(2019-01-25) A Mann About a Car
Carsyn and Cody check out trucks at Mann's autolot

So it was decided that Cody would come help Carsyn find a vehicle. It hadn't turned out to be so simple a task. All over town they'd driven going to every used car dealership they could find. For the last three days. It was almost a running joke now how picky Carsyn was and how she'd just know when she found the right one. Even Carfax had left them empty. Everything was so expensive. Or on its last leg. It was time to give Harry Mann a try. Pulling up in Cody's own modest used car hadn't sent any eager salesmen out of the building to intercept and shove different cars down their throat. With relief, Carsyn stretches her legs when she gets out and grins over at Cody. "Oh good, we get to shop without pressure. Let's look at the pickups." She's Texan after all. She was probably conceived in the back of a truck. Not that she'd ever know…

That was good, no eager salesman meant the could take their time and look over the cars too. He's getting out and coming around to join her. Parked so she was closest to the lot of cars to look at, he's coming around and while glancing at any nearby window prices himself, its one of an economic decision for him probably. One only needs look at his car to realize that.. "Good choice to start looking, we'll see what they have." As he gets near, he will reach for her hand as they turn for the cars. "Depends though, ford or chevy?" Dodge is not considered in the least.

Her hand is given over along with a small smile of recognition for the way he just reaches for hers. Once their fingers are laced she gets more serious about selecting anything. For once they have a better selection of trucks than cars. "Oh I'm a Ford girl, I think. At least that's the kind I know how to do a little work on, from one of my dads growing up." She looks thoughtful a moment. "What about your dad? You hardly mention your family at all."

Good deal or lemon, half of the chance is just that, random chance probably, Harry at least knows the local clientele enough to take in trucks. His hand holds hers, firmly, contact made but, keeping it warm at least if they're not gloved, "There you go, talking my language. I can't say much about what's under the hood, Ford's never done me wrong. Take it in regularly enough, it'll keep going." A shrug though, and then she asks about family and he looks down a little as they walk. "Yeah, that guy. Not sure. He doesn't live here." As if to leave it there, but then his fingers give hers a little squeeze and he take a a breath. "He lives in Santa Fe, with his family." At least its not totally generic as they head for trucks.

So it wasn't exactly the response Carsyn had expected to hear but she gives his hand a gentle squeeze of support and smile ruefully up at him. "At least that means we're not related. My dad does live here. And with his family, too, or so I've heard when I ask around." Without going deeper into it, she leads the way to a line of moderately priced trucks. It's straight to a 1976 old Ford pickup she seems drawn to, and she grins as they get closer. "I love this truck! This is the one, if it's not too expensive!"

"See, there we go," nods Cody, looking more her way. "Not related, unlike half the folks around these parts." Which, he barely has a tilt at the corner of his mouth like a smile so its hard for others to notice he's making a joke about rural living, or trailer park living, or both. "See, you had me with that cute smile, now you're just putting icing all over that cake." A slight lift of his brows. Then he moves to go with her, can't stay beyind, they're attached at the hand. "Yeah, that one," he ponders, but holds off a moment, "We should see how it runs too. I mean, I can't tell by listening, but if it starts up and we get it around a block or two, we know we can manage to get it to a mechanic if needed too?"

"Are they? A lot around here are related? Do you have a lot of family around too? Cousins or the like?" Carsyn finds herself holding back questions to ask but the raw curiosity to know more about him is there in her eyes as they move from him back to the truck. "We could take it for a test drive, I want you to drive it though, if you don't mind? My experience, these mom and pop places like this deal better with men and only try and take advantage of women. I'm glad you came with, thank you for that."

About then, Harry Mann himself comes out of the building, his waddling body speaking much about his inactivity other than sitting at his desk at work and behind a plate and fork often. "Evenin'," he greets, as predicted beelining towards Cody after giving Carsyn a leering sort of look. "You interested in Mater?" The truck is red and a little rust showing through. The interior has a few duct taped spots on the seat, no shoulder strap seatbelts in that year but soo much open space for feet. The dash tilts down towards the hood slightly, made that way in factory, and the steering wheel has a leather grip on it that doesn't look new. The dimmer switch is on the floor and the truck is an automatic.

"Some, some cousins have a small ranch, learned a bit with them," responds Cody about nearby family, "I mean not as big as all that, not likely to accidently meet family the wrong way." A slight purse of lips, maybe he ponders cousins beyond 1st and who he doesn't know considering generations of living in Calaveras. Best not to, as he looks more at the rusty red truck. "They'd do that, I don't know the guy or the place, but," he never thought of that, maybe showing he's not the sort to take such advantage even but, "Yeah, at est drive for you, you and me." She should get a feel for it to before any agreement, let alone driving it off the lot.
As the man comes out, Cody looks to him, considering the man did speak at him. "We are, yeah," he corrects, its not him, but he is mindful of what she said and being taken advantage of. "Mater huh?" Part grin shows a little, but part of his eyes set on the 'Maaan this is colorado' not the place Larry the Cable Guy is from. "Looks like it could use some work but managed to hold up a little through the years. We'd like a look, a little drive of your Mater her if that's okay."

