(2019-01-28) Armed and Not-So-Dangerous
3 out of 5 ain't bad.

<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Do you have any plans tonight?
<TXT> From Katherine to Sevin - I don't.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Good. I'll pick you up in an hour.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Wear something comfortable.
<TXT> From Katherine to Sevin - How comfortable?
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Comfortable comfortable. What kind of question is that?
<TXT> From Katherine to Sevin - My fancy dresses are comfortable. I wanted to know if it was sweats or jeans comfortable, babe.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Are they? You're tempting me.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Better stick with sweats or jeans.
<TXT> From Katherine to Sevin - I'll wear jeans.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Good. See you in a little while.

As promised, Sevin pulled up outside the B&B about an hour after he messaged Kate. There's something or several somethings wrapped in a blanket in the back seat, and the radio is tuned to some sort of talk show. She may or may not notice that it's KCC1's radio station; it's entirely possible he listens to the morning show on his way to work.

The drive out to wherever he's taking her is conducted in companionable quiet for the most part; he asks about her day, and tells her about his. But doesn't offer any explanations as to where they're going until they're there. Just out of town, the lookout point is nestled high in Calaveras's mountain range, and is almost precisely the spot they stopped once to have a chat about where their relationship was headed.

The ignition is killed, and Sevin undoes his seatbelt before reaching into the back. "Are you going to be warm enough? We'll be outside for a while."

Kate unlatches her seatbelt, glancing over at Sevin with a smile. "I have long johns underneath my clothes." She is wearing a long sleeved white cotton shirt with a green, blue and gray flannel worn over top. A pair of jeans are on her legs, and they must be baggy because of the long johns. She pulls her coat back on and opens the door, slipping out. Her beanie is retrieved from her pocket and tugged on. "Did we come up here to have a snow ball fight?" She asks, walking around the front of the truck so she can grin at Sevin.

Sevin answers the grin with a somewhat more subdued smile, not that it doesn't touch his eyes. Then resumes whatever he's doing with the bundle in the back of the truck. The blanket is tugged off, and what's revealed to be a rifle and a two different flavours of handgun are collected before he climbs out to join Kate. The driver's side door is slammed shut, and his shoulders given a roll as he studies the scenery under a shroud of dusk. And then Kate, with a slow flick of his eyes. "No. Not quite." One of the handguns is slotted into a holster at his side, and the other, smaller one is held out to Kate, muzzle pointed down. "This one's yours. Don't point it at anything you don't want to shoot. Finger off the trigger." He adds after a beat, "It isn't loaded." Yet.

Kate eyes the subdued smile with slightly narrowed eyes, moving closer to see what he's tugging a blanket off of. Her eyes get wide when she sees the firearms, her arms automatically folding over her chest. She watches Sevin warily, holding a hand out as he passes a handgun to her. She holds it away from herself a little bit, her nose wrinkled. She keeps her finger well off of the trigger and turns to gaze at the man next to her. "Don't point it at what I don't want to shoot." She repeats. "Finger off the trigger." She exhales and smirks when he says it isn't loaded. Sevin and Katherine are standing next to his truck where the older man is quietly telling Kate about trigger discipline and other things.

There's an older model silver truck parked at the lookout point, and Sevin and Katherine are standing just outside, conversing while a handgun is passed from one to the other. Both are dressed in warm, comfortable clothing like they intend on being outdoors for a little while, and Sevin has a rifle in one hand as well. "Are you going to be all right?" he queries with a slight raise of one brow, as he's ducking back into the truck briefly to fetch a box of ammunition and ear protection.

A 4x4, with bullet holes, rumbles up to the point and parks nearby. The woman inside doesn't get out of the vehicle - it's cold out there - instead she just watches the pair. There may be a tiny nod of recognition towards Sevin but otherwise she seems to be content to just stare for now.

Katherine nods at Sevin, but when the 4x4 rolls up, she automatically lowers the gun to her side, her eyes wide. "Do I need a license for this?" She asks quietly, indicating the gun, as if anything else that they're doing might need licensed. She clears her throat, glancing from Olivia to Sevin. "Friend of yours?" She asks the latter quietly, looking almost like she might want to take a big step behind Sevin and hide herself.

