(2019-01-25) Vyv Finds a Wife
…not his. Cash's.

Friday at the Alibi was always busy. The later it got, the busier it got. There was a small crowd right now, but nothing too crazy. Katya was behind the bar, making small talk with a few people as she alternated between filling drinks, wiping down the bar, and reorganizing different things. Her curly brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore her typical attire of work boots, black jeans, and a pair green flannel shirt with a white tank top underneath. It might be freezing outside but it was nice and warm in the bar. Her eyes today were an electric blue - if you looked close enough there were even little tiny lightening bolts on her iris!

Vyv… does not belong here. Oh, he walks in as though he does — as though wherever he happens to be is ipso facto where he belongs — but that camel coat alone is enough to get him side-eye from some more regular patrons, before one adds in the cashmere scarf. The leather gloves, though, those at least he could probably get away with. Of course, they're already coming off as he saunters in, and disappear into coat pockets as he eyes the place, focusing particularly on the bar. On spotting Katya there, one corner of his mouth quirks faintly upward, and he heads that way, undoing the coat and scarf as he goes.
Honestly, what's beneath isn't really standard for the venue either, but he has at least dressed down. There are jeans! They look like he might dryclean them, but they're still jeans. Just, there's also an ivory oxford shirt and a chocolate-brown tie, beneath a v-necked Fair Isle sweatervest in brown and tan and cream. And a tweed suit jacket over that. It looks good on him, at least. It just also looks like he's probably in the wrong bar. He, however, blithely settles himself onto a stool and gets (relatively) comfortable, studying her thoughtfully as she fills another customer's drink.

Katya had a sharp eye. She was aware of pretty much everyone who walked in and out of that door. Especially when they looked like they didn't belong. It was almost as bad as Anthony walking in, was Katya's first thought. Though, at least this guy had jeans on? "Water after this Randy. It ain't even 8 yet, you better slow your roll." Katya said to the man she was serving the drink to. A regular likely. He grumbled something or other and Katya just smirked. Then she slid over to where Vyv was, eyeing him curiously. If he looked, there was no ring on her finger, "You know Java Junction's across town right?" Flashing him an easy smile - clearly teasing. "What can I getcha?" Her accent was an odd mix of Russian with a Southern twang.

"I do, but for some reason they cruelly refuse to mix me a martini no matter how sweetly I ask, and I had hopes you might be more cooperative on that front," Vyv replies, in an accent that's no more native to the bar than the rest of him. There is a flicker of a glance along her hand as she moves, though whether she's paying enough attention to catch that is an open question; something slightly detached in the way he considers her, but at least it definitely doesn't feel even mildly untoward. "A gin one, please, Caorunn if you have it, if not…" A tiny shrug, probably interpretable as 'whatever you have that's worthwhile'. "Dry and up, thank you." A pause, his brow furrowed before he says, "…I think we've met. At that rodeo event a while back. Didn't you ride a bull?"

Katya couldn't help a chuckle at his response. "Yeah, don't try and get the baristas ta do a bartenders job." She agreed, giving him another glance over. She doesn't appear to notice his glance towards her hand as she starts gathering up things to make his martini. "Hmm? Yeah I did." Flashing a brighter smile. "He got the best a me at the end there, I was laid up for a few weeks - bruised ribs - but it was fun as hell." Katya didn't seem to have any issues putting together his drink. Caorunn, the did not have, but she was confident in her substitutional choice. Setting the drink down, Katya took another look at Vyv, trying to recall him. "Ah! Yeah I kinda remember you. You were hangin' with Tony right? Katya." She offered, sliding the martini glass over to him.

"Katya," Vyv agrees, "…Larsen, wasn't it?" Did she give her surname before? Though on the other hand, didn't they announce it over the loudspeaker when she rode? "I remember him throwing you, but I didn't realise you got that hurt. Yes, I was standing with Anthony and Xavier for most of that time." All of whom were failing to really blend in. But at least efforts were made, to varying levels of almost-success. A small pause, and he adds, "Vyv," on the assumption that it hasn't stuck in her mind, and to keep things nice and even, "Vydal. Thank you, that looks lovely." He takes a sip, and inclines his head to her slightly in what appears to be approval of the drink.

