Willow's offer, leaning over to kiss her head while she waits for her ball. "You know, it's a good thing we don't live together yet, or we might never make it out of the cot dang bedroom," he teases, smiling. "And that's cool that your family is chill like that. Like I said, I wasn't judgin' or nothin'. It's just different from what I know, 's all. … they know we married, though, right?"

"Why would we only have sex in the bedroom?" Willow looks confused. She's never even had a bedroom for the last few years. A nod about the marriage information. "I sent them an email since they were down in California when we got back. They sent one back saying they were very excited, and they were glad that I waited until I was mature enough to get married. They got married at…umm…sixteen? Ooh! Ball." She leaps up to bowl again…gutter. "Dang" she sighs. "Can we get some of those gutter bouncer things? You know, you put them in the gutter to stop the ball going down there."

"No, I just meant …," Everett starts, but then just chuckles and shakes his head. "Yeah, I got you, baby," he responds after the request for the gutter rails. He bounces up to the front desk quickly, conversing with the staffer there. And then he's back, staff in tow, as they use the hook that's used to raise the barriers. "Here we go," he says, smiling. "If you want, I can have it reset the frame and you can go again, so that we're still even?" he offers.

"It's fine. I can catch up to you" Willow grins before a kiss to his cheek. "Thanks, E. You're always so good to me." She waits for the rails to be installed before adding, "I think it's your turn anyway. You're supposed to get strikes, E. Being all buff and stuff like you are. Maybe I should try your ball?"

Everett slides his arms around Willow for a small hug as she kisses him on the cheek and he shakes his head. "Shorty, I been slippin', but I'm tryin'a make it up." But, it /is/ his turn, so he has to let her go so he can grab his ball and head for the lane. Though her suggestion causes him to quirk an eyebrow and look back at her. "Iono, you ain't think it's go'n be too heavy? It's like seven pounds heavier than yours." And then he throws it at the pins.

"I am super strong" Willow insists, even raising her arms to show off her biceps…no one can see them. It'll be all the clothes she is wearing. No other reason. "I'll try your ball for my next turn." More applause as more pins are skedaddled. "You're good at this but I guess it is a sport and you're good at all sports."

Everett chuckles as he returns to Willow's side, shaking his head. "Not /all/ sports. Several, but not all. And I'm only okay at bowling. There are guys who never miss a pin. And my dad actually took a bowling class in college, so he taught me a little bit." He then reclaims his leaning post on the ball return and smiles over at Willow. "Speaking of you being super strong, I been meanin' to ask you. Would you wanna come to the gym with me? Just cuz I'ma be spending a whole lotta time in there this spring and summer and you could come with me if you want?"

Are you sure I wouldn't be a distraction?" Willow laughs. "I don't think I've ever had sex in a gym though. Could be fun. Though I guess you mean a different kind of workout. Sure, I can come along." Her brow furrows. "Is it expensive? They have bowling classes in college? Gosh, it sounds like a lot of fun to go to college."

"It's free if you just come with me to the gym on campus," Everett says. Then, he chuckles and adds, "And yeah, different workout. Havin' sex in the gym would prolly get me kicked off the team." He shrugs a little and folds his arms across his chest. "And yeah, you'd prolly be distracting. But it'd also be fun. And besides. Everything's better when I'm with you."

"Free stuff I can do" Willow nods happily. "Do I have to get gym clothes? You know, all that tight spandexy stuff to show off curves I don't have? Hey, do your teammates know you're married now? All those hot girls at college know? All those cheerleaders will be devastated. My turn." She picks up Everett's ball with a grunt and a groan, staggering towards the line before swinging it forward with both hands from between her legs. The ball drops with a thud and rolls agonizingly slowly towards the pins, bouncing along each gutter guard.

"Well, you can if you want, but you don't have to," Everett says in response to the clothing. And then he just rolls his eyes about the cheerleaders. "I ain't made a big announcement of it, no. Ain't like we all super tight or nothin'. And ain't none of them cheerleaders go'n feel one way or the other. Wasn't none of them interested before, they can go ahead and not be interested, now." And then Willow is picking up his ball and trying to bowl with it, which just causes Everett to start snickering. And the snickers get worse when she actually tries to bowl with it "Good thing we got the rails, huh?" he teases.

The ball clunks from rail to rail, slowing down as it does so. And when it finally reaches the pins, it comes to a halt in front of them. "Oh…that didn't really work, did it." Willow stands with hands on hips for a moment before shrugging and turning back to her husband. "Those cheerleaders are so silly. You are easiest the hottest guy on the team. And the best player. They're probably in awe."