Sevin hears the other vehicle pull up, and leans back out of his truck slowly. Casual flick of his eyes toward the woman in the driver's seat, and he's silent for a beat or two before replying to Kate, "Not a friend." His tonguetip presses against the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. "And no, you're under my supervision. You don't touch these unless I'm with you." He slams the door, and blows a breath out his nose. "Just a minute." Then begins trudging toward the parked 4x4, rifle in hand.

Olivia notes Katherine's face to memory…someone to check up on later…before there is an armed man of middle-eastern appearance approaching her vehicle. The Latina Fed slips her pistol from its holster, unseen, and places it on her lap while winding down her window. Damn it's cold.

Katherine leans against the door of the truck, gazing down at the firearm in her hands. She acknowledges Sevin's words without speaking any of her own, a brief nod before she watches him crunch across the snow towards the other vehicle. She lets out a sigh and watches her breath materialize in front of her. When Sevin is far enough away, she pulls her phone free from her pocket and sends off a brief text.

The rifle's held loosely in his left arm, muzzle pointed at the ground. Unlike what he brought along on that little raid, this one is civilian grade. Looks like an AR-15 or something of that sort. Olivia might also catch a glimpse of a handgun holstered at his side, just a sliver of it visible under his unzipped jacket. "Getting a bit dark for sightseeing, Ms. Lopez. Isn't it?" It's asked quietly, once Olivia's window has been rolled down. His gaze filters over the interior of her vehicle idly, though his posture doesn't appear threatening.

"I heard the sunsets were beautiful" Olivia deadpans in reply before a nod towards Katherine. "One of your associates? And with a gun too. I shouldn't really be surprised. Oh, I rang that number you gave me." She turns her gaze back to him. "Told me they'd ring back. Nothing yet. So that means you're still on my list, Professor Khan. Do I need to add another one?" A reference to Katherine there. "At least when I go sightseeing, I don't need to carry an armory. Planning on shooting tourists?"

Thankfully Kate is only catching a few of the words Olivia is tossing around, or she would have more questions. Questions that might never see an answer. Instead she's looking at the gun in her hand, and turns it the wrong way for a moment, the muzzle aimed toward her. She glances around, hoping nobody saw that before she lets out a sigh. She gingerly opens the truck door, places the gun on the seat, and leans over to make a snowball. One won't hurt.

There's a long, contemplative pause from the man while he finishes scanning the interior of Olivia's vehicle. Noting whether the keys are still in the engine, whether the doors are locked. Clearly she's alone, and hasn't brought a partner along. Finally, "No." No to what? "She's a friend. And I'm sure she's aware of her right to remain silent, if you decide to try harassing her for no other reason than to fuck with me." The rifle's hefted lightly, and his voice is pitched loud enough that Kate can certainly hear him.

Doors locked. Olivia's pistol on her lap…pointed at the door. Keys? Who has keys these days? They'll be in her pocket. "Why would I want to fuck with you, Professor Khan? Is there something you're doing that you shouldn't be? But, hey, this is a public area, right? I can park here and look at the view just like you can do…whatever you were going to do." She has an obvious look around at the environs. "Wonder if this is Federal land? Go, your lady friend looks bored."

Right to remain silent. Oh, the woman is a police officer, not an old flame. She drops the snowball and leans in against the truck, reaching out to snag the gun again. She's actually listening hard right now, catching some of what is being said. "Hi." She calls out, waving toward Olivia. She's using her free hand, she doesn't want to get shot, certainly. She pulls her hat down further and kicks at the snow. She's getting antsy for sure.

"Target practice," Sevin offers after a moment or two, one scruffy cheek creasing with slight amusement. He digs in his coat for his wallet, and slips something out of it. It's pressed against the portion of window that's still raised, so Olivia can clearly see. Certainly appears to be a concealed carry license. "She's under my watch. I'd appreciate it if you left her alone." The license is tucked away again, and his gaze shifts to Kate for a few beats when she calls over. Then back to the FBI agent. "Are we done here?"