"Larsen, yeah." Katya agreed. They had indeed announced it! Though, it was a little strange that he'd remembered. Then again, some people just remembered things, right? She was grateful for the addition of his name. "Vyv. Pleasure to meet ya, or see ya again. You know…I think Faith mentioned you the other day. She came in here with some awesome cupcakes and…" Wracking her brain. "You're a baker of some sorta ain't ya?" Raising a brow, flashing another smile at his approval of the drink.

Maybe it's the Russian/Scandinavian combination? Maybe he's just good with names. Either way, Vyv looks quietly pleased and for some reason very faintly amused at the confirmation. "Fascinating to see you again," he replies, and leans in slightly, in a way she's probably gotten used to from people: "…are those lightning bolts on your contacts?" Huh. His hand slides into his pocket, coming up with his phone, which has a leather cover, because of course it does. "I don't think I've met Faith. But yes, I'm a patissier. I do pastries and chocolates." Another sip, and he opens the phone; sending a quick message, it looks like, though he doesn't seem to be ignoring the conversation.

Long distance to Cash: Vyv's name comes up on Cash's phone, with a message: I'm at the Alibi. So's she. So's whiskey. It seems like a good combination given the options.

Oh yes, very used to the lean in that customer tended to do. Especially when it got louder. "Contacts? I dunno what you're talkin about. These are totally natural." Though the grin on her lips (and any kind of basic knowledge of biology) is a dead giveaway that she's kidding. Finally, Katya nodded as she pulled a bottle of water from under the bar. "Mmhm, yeah. Some electricity for the electric blue." She chuckled, taking a sip. Maybe faintly curious as to who he was texting but it post definitely wasn't her business. "Pastries and chocolates, sounds pretty good. Faith owns Totally Baked I think she said it was. I think it's a cupcake place since she brought cupcakes…do you have a shop?"

Vyv sighs. "Yes, it's certainly a cupcake bakery," he says, sounding very much as though there goes the neighbourhood. "And, yes, I do, though we're not fully open yet. Some annoyances in the renovations, and I can't even blame the contractor for this one, which is most irritating. It's over at Smelter and University." Another sip, and the drink, at least, he still seems to approve of, substitution and all. Even if he hasn't actually met Faith, he can't quite resist asking: "What did she say? By way of mentioning me, I mean."

Cash pages: It takes a minute, but Cash does answer. Just a 'be there soon.'

"Honestly…I don't remember." Katya admitted. "I think just that you were in the business too maybe?" She offered. "I'll have to check your place out when it's opened. I know Sammy had a bit of a time trying to get this place together but it's all worth it in the end I imagine." She grinned. Katya was behind the bar with her electric blue eyes, talking to Vyv while he sat on the customer side. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was in a pair of black jeans with a green flannel and a white tanktop underneath. "I hope it all gets straightened out soon, yeah?"

"Please do," Vyv says, inclining his head to her again. He's got a martini he's clearly drunk a bit of, though not a huge amount as yet, and looks reasonably comfortable on his stool, even if he also looks like he's in the advanced version of one of those 'circle what doesn't belong' puzzles. A small ping from his phone earns a glance, and the corner of his mouth does that barely-perceptible lift again before he flicks the cover closed and slips the phone back into the pocket whence it came. "Thank you. I do as well, things are a good deal farther behind than anticipated. Even with the efforts of my assistant, who's really quite good at sorting that sort of thing out. When it can be. So do you ride bulls often?" There's a slightly clearer upward skew of the lips after that, and a small headshake, "That came out sounding like a very odd chat-up line. I promise it isn't. I just can't quite wrap my mind around doing that on purpose."

For once in this town, Cash wasn't showing up somewhere straight from work. No uniform today, just a pair of well loved jeans and a sweater of pale blue cashmere. You know, under the sensible layers of wool coat and scarf and gloves which he, reasonably, pauses to remove and hang as he enters the bar. It's cold outside, but it's really not in here and he's not about to subject himself to that many layers. Not to mention that when he entered the room, his gaze was quick to find first Vyv, and then Katya, before he turned to remove his coat. There might be an argument to be made that he's buying time.
There's only so much that can be bought before it's obvious, though, and Cash isn't willing to be that. So mustering his courage, Cash finally turns back around and approaches the bar. His hand moves to rest momentarily on Vyv's shoulder as Cash finds the seat beside him, then falls away to fold with its twin on the bartop. There's a small, slightly askew smile that doesn't reach his eyes, and then his gaze turns to Katya and he offers her a small nod that does not, as of yet, let on to any form of recognition.