"Meet family the wrong way? Kissing cousins and all that?" Carsyn laughs a little, more amused than anything. "You better not be kissing anyone but me." Of course she's teasing when she says it but just then she realizes it was true. Not that they'd ever had that talk. Or done anything more than kissed. Ducking her head, the next smile was a little more shy and she only looks up to see the owner and listen to his greeting to Cody. And Cody's back. "Mater." She'd seen the movies. "Yeah let's take a test drive and then we can look under the hood?" Leaving it to Cody instead of the owner.

Harry offers the keys over, "Take 'im for a spin and see what you think of 'im and then we'll talk beneath the hood and prices." He steps back once the key is handed over and waddles back towards the warmth of his small office.

A slight turn to her, "If it works out, you going with it?" Cody means keeping the name. He doesn't name cars per say, but can probably relate. You don't just name a horse, you get a feel for the colt and go from there if you need to name, such as for sporting and racing. That said of course, Cody turns to Harry and takes the keys. If anything is needed in exchange, key swap, etc, he does just so, depending on lot policy, but otherwise takes the keys. "Good good. Around the block, see how it runs." Or a few blocks of course, but meaning they'll keep it close, standard car driving things. He does look at the key, seeing how old it might be, dinged up or not, then turning, "Let see what this baby does." Not a grin, and no not really, he'll move to open the drivers door, but at its age, she can climb in and scoot over rather than walk around the car. Plus it gives her first look at the truck she may be purchasing too. He'll climb into the cab after, look around, then turn the ignition to get them started.

Whatever it takes, Carsyn finds herself climbing in the drivers side and scooting over. Not to the other side, but to the middle where she gives him a cheesy smile then scoots on along to the other side. Mostly because he'd mentioned nothing about kissing only her after her comment. The lap belt is put on once she's over on her side, grateful for something to do while he settles in. Again, she smiles, not forcing anything. "Here we go! If it works out, I definitely want it. I love the older style, I hear those without the computers are much easier to work on. And the key seems fine. The truck starts right up.. almost. Then on the second try it does and stays running. Cold natured, older vehicles need to warm up after being parked awhile. And it was sure cold out! In fact the sky was all gray, threatening snow, the air a little frosty. "I love the space in here."

He looks at her as he climbs up, then lifts a brow when she scoots over though. "Yeah, way better, I mean you can see what might be the problem if its older. I have no clue how to fix a computer that isn't working because of computer stuff." Second try is good if its cold, he flips it into gear. "Yeah, plenty of space for things," He says, not being specific but looks her way, "But too much between us. Sure there's room for four to sit in here, but its a bench so you could be close. There's not middle console for my elbow, I need you to help me prop up my arm." He says, part tesing, but he is more serious about scooting over. He pulls out and drives around more random just to get a feel. "Alignments a little off, but as rusty as it is, its pretty good I think, not like its pulling right to the curb or something."

With a sheepish grin, Carsyn unfastens her belt and scoots back over to the center and sort of leans against him so she'll fit perfectly there. Giving a couple of little gleeful bounces, she laughs lightly. "I like it here better anyway." After fastening the middle seat belt, she waits until they take off before she talks again. "It seems to run good. The heater seems like it may work, it's not as icy as it was." But old vehicles took a bit to warm up. "Alignments aren't cheap, but worth it the way it saves on the wear on tires. I don't mind paying for one. And when you need to go to the ranch and I just need to work, we can swap out vehicles so you can use the truck and I'll use your car? We can share that way to whichever we need at the time." It's a suggestion she offers him, and she looks up at him to see how he takes it.

If she comes close enough before strapping the belt, he will put an arm around her. Cody listens and nods agreement, "You're a pretty good fit Carsyn, you're right." Its a good place for her, has hand dangles to her shoulder, "Yeah, its blowing less cold for sure. Looks like our breath isn't fogging." Of freezing maybe. He gives her a squeeze as they drive a block this way or that. "Yeah, whichever we need, and share rides to school when we can." He's about to pull over for her turn, she can see he's good with one hand hitched over the will casually as he rolls it to a place to stop. He looks her way as they do pull over of course, "Definitely share, it'd be sort of weird not to have you at my side some days." The days they go to campus together.

"I like the way we fit. It seems natural. Nothing forced." Carsyn rides comfortably, smiling as he agrees they could share and ride together or swap when needed. They lived close enough together to make it feasible. After a moment she lifts a hand to lace fingers with his, with the one he has over her shoulder. Comfortable and trusting in his driving, she concentrates on the feel of the pickup until he pulls over. "I don't need to drive, really. I trust your judgment. I've driven this make and year before. I'm very comfortable with it. I'm good to go if you are."

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