"Sure, we're done" Olivia nods, complete with professional and cold smile. "I'm just gonna sit here and watch the world go by for a little while. Okay with you?" A beat. "Hope you hit whatever you're shooting at." Not a lot of targets out there.

Kate watches this exchange with curiosity. Of course she wonders what Sevin is pressing against the window. She put her mittens on her hands as the pair first started talking, and now the gun is held carefully away from her body. She tilts her head back, sticking her tongue out to catch a few snowflakes. She absolutely looks like the last person who should be using a gun, but at least she hasn't pointed it at herself in the last few minutes.

In the last few minutes? It's a good thing Sevin didn't catch her studying the muzzle briefly, for a moment there. He looks like he has a lot more to say to Olivia, but seems disinclined to speak too candidly. What with his girlfriend standing right there in earshot. "Of course." The cold smile is returned in kind, though those pale eyes of his never quite seem to warm up to much of anyone. "It was nice to see you again, Ms. Lopez." He drifts a pace backward, movement prowlish and vaguely predatory, which does him exactly zero favours, no doubt, where Olivia's concerned. Then his gaze breaks off and he turns and trudges back to his truck. Retrieves the box of rounds, and another crate of what looks like empty beer bottles. "Let's go," he tells Kate, nodding toward the little clearing, away from what's presumably private property.

"A really good friend of mine lives up here." Kate murmurs as they walk toward the clearing, turning to peek at Olivia one more time before they're in the trees a bit. "I have a key to that cabin." She points to the one a little further up the mountain. "So who was that?" She holds the gun away from her as they continue to walk, her eyes on the beer bottles. She tugs her mittens off with her teeth as they walk, stuffing one in her pocket, switching hands that are holding the firearm, and then tugging the other off.

"Nice to see you again too, Professor Khan" Olivia is polite enough to reply before winding up her window. It doesn't look like she's going as she watches the pair. With all those weapons it might be a good idea for a law enforcement officer to be present. Just in case there is an accident. Sevin's lady friend shows he has taste at least.

Sevin sends a brief glance over his shoulder, as if to confirm that the 4x4 is still parked where he left it. Which, of course, it is. His gaze cuts back to Kate, whom he walks close alongside. Clearly a little more than 'just a friend'. "Nobody," he murmurs dismissively, boots crunching the snow and gravel as he makes his way out far enough from the road that they won't be in any danger of hitting passing cars. As for the cabin, "You do? Whose is it?" He gives the place a curious look as he starts setting up beer bottles in a line atop a fallen log.

"Julian Walker. He's…kind of my brother from another mother." Kate glances back toward Olivia in her vehicle. "Nobody." She decides how far she can push this, trying not to grin. "A nobody who knows your name. A police officer?" She watches him set up bottles. "Do I have to hit those things? That's never going to happen."

"Brother from another mother?" The phrase doesn't seem familiar to Sevin, and he squints a bit at Kate while he ponders that. Then the last of the bottles are set up, and he takes a few steps back. "That's why we're going to start off pretty close. And it's also why I gave you that." The little Beretta. "First off, I'm going to show you how to load and unload it." He sets his rifle down, and holds his hand out for the gun he gave Kate.

Kate glances from the gun to Sevin and tries to angle it so that she's not pointing it in his direction while she hands it to him. "He's not actually my brother, but he treats me like he is? Calls me Kitty Leigh. Drives me up a wall." She clears her throat, glancing back toward the trees. "If he knew you were out here teaching me how to use a gun, he'd probably get grumpier than you." She steps a little closer so she can pay attention to what she's about to be shown.

"It's not loaded," Sevin reminds her calmly. "Though not pointing it at me is probably a good idea anyway." He looks bemused when she mentions the man's pet name for her, though is wise enough not to repeat it. Instead, the weapon's magazine is unloaded with a quick, smooth motion. He shows her that it is, indeed, empty. "This one uses nine millimetre rounds, and has a clip size of seventeen." A fresh magazine is slotted in, and the safety's checked before he hands it back. "Muzzle down," he offers tautly.

