(2019-02-03) Kitchen Kibbitzing
A new tenant, chili, and chatter at the B&B.

The pair of Katherine and Harvey have just wandered downstairs and into the kitchen. While she goes to the fridge he finds a chair to settle into, "Bourbon if you have it. Tumbler, two fingers. One ice cube." he watches the flash of a smile she gives him, "That would be the…tattoo artist." he guesses by this tone while he gets comfortable. He rests his arms and hands on the table while he leans back into his seat, "Only interesting for five minutes." he gives a very slight nod of his head, "So then what is the cutoff point where you become boring."

"I should be boring already." Kate levels a look at Harvey, trying to figure out if he's serious about bourbon for lunch. She'll apparently take him at his word, pulling a glass down, dropping an ice cub into it before she pours. She sets the decanter on the counter and goes about cooking. Someone requested chili, and she's currently chopping onions and peppers. She pauses from this to grab some kidney beans, light and dark, from her pantry. "Yes, August is the tattoo artist. She's a late riser, so..she probably won't be here for lunch." She gestures to what she's chopping, glancing toward the big pot she's about to start dumping things in. "You said spicy, yes?"

Sevin steps in from the back door, snow tapped off his boots as he crosses the threshold, though a light dusting lingers in his dark, mussed hair until the ambient heat causes it to melt. Dark coat worn over a suit jacket, shirt and tie. Silver and blue pinstripes. Dark, well-tailored pants and heeled boots that put him a touch over six feet. He must be either coming or going to something semi-important, to have put some actual effort into his attire today. Greeted by an unfamiliar gentleman requesting alcohol, he observes Harvey for a moment or three as he moves into the kitchen proper. "Afternoon," he murmurs, presumably to both.

Once he has the decanter Harvey returns to his set and settles in. He takes a small drink and then looks at the liquid in the glass in some consideration. Then he turns his attention to Katherine, "Yes. Spicy." he settles back into the seat again and gets comfortable watching her. Then the door opens and Sevin steps inside. He eyes the fellow over taking note of the dark coat and the suit and tie. To Sevin's greeting Harvey merely lifts his glass and gives a nod before he glances to Katherine.

Kate turns to smile at Sevin when he steps in the back door. "I'm making lunch, hope you're hungry." She moves to make the recent arrival some coffee, using the espresso machine. Once she sets the cup down on the counter, she goes back to chopping things for chili, opening the fridge to grab some tomatoes to set on the counter. Some beef broth gets poured into the pot, and the onions and peppers are added and then she washes the beans in cool water. She watches Harvey pull the decanter closer, eyes narrowing. "Don't get sloppy in my kitchen, please."

Kate's entirely too quick with anticipating what he's here for. Well, one of the reasons he's here, anyway. There's a brief smile from Sevin as his coffee is made, and he takes the opportunity to shrug out of his coat while he waits. It's slung across the back of a chair, and he steps up to the counter to retrieve his cup once it's set down. Blow and sip while he watches the brunette work for a moment, then, "Thank you." His eyes shift back to Harvey as he takes a lean against the counter. Chair eschewed, as per usual. "New guest?" Hard to say whom that's directed to.

"Please." Harvey replies with a bit of contempt in his gravelly tone to Kate. When she adds the beef broth in his brows furrow for a moment and then he shakes his head with a light sigh. He takes another sip from the glass and then he turns his attention to the coffee bearing Sevin, "Fresh off the boat." he says in response to the question, "I was given the purple room." he glances up to the ceiling and then back to Sevin, "You are too well dressed to be the taxi driver. Off the rack or tailored?"

"Oh, shit.." Katherine narrows her eyes and slaps a heel against her forehead. "I'm sorry. Harvey, this is Sevin. He works up at the University. He's not one of the boarders, but he's here quite often." She shifts her gaze to Sevin, letting it linger for a few moments before she speaks again. "This is Harvey. He's staying here for a while." She starts to quarter the tomatoes, dumping them into the pot. She raises her brows as tailored or off the rack is mentioned, curious about that herself. The contemptous tone that Harvey gives her makes her roll her eyes. She'll take that decanter back.

Sevin returns Kate's look pound for pound, pale eyes tinged with curiosity. Then she's turning away again to chop tomatoes, and his gaze flicks back to the stranger. Thoughtful press of the tip of his tongue to the inside of his cheek while he takes the measure of the man. "Nice to meet you," he settles on finally. His accent isn't from around here, or anywhere close to it; it might be placed as something in the semitic family of languages. Melodic, sloping speech touched with a roughness around the edges, and a stacatto quality to his consonants. "You're from out of town?" Most of them are.

No answer on the suit as Harvey lets Katherine take the decanter, the contents mostly gone anyways. With a gravelly groan, Harvey stands up then and digs into his left pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a battered old zippo, "Yeah. Got in last night. Change of scenery. Needed something new, and all that." he walks over to the door that Sevin came in and cracks it open as he bumps a cigarette out of the pack. "You are too it sounds like." he tucks the pack away and holds the items for a moment, "So the University. What do you teach?"

Kate gets out the masher, giving the tomatoes a few squishes before she sets the temperature, another pan brought out to brown some ground meat. She watches the pair, eyes shifting from Harvey to Sevin, waiting for something or someone to say something they shouldn't. "Where are you from, Harvey? Because if it's from a big city, Calaveras might end up being a culture shock." She wrinkles her nose, finding the red pepper flakes to pinch some into the pot. "It will either be too boring, or you'll end up finding some excitement and settling right in." She keeps her expression neutral as she gazes at Sevin. "He mentioned wanting to find some company, I'm going to give him Layla's number. Isn't that one of the services she mentioned?"

Sevin does have a rather irritating habit of ignoring questions that he doesn't like; but in this case, it's entirely possible he's just taking his time in providing a reply. Because he does things when he damn well wants to. "Physics, mostly," is offered after another sip of his coffee, and he watches the man with his pack of smokes rather intently. In the fashion of one who wants something, but has just enough manners not to ask for it. "And it's tailored." His suit. To Kate, with a glimmer of amusement, "I think it is. And I'm sure she'd appreciate the business."

"Well. Not tonight. I have a date at seven and that would be rude." Harvey responds with a glance to Kate and a momentary half-smile, "I like to think I can find some excitement if I need to. A little boring will do me some good." he watches her a little longer, more that he's watching what she is doing to the food before his attention shifts back to Sevin. Finally Harvey tilts his head to the door and he lights the cigarette and takes a long drag on it. He blows the smoke outside as he tucks the zippo away, "So you teach physics. You wear tailored suits. Must pay well." he turns back to Sevin while he holds his hand with the cigarette outside the open door. Harvey at least makes a good block for cold air wanting to come in, "Done here in town? Have a card for them?"

"It's not a date, it's dinner" Kate says mildly, draining the meat to add it to the pot. She kneels out of sight for a few moments, coming back up with corn muffin mix, setting it on the counter. She moves to mix it up quickly, getting it into the oven before she stirs the pot. She adds the beans, puts a lid on the pot and moves to wash her hands. "You look nice, are you going somewhere?" She gives Sevin a curious look, frowning when her phone buzzes. She picks it up, looks at it, taps on the screen and then sets it back down. "Well this town has its share of boring and exciting, right now it's kind of boring. A lot of snow."

The commentary on his clothing choice gains a low chuckle from the professor. "Just the one." He sips, eyes still on Harvey and his smoke, flicker of agitation in his eyes that's smoothed over almost immediately. "And no, it pays shit." The teaching. "Who's the date with?" The question is casual, though he seems to have some idea of the answer already. Then Kate's talking to him, and he pins her briefly with his gaze. Glance to her phone, and back to her profile. "I've got a conference this evening, out in Denver." Something nerdy, no doubt.

"Can't back out now." Harvey casually replies to Kate with a glance. Since she is not looking at him, Sevin will see his smile that is shot her way, "Making carbonara. Made sure I even liked it and everything before you asked. Was real cute." with his attention focused back on Sevin while Katherine finishes up he reaches into his pocket to fish out the pack and the lighter. He shakes the pack until the butt of one pops out and holds it up in offering, "Pays shit. Shouldn't hear that from someone who teaches physics. So a conference in Denver. What are you speaking on?"

Katherine lets out a slow breath, moving to make herself some tea. She shakes her head back and forth, settling a gaze on Sevin when he says he's going out of town. There might be a brief frown at the news, but she keeps her thoughts to herself. She leans a hip against the counter, picking out an orange tea bag, setting it in the cup as she waits for the kettle to whistle. She mutters something to herself before she glances at the pair near the door, and then back down to her phone.

