(2019-01-25) Texts In the Night
August, alone in the B&B, sends a few texts while indisposed, and can't help meddling when an opportunity presents itself.

Garage Suite - Stone B and B
In the bathroom off the bedroom at the back of the suite, August Lexington sits leaned against the wall, perhaps considering the wisdom of drinking so much acidic juice during the show taping earlier today. A bout of nausea has has her indisposed, so of course the smartest thing to do is pick up her phone and begin firing off a few texts. Katherine is the first to respond to a message, and then it all goes downhill from there.

All texts from August are purple, from Katherine are yellow, and from Sevin are green.

<TXT> To Katherine - The B&B is oddly quiet.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - I'm sitting here with Layla and Sevin. I'm watching one grade papers while the other shoots him amused looks.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - I don't know if my hot cocoa was worth all this. I'm not even getting felt up under the table.

<TXT> To Katherine - Lemme see if I can fix that.

<TXT> To Sevin - Your girlfriend is bored. You should feel her up under the table.

<TXT> From Sevin to August - What the fuck? Why are you telling me this? Why is she telling you that?

<TXT> To Katherine - Hot cocoa sounds really good rn. I hate it when I want something and Tony's not here to give it to me.

<TXT> To Sevin - She's my BFF. Also there's something we should chat about.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Are you talking about sex? Also if you text Sevin and tell him to finger me under the table, I'm going to spank your ass.

<TXT> From Sevin to August - Something like what?

<TXT> To Katherine - Would I do that?

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Yes.

<TXT> To Sevin - This isn't something you say on the phone.

<TXT> To Katherine - How's your cocoa?

<TXT> From Sevin to August - Up to you.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - It's getting cold.

<TXT> To Katherine - Why aren't you drinking it?

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Because I wanted coffee, but I didn't want to be up all night.

<TXT> To Katherine - Take a sip of Sevin's, then bring me your cold cocoa.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - You're grounded.

<TXT> To Katherine - But, mom, why?

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Because you sent him that text, I know you did!

<TXT> To Katherine - Just because he glowers doesn't mean I did anything. He looks like that all the time.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - It came on the heels of him receiving a text. But you're right, he does look grumpy all the time. Except during sex.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Too bad I'm not getting felt up still. You want anything with your drink? They have pastries here.

<TXT> To Katherine - Somebody needs to tell these boys a thirty second thrill under the table isn't gonna cut it.

<TXT> To Katherine - Nah, well. Maybe a cinnamon roll.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - I didn't even get thirty seconds. He's using his red pen and ignoring me. Which ..oh wait.. hey now.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Two cinnamon rolls.

<TXT> To Katherine - Rad.

<TXT> To Sevin - Good job, buddy.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Rad?

<TXT> From Sevin to August - What the fuck is your problem?

<TXT> To Sevin - I've been nauseated all day, can't eat, I can't drink this bottle of wine, my boobs hurt, and I'm alone in my fortress of solitude. I cried over a dishwashing liquid commercial and I'm tired of hugging the toilet. Stop taking away my small moments of joy.

<TXT> From Sevin to August - I'll stop by later with some god damned ginger ale and soda crackers. If you promise to never call me buddy again.

<TXT> To Sevin - … Deal.

<TXT> To Katherine - Double rad. I like pastry.

<TXT> From Sevin to August - I'll even throw in a little something extra.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Pastry is pretty good. Okay, cold hot chocolate and two cinnamon rolls.

<TXT> To Katherine - <3

<TXT> To Sevin - Wait, what does that mean?

<TXT> From Katherine to August - God damn it woman, his hand is on my thigh now and I can't get up to order anything. I'm torn between being happy and wondering if I'm gonna Meg Ryan in the coffee shop.

<TXT> From Sevin to August - You'll see.

<TXT> To Sevin - Touche.

<TXT> To Katherine - Just go with it, babe. Dang, maybe I should drive over to the house.

<TXT> To Katherine - I don't wanna puke in the truck though. Dilemma.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - If I have an orgasm in the coffee shop, I'm buying you a dozen cinnamon rolls. If you come to the coffee shop, I'll just slide you my credit card. No problem.

<TXT> To Katherine - Challenge accepted.

<TXT> To Katherine - Just kidding, I'm not gonna text bribe Sevin for that. But I was tempted.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Text bribe? How are you bribing him, I'm breathless to know.

<TXT> To Katherine - $50 is my go to. But that might be a lowball.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - You PAY him? Did you pay him to grope me? Holy shit!

<TXT> To Katherine - Omg no.

<TXT> To Katherine - He would throw his fucking phone into the wall.

<TXT> From Katherine to August - He is so fucking hot when he gets angry. Have I ever mentioned that before?

<TXT> To Katherine - Want me to offer to pay him and see what happens?

<TXT> From Katherine to August - Better not.

<TXT> To Katherine - Wise decision. I think he might aneurism and then hulk smash. Wouldn't wanna ruin your, um, cocoa.

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