(2019-02-01) Hot and Steamy
Vyv and Nolan meet in the gym sauna. Why, what were you thinking?

Ah, the sauna. A reward for the pains of working out. Nolan Lenox has become a fixture at Peak Physique since he moved to Calaveras. He is here five days a week, usually stupid early in the morning, before he heads to the station for Wake Up, Calaveras. Today though, he slept in, and had to do his usual gym stint in the afternoon.
The muscled former action star is settled in on one of the benches wearing a towel, with his eyes closed as he just lets his thoughts wander. He is chiseled, a lifetime of working out for his various roles shows in every line. The only thing to mar his physique is a curving, flattened U-shape scar on his left side, a few inches above his hip, visible above the edge of his towel.

Vyv isn't a fixture, exactly. Oh, he's there often enough, but when isn't all that predictable, and frankly, most days he doesn't particularly want to be. The exercise part is fine, it's just there are always people there. Sweaty people. Sweaty people who use the same equipment. And only some of them are people he'd voluntarily entertain the idea of swapping sweat with. Still, without a better option, it's the lesser of two evils, and so here he is again.
Better to be at the sauna portion of the proceedings, at least. He has a towel of his own, as one might expect, and steps in quietly, glancing around to pick the ideal seat. The assessment pauses briefly on Nolan, despite the fact that he's definitely not a suitable seat. "Good afternoon," Vyv greets quietly, and settles in on a bench himself. One with a politely reasonable view. You know, just in case there's conversation, and certainly not merely for the sake of scenery. Oddly familiar-looking scenery, now he thinks about it. Hm.

Dark eyes slit open to take in Vyv as Nolan shifts on the bench. "Afternoon. Nothing like a sauna after a workout, hm?" he asks, conversationally. There is a quiet jovial demeanor about him. Maybe odd considering he's usually teeth-gritted, angry, vengeance-monster in the movies. Or was, about a decade ago. Now he's more the bright, smiling face of Good Morning, Calaveras, the eye candy next to Katherine Stone. A vast improvement over Mitch at least.

Almost certainly in every way. No one misses Mitch. "Very little," Vyv agrees, "…makes one feel a treacle sponge pudding might not have it so bad. Until the eating part, I suppose." He studies the other man's face for a moment, with the slight brow furrow Nolan's probably familiar with — the 'I definitely know you from somewhere' one. In this case it resolves fairly quickly, into, "Ah, you're Katherine's new show partner, aren't you. The actor." He sounds a bit pleased to have placed this. "The ensemble threw me off." There might be the barest hint of a smile to go with that.

"Former actor, yes," Nolan admits. "Been a while since I was in a movie though. Admittedly, I'm usually in a suit on Wake up, so you're perfectly all right not recognizing me right away," he says with a chuckle. He offers a hand to shake, "Nolan Lenox.

Vyv leans to accept the hand, giving it a perfectly reasonable shake. "Vyvyan Vydal," he replies, "Vyv, generally. I do think I've seen a few of your films." He's quite sure, actually. "Suits have much to recommend them. Although I suspect a morning show broadcast from a sauna might do well in the ratings. Perhaps don't mention that thought to Heather. Enjoying it so far, are you?"

Nolan's hands are callused, as befits a former action star. He smiles brightly. "Ah! You're scheduled to be on Kate's new show, aren't you? Pastry maker?" he asks curiously. "I'm sorry if you had to endure any of my early films. They were terrible," he admits with a chuckle. "I do like doing the morning show. Oh, I think August Lexington is campaigning for a shirtless show for me. Heather is likely unimpressed."

Vyv's are not, though they seem as though they might be stronger than they look. Well cared for, certainly. Tidy. "Mm, they had things to recommend them also, as I recall," he says, "Not as much as suits, perhaps, but who doesn't enjoy a good car chase now and then?" The corner of his mouth quirks up a touch. "And yes, on all counts. Patissier, scheduled to be on the other show, and somehow entirely believing the campaign. I've really only met Ms. Lexington briefly, but even so." Which probably means his impression of her tallies well with that, but could possibly mean he agrees. No obvious glance to suggest the latter, anyway. "When Heather was first discussing turning the Miss Snow Bunny pageant into King and Queen of the Snow, she was suggesting an equivalent to the swimsuit portion for the men, I should note. I don't know her terribly well, but I doubt she'd rule out a shirtless show if she thought it would get more eyes on the screen."