"Making carbonara." Sevin's brows tip up a little on that word, as if that in itself is revealing of something. And he hasn't yet accepted the offer of a smoke, or even abandoned his languid lean against the counter. Free hand in his pants pocket, broad shoulders slouched with lazy tension. He does ease to his feet presently though, and passes by quite close to Kate, fingers closing around the back of her neck as something is murmured in her ear. Then he marks a path for the door - and Harvey - with a steady report of boot heels on the floor. He moves with perhaps the slightest limp, almost imperceptible. "Bond dissociation and endothermic throttling under pressure." It's rattled off like he's had time to make that tag line rote, and he scissors his fingers for a smoke.

The entirety of human activity plays out with a cool observation from Harvey as he watches Seven walk over to Katherine. He takes a drag on his cigarette and blows the smoke outside again as the two get close. He taps the ash out against the door so that it falls outside while he tucks the cigarette in to hang from his lips, "See that's the kind of thing someone should be paid well for." though Harvey might not have any clue what it is Sevin is actually discussing. Once Sevin has a cigarette he shifts the two items in his hand like a skilled card mechanic and offers up the lighter, "So then, are you a more honesty is the best policy kind of fella. That's why you don't have the cash that other professors might get?"

Kate pulls the kettle from the heat, pouring it into the cup to let her tea steep. She frowns as Sevin murmurs in her ear, huffing out a sigh. "I'll save you some pasta if you end up back in town before the night is over." She doesn't sound hopeful to that, pouring some cream into the cup, so that the tea is very light. She doesn't take a sip of her drink, moving back over to the stove to pull the lid from the pot, stirring the chili inside. Harvey and Sevin are smoking near the back door, and Kate is doing what Kate's do in the kitchen — she's cooking.

Sevin murmurs his thanks for the bummed cigarette and takes a lean against the doorframe, so the smoke he exhales will go out rather than in; Kate is rather particular about him smoking in her kitchen. "Honesty is the best policy? I don't know about that. Is it?" He studies the other man with something that resembles, but doesn't quite approach a smile, and accepts the offer of the lighter. Hand cupped around the smoke, he strikes the flint once, twice before getting a spark and then hands the zippo back. "I'm not tenured. Sessional instructors are the bottom of the heap, unfortunately." And then, "What do you do then, Harvey?" Kate's comment gains a lingering glance over his shoulder, and a reply of, "I'll be back in the morning."

"Only in hindsight and only by those caught being dishonest." Harvey replies between another slow drawl of his cigarette. He lets it dangle still as he blows the smoke out of one side of his mouth towards the door. He takes the lighter and tucks both items back into his pocket. "Sessional. Well that makes some sense. Any chance at tenure?" he takes the cigarette and finally steps away from the door to walk over to the sink. He douses it in water and then tosses it into the trash. Katherine who is drinking her tea and cooking gets a clance and then he looks back to Sevin as he goes towards the table, "I'm a money guy."

The door to the Garage Suite opens across the drive, and out steps one August Lexington. Witness her locking the door for once. A small key ring, containing all of three keys, is slid into the front pocket of her black skinny jeans. She reaches over to absently test the door, then drags her fingertips over the handrail as she descends to the drive. One needs to actually grip the rail for it to be effective, but it's too fucking cold. She navigates carefully in five inch platform stilettos, then crosses the cleared drive, heels reporting sharply as she approaches the back door to the B&B, where two gentlemen are apparently smoking. She slows as she approaches them, so she's wandering into a cloud of secondhand smoke and breathing deep. "Sevin." She glances over at Harvey, giving him a bit of a once over with those pale grey eyes. "Blue eyes." She wears a pale grey camisole with a black BROOKLYN hoodie unzipped over it. Tattoos everywhere, of course, showing at her throat, chest, hands, belly, sides, and back. She has trouble with the whole full-coverage clothing issue once more. And into the kitchen she steps.

Kate looks a little annoyed by the comments near her back door. She's polite enough not to openly frown at the two men, but she thinks about it as she moves to cradle the tea mug in both hands, the rim hiding most of her expression as she drinks from it. She sets down the tea and offers August a brief smile. "Just in time for lunch." She says quietly, picking up her phone to fire off a text.

Sevin is indeed lurking by the back door when August comes in. Shoulder against the frame, head slightly stooped over the smoke he's got to his lips. It's not his usual variety, but he isn't complaining. To the question of tenure: "Mm. Not likely." The professor is dressed a little more sharply than usual today: suit jacket, unbuttoned. Shirt and tie; silver and blue pinstripes. Dark, tailored pants and heeled boots that put him a little over six foot. He's even trimmed his beard, and it's entirely possible that scruffy head of hair has seen a comb. Either he really likes to look nice for lunch, or he's got a function of some sort to attend. "So what's a money guy doing in sleepy Calaveras?" he enquires of Harvey, pale gaze following the younger man to the table.
Sevin does, of course, note August's arrival with a lingering of his gaze on the tall woman and a "good afternoon" murmured low as she passes by him. He'll even try not to exhale smoke on her. Isn't he nice.

Those not terribly acquainted with Vyv might assume he's arriving from a function of some sort himself, given the chocolate-brown three-piece suit and dark teal pindot shirt. No tie, the top two buttons undone instead, but a peacock-feather patterned silk pocket square sprouts cheekily out of the jacket's breast pocket. Cufflinks, even. And nice shoes, though it's never safe to say that to anyone these days, is it? Those somewhat more acquainted might go with the looking nice for lunch theory, except that he strolls in through the front door, not from upstairs, so presumably it's not special for now.
The number of people in the kitchen gets a brief blink, and a greeting tilt of the head. "Afternoon," he says, in that definitely-not-a-local accent, and moves directly toward the fridge. Harvey in particular gets an appraising look as he goes. New guy. "Am I missing excitement?"

For his part, Harvey is wearing blue suit pants with a matching pair of black sneakers instead of dress shoes, and a black sweater to cut the cold. August passing between them gets a casual eye over and then he looks at Sevin, "Shame." he settles back into the seat and tips it up off his front legs rocking the chair a bit, "Small towns always have some good opportunities. Maybe Calaveras does, maybe it doesn't. I'm going to get asked that question a lot I suspect." he shrugs and sets the chair down on all fours. Vyv's arrival gets another glance and then to Katherine to see what she is doing for a moment, "Nope. Decidedly boring, it seems." answering Vyv as he shifts his attention to the new arrival for a moment.

August's ass pocket buzzes. She reaches back to slip out her phone with those claw-tipped nails, glancing down at the screen. She unlocks it with her thumb, tappy-taps with her thumbs, nails lightly clicking the glass, then smirks faintly at something there. "Katie, are there any chocolate muffins left?" She's already wandering to the kitchen island where they're usually kept, her fingers again moving over her phone's screen. "You look nice, Sevin. Did someone die?" Someone's feeling a little salty today. She glances over her shoulder toward the Egyptian, then flicks another look at Harvey. Hm. She glances back at Sevin at the 'money guy in sleepy Calaveras' comment, eyes narrowing ever so slightly, but she says nothing about it. Subtext thy name is August. Whoosh, off goes another text on her phone. "What's for lunch, babe?" This is to Kate. When Vyv walks in, August's pale gaze turns to him, and takes in all that is his current suit, the pocket square, all that is the chef. She smiles. "Vyvyan. You look like dessert." Always a good thing by her tone.

Kate turns to get a basket full of muffins, setting them in front of August. "Would you like some tea too, hon?" She asks offering Vyv a smile before she gestures to the stove. "Chili cooking, will be done in about twenty minutes." She clears her throat as her phone buzzes, giving it a glance before she exhales an audible groan. "Fuck." She whispers to herself, putting more water in the kettle before she puts it on the stove. "Carbonara for dinner, for everyone but August. You're getting something I made a little earlier today." She takes another sip of her tea, pulling the lid from the chili pot to stir it again. She glances between Harvey and Sevin, pulling plates and bowls from the cupboard. "Would one of you two be so kind as to set the table for me? I would really appreciate it."

"Nobody fucking died." That's from the Egyptian nursing a cigarette by the open door to August, and his eyes flick to the arriving Vyv on his exhale. Smoke sifts from his nose and lips, and he watches the patissier for a beat or two before easing out of his lazy lean against the doorframe. One more pull, shoulders stooped as he draws the nicotine deep into his lungs. Contented little sound in his throat on exhale, and what's left of the smoke is tossed to the ground outside. Obliterated with the heel of his boot, door tugged shut. "I'll get it for you, Kate." The table. He's helpful like that.

"Well, it is my speciality," Vyv replies lightly to August, with a faint upturn at one corner of his lips; there's the vague impression that might translate to something in the 'thank you' family, somehow.
"Mm. Disappointing," he replies to the assertion of boringness, "…and I suppose we ought to be pleased about nobody fucking dying but really, that's most days. That sounded interesting, though." A glance to their hostess, with that, despite having just opened the fridge door. "What terrible news is your phone inflicting, Katherine?" Glancing back into the refrigerator, he lifts a baking pan and peels back the foil over the top, assessing the contents with slightly pursed lips before re-covering it and sliding it back into place.