Everett blinks when her ball comes to a stop. Then, he grimaces, picks her ball up, and spins it down the lane so that it can knock both balls into the pins and thus return them back from whence they came. At Willow's compliments, he just rolls his eyes and chuckles again, shaking his head as he turns back to his wife and sidles in her direction with his arms out. "While it is completely false and definitely an exaggeration, I still thank you for the compliments. But you are completely and totally biased and I can't trust your opinion in the least bit," he teases, smiling as he moves to kissy-face his wife.

"Are you saying I'm a liar?" Willow mock gasps before taking the offered opportunity to leap up onto Everett, wrapping arms and legs around him. There is definitely kissy-face. Passionate and enthusiastic. "Well, /I/ love you, E. And if no one else does, then it just means I have you all to myself. Yay!"

Everett kisses his wife for several seconds, hands clasped tightly to her back, holding her to him. When he stops, he smiles and reaches up to stroke her hair and the side of her face. "I'm not saying you're a liar. I'm just saying you'r biased. And it doesn't matter who else loves me, you've got me to yourself." Then, he chuckles and smirks at Willow, teasing her. "Unless you're tryin'a share."

"Well, there is enough to go around" Willow giggles, "But I wasn't planning on sharing anytime soon." Another quick kiss before she is back on her feet - there is a bowling match still going on! "Is it your turn to finger your ball? And it is pretty heavy too."

Everett just laughs and rolls his eyes again, giving Willow's butt a playful little swat as she moves away. "Nope. That was your first roll, still your frame. And I told you it might be a little more than you could handle," he quips, winking at her. He moves back to his previous position, leaning against the ball return.

"I've been able to handle it so far" Willow smirks, giving her swatted butt another wiggle. She picks up her own ball, aims, wiggles, and bowls. At least it will reach the end on its own steam this time. And it knocks down more than half of the pins! "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Check out my moves. Unh. Unh." There is a strange little dance going on.

Everett chuckles at her quip and then watches Willow bowl. And then dance. He laughs, holding up his hand for a high-five as she makes her way back. "Good job, baby. And here you were saying /I/ should be a professional bowler," he says, smiling. And then it'll be his turn, which he'll take with the usual no-prep, walk and launch strategy that he's used thus far.

High five given as well as a hip bump once Everett stands. "I doubt the bowling circuit could handle me. I'm way too hot and feisty." But, of course, Everett then goes ahead and bowls better again. Willow cheers and whoops - no envy in this girl. "Do they do team bowling? We could be a team. You're a natural."

"Yeah, they do have bowling teams, but … you need more people. And like I said, I'm not interested," Everett says, walking back. He's all smiles, though. "And the only person that gets to 'handle' you is me, but I wouldn't care if other people got to see you bowl," he quips as he moves in to give his wife another kiss.

The kiss is returned. Happily. "I'm a dick first and foremost" Willow smiles proudly. "And then an artist too. Where did you put my sculpture? One day I may even get a gallery showing. Or maybe just put them outside a gallery? Do you think they would mind?"

"It's on my dresser, next to where I keep my wallet and stuff, so I see it e'ryday," Everett responds, smiling. He chuckles a little and shrugs. "They might, if you don't get their permission, first. Some artists are weird like that, right?" Like he would know any better. But hey, it sounds good, right? Leaning back against the ball return, Everett smiles. "You're having fun, right? You're happy?"

"Of course I'm happy" Willow grins. "I'm always happy with you. We're perfect for each other. You think I should do some street art? Hey, I wonder if Vic would mind me turning a bit of the front office into a gallery? I know she doesn't like rainbows and unicorns, but I could do some sculptures about being a dick. That would probably work." She seems convinced even if no one else is.

Everett smiles and nods to her response. "Good." He then cants his head as he listens to Willow's other suggestion. Then he shrugs. "I don't know, 'low. You could ask her. I don't know her that good, but she might say yes. I mean, 'specially if she loves ya and stuff. I don't see any /good/ reason she would say no?" Then, he smirks a little. "I know art ain't necessarily something you gotta sell, but … if you did sell some of it, she might be more encouraged to say yes?"

"So she can get a cut from the sale? Yeah, that makes sense. Like a commission? She could be my agent." Willow's eyes go wide. "Oh my gosh! I've just had the greatest idea! Calvin's new record, I could do a sculpture for the cover. Wouldn't that be brilliant? Do they still have covers? Maybe one for her new logo. Since it won't be Grey Investigations anymore. It will be Shay. Gosh, isn't it so exciting?"

Everett chuckles and nods, smiling at his wife's enthusiasm. "There ya go. Sounds like a plan to me," he offers. "And yeah, they still do artwork for music and stuff. I mean, there's pictures when you play stuff on Spotify or Pandora or whatever, right?" He then grins a little more. "So what's your handle gonna be? Like, what will you call your art? Are you gonna have a … I dunno what they call it for sculptures, but like, a stage name or whatever? Or are you gonna name your art company anything?"