"That's probably true. It's all about the numbers for Heather. She really seems to know her stuff though. I'm guessing she wasn't the one who hired Mitch to begin with. What a piece of work. I don't know how Kate put up with him." Nolan snorts and sits back again, leaning his head against the wall behind him. "I'm used to being viewed for my looks. I'm hoping I can maybe be appreciated for my insights as well these days. My action hero days are over."

"Good choice aiming for as well rather than instead," Vyv says, "Always wise broadening one's repertoire." There's a little more of that lip quirk that time, verging on half-smile. "I suspect she wasn't, yes. And I've no idea how Katherine put up with him either. I really only had to pay attention to him at one event, and if Heather really had fired him afterward as she threatened, I might have tried for the job purely to spite him." He stretches a little, getting more comfortable. "Better this way, of course — you're obviously far better suited to it. But yes, Katherine's far more… patient than I could ever be. Anything particular you're hoping to give insights into?"

"I was pondering doing a slice of Calaveras life show. Visiting restaurants, businesses, local attractions. Just a sort of insight into the city. We have a lot of tourists here, and a lot of people move here who aren't homegrown, like me. It would help me learn the city better, while spreading that info to the community at large," Nolan explains.

Vyv's brows lift slightly, and he nods, with another quiet little mm. Closing his eyes, he takes his own turn to let his head lean back against the wall. "It sounds a good idea. There are rather a lot of imports, temporary or long-term," he says, in that accent that screams 'not from around here' every time he opens his mouth. "Focusing entirely on what's about now, or weaving in history and such? Must be some interesting things that happened around here at some point." Presumably aside from the recent rash of cult murders and such. Though it would be hard to argue that wasn't interesting.

"I like the idea of the historical aspect. It would make for some excellent filler in a short show. One place per show, with history about the area or field it reflects on," Nolan murmurs. "I think you might be on to something there, Mr. Vydal!"

Another small smile, though this one hits both sides of Vyv's mouth. "I am, now and then." A small pause, his eyes half-opening again and head turning enough for a sideways look toward Nolan, "…might I recommend a local patisserie as a destination, one show? Seems the right sort of thing, in my wholly unbiased opinion. The area near Smelter and University has a number of repurposed buildings that were part of earlier industry, too. Biscuit Lofts, and such. Might be some stories there."

"Is that where your business is going in?" Nolan asks with genuine curiosity. "That would make a great first show, a new generation of sweet treats in a place with a long history of baked wonders," he muses, hand sliding out like he's seeing it as a blurb in the tv guide.

"I did think the location seemed surprisingly apropos, when I found out how near they were," Vyv says, which is almost definitely a yes. "Not the same building, of course, but certainly one could make a connection. And I don't know what all the others might once have been, but— I'd not be surprised if at least one or two others might fit a theme. It's all quite near the river, so handy for warehousing and shipping."

"Very interesting. I'll start looking into it, do some research. Then if Heather approves, she'll send you over some documents for all the legalities about being on television and what not. If that's acceptable to you, Mr. Vydal?"

That seems for some reason mildly amusing to the pastry chef, since it draws another half-smile, and a small brow lift before he replies, "Peachy." A tiny pause, and Vyv adds, "My assistant will probably deal with most of it in any case. Ms. Carr. But the studio ought to already have all they need to contact us sorted, so it ought to be simple enough to arrange." Considering the other show. …and that he currently lives in Katherine's house, not that it's come up.
"…The Ageless really was rather terrible," he notes somewhat belatedly, "Very pretty, though. And not many of us can claim godliness on our c.v."

"Ugh, it paid well, all right?" Nolan confesses with eyes sweeping to the ceiling in pain. "But, anyway, I need to get myself out of here before I shrivel into a raisin. I'll talk to Heather and get in touch soon," he says with a smile as he stands and shakes Vyv's hand a last time before departing.

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