Of course Harvey does not move to set the table. Not even before Sevin volunteered. To make it easy for the Egyptian to do just that Harvey stands up and steps over to the counter where the basket of muffins were set. He steps around August and waits for her to get what she wants before he gets one out for himself. He leans somewhat against the counter while he tears a few chunks off the top of the muffin and eats them. "Well…two out of five dressed for a wake might be a good start in case someone does."

August reaches up to pull her long hair up and off her collar. She threads her fingers through it, them combs grey locks back, twisting pale strands into a knot at the top of her head. She secures it with a white hair tie from her wrist. "Please." The tea. Her accent is soft, vaguely Southern, voice soft too. She seems a bit sleepy, though her pristine makeup suggests she's been up a while.
Auggie perches on the edge of a stool at the counter, hooks a heel into the footrest and crosses her legs. "Sounds good." The food. Her expression stills for a hot second when Sevin replies, the f-bomb prompting a quirk of her lips. She pops a piece of choccy muffin into her mouth and looks over at the Egyptian. His response seems to have cheered her up. She does lift a hand to finger-wave at Harvey, since she knows everyone else in the room. "August Lexington," the tattooer supplies. She glances over at Harvey who's leaned against the counter nearly within reach. Her gaze flicks down his body one more time. "Hm."

Kate pours August some chai and after she sets the kettle aside she gazes down at her phone, tapping into it briefly before she puts it back on the counter. She moves toward the fridge, wanting to peek into whatever Vyv is looking at, but he's too quick. So she drifts toward the table instead, and when she gets near Sevin, she leans in to say something quietly.

"Harvey." Said in response to August's introduction as he continues his lazy lean against the counter, "New guy. In the purple room." he gives a glance upwards in indication of the obvious. He pops another bite of muffin into his mouth while she gives him another look over, "Kate said some good things about you." and then he glances to Vyv, "And you would be…Vyv. The p?tissier." he also gives Vyv some consideration though his attention shifts to Kate going to Sevin for a moment, he addresses Vyv when he turns back to him, "Who did you study under, if you don't mind me asking."

It's starting to get a little crowded in here for Sevin's liking; thankfully he's got something to keep his hands busy, and goes about his task with quiet aplomb. Plates and cutlery set out, no apparent reaction to the look on August's face. He does pause a moment at the murmur from Kate, and seeks her eyes just for a beat. Then tips his head close to her to respond in kind. There's a knife in his hand, which is destined for one of the place settings.

Kate folds her arms over her chest, disbelief on her face at whatever Sevin just muttered to her. She responds briefly before she stalks over to the counter, picking up her phone. She sends off a few text messages, sets the phone down and picks up a muffin to tear into it. The poor muffin never stood a chance, it disappears fairly quickly. She turns off the chili, and pulls the lid off of the pan. "Lunch is ready. If you're eating have a seat at the table."

Vyv pauses to take a lingering look around at the assembled ensembles. "You attend strange wakes," he remarks, and pulls a second tray out of the fridge before closing the door and drifting toward a spare bit of counter not currently in use for food, phones, or physical support. Graceful movements, and it really is a well-tailored suit. The tray he has this time is silicone, a series of small domes, and when he sets it down, he claims a large plate from one of the cupboards, as well. Harvey's question comes as a bit of a surprise, and he glances toward the man again.
"I would be Vyv, the patissier, yes," he confirms. "I wouldn't have much choice. Vydal, though perhaps you've heard that too." The plate in place, he begins gently but deftly unmolding the domes, which appear to contain several layers. "And I don't mind you asking, but a detailed answer might take a while. I studied at Ferrandi, and then joined les Compagnons du Devoir," in French, there's no British-ish accent, just fairly Parisian French, "so there's a bit of a list. Not counting the time in Switzerland and Japan, so, if you had someone in particular in mind you wondered about, it might be simpler to approach it from that direction." He gives the man a very slight smile, looking up from the entremets, "Or if you've nothing better to do, I suppose I can bore you." He moves between drawers as if it were his kitchen, not Katherine's, getting some plastic wrap to very gently cover the plate with. There's a glance toward the woman in question, though, clearly noting her mood, not to mention the lack of answer to his own question. Hm. Intriguing.

August's attention is lost to her phone for a moment. Phone and chocolate muffin. Chocolate muffin and phone. She rolls her shoulders briefly, then tappy-taps those long nails against the glass of her phone. She rises from the stool at the counter, muffin her mouth, chai tea in her hand, and turns to make her way over to the table, stepping around Harvey, elbow brushing his back. Her long legs eat up the distance in a couple of strides. Once there, she puts down her muffin, her chai at the table, and then takes a moment more with the texting. She whooshes off a message, then her phone is slid into her back pocket. Only then does she sit and recross her legs. Finally, the tattooer says, "Pleasure to meet you, Harvey." Her brain was otherwise engaged for a few moments there. At length, her gaze comes up and she glances over to Vyv, listening to him as he speaks. She smiles at the Parisian French, then finally lifts her chai to have a sip.

Sevin watches Kate move off for a moment, expression carefully neutral, lashes held low. Then swept lower as he resumes his task of setting the table. Napkin, fork, knife, spoon. Napkin, fork, knife, spoon. August slides into a seat at the table right as he's setting that particular place, and he gives her a bit of a look before making a point of leaving her cutlery unarranged. Pretty much in a disorganized pile in front of her. He steps around the tattooist, sets the last place, and settles in as well. His own phone comes out, and Vyv gets a long look for his detailed response to whom he studied under, before the screen steals his attention.

"I have yes." Harvey responds to the intitial remark from Vyv, "Another direction then. Did you spend time at Fou de Patisserie in Paris? And if so…were you there to learn you learn from Herme or Lignac?" he leans up off the counter and watches what Vyv is doing for a minute, although his attention breaks when August brushes against him. He smiles to her and then turns back to Vyv, "Although you seem like a Marletti understudy. He has a flair for the unique and you do not seem conventional." he gives a lighter smile to Vyv, "Well. Just curious."
With that said, Harvey shifts and also goes to find a seat at the table - the one he was sitting in prior to moving for Sevin to set the dishes. "Kate I appreciate you making the chili. Thank you. You've gone out of your way to make me feel welcome since I've walked in the door." he tucks his chair in to the table and leans back into the seat as he gets comfortable.

"My phone isn't really…I'm just texting August, because if we talked out loud we'd probably scare people, or something." Kate mutters in Vyv's direction, picking up her tea to bring it to the table. She sets it down at a setting and then gathers bowls to serve. "What do you got there, Vyv?" She brings the first filled bowl, setting it down in front of Harvey. "You're welcome, it's sort of this thing that I do, that makes sense but some people don't always understand that." That comment is probably aimed at the person who set the table, if the glare in his direction is anything to go by. She sets the next bowl in front of August, and keeps going until there is chili in front of everyone. She gets her own bowl, sets it down, but before she settles in to eat with the rest, she gathers a loaf of bread, butter and a knife, sitting it in the middle of the table. "Kept as much meat out of your bowl as I could manage." She says to Sevin, before she crosses her legs and leans in to concentrate on her meal.

"Thanks, sweetheart," comes Auggie's soft acknowledgement of Kate's serving her a bowl of chili. She smiles after the brunette, their hostess. When Kate admits to the text conversation aloud, she is pretty careful to control her expression, but suddenly her tea's very interesting. Sip. Mmhm. After a moment, Aug puts her tea down and goes for the bread, buttering a slice and tipping back into her seat. "Bread, anyone?"

Sevin either doesn't notice, or studiously ignores the withering look sent in his direction from Kate. Or maybe he's just well accustomed to having his untimely demise planned out in the space of a glance, and he's already resigned himelf to his fate. A few more taps on his phone, a briefly furrowed brow, and he slips it away again with a contemplative scritch of his thumb through recently-trimmed beard scruff. "Appreciate it," he murmurs to Kate, and favours the woman with a quick, disarming little smile. Complete with dimple. How can she be mad at that face? Then he promptly digs in, careful to set aside any meat he finds that's sneaked its way in.

Vyv gives Harvey a very small but seemingly genuine smile at the more precise question, or perhaps the musing. "Fou de Patisserie only recently opened their boutique, but I did learn under Lignac at La Patisserie. And, yes, Marletti. I was quite lucky, though not lucky enough to be stationed under Herme as well…" There's a sense of faint annoyance there. "There are a couple others you may know, but many of the others were less… widely known." Which is how it goes with a rotating system, sometimes.
"I think you ought to just talk out loud and scare us, frankly," he says toward Katherine, "I'm sure we could all use a good thrill. And this is… an experiment. Not quite complete, but I'll do the rest after lunch, when the kitchen's a bit less busy." He moves the plate back to the fridge, the tray to the sink, and himself to the table, to join in the dining. "It's an entremet, based mainly on mulled wine and spices. I was inspired to see whether scent might translate well into taste; it ought to be pleasant in theory. But one never quite knows until one tastes it."