Katya tilted her head, thinking a moment on Vyv's question as she gave a casual sweep of the bar, making sure everyone was taken care of. That's when she sees him. Cash. Just for the briefest moment before he turns to remove that coat. The man from those stupid pictures in her email. She clears her throat a bit, focusing on Vyv again and putting on another smile. Nope. No. She didn't want to deal with this right now. It was too soon. Though the reality was that it probably shouldn't have taken so long to try and sort it all out. So much for running from her problems.
"No, I mean. I want to ride professionally." Katya explained. The wording of his question not seeming to phase her. "But it's risky business and doesn't always pay out." Oh lord, he was coming closer. To sit at the bar. "I was in Tennesse for a show recently." Hand on Vyv's shoulder. Katya shoots Vyv what may or may not be a fleeting look of accusastion. Cash doesn't seem to recognize her though? So…that was good yeah? Or not. I guess it really just depended on who was asking. Katya focused on Cash then. "…What can I get ya?"

Vyv glances over his shoulder at the slight breeze that heralds the opening of the door, but is clearly not the long-distance-greeting sort, watching for just a heartbeat before his attention turns back to Katya, about the right time to catch that little throat-clearing. "I'd think it was fairly risky, yes. You don't end up with bruised ribs every time, do you? I think I can see how the actual riding would be quite exciting, but less than a minute," which is decidedly generous, but hey, that's an affordable generosity, "followed by a few weeks of recovery…"
The questions, and the interest behind them, seem genuine. But does Vyv deserve that possibly accusatory look? Also possibly. He looks up at the new arrival at the touch on the shoulder, giving him a faint smile. "Good afternoon, Cash." And he sips his martini.

Cash just catches that accusatory glance, and that combined with Katya's voice… Well, he puts it together then. Only lets on to that fact with a deep breath and an almost imperceptible straightening of his posture. Luckily he's not really one to slouch or that would be a lot more obvious. "As much of the cheapest whiskey you have as you're willing to give me." He answers then, his tone tense. Definitely buying more time there.
Taking the excuse to look away, his attention turns to Vyv as he swallows around a suddenly dry throat. "Afternoon." He says, eyes flicking to that martini as Vyv raises it. His tone is a little softer with that, but only by a degree - After all, he's pretty sure this was a terrible idea and it's taking just about all of his nerve to keep from bolting.

"Nah I don't end up with week-long recovering injuries often. Usually, if I do get thrown it's only some soreness for a couple days. And the nice thing about Rodeo is that it ain't like…say, football or something. Where there's a game you gotta go to every week. You only go to the ones you wanna go to. So if take a nasty fall in Texas, I don't gotta be at the one next week in Calaveras." Katya mused. "It's prolly just a pipe dream honestly. It'll always be a hobby." Which she didn't sound too thrilled about but, eh.
The Cash is here and he's answering that he wants…whiskey. Of all things. It takes all of Katya's willpower to keep a straight face. This was…painfully awkward. And Katya didn't do awkward. "Don't go sayin' that.." Trying to keep casual. "You might just walk outta here with more than one bottle." She pulls a short glass and pours out some whiskey into it. Sliding the glass to him and leaving the bottle on the table. There's a bit of a shift from one foot to the other. This was happening….dear lord. Why was this happening? Pushing back some fly away strands of hair, those electric blue eyes settled on Cash again. "So, uhm…I think you got somethin' that belongs ta me." If he didn't just leave the contacts there Vegas.

Even Vyv never exactly claimed this was a good idea. Just an appealing one. Plus, it's not his awkward, and apparently it's not virulently contagious, since he continues to look casual — well, at least comfortable — enough. Having the drink probably doesn't hurt. On that note, though, Cash's order gets a brow-arch that probably translates as 'really?', particularly as it's followed by, "At least start with a good one, you might as well appreciate it before you and your tastebuds both stop caring." He shifts position on the stool, ending turned slightly more toward the both of them, and if his toe just happens to subtly nudge his friend's leg, surely that's a coincidence of the movement. He doesn't appear to notice it, at any rate. "I'm glad that's not usual," he notes to Katya, "and good luck, on making it into a vocation." And then he settles faintly back, as she gets to addressing the elephant in the room. Even if it's rather obliquely.

