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Breakfast, chatting and plans to meet later.

Sam wasn't here last night, but there might have been some things going on. Honestly, Katherine shouldn't be up and as chipper as she is. She is in the kitchen, cleaning while she hums a cheery tune softly to herself. She is dressed up a bit today, dark brown jeans belted snugly to her hips and a crisp button down olive sweater with a deep v neck , sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her hair is pulled back into a french braid and there are dangling gold chain earrings swinging from her ears. Breakfast is on the stove, it looks like she made stuffed french toast, and the scent of coffee is battling with the sweet scent for dominance. A mug of coffee sits near the sink where Kate is currently draining soapy water from the sink.

He was not. It's a coin flip most days as to whether he's actually sleeping in the room that he's renting at the B&B. But, he's still around every day - either using the space to work in or just coming in to enjoy meals. He'd returned early that morning and spent some time working on some of his writing before eventually following the smell of breakfast into the kitchen. Sam seems to be in good spirits as well, though most of the time that seems to be the case. He's wearing black skinny jeans that hug tight to his legs and a collared slate blue sweater. "Good morning, Kate." He offers with the enthusiasm of someone who is well and fully awake. He navigates toward the coffee machine to fetch himself. "That smells amazing." A brief pause while his eyes sweep over his friend - "Love the shirt. And the braid." He compliments her easily.

Kate grins at Sam when he enters the kitchen, saluting the man with her coffee cup. "Morning Sam. Hungry?" She takes a sip from her coffee and sets it down. There is a brief moment when her cheeks pink at the compliment, a hand going to sweep down the back of her braid. "Thanks. I got up today in a great mood, decided to dress up a bit." A few bracelets tinkle at her wrist as she moves to wash her hands, soaping them up good before she rinses. She loads up french toast onto a plate, adds some bacon and sets it in front of a stool at the counter. The thick toasted bread seems to have been stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries. A carafe of syrup is placed down as well. "I think it helps that I didn't have to get up at four in the bloody morning today." She rolls her eyes and fetches a second plate, only giving herself one piece of french toast and bacon. "I had a note next to my pillow when I woke up in a panic, because I thought I slept in."

"The problem isn't so much getting up at four in the morning as not going to bed until one." Sam remarks with a grin - not that he knows Kate's sleeping schedule, but that's always his problem when it comes to getting up early. He takes in the impressive looking breakfast on the counter. "I love your cooking. I can't say it enough. But, I need to get out of this place before I can't fit into my jeans any more." Laughing, he takes up the syrup carafe and pours it on while he settles into the place there. Clearly he's not letting it stop him from eating. "You had a note next to your pillow?" He asks, looking up toward Kate once his breakfast is properly dressed. "The good kind, I hope?"

"Tell me about it, I was a little inebriated last night. I vaguely remember sending some text messages and being fireman carried to my room." Katherine looks amused by that, the grin lighting her face up. "Aww, thank you Sam. Yeah, I need to get to the gym at some point, I should start going with August. She's behaving herself and I'm gorging on cake and drinking whiskey." She picks up the carafe when Sam finishes with it, chuckling softly. "Could go either way, just a quick note in Arabic telling me I was shitfaced, that he'd see me later." She digs her fork into the french toast, leaning forward as not to drip syrup down her cleavage. "If he was angry, the note would have gone different so I'm pretty sure it's fine." She blinks, turning to pull open the fridge. She gets some orange juice and bumps it closed with her hip. A mug of coffee is poured for Sam and set next to his right elbow. "I don't drink very often so apparently I'm a lightweight. I got some news last night that threw me a bit."

"The cake and whiskey diet is likely something I could get on board with. We just need someone to do a shady research paper on it and get national media coverage about how it is how we were meant to eat all along." Sam replies, grinning while he cuts off a piece of the french toast and pops it into his mouth. He chews and chases it with coffee before saying anything else. "At least you don't seem to be suffering much in the way of consequences from it all today. Drinking is great, hangovers seem to get worse every year. Worst part of getting older." He uses his knife and fork to cut up a few pieces of his toast, having them ready for eating before he asks - "What news did you get?" Look. He asked straight out. That's progress.

"I'd probably get spanked if I made it a regular occurrence, but that really isn't a deterrent." Kate's eyebrows loft for a moment as a wicked smile curves her lips. "The better than sex cake is all gone though, and it was pretty good, I really should make more at some point." She pours herself some orange juice, setting the carton aside instead of putting it away. "Nope, I expected to wake up feeling like swamp thing this morning, but after I got startled awake thinking I missed or was late for the morning show? I took some aspirin, went back to sleep and woke up feeling great." She picks up her bacon and crunches into it, smirking at the question. "My ex was maybe arrested in Panama, and is being extradited back to Detroit. Which pretty much cements my thoughts about my taste in men. I should have a panel pick out the next one if Sevin doesn't work out."