"Well Mister Vyv, I would love to sit and talk with you about your time in France at some point." Harvey gives a nod to the other as he comes to sit, "An interesting food experiment it sounds like. And a good one. When you are ready to do human trials, let me know." his tone laces the proper amount of compliment with respect to it. "Thank you." he turns to his chili then and takes up his spoon. He shifts in his seat so he can lean forward and then he dips the spoon and takes a small taste of it. He closes his eyes for a moment and flicks his tongue out over his lips like he is getting a full measure of the flavor and then he nods. He sets the spoon aside.
"Yes bread please." following August he reaches for the bread and makes sure to get two slices and apply a light spread of butter on each, "So…August. Kate said that you do a lot of ink work. Do you own your own place for business or do you work for someone?"

Kate looks a bit horrified at the prospect of saying the things she's texting August aloud. Instead of saying as much, she just mumbles something and gazes down at her bowl, stirring the kidney beans around in their broth as she listens to the conversations going on around her. After a few minutes she leaves her bowl, getting to her feet to move over to the stove. She pulls out storage containers and starts to put away the chili, running warm water into the sink to clean up the mess she made. She comes back to the table briefly to get her tea, setting on the counter near where she's gathering dishes to wash.

August glances down as she reaches for her cutlery, and finds it in a scattered pile at her place setting. Her inked hand pauses, hovering over that, grey-eyed gaze fixed on the utensils. She very deliberately picks through the silver with two fingers, lining it up in the proper fucking order, each piece razor straight and parallel to the others atop a small napkin. She turns that gaze on Sevin and stares at him for several long seconds. If and when the Egyptian looks up, she scratches the edge of her jaw with her middle finger. All of this happens in the space of a few heartbeats, and may go unnoticed by the table at large.

"The last time I was in Paris, I consumed my weight in pain au chocolat, cheese, local wine, and croissants aux amandes." August may have minor problem with croissants. And wine, but that's another story. She doesn't go into it. It's sordid. At Harvey's question, the grey-eyed woman glances over. "I rent a chair at the Mad Tatter out in Willow Heights. This town doesn't do enough business for me to justify buying a space of my own." She lifts one shoulder slightly. "I might go to private bookings here soon. Depends on how loudly my accountant yells when he sees how little business the place does." There's a smirk at that, and she pops a piece of buttered bread into her mouth. "I prefer large scale custom work."

Sevin is following the conversation between Vyv and Harvey with what appears to be a mild interest. Though very little the man does could be termed mild, in truth. His pale gaze roves from the patissier to the 'money guy', and remains there a while as he eats, and as Vyv describes his experiment. And certainly, he does catch that little middle finger cheek scratch from August. Because it's subtle, but not that subtle. And he knows a stealth fuck you when he sees one. "You're welcome," is offered with a gleam in his eyes that doesn't quite translate into a smile, and then he raises his voice a notch to tell Kate, "Why don't you sit down. You're making me dizzy. I'll clean up for you in a few minutes here."

Kate is already washing the pots she's used, a thoughtful look on her face. "I'm fine, but thanks Sevin. Only a few more dishes to go until everyone is done eating." She tilts her head toward the fridge, offering a silght smile to those gathered at the table. "I made a chocolate cake late last night. It probably could use some love if anyone wants any." She turns off the water and dries off her hands, her gaze on her phone. She picks it up after she sets aside the towel, and then shrugs. "August, if you know anyone who has a taser, cheap, let me know. You're right, it might come in handy." She sets the phone down and hangs the pans where they belong.

Vyv inclines his head slightly to Harvey, with a "Certainly," which could be for the future discussion, the human trials, or both, but he's in luck on at least one, clearly. Katherine, on the other hand, gets a slight smirk, and a mild, "That bad, is it? Mm. Definitely missing out, then." He leans in to eat some of the chili, carefully neat, and seems to approve of it, even if it's followed to August by a rather belated, "I could go for a bit of the bread as well, if you don't mind. And I'm still debating the proper demand in exchange for the pain au chocolat. One hates to waste such a promising opportunity. The question is, what might I require that you'd be ideally suited to provide…" There's a hint of teasing in it, though not innuendo. Not unless it's really subtle, anyway. The half-smile flickers back into place a moment. "Maybe I ought to be asking to read your texts."

Kate's movement draws Harvey's attention for a moment but then he is looking at August, "Paris is a lovely city with a lovely amount of delicious food that you could get fat on." he admits with a half-smile to August or perhaps some memory of his own. He eats a little before continuing, "Well, not enough business for tattoos sounds tragic. If your accountant turns out to be worthless let me know. I would not mind seeing what I could do with your portfolio." he sets his bread down, "But if I hear of anyone looking for someone who does good bodywork, I'll give you a name drop." he glances briefly to Sevin and then to Katherine, "Don't go cheap."
He looks at what is left of his bowl of chili and he gives some of the remaining broth a swipe with the last bit of his bread and finishes it off. He then rises slowly so that he can take his own dishes to the sink and rinse them out.

August is still looking at Harvey, since he asked her a question, when Kate mentions a taser, so she's looking into very blue eyes when she flashes a grin. "Sure thing, Kate. I have one in the truck you can borrow till you find your own." She finally glances over, then leans in to hoist the bread basket, holding it over to Vyv. "My skills are varied and particular," August murmurs to the chef. Then she mms, "The last time a man read my texts, furniture was smashed. But if you're game, I'm game." That wide grin's turned to Vyv. "You might want to buckle up take a shot or three first." Her texts probably aren't that interesting, really. "I'm dangerous with an airbrush if you're thinking something a little less racy." Finally, her attention turns back to Harvey. "Darling, I'm afraid my accountant doesn't like other men's hands on my portfolio, no matter how blue their eyes and square their jaw. Yours is lovely, though." So what if she watches Harvey walk to the sink. She has eyes, he has an ass, one checks out the other. Finally, she picks up a spoon from the neatly laid silver and tastes the chili in question.

"You're new, and a guest, so don't take this as you might be..you know.. in physical danger.." Kate clears her throat, stepping out of Harvey's way. "..but originally I was talking about tasing you." She directs a bright smile at him before she gives him room to rinse his dishes. She walks toward August, laughing softly as she pats the woman gently on the shoulder. "Thank you. We'll see if I need it." She retakes her seat, but her chili remains untouched, her gaze drawn to the backyard. The snow is starting to melt and her assistant Charlotte is outside, playing with the goat in the back yard.

Sevin finishes off his food, dabs his mouth with his napkin, and checks his watch briefly. He did mention something about a conference in Denver earlier. Easing back in his chair with his hands clasped over his stomach, he watches Kate resettle beside him with a thoughtful look on his face. The conversation filters about them in the background, though he looks a little tuned out from it. A little distracted. Eventually, one hand unclasps from the other, and is touched to her cheek. Knuckles to her jaw, then he tries to hook her chin and turn it toward him for a murmur that lands close to her lips.

"Whose furniture, who smashed it, and was it out of anger or sheer exuberance?" Vyv inquires, "Seem like important points in ascertaining the worth of the risk." He glances after Harvey as well, though it's possible it has more to do with Katherine's confession than the view, since that gets a slightly amused raised brow. "Well, now I'm quite sure I arrived late. It's not every new arrival that results in contemplation of violence. …or is it? Was I just blissfully unaware of the lurking threat?" The last bit to their hostess, of course, which leaves him a good view of the general murmuring. No immediate comment on that; he still has chili to eat.

"I had no doubt." Harvey replies with a glance over to the table while he finishes rinsing the bowl. He sets that aside with the other dishes and then turns to walk to the counter, "It is why I told you not to go cheap." he glances to August with a considering look, "So you say" he leaves that hanging while he gets another muffin from the basket and sets it on front of him. He watches Sevin and Kate for a moment and then Vyv draws his attention, "Nothing exciting. When we were upstairs together earlier, I changed while we talked. Other than her getting as nervous as a virgin when I took my shirt off she saw an old scar. I understand if it gives her a concern." then to the pair, "So long as it is not a concern, I'm fine with staying."

To Vyv, Aug says, "Katherine's furniture." She takes a small, neat bite of chili, licks the spoon. "Malone." She gestures slightly with the spoon. "Italian, so I'm fairly certain anger and exuberance mirror each other quite closely." Her eyes go unfocused for a moment. She taps her lower lip with the spoon. Hm.
Aug tunes in again at the mention of nervous virgins. Then looks at Harvey once more. "What kind of scar would make Katie nervous." She taps her lips with the spoon again. "Hmm." A glance is cast to Kate, then to blue eyes over there. She gestures up with her spoon. Let's see it motion. Will he do so in the kitchen while everyone's at dinner? Perhaps not, but August is August, so she makes her silent request. "I think you may have misread it, though. Katie's seen plenty of scars lately. Maybe it was something else." She glances briefly at Sevin.