"There are times to respect yourself with whiskey - And there are times where you know exactly how much of whiskey's bitch you are." Cash says, his only form of excuse for the terrible whiskey choice. He will not apologize today. No, he'll simply give Katya a nod when she provides a glass and a bottle and then back it goes. He hisses at his decision making, but that's the price he's just got to pay. At that nudge from Vyv, he settles just a little, seeming to actually commit to being here.
"Do I?" He says then to Katya, voice touched by the hint of laugh, "I am fairly sure you're the one that walked away with things. A jacket," A beat, like he's not sure about what's about to come out of his mouth, "A last name." No snap or censure in the tone - Instead it's a little like he finds the scenario ridiculous and funny. "What did you leave with me, though? I may have just missed it."

Katya's lips twitch the barest hint of a smile. Though she's still a little tensed up. Watching him drink the whiskey and then that little bit of laughter in his question. She took a long drink from her water bottle. He wasn't wrong. That jacket was still hanging neatly in her closet. "What can I say?" She spoke finally. "It's a nice jacket…though the last name's a bit of a mouthful." The whole situation was ridiculous. Maybe a little funny, but mostly ridiculous. She tapped the corner of her left eye. "My contacts. I didn't even realize I didn't have them until I was on the plane home." Katya admitted, making a mental note to put in a new order for a pink pair. "
Katya didn't know what she was expecting from all this but so far so good? Looking towards Vyv for a moment. Then back to Cash. "I bolted so far it's a miracle I even left with clothes on." Running a hand over her face, maybe more than a little embarrassed about the whole everything. "So, Vyv. Is this why you came in here today?" Quirking her brow towards the man.

"If you get legless, I'm not going to carry you," Vyv informs Cash and his bottle of cheap whiskey, "…though I might drive your car." Threat or possible offer? You decide! He's at least kind enough not to make a crack about that essentially being how they got into this situation. Maybe he just doesn't think of it.
The whole situation is indeed ridiculous, and, yes, definitely also a little funny. Certainly from more or less the outside, at least, and the pastry chef's fairly shameless about watching the interaction, even if the reactions are lowkey. A hint of what might be a smirk at Katya's line about the miracle, there, and it blossoms into a clearer half-smile at the question she directs to him. "Well, that, and I really did fancy a martini," he answers, taking another sip.

"It's not so bad when you get used to it. Though, if I'm honest I just use 'Montgomery' most of the time." Cash says with a shrug of one shoulder. And then there's more whiskey in his life, because he was serious about this. "If I get that bad you, in fact, have my permission to drive Audrey. Actually…" He pauses, reaching into his pocket and extracting his keys, which he offers over to Vyv, "I think that's just a likely outcome here all around." Either he's going to walk away from this too drunk, angry, or confused to drive well.
"Ah," He says then, nodding understanding as Katya mentions her contacts, "Yeah, sorry. I don't wear contacts myself, so I didn't really have anything to store them in - And I had woken up thinking it had been a one night stand that I had no chance of ever seeing again. They're still in Vegas." Another pause, "We should probably get this annulled, you know." Straight to the chase.

"At least you really fancied the martini." A wry smile on Katya's lips and then a sigh. There was a moment, where Katya seemed to be silently mulling over the combination of Katya Montgomery in her head. Deciding if she liked the ring of it or not. "Your car is named Audrey?" The question leaving her lips before she really thought about it. "Yeah I figured. It's alright. " To the contacts. "I thought it was too. You know, until I saw the ring on my finger and the photos in my email." Then Cash got right down to it and Katya cleared her throat again. "I mean. Probably." Because it was ludacris to stay married to someone you didn't even know, right? "It was just a drunken mistake, yeah?" Her thumb lightly rubbing against a little chip in the wood on her side of the bar. "It probably happens all the time…" Her head tilted, thinking for a moment. "Though, if you thought it was a one night stand, how's your figure out otherwise?"

"And I am not disappointed," Vyv says to Katya, lifting the martini to her before he has another sip. So… probably referring to the drink. "Anyway, just think how awkward the interaction would have been if I didn't check, and you were actually Katya Jones who's never even been to Vegas." Really, he's basically a saint here. A saint who immediately yoinks those keys the moment they're offered in his direction. "I won't swear Audrey and I won't run away together, but I do promise we'll send postcards." The keys disappear into his jeans pocket. There's another brow quirk at the 'probablys' getting tossed about, but no immediate comment on that.