Katherine watched that whole thing, her lips pursed, and still doesn't quite understand how it was done. She nods though, as if she completely understood what happened. "What is..that?" She indicates the safety, her eyebrows raised. "Well earlier you said to only point it at something you want to shoot, didn't you?" She points the muzzle down and gazes warily at the bottles stood up on the fallen log.

"That's right." Sevin watches the younger woman, thoughtfully, for a moment or two. Briefly distracted by something about her, but this is hardly the time for distractions. He scratches at his bearded cheek while he considers the placement of beer bottles, then points out the one on the end. "Let's see if you can hit that one." He steps around behind Kate, hands brought to her shoulders briefly. Then moving down to her upper arms and elbows, and positioning them so she's holding the gun pointed in the right direction. "Drop your shoulders," he murmurs.

<FS3> Katherine rolls Firearms: Success. (7 5 1)

Kate gazes at the bottle indicated and she winces, even though she hasn't even put pressure on the trigger. "Drop my shoulders." She exhales and fires the gun, and thank all the gods that Sevin is standing behind her because when the gun fired, her eyes were squinted almost closed. The sound makes her jump and she glances around as if she expects the police, or Olivia, to suddenly appear with handcuffs. "That's loud." She mutters, but she doesn't realize that she's actually winged the bottle, knocking it off the log.

The sudden, sharp report of the gun going off startles Kate, but causes Sevin to grip her shoulders more firmly. Just in case she loses control with the knockback. Once it's over, he calmly slides his hand down to where she's gripping the gun, and flicks the safety on before attempting to relinquish it from her gently. "I didn't tell you to fire it," he murmurs. Voice low, but threaded with reproach.

"You said.." Kate begins but she takes a deep breath, shaking her head. "What did you do? What is that thing?" He just flicks the safety and she looks like she wants to flick it back to where it was. She turns her head to squint at Sevin, a look on her face before she speaks again. "Are you going to say ready, aim, fire?" She looks like she might be trying not to laugh at this point, but the muzzle of the gun is still pointing toward the ground.

"I said, let's see if we can hit it. Not pull the fucking trigger." Guess who's grounded? A certain trigger happy brunette, that's who. "Nice shot, though. You might be a natural. If you can learn to fucking listen." He takes a breath, then repositions the Beretta in Kate's hands, trails his fingers up her arm, and nudges her shoulders into place with a firm touch. "Shoulders down. Do you want the earmuffs?" The safety's still on, of course.

"I mean, the two sound the same, but I'm not going to argue with you." Kate's shoulders shake as she tries to hold her laughter in, clearing her throat so she can be super serious. Gonna fire a gun serious. "No, no earmuffs. I already look ridiculous." She glances toward Sevin. "What is that thing you hit before, what ..is that." She's talking about the safety, and she's gonna keep asking.

Sevin looks incredulously at Kate. "What the fuck? How are those two things the same?" He watches her while she titters. "It's not funny." Yes, it is. Working his jaw a little, he reaches for the gun, his thumb resting against the little latch. "Safety switch. If you're not planning on using the gun, engage it. Also helps with not blowing off your foot while you're reloading." He thumbs it off, and returns his hand to her shoulder. "You can go when you're ready. Shoulders relaxed, or the kickback will get you." Not that there's much of one on this little thing.

<FS3> Katherine rolls Fireams: Success. (4 6 7)

"So I turn the safety on when I'm not going to fire. Sounds safe." Kate gives Sevin a look, her beanie pulled low enough that her furrowed brows aren't showing. "Who here has English as her first language, huh?" She clears her throat, turns back to look at the log and the bottles. "Okay. I can go when I'm ready. Try not to let the gun recoil in my face. Got it." She winces again, can't help herself, but her eyes are open this time and she pulls the trigger, breaking a bottle. "Oops. I broke it."

Sevin doesn't flinch as the gun goes off again. He is, if anything, preternaturally calm about it all, his eyes slightly squinted so he can spot her angle of attack on that poor defenseless bottle. "Not bad at all," he offers once the crack and resulting echo have faded. "Three more, then I'll show you how to unload the clip." His hands leave her shoulders, though he lingers close enough that she can likely feel the heat radiating off his body.