Kate glances away from Sevin as Harvey explains what happened earlier. "I mean, maybe it's just me, but I don't take off my shirt in front of people I've just met." She wrinkles her nose, and clears her throat, letting her expression relax into something calm, a smile on her face. "I'm not concerned, I'm going to have a taser. You also paid a considerable amount in advance, so it would be awkward to give the money back. You should stay." She glances over at August and her cheeks flush. "I mean, I'm just not good with people in my personal space bubble, that's all." She groans again, looking a little embarrassed as she looks away.

It's not entirely clear what's being communicated between the be-suited egyptian and the leggy brunette seated next to him. But whatever it is, it appears to be concluded for the time being. Sevin releases her and collects his dishes, opting to bus them to the sink and wash them himself. Likely along with whatever else is in there. His suit jacket is shrugged off first, of course, and his shirtsleeves folded up to the elbows. Glimpse of the ink that's scrawled along his forearm as he gets to work with soap and a scrubber. "I think," he tells Harvey in a low murmur, "that that'd be up to Kate. How long her guests stay is none of my business."

Slowly taking apart the muffin with his hands, sectioning it off into pieces, Harvey pauses and looks up a moment when Aug says 'Malone' with that kind of look that is a moment of wondering if he was being talked about. It passes though and he seems to consider August's desire, "No." he glances to Kate, "I was wearing an undershirt. We were talking." the sense of 'It was no big deal' heavily written into the undertone of what he says.
Harvey shifts to make room for Sevin as he tilts his head to listen to the murmur from the man. A nod is the response and a soft reply is given to him before he focuses on eating the muffin, selective in the pieces that he's torn it into. Anyone paying attention will note that he has tried to get anything that might be inside the muffin besides muffin to be evenly distributed.

"Well frankly, darling, that sounds safe enough from where I sit. I'm not Italian and all my furniture is in boxes," Vyv says to August, and eats another bite of the chili. Harvey and his potentially fascinating scar get some thoughtful regard from him, as well, though Katherine's explanation gets a soft laugh. "I suspect he's also somewhat more likely to go topless at the beach than you are," he notes, "Scars or no scars."

Kate smiles at Harvey, nodding as if she completely agrees. "Okay. I'm just used to people being ..wait, did you call me a virgin?" She has the grace to look slightly affronted before she huffs out a sigh. She glances at August, both eyebrows raised slightly before she gets to her feet. She makes her way down to the chair beside the gray haired woman and takes a seat, resting her head on August's shoulder. "If Sevin is going to Denver tonight, you wouldn't want to have a girl's night in the great room with sparkling grape juice, too much food, and s'mores would you?" She gives the other woman a soulful look, her bottom lip poked out slightly.

Ah, the glorious confusion that moment when you don't know the new guy at the B&B shares a surname with the dude who used to live in the Garage Suite. August is blissfully unaware of this, and waves Harvey off with her spoon when he says no. Nobody strips in this town. Er, except the strippers. August goes back to her bowl of chili, taking neat bites, interspersed with little pieces of buttered bread torn off and popped into her mouth. It could take her a half hour to make her way through that bowl.
"I'd practically murder someone with my bare hands for a beach around here." August murmurs, pausing in her consumption of lunch to lament the frigid temperatures in Colorado. She's fair-skinned enough that it doesn't look like she spends much time at the beach, but that's what all the SPF is for. Aug slips an arm around Katherine when the brunette sits with her. She turns her head, chin resting atop Kate's glossy dark locks. "Yeah, I'd love to, sweetheart." She flicks a look at Sevin, but doesn't say anything to the Egyptian. She's definitely thinking something. "Fire, chocolate, what could go wrong?"

Sevin pauses in his washing of the dishes and scratches at his nose, entirely forgetting that he has soap on his hands. Which results in a moment or two of him studying the younger man next to him with an austere look made absurd by the soap bubbles sliding down his cheek. "What makes you think I'm worried," he offers in a low voice, after brief application of a shirtsleeved arm to his face, to clear it of suds. His pale gaze flicks over the man assessingly, then he returns to his work with the dishes, entirely oblivious to August's look leveled his way.

There is a soft hmph given to what Sevin says to him in response and it prompts Harvey to reply, "You've not left yet." he says tilting his head some to make sure that the low spoken words are for Sevin.
Then he speaks to the table which means more to August, "You trade beaches for skiing in Colorado." Harvey responds to August's complaint while he finishes up the separated bits of his muffin. When they are gone he wipes the crumbs into his hands and then brushes them off over the trash and he steps away from the counter to walk back towards the table.

August resumes eating her muffin in bits viciously ripped off with claw-tipped nails. She doesn't want to risk having to pick chili meat out of Kate's hair, should she miss her mouth. Chocolate muffin crumbs are far less offensive. "Shut your mouth, Harvey. Lexingtons do not ski." Huffy, that. Well, she doesn't look super huffy, but she sounded a little huffy. "Snow." She shakes her head. "Fucking mountains."

"If you work out who could provide one in exchange for a murder, do let me know. Not that I need a beach that badly," Vyv really doesn't look like he spends any more time there than August, if even that much, "but it seems like a useful sort of skillset." Relatively quiet for now, since he's clearly somewhat behind on the lunching. And isn't invited for s'mores. Life is cruel.

"Besides that the last time we went to where a beach was we.." Kate blinks a few times and shuts her mouth, shaking her head back and forth. She sits up straight, pulling some crumbs from her hair before she eyes August. "How many muffins was that, should I make another batch? Should I bribe Vyv to make a batch stuffed with something?" She turns that gaze to Vyv, a grin on her face. "Do you make stuffed muffins?"

Well August's reaction gets a full smile from Harvey as he watches her, "So what you're saying then is you start to ski and then just turn into a rolling mess that trips up anyone else standing around on a slope." said as he comes to the table he takes a seat across from August and Katherine, which might put him next to Vyv or within a chair seat of, "But the cold does suck." he gives a slow nod to that. "Kate I had two and I think she had three. I believe Sevin had one as well. So if you had a full dozen then you're half out."

"I need a beach." August moves to rise, murmuring something quietly to Kate. Though she does pause when Kate invokes the last time someone went to the beach. There's a glance at her, then Aug says, "Always another batch, and if Vyvyan will do it, yes. Both. All the batches, extra chocolate." Stilettos telegraphing her steps, she carries her bowl to the sink for Sevin to wash, since he likes tidying up so much. She's ever one to oblige someone else's fussy cleaning habits. She leaves her half-a-muffin and nearly finished tea behind on the table. Aug says something quietly to Sevin as she puts her bowl into the sink without so much as rinsing it off. Heathen. At 6'4" in her heels, she has to lean down a bit to do so.
"I'm saying my ass doesn't suicidally slide down a slope covered in fluffy ice. I'm from Florida. I'm tropical," Aug replies to Harvey. "I ate one muffin, you pirates." August steps across to the counter, then sidles past the Egyptian to open the fridge, and digs around inside looking for something specific. Ah, yes, a single serving bottle of mango juice. Shaking it up, she lingers by the fridge for a beat. There's a sigh, and then the tattooer's disappearing into the other room. A door shuts promptly. She'll be back.

Kate gets to her feet, moving toward the great room. "I'm going to go take a very long bath, anyone is welcome to join us for girls night. I'll get the stuff together after my bath, okay?" She gives Sevin and August a curious glance before she waves at the rest. "Don't clean up, I'll clean when I get done!"

"I can make muffins," Vyv replies, which… probably could go without saying, really, but does not, "and I can stuff any number of things if so inclined, those surely included. But I'm very curious to know what sort of bribe you have in mind to induce me to do so…" Which sounds as though it's mostly true, even if it might also be teasing. Might. It's not one of the clearer times. "…and depending when you last checked, there might be fewer than that. I saw at least a couple go yesterday, as well."

With the kitchen clearing Harvey stands up and he stretches some, "Well. I should probably find something to get into." he steps away from the table and glances to Vyv as he passes, "Sounds like they might have something in mind, Chef. See what they'll offer once they're into their wine tonight. That might get you a better bargain than without." his path takes him back into the kitchen primary to get a half glass of tap water. He drinks some of it. Makes a face. And then finishes it. "Oh. Yeah." he remarks like that was a bad idea.

As often seems to happen any time August disappears into the bathroom, no matter how short a time she's gone, the kitchen has entirely or at least half cleared when she returns. "I guess my math joke was that bad," she mutters, then cracks open the lid on her mango juice. She tips back against the counter and sips it. She must have missed the talk of bribery. Shame, as it's one of her favorite topics.