"Hmmm…I haven't really thought that far ahead." Willow is pondering a name now. "It should probably have 'Dick' in it" she muses, "That way it would cleverly be combined with my other job. Metal Dick? Dick Sculpt? What do you think? I should talk to Calvin about it. It will be so awesome. He'll love it. For sure."

Everett laughs and holds his hands up defensively. "That's all up to you. I've told you before that I've got no bidness evaluating art, 'n that includes tryin'a come up with names for it. I think you right, Calvin'd be the one to talk to about it." He then smirks a little and gestures at the lane. "You're up. You wanna keep bowling?"

"Of course. We paid for the full game so we play for the full game" Willow nods, rushing to grab her ball. She lines it up, wiggles butt, and…another good hit. "Woo-hoo!!" It really is easier with the gutter guards. "Still no strike though" she pouts. "I would have thought you would have had one by now."

Everett offers more high fives when Willow continues to do better with the bumpers up. "Hey, like I said. I'm /not/ professional material," he winks. "Have I mentioned how cot dang adorable you is?" he adds as he moves to bowl once more. Fancy that, he hits just as many pins as his wife. Perfect match, indeed.

"Adorable /and/ sexy" Willow points out with a giggle as they high five once more. Looks like it will be a draw…even though you will get more points than me. Probably." If this was driving, she would be doing awesome. Time to hurl another ball.

"/So/ sexy," Everett agrees. Which is why Willow got distracted and rolled such a bad split? Everett offers her a patronizing hug and kiss on the forehead before he gets up for his turn. Which, as it turns out, just happens to be the time when he does roll a strike. "Booyah!" he says, fist-pumping with his leg up. Then, he turns and smirks at Willow sheepishly, holding his hands out. "Got lucky for once?"

"Yeah…lucky" Willow pouts…for a second. But then she is all giggles and cheering for her husband. "Look, it didn't give you any points for the strike. Just a big X. I thought you would get some points for that. It's the whole idea, isn't it?" She may never have bowled a strike in her life.

Everett chuckles. "Nah, shorty. It adds the points to my next two throws. That's how you get super high scores and stuff," Everett explains. "So! It's your turn again. Your turn for a strike," he says, grinning as he saunters back towards her.

A strike? Not quite. Not even close. If it wasn't for those rails, it would have missed altogether. "You get more points added? Man, you're going to be so far ahead of me after them. But I want you to get the most points you can ever!"

Everett shrugs a little and shakes his head. "The most points you can get is three hundred, and you have to throw a strike every single time. No way I can do that, at this point," he says. And, as if to emphasize the point, he bowls just as poorly as Willow does, the next time. Which causes him to smirk as he turns around and holds his arms out. "See? Definitely not setting any high scores."

"Three hundred?" Willow looks at her current score. Yeah. Not getting anywhere near that one. "Hmm. Maybe I can crack a hundred. That's a good start, yeah?" Up she goes again. Wiggle. Bowl. It is such an impressive bowl that it hits the gutter guard and bounces over it and into the next lane. "Oh…is that good?"

When the ball bounces out of their lane, Everett winces and ducks down, before looking over to make sure nobody saw that. Okay, well, sure, somebody else probably saw it, but nobody is coming over to kick them out or anything, so … they're probably good. He moves to retrieve Willow's ball from the next aisle's return queue, shaking his head. "I dunno how you managed to /do/ that …," he says to her, shaking his head, a wry smirk on his face. "But no, that ain't good."

"I think it spun out of my hand the wrong way" Willow frowns, flexing her wrist to try and give an example. "I might have cocked left when I should have spun right. At least no one was hurt" she grins happily. "That's the most important thing. We should try Crazy Golf next."

There's a chuckle and Everett nods. "Yeah, nobody was hurt," he agrees. Then, he cants his head to the side as he hands his wife her ball back. "… crazy golf? Like … indoor golf, or …?" Seems he's not familiar with the suggestion.

"Crazy golf. The one where you have those little courses with pyramids on them and things like that. They don't have to be indoor" Willow explains as she takes her ball back and hurls it down again. One skittle is brushed against, teeters, but then continues to stand. "Hmm…I'm not very good at this."

"Ohhh, miniature golf," Everett says, nodding in understanding and smiling. "Yeah, we can do that sometime, sure," he agrees. And then, Willow bowls poorly and he grimaces. He holds her arms out for her as she turns back, waiting to hug her and make her feel better about it. "It's okay, 'low. You're also not very bad at it! Besides, I just brought you here to have fun. I don't care how good either of us does."

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