"If you run off with my car, Vyv, I swear on all that is holy I will find you." Cash says, but his tone is entirely good natured. Nodding, he turns his attention back to Katya. "Yes. And also yes, as in Hepburn. She's a fine lady, and deserved a fine name." He answers, pouring another shot which he promptly kicks back.
"All the time is likely a stretch." Cash says, shrugging again, "But if my family finds out I was drunkenly married in Vegas, they'll disown me." That does sound legitimately true, at least. "I got paperwork in the mail - Changes in my housing allowance due to the change in my marital status. Had a copy of the paperwork, we must have had it filed there. And then Vyv was kind enough to keep an eye out since I had no idea where you lived." There's a smile sent the other man's way that is small and perhaps slightly apologetic.

"Fair 'enough." To the car. It was probably a good thing Katya was working. And therefore unable to partake in the cheap whiskey drinking. "Yeah, being disowned sounds kinda terrible. My mother'd probably fly out here and strangle me herself. You know, she called me a couple days later asking if I was okay." Her nose wrinkled. "I swear that woman's got a sixth sense or some shit." Katya shook her head. "Anyways…" Nodding about the paperwork. "You're cute an' all but you're right. Marriage ain't nothin' but complicated anyway right? So if you can get the paperwork in order, we'll make it happen." Because Katya had no clue how any of this worked. "It's a good thing he did." A brief smile toward Vyv, "Cause otherwise I was gonna have to start knocking on doors and that woulda been even more awkward."

"Do you promise?" Vyv replies sweetly to Cash's good-natured threat, the corner of his mouth quirking up quite unmistakably, this time. He polishes off the last of his martini and sets the glass down on the bar, abandoning it perhaps a touch reluctantly. But one of them has to stay sober enough to drive. The acknowledgement of his selfless assistance in this matter gets a small inclination of his head in response, and a tiny mirroring smile that gets shared with the both of them, though there's nothing apologetic in his. "Yes, I can see how that might have been less than ideal. 'Terribly sorry to bother you, but are we married?'" And that reminds him. "Didn't you say something about photos in your email?"

Cash laughs, shaking his head. "That is a terrible door-by-door pitch. Oof." He says, "Yeah, I can get the paperwork. I've just had to deal with a divorce, this can't be more of a headache than that." He hopes. Divorces were a nightmare, and that was with him basically contesting nothing. "I'm glad this could be handled reasonably." There's palpable relief in that tone before he turns his gaze back to Vyv, the other man earning a mischievious grin from the Marine. "Yes, I promise."

Katya chuckled a bit and then rubbed the back of her neck, nodding. "Yeah. Photos from the wedding." She glanced around to make sure everyone was set and then pulled out her phone. A few taps and swipes and then she laid the phone on the counter and spun it to Vyv and Cash could see them. "Jimmy Buffet style." A little amused. The wedding was very obviously island themed judging by their outfits and the Jimmy Buffet impersonating pastor. Katya and Cash did look pretty happy though, if not quite obviously intoxicated. "It looks like it was a pretty good time. I don't really remember too much of that night at all though." A little shrug and a smile to Cash. "I'm an easy person and I'm in no position to be getting hitched. So it all works out."

There's some mischief in the look Vyv gives Cash back at his reply, but then— oh, then there's that picture on Katya's phone, and he blinks, actually speechless for a breath. "Holy Mary mother of Mai Tais," is what comes out then, as he leans in to get a better view, and he shoots Cash an almost accusing look. "You're going to have to find out where that is and where they keep these files and burn it down," he informs the other man, "There is no such thing as drunk enough to excuse that." Marrying a stranger, yes. Marrying a stranger in an island-themed ceremony presided over by faux-Jimmy Buffet, no. Apparently.

Cash had poured another shot. Hadn't thought anything of the concept of photos. How bad could it be? He knows the suit he was wearing that night - It's a nice suit. He didn't account for the fact that this was Vegas and of course it would be some stupid theme. Choking on his whiskey, he coughs as he stares at these photos. "What…" He says, voice hoarse, "In God's name is this?" He seems so much more offended by this than the marriage. This is a crime, he fully agrees with Vyv. "Yeah, it's all gotta be burned."