And then there were two, as Katherine makes good on her threat to go bathe without answering the question. Although technically, it was a statement, so perhaps it's Vyv's own fault. He still looks faintly annoyed about it, though. "Mn. You might be right," he says to Harvey, "…though maybe it's the wine you ought to be getting into? There are other things in the fridge, also."
And then, three again. "You made a math joke?" he says to August, in lieu of a proper welcome back. "And you're afraid it was divisive, are you?"

"Kate did not say that we had run of the kitchen. The fridge, things like that." Harvey responds as he rinses out his glass and wipes it down before putting it in the dish drainer. He returns to his side of the counter opposite August, "I missed your joke too." he glances to her and then to Vyv, "I can't drink wine. It all tastes terrible to me."

The grey-eyed woman looks at Vyv for a moment, her expression bland. "I see what you did there." She sees you, Vyv. And then she adds, "Math jokes frustrate Sevin, so I send them, usually in the form of a meme," August replies to Vyv, lips curved into a smile. The professor teaches advances mathematics, so constantly being trolled by a relentless tattooer in her 20s is probably something dredged up out of his personal hell. "Kate's a giver, and anything you find in the kitchen, you're free to make use of, but if you drink the expensive wine, you might wanna replace it." She crosses her legs at the ankles, sipping again from her bottle of bright orange juice. "There was a bottle of whiskey in here, but she may have killed it last week. You're of course welcome to bring your own to add to the stash. Seriously, there's little that's out of bounds, except private rooms." Not that everybody abides that last one. Ahem.
"So the joke," Aug says, clearing her throat. "Why are math books so depressing?" Aug takes a sip of that tart juice, giving the menfolk a moment to think about it. "Because they're literally full of problems." Her expression doesn't change, but it may be suddenly clear why Sevin exited stage left without so much as a dirty hand gesture.

All evidence suggests Vyv's fairly convinced that he, at least, has the run of the kitchen. But if that doesn't extend to everyone else, that's not his problem. Might be his benefit, really. "When you say you never drink wine, that is just preference and not more reason Katherine might be wise to lay in a taser, yes?" he asks Harvey, as if it were a completely serious and reasonable question, before August shares the joke. At which point he gives that bland look right back to her. "Really, I think he did the only rational thing." Chili doesn't work nearly as well for punctuation as drinks or cigarettes, but one uses what one's got, so he takes another bite. And in any case, he's still hungry.

Harvey snorts and smiles at the pun, "Oh. Okay I see." he laughs softly, "Puns. Math puns. Like, why do Californian girls travel in groups of 3 or 5. Because they can't even." he motions to the cabinet, "The whiskey is still in there. I might get some of that. Had a little earlier." he seems more relaxed with less people in the room, the tension in his shoulders less now given his relaxed state. "Kate won't have to worry about me being a taker. I'll end up taking most of my meals out of the house, except dinner tonight. She said she was making carbonara. Was insistent that I have dinner with her. Although…maybe that is not happening tonight." he eyes August with his steely blue gaze for a moment, like a leveled accusation that she might be at fault.
"No. I do not drink to excess and I am not violent when I do drink." Harvey tells the Chef as he leans up from his slouch at the counter. He lines his lips and then he says, "I'm a supertaster. The bitterness in wine is so overpowering when I drink it that I can get physically ill from it. So to many people I am just a picky eater."

August smirks behind her juice when Vyv praises Sevin's choice in fleeing. She does incline her head slightly in acknowledgement of same. Her free hand is slid into the front pocket of her jeans, thumb dragging across a few inches of exposed belly before settling hooked into one of her belt loops. No belt today. The tattooer glances over at Harvey, probably because of the mention of a taser. Chances are more than fair that she's the one that suggested a tasering in the first place. She's in the middle of a sip when Harvey does the California girls joke, and she actually snorts, which is an all around unwise decision.
August quietly brushes a little dribble of juice from her chin, then adds, "She's going to shove food at you every opportunity she gets. She likes being a giver. I'll let you know if you overstep." She licks her finger, then tucks her hand back into her pocket. August, it seems, is the household enforcer. Not that she's all that scary, unless tattoos give you pause. Unlikely in this crowd. "Dinner always happens, even if it's a little late." She regards the blue-eyed man for a moment, then raises her brows at the super-taster thing, though she doesn't comment. She will, at some point, not not right now. August always has a comment.

Vyv smirks slightly himself, at the joke about the California girls, but it's the remarks on drinking that get a breath of a laugh. "I was insinuating you might be a vampire," he says to Harvey; once in a while explaining the joke is more fun than letting it go. "Imagine my relief that you merely have a choosy tongue." It makes him look a bit thoughtful, though, for the space of another bite. "That might be interesting as far as testing things. Mm. Certainly good to know. I suspect a few things might not suit you that would be fine for others. Those," a glance toward the fridge, "have a mulled wine custard as one layer, so you might not be an ideal tester for that one."

"It is inside a custard though right? It might cut the bitterness enough to be good. It was why I offered to taste it when you're offering some. I won't know until I try." Harvey eyes Vyv over, "You know if I was a vampire then a taser wouldn't work on me anyways right." he cracks a momentary half-smile again before he shifts his attention to August.
"I swear to God the last thing I need is a woman near my age feeding me like my grandmother, every time I step into her kitchen." Harvey grouses just a little. A little. "I will have to reinforce that whole ask me before cooking for me bit. I tried to tell her today but she said that she or Charlotte would do it anyways and leave it outside the door." he lets out a rumble in his casual gravelly tone which is probably his equivalent of a sigh, "Thanks for letting me know." he says to August.

"Could still be a vampire," Aug says, wrist resting on the edge of the counter, bottle loosely held in her fingers. She glances at the fridge too. There's a decent chance at least one of the custard wells will be empty tomorrow. "I'm perfectly willing to test the taser theory." She flicks a look to Harvey. "Katherine feeds everyone like the youngest little grandma. Three meals a day and dessert. I usually catch one or two. You miss it and you come on back hungry, the leftovers are always tucked away in containers. It's all very neat and easy if you, like me, find yourself wandering home at three am starvin'." She straightens, finishing off her little bottle of juice before she rinses it out in the sink and tosses it under one of the counters into a little recycle bin. "Boys, I'm going to go find some yoga pants and walk my dog. Try not to burn the place down." She winks to Vyv, then scoots on past Harvey, headed for the back door. As she passes, she says to the new guy, "Stay out of trouble."

One corner of Vyv's mouth quirks upward again, along with the opposite brow. "I'm sure that would depend entirely on what one was trying to achieve," he says, but muses no further on the potential uses of tasers vs undead. "In any case, if you're willing to risk it, I'd be interested to know what someone of a sensitive tongue thinks." He eats the last bite of his chili, and rises, carrying the bowl over to the sink; August gets a brief warning look for her potential custard coveting. Sometimes one must be stern.
"I've not set anything on fire I didn't intend to burn in ages," he replies to her lightly, which could probably be more reassuringly phrased. "Have a good walk." The bowl's rinsed before he adds to Harvey, "A tray tends to turn up in my room even on nights I don't. That was a surprise. I've not actually asked otherwise, though."

August is heading out while Vyv and Harvey linger in the kitchen talking. "Trouble? Never." Harvey says with a hand on his chest as he feigns some kind of innocence about him. He watches August leave maybe because she said yoga pants, echoing Vyv's, "Yeah. Good walk. In the cold." And then he turns to Vyv and leans back against the counter since the other man moved into the kitchen proper from the table, "Yeah she said that Charlotte does that when people miss breakfast. She sets a tray outside their door for lunch if it looks like they won't be coming out." he crosses his arms while he looks around the kitchen and then back to Vyv, "She said today she was not a kitchen tyrant. Is that you?"

"I wish I could say the same, Vyvyan," August laments, presumably regarding fire, setting things on fire, and, generally, flames. Aug lifts a hand as she goes, waving off Harvey's feigned innocence, probably. She controls herself and doesn't flip him a bird with the intonation of the walk. In the cold. She clicks her way out on those heels, pushing the door open. She disappears through, door closing behind her. Outside, one might hear her say, "Behave yourself, Biryani." She's probably talking to the goat.

Vyv sets the bowl aside, and considers Harvey a moment. "I don't know; how do you define a kitchen tyrant?" he asks, "I'd lean toward no, if only because it's not actually my kitchen. Katherine has the final say in here. In a kitchen of my own… well, I suppose I'd need that definition." He's already treating it rather as though it were again, though, moving to pull things out of various cupboards and drawers. A bowl, a measuring cup and spoons, the double boiler. No hesitation trying to remember where anything is.