<FS3> Katherine rolls Firearms: Good Success. (8 3 7)

Kate sighs, holding the gun steady for a few moments before she presses on the trigger. She's ready for the recoil and the noise this time, and she flinches, but only barely. Another bottle breaks and she wrinkles her nose. "Am I supposed to be breaking these bottles?" She asks, turning to gaze at Sevin for a moment. She takes a deep breath and squints at the toward the log as she prepares to fire again.

"Of course you're supposed to be breaking them." He watches and waits, and adjusts Kate's shoulders a fraction when he sees her overcompensating. For the most part though, he's a silent observer.

<FS3> Katherine rolls Firearms: Failure. (4 6 2)

Kate rolls her eyes. Since Sevin is behind her, he won't notice. She takes a deep breath and on the exhale she squeezes the trigger and the shot goes wild, not getting anywhere near a bottle. Hopefully she didn't shoot some poor squirrel in a tree trying to hibernate. She blinks, ducks her head and glances back at Sevin, her eyebrows lofted. "Oops."

"Last shot." Sevin seems unruffled at the one that went wide, though does put his hands on her again; one skims her back with an oddly gentle touch, while the other cradles her arm beneath the elbow and lifts it a fraction. "Remember to relax your shoulders. And don't take your eye off your target." His voice drops low as his mouth grazes her ear. "It's trying to kill you. You want to kill it first."

<FS3> Katherine rolls Firearms: Failure. (4 5 3)

Kate nods as Sevin tells her to take the last shot, and when he puts his hands on her she gets distracted. She isn't flinching anymore, but when she goes to squeeze the trigger, he leans in to quietly speak into her ear and she twitches as she fires. The shot plugs into a small tree trunk, sending a small drift of snow plopping wetly to the ground. She turns her head to glare at Sevin. "Dirty pool. You don't do that while I'm trying to shoot something."

"You didn't have to shoot while I was still fucking talking," grouses the man with a roll of his eyes. "Give me that." He holds his hand out for the gun. "Safety off, first."

Kate squints at the gun and flicks the safety, gingerly handing Sevin the firearm. She aims an innocent look at him, slight smile on her face. "Sorry." She chirps, folding her hands in front of her, absently rubbing at them to keep them warm.

<FS3> Sevin rolls Reaction+firearms: Good Success. (6 4 5 4 5 7 4 7 1)
<FS3> Sevin rolls Reaction+firearms: Success. (4 2 8 5 1 5 6 5 6)
<FS3> Sevin rolls Reaction+firearms: Success. (6 2 3 5 8 1 6 5 5)

Sevin plucks the firearm out of Kate's hands, and gives her a bit of a disapproving look of some sort. Mind, he always looks vaguely disapproving, so it's a bit difficult to discern what this one's about. The gun looks a bit like a child's toy in his much bigger hand, and his right arm drops as he lines up a shot on the next bottle. "Aim. Breathe. Squeeze the trigger." There's a crack as the gun goes off, and his arm adjusts quickly to line up the next shot. Another crack, and another. All three bottles go down, though the latter two only barely. He winces a little and rolls out his shoulder; it's clearly still giving him some trouble. "I think that's enough for tonight. Do you want to go grab some dinner?" The safety's flicked on, and he ejects the cartridge into his right hand smoothly.

Kate turns her head, watching him take down the three bottles easily. "Aim. Breathe. Squeeze the trigger." She sighs and nods before she gazes at Sevin. "Most of it is getting comfortable with it, right? Once I get more comfortable it will be easier?" She takes a step toward him, eyes on the small gun. "I'd like dinner. Yeah."

Sevin slips the Beretta into the waistband of his pants, and bends to heft the rifle he'd brought along, that clearly didn't see any use. It was likely a bit ambitious anyway. "That's right," he confirms. "And yes, once you get more comfortable with it. It'll be easier." Something about that seems to bother him slightly, and he considers Kate for a long moment before leaning in to kiss her tenderly. A few strands of her dark hair are brushed out of her eyes, then, "Let's go." Turning, he starts trudging back toward the truck, and briefly notes that Olivia's jeep is gone.

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