Katya can't help but laugh at Vyv's outburst and grins at Cash's equal surprise. "I dunno, you look good in a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts." Winking as she takes the phone back. Forget the fact that the island theme had totally been Katya's idea and the significant amount of puppy dog eyes it had taken for Cash to agree. "You can burn it all, but nothing ever really goes away." Wiggling her phone as she took it back and slipped it into her pocket. "But don't worry. They're safe with me - the three of us are the only ones who've seen all of them…" Implying maybe a couple people out there might have glimpsed one or two. Katya hears her name being called.
"Anyhow, that's my cue." She sighed, straightening up a bit. She grabbed a plain order ticket and scrawled a number on it. Sliding it to Cash. "Here, hit me up when you've got the paperwork in order." A brief pause. "And feel free to take or finish the bottle. On me." Nodding to the whiskey. "It was good seein' you Vyv." Moving to head to where her name was called.

"Well, now we're going to have to destroy her phone," Vyv says, watching afer her for a moment as she goes before he looks back to Cash, "Which is a shame. Also the cloud, which might annoy a few other people as well… Maybe we can just find a good hacker to employ." He may have blanched slightly at her 'nothing ever really goes away', but he sounds game to try to prove her wrong in this particular case. It should sound like he's joking. It doesn't. "And then you'll have to burn down that chapel just to be sure. Or at least to prevent such a thing ever happening again."

Cash leans forward, resting his head on the bar the minute Katya leaves. There's a low, pained groan as he closes his eyes. "You know," He says, though he doesn't look or sit up, "I could live with making a stupid, drunken marriage decision. That theme, though? God, what the hell was I thinking?" Yes, this is definitely the more mortifying thing here, Cash. Your priorities are entirely sensible. "I might know a guy for the hacking, actually." Perhaps frighteningly, he doesn't sound like he's joking either.

Absolutely sensible. Vyv reaches over to give Cash a perhaps surprisingly sympathetic pair of pats on the back, and then steals the bottle of whiskey, moving it over to the other side of himself where it's rather harder to reach. "I have no earthly idea," he replies, "but I have no intention of letting you get drunk enough to find out. God knows what you might end up with next time. There could be polkadot togas. Or late-stage rhinestone Elvis." There's a small shudder, and it doesn't even seem put on. "…ugh. 'All of them' suggests someone else's seen at least one…" They might have to kill someone.

"You are a good person." Cash says, though he remains leaning against the bar. How the hell we get 'good person' out of seemingly seriously considering murder might be a question for the ages, but Cash seems quite sure of the statement. "I am never going to Vegas again." That seems a solemn vow, "I have gotten inadvisably drunk on countless occasions, the alcohol has never betrayed me like that. I blame that city." Taking a deep breath, he straightens back up and reaches over to take Vyv's hand in a, perhaps surprisingly, tender show of affection. "Thank you for helping with this, I'm sorry you've had to put up with it at all."

Certain values of 'good', perhaps. Vyv's willing to accept the assertion, though, and surely if he's contemplating homicide it's only for Cash's protection. This time. "Next time insist on Monte Carlo," he suggests, "Almost certainly safer. Better architecture, too." The taking of his hand is probably unexpected; there's what might be an extra blink about then. But it's certainly not fought in any way, and there's a slight smile that gets a little warmer about the eyes at the remark. "Well, it's not boring, at least." A beat. "Horrifying, but not boring." It's only then that the smile increases a touch farther.

There's a small, unsure laugh in answer, but it does come along with a warm smile. Turning his wrist, he moves to lace his fingers with Vyv's. Maybe it's the three shots of whiskey, but it's more likely that the whiskey is simply making him a little more bold. Generally he's not one for public displays. "I'll take not boring, so long as it's enough to keep you around." He says, less unsure than the laughter, but with a touch of hesitation that comes with testing water.

Vyv has been Vyv long enough that there's a quick flicker of a glance assessing their surroundings, with that lacing. And also long enough that he still cooperates easily with that twining, giving Cash's hand a small squeeze once it's complete. There's something somehow quieter about the way he considers the marine for a moment before he replies, "Mm. There's nowhere in particular I was planning to go. Except that moonlight flit with Audrey, I suppose. But I think," a tiny hesitation of his own, "you promised to find us."

That brightens Cash up noticably, and there's a soft laugh in answer, as well as an almost shy turn of his head to glance away. "Well, come on then," He says, standing up but not letting go of Vyv's hand, "Best not keep the lady waiting." Find, come along with, either worked for his purposes. Sober, he probably would have made that same sort of glance around the bar - But as it stands he's just tipsy enough to not even consider the fact that semi-rural Colorado may not be terribly friendly. Besides, he's really quite sure no one actually wants that kind of tango with him.

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