"Well you've worked with any Chef ever. You know what I mean. Everything in its place and if its not in its place then you get the possibility of a being shouted at about why it is not in its place. Or if it is not a shout or scream it is a very clear sense of disappointment and a deliverance of crushing guilt. And all of that comes with 'Yes Chef, sorry Chef, won't happen again Chef.' At least until you're blue in the face and the Chef has worked it out of his system." Harvey actually moves to the other side of the counter, pausing long enough to rescue the whiskey, before he takes a seat leaving the full kitchen to Vyv. He reaches over to get the tumbler from the dish drainer that was used for him earlier and he pours a couple fingers into it. "Want some?"

"That's not tyranny. Everything ought to be in its place, and if it's not in its place, why?" Vyv continues setting things in what he wants to be their places right now, adding a "Yes, please," to the offer. "If one wishes to be slapdash in one's own kitchen, that's not my problem." A tiny pause. "Generally. But in my kitchen, yes. Things have places for reasons, one of which is that everyone who might need it needs to be able to find it without wasting time. Everything being left or done in the wrong place is in the way of what should be placed or done there. More wasted time, and the start of a vicious circle." It's fairly matter-of-fact, except that the diction is just so precise. Just the right side of sharp, really; it's easy to imagine it sliding over if he felt it was warranted.
He reaches up to open a cupboard, and higher to the top shelf, bringing out a paper-wrapped block and moving it to where he's left a knife on a cutting board. "I'm not particularly given to shouting." Doesn't quite seem the guilt-trip sort, either. "But yes, anyone in my kitchen will do things my way, or will do them elsewhere. That's why it's my kitchen."

"Yeah. I could not quite grasp that when I was learning." Harvey leans up against the counter and swings open the cabinet with the tumblers and gets another. He closes it gently and then pours a few fingers into it for Vyv and sets that out of elbow range but in eye sight. He takes a drink from his, a sip really, "And this is why you fail. Says the wise sensei." he chuckles to himself and then sips again, "A Chef. A tattoo artist. A grandma. A medical examiner. A taxi driver. And me." he nods, "I thought such a strange cast of characters was only a product of movies." he licks his lips a moment and then sips again. "So what do you think of the other house guests? I think I've got an idea already on two."

A glance at the remark about not quite grasping it, and a faint smile for 'this is why you fail'. "What had you been aiming at?" Vyv asks, the curiosity clearly genuine, even if he does go on to take a moment to pick up the glass with a quiet, "Ta," and take a sip, then answer what he was asked, as well. "I've actually not run into the other two yet. We seem to operate on different schedules," he says, the tone just a little bit puzzled. "I've heard they're about, but frankly at present that could be all be a clever hoax." A pause. "It does make for an interesting potential movie, I suppose. We just lost an author, I believe. And I suppose we've traded one financial type for another." A touch of question in the glance; he's only had suggestions of Harvey's field from context.

"Well that makes some sense then. If I'm the second money guy." Harvey responds as he sips his whiskey. Harvey sits on the outside of the kitchen counter where the whiskey sits and he is sipping from a tumbler. Vyv is on the kitchen side with various things on the counter and he too has a bit of whiskey in a glass, the pair talking. "I was aiming to become a Chef actually. I learned far too late that my life had been a proxy for someone else and I had to force a change. Do something wholly different than what I had been." he shrugs then and hmms, "If they are hoaxes they are two cleverly crafted ones. She was really specific about their habits and jobs." he quirks another smile for a second, "Of course you know movies like this either end up being some kind of odd gangster movie or a horror movie."

Kate walks in, not expecting people to still be here. She's scrubbed clean of cosmetics, wearing a pair of loose boxer shorts and a plain white tee-shirt, her hair down around her shoulders. She gets halfway into the kitchen before she notices people, she was engrossed in her phone. She blinks, glances between the pair, realizing that trying to sneak back out won't work. She rounds the counter, pulling a deep cast iron dutch oven from one of the cupboards beneath the island, setting it on the stove. She pulls oil and salt from another cabinet and then grabs a bag of corn kernels. "Evening, again." She says, opening the fridge to pull out a bottle of soda.

"Any particular speciality?" Vyv asks, and takes another sip before setting the glass down. He unwraps the paper, revealing what looks rather like a block of pink chocolate. Well, it is early February… and it explains why the double-boiler is out, presumably. He rocks the knife through to chop a portion of it off, rewrapping the rest. "From what I've seen, it's not the sort of thing that's likely to truly take unless it's one's own vocation," he says, "so if it wasn't, I suppose that's the proverbial better late than never. Happier with money?" Usually an even odder question than right now.
"…good evening, Katherine," he greets their hostess as she returns, "That phone really is a danger." A faint smile, before he says to Harvey, "I think I vote gangster, even if I do have good access to knives." The current one's put to use chopping the chocolate into smaller bits.

"I was probably five months into even getting into learning what I needed to before I ruined it." Harvey admits with a roll of a shoulder, "But hey. When a door closes another one opens. I did end up back in money. I found that it suited me better." he finishes his whiskey and pours a finger more and then sets the bottle aside entirely, "The Chef and I. Well he yelled at me one too many times and I threw a cast iron at him. So…," he sighs, "huge mistake of course."
Katherine gets a warm smile as he eyes her over, "Well I see what the policy on evening wear is. Good thing otherwise I might be caught down here at two in the morning without anything at all on." he then shifts his attention back to Vyv, "Good call. Gangster movie means more up front action."

Kate loads up her dutch oven with the things she's pulled out of the pantry and cupboards. She leans against the back counter, watching Vyv as he creates, a bit distracted by him before she grins. "My phone isn't a danger, it's ..just distracting tonight." She looks over at Harvey, shrugging. "Comfortable is the name of the game. I don't stand on ceremony, and I really don't expect anyone else to. Naked..well that's a little too comfortable." She leans toward Vyv, watching him with the pink chocolate. "Where did you get that bar of chocolate, that's an adorable color."

Vyv's sympathies really ought to be with that chef. They probably even are. There's a soft, slightly smirky laugh even so. "Did you hit?"
He lifts a brow at Katherine, "Distractions aren't dangerous? You just wait until the horror movie kicks in, I suspect you'll be rethinking that. Also it makes me feel terribly unpopular, watching you lot with all the texts. Kids these days." He's almost certainly no older than she is. Picking up one tiny sliver of the chocolate that's popped off, he offers it in her direction. "Switzerland," he answers, "It's a new type; I thought it might work well with this." It's got an interesting sort of berry/fruity taste to it, and a smooth texture.
To Harvey, he says, "Also more predictable body count, and a higher chance of ending up with some ridiculous amount of profit. All in all it seems the better bet." The matter of late night garb is, perhaps surprisingly, left alone.

"No. It did knock a big ass pot of sauce onto the floor that he had been slow cooking for most of the day." Harvey gives a soft gravelly exhale of breath, "And I got banned from the kitchen. And fired." he cracks that half smile for a moment.
"I saw a guy get splattered by a truck once texting and walking. Did not even notice that the street signal had changed. There one moment, gone the next." he takes a sip of the whiskey and swirls the glass around.
"Which would fit in with a blockbuster action movie. Probably a good one about gangsters. Oh. Action comedy parody. The violence is done with smart phones and what would they call it, savage tweets?"

"I'll make sure to be careful when I'm outside. It's usually in a pocket then." Kate eyes Harvey as he talks about being banned from kitchens. She picks up the dutch oven and raises her eyebrows. "Are you two writing a movie to star in? I'd watch some old gangster movies, they're a lot of fun." She shifts the pan in her hands, setting it on the counter so she can open her soda. "So you work in kitchens too Harvey?"

"Nearly as bad, I'm sure," Vyv says to Harvey, deadpan; it really isn't clear whether he means the loss of the sauce compared being hit by cast iron, or being fired compared to being banned from the kitchen. Surely it's accurate either way.
His nose wrinkles a bit at the description of the ill-fated texter, and he gives Katherine a quick, raised-browed look that probably approximates 'you see?'. "It could, yes. Mn. Perhaps 'C U l-8-r'," spelt out, of course, because otherwise how would they know. "I don't know anyone who actually uses those abbreviations," though it's possible he might actively avoid people who seem like they might, "but really when has actual usage ever stopped Hollywood?" He sets the knife aside, beginning to measure and mix some other ingredients into the empty bowl. "I don't know, movie stardom might cut into my manicure time."

"Sometimes Kate. Sometimes. I mean I'm a fair hand at cooking stuff but no where near the Chef here." Harvey who sits on the dining room side of the counter with a finger filled tumbler of whiskey motions towards her. The other two stand in the kitchen proper. Vyv working on something sweet and Kate starting something with the large pot. "Yeah I think he was more mad about that than me throwing a cast iron pan at him. And if I had any better aim he probably would have preferred to be hit." another sip.
"Movie stardom wouldn't cut into your manicure time. I'll bet if you demanded that as part of the on-set make up they'd do it. I remember reading in some of the rag mags that famous people ask for all sorts of weird shit all the time."

Kate sticks the piece of pink chocolate into her mouth, eyebrows slowly inching up as she gets the taste of it. "This is Swiss? Jesus, I want to get on a plane." Instead of taking her pot to the living room to make caveman popcorn next to the fire, she slips into a seat, sipping from her fizzy drink. "Rag mags.." She lets a small giggle escape, watching Harvey for a few moments before she looks away. "Yes, Vyv is in a league all on his own, speaking of.. when are you opening your shop? I want to buy all the bad decisions, especially the chocolate ones."

Stilettos on the drive are the only warning that August is on her way back from the Garage Suite. The back door opens not long after, and she slinks in, pulling it closed behind her. Once out of the immediate doorway, Aug steps out of her ridiculous shoes, then bends to sweep them up. Louboutins dangling from one hand, she wanders across the kitchen. This time, she's wearing a low-cut fuzzy black sweater and a pair of black yoga pants. Yeah, of course she walks in when someone starts talking about bad decisions.

"Might depend just how hard you succeeded, but…" Vyv certainly wouldn't rule it out. He also looks faintly pleased at the flattery coming from both sides, enough that the question about the shop gets just an irritated sigh, not a full darkening. "'Any day now'," he answers, like a quote, "They keep finding just one more little issue from the earlier renovation that needs remediating. If it's not within the next few days, though, we won't have anything like enough time to prepare for Valentine's. And I shall be displeased." Because currently, he's thrilled. "I do look forward to discouraging your self-control to the best of my ability, however."
It would arguably be more reasonable for August to wear those shoes inside rather than out, at the moment. They get a flicker of a glance from Vyv that looks more or less approving, anyway. Or at least certainly not dis-. "Dog suitably walked?" he asks, moving to fill the double-boiler and get it going.

"Buy all the bad decisions. That sounds like song lyrics somewhere." Harvey responds with a glance to Kate and then to Vyv, "Any day now. I've heard that song and dance." he gives a slow bob of a nod of his head while he tilts up the glass and finishes the bit of whiskey in it. He sets the tumbler down and then gives it a move to sit beside the bottle which is also set well off to the side out of the way.
August's entrance gets a turn of Harvey's head and a casual glance from his blue eyed gaze. He gives a single nod to her and then turns back to the pair doing some kitchen work, since Vyv asks the question he was going to he just goes, "Hmm."

"Well..I don't mind a few extra pounds, I work it off with my three jobs, or two and a half now." Kate crosses her legs and leans in to sip at her soda again. "I mean, I've been clothes shopping lately, buying bad decisions in leather, lace and a lot of cotton and wool. I might as well spend some of the money I'm earning on something other than my sisters." She turns when August walks in, wiggling her fingers in the woman's direction. "You look warm and toasty tonight, and yes, how is Jax doing?"

August moves over to lean against the counter, since that's where folks seem to have gathered again. She glances over at Vyv, because he's doing something sweet again, and the tattooer does have a sweet tooth. Without her shoes, she's only 5'11", so it's easier to lean without having to sit first. "Jackson's had his outside time. He hates peeing in the snow. Poor niblet." She glances over to the whiskey, then glass, then Harvey. She smiles slightly, but says nothing else for now. Until she looks over to Kate. "Comfortable, yes, warm—not in this weather." She isn't shivering this time at least. "He's good. Sleeping upside down on my bed, last I checked. He's so lazy, that dog, which suits me fine. He cuddles me to sleep."

"The worst decisions only come in synthetics," Vyv says, "…or possibly on dating apps around 3am on a Tuesday. Either way you can probably take solace in being at least a tier up." He's still got most of his own glass of whiskey, having been somewhat distracted from it, but takes a moment for another couple sips now, as the chocolate starts to warm. August may well note the pinkness of it; it also has a faint fruit topnote to the scent. "It does sound a bit like a lyric," he agrees to Harvey, "Perhaps whatever song it belongs to can feature in the film."

"Hey there you go. Already an idea for a theme song for the movie." Harvey grins as he tips his head to Vyv for the idea, "So what exactly are you making with the pink sweetness? It smells good, melting. I'm not going to doubt whatever you turn it into might taste good." he clasps his hands together and leans forward into the counter and then he glances to Kate, "How. Why do you work three jobs? Wait." he raises a hand then, "Small town. Nevermind." as if he answers his question. August gets a glance when she leans against the counter and then back to the other two. Likewise he does not say anything to her.

"The one thing I don't use my phone for, I have nightmares about meeting someone from tinder and getting kidnapped and dropped in a lake." Kate leans over to bump gently into August, a grin on her face. She leans forward a little to grin at Harvey. "I mean, two of them are television shows. If you really are an early riser? You'll see me on the television in the morning. Plus this place and the late night show. Nothing too stressful, at least…not stressful lately." She turns to gaze at Vyv, wanting an answer to the pink sweet chocolate question as well. "I just lit a fire in the fireplace.." She says to August, giving her a brief glance and a grin. "It'll send some heat in here shortly."

Aug reaches up to walk her fingers up the back of her head briefly, probably checking to be sure her hair's staying pinned up neatly. She brushes her hand down over the side of her neck, reaching back to rub her neck briefly, tipping her head back to stretch briefly. She taps her nails lightly on the counter, then points to Vyv in acknowledgement of his 3am dating app observation. "Been there more than twice." Understatement. She takes a deep breath of the scent in the kitchen, undoubtedly catching that fruity note. She mms and continues to drum her nails lightly for a moment before she catches herself, and tucks her arms crossed on the countertop.
"People on Tindr are much more likely to try to get their hand up your skirt and make you pay for your own dinner than abduct, murder, body dump. That's way too much pre-planning and, frankly, initiative. Just pick someone up in a club, fuck in the bathroom like a normal person." August glances up from idly inspecting the contents of the counter before she realizes what all she just said out loud. She mms and says, "I'm gonna go sit by the fire." Before she gets specific about bad Tindr dates of yore.

"Mm. But you might get laid first," Vyv says as though that were an entirely rational counterweight, "and 3am Tuesday is a very good time for bad decisions." Another sip of the whiskey before there's even the ghost of a curve to his lips. "I'm told," he adds, and sets the glass down again, moving to check on the progress of the chocolate. "I might argue for 2am Monday, myself." August's notes on the matter get slightly more of the smile to sneak out, and he nods, with a vague gesture in her direction, "You see? That's why I don't use Tinder." It probably isn't. "…it's a mirror glaze, or will be. For the entremets."

"She's right." Harvey thumbs in August's direction as she starts to make a retreat, "Anyone who hunts on something like Tinder for a companion won't find anyone willing to to do more than meet up, have some fun, and roll on to the next swipe. Now finding a date off Craigslist? That's happened." he too slides off his seat and he flattens his hand on the counter top, "Anyway now that Katie has reminded me, I was supposed to hitch in with her in the morning. I think I'm going to go find out how comfortable that bed is and get some sleep."

Kate tilts her head, glancing from August to Vyv and finally to Harvey. "I don't..need a date." She shrugs, picking up her dutch oven to lug it into the living room. "Vyv, you should finish what you're doing and come have some popcorn." She slants a look at August before she adds. "We're not going to the club for that, are we?" She lets out a soft laugh and slips off her stool padding towards the living room.

"Vyvyan, how you tease me with your confections." August shoots a look at the dark-haired chef, shaking her head like she's lamenting a love affair that will never be. At the mention of alternative dating pools, she calls back, "Ha. I went on a Craigslist date once. I still have a scar to prove it." Probably she's joking, but maybe not. She says all that wandering out of the kitchen and into the Great Room. "Goodnight, Harvey. Lock your door." Unsolicited advice in a B&B full of stuffie intrigue. She pauses on the threshold, then looks back at Kate. "I can dance without recreational activities in the ladies room. I'm still sober. Don't fret." She raises her brows and grins, wandering on. "Join us if you like. We'll be on the couch a while." This is probably to Vyv, but Harvey doesn't seem exempt.

"And he probably won't kidnap you and drop you in a lake," Vyv replies to Katherine in a tone that more or less qualifies as bright, as his tones go. More normally, "Good night, Harvey. And thank you, I may pop in." Presumably switching to whom he's speaking, unless there's been some invitation earlier. Which seems less likely. He inclines his head to the trio, and then his focus returns to the glaze-in-progress. These might get finished before someone tries to eat the parts, after all.

"Good night, Chef." Harvey responds and he gives a glance and a smile to Kate, "Who said anything about a date? You said you'd give me a ride remember?" though he clearly means a 'ride into the station' without a tone of innuendo to it. He pats the countertop and then turns to slip away.
"Always do." Harvey replies to August as he follows her butt into the great room and then turns for the stairs.

Kate gazes at Vyv when Harvey walks off, shrugging. "You at the very least got what I meant." She blows him a kiss, chuckling as she hauls her dutch oven into the living room. "Have fun with the stove!"

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