"I was going to say, that's not a punishment that's going to prevent the crime." Sam replies with a laugh to Kate's first comment, shaking his head and stabbing another piece of toast. "And while I appreciate that cake can be really fucking good, I'm still pretty sure if it's being called better than sex that you're doing the sex wrong. Just putting that out there - with full disclosure that I didn't actually get to try this cake." Sam takes that bite and when he's finished takes up his coffee in both hands, sipping at it and his expression furrowing a bit at Kate's last comment. "Shit. What was he arrested for? That seems like news that's worthy of a bit of whiskey." He watches Kate over the lip of his coffee mug and adds - "Math professors are likely a more sedate choice."

Kate gets lost in a daydream for a moment, if the faraway look on her face is anything to go by. She snaps out of it and her hands gesture as she speaks. "Imagine it. Chocolate cake, poked after baked, caramel poured in so it soaks into the cake? Then you top it with toffee pieces, spread whipped topping on it, sprinkle some chocolate shavings and a little more toffee. It obviously isn't better than sex, I have to agree with that. If you would have asked me last year, I probably would have put up an argument." She shrugs picking up her plate and juice so she can walk around the counter, taking a seat on the stool. She crosses her legs and settles in, setting down her plate. "His company is under investigation for some suspected fraudulent transactions, and some criminal things having to do with real estate. The person who told me said it isn't official, as in known to the media yet, but she knows some people." She takes a sip of juice and almost chokes at Sam's last statement, her eyes shifting away from the man for a moment.

"That does sound very good. And there is also bad sex. So, yeah, I could see how it might rank above. Maybe need to rename it to Better Than Some Sex Cake." Sam says, working away at his breakfast again while Kate explains the crimes of her ex. He nods. "Sounds like a real mess. But, in your past now." He pauses before grinning - "Though, the idea of choosing who you date via panel would likely make for pretty good television. Picture it a bit like those Twitch streams where the streamer has to follow the will of the crowd. You've got an earpiece and each choice in your dating life is directed by a poll from the audience. Go to dinner with him? Vote. That first kiss? Vote time. Heading for the bedroom? Vote. Vote. Vote." If Sam notices the near juice choking it isn't obvious.

"Better than some sex cake." Kate chuckles at that, brushing a few loose strands of hair away from her face. "Well I was thinking the worst about him, and mind you this isn't much better, but it's better than where my mind was going for a while there." She swings her crossed legs back and forth slowly, eyebrows raised at Sam. "Don't mention that to Heather. I mean, she can't use me for that idea, as I'm in a steady relationship? She could use it for ratings though, and whomever she gets into that would ..probably have fun, but still." She snorts out a laugh at the 'heading for the bedroom' part. "I do have to say that my life is pretty lovely right now, and I honestly can't see how it could get much better. Now that I've said that though, this is when the other shoe drops and all hell breaks loose." She rolls her eyes and stabs a piece of french toast. "Nah, if things go south, I'm going to take Heather's advice for once and just do me, while doing other people occasionally for stress relief."

"I'll keep my lips sealed." Sam replies, bringing his fingers up and zipping them across his mouth. He grins at the thought of Heather actually implementing that show and shakes his head. It has likely already been done, honestly. But, not a Calavares version. "I'm glad things are going well. I know I've only scratched the surface of your life, but it sounds like you've had a bit of a roller coaster. I think it's good to have things settle down every once in awhile and just be able to enjoy yourself without having to worry if it's all going to fall apart from hour to hour." He curves a smile at the last - "Is that what her advice is? Avoid relationships, take care of yourself and fuck if the situation arises? I mean, I don't entirely disagree. Relationships sometimes aren't worth the trouble. But, when they work, they really are worth it."

"I mean, if you do tell her, and your ideas and presence in television prove fruitful, she'll simply start shaking you down for ideas." Katherine leans against the counter, finished with her food, her chin propped in her palm. "Honestly Sam, if I did less, my life would be a lot more sedate and easy. I know that, everyone around me knows that, but I'm just to…happy in the chaos right now. I never thought I would like television, in fact, I figured that I'd last a month and then she'd replace me." She taps her fingers along her jaw, a slight smile on her face. "Well she was pretty adamant that I needed to just find myself a man who wanted to get laid every once in a while and avoid the R word. I..am a bit of a prude sometimes, having sex with someone I don't know is something that I don't really think I could do. I mean…except the one time I did it." She wrinkles her nose. "She just wants me to be happy, and she knows how much I invest myself into people, a lot of time to my own detriment."

"I don't much care for sex with near strangers either. I've been down that road, but it's not really the same. But, there is a middle ground somewhere of meeting someone and actually liking and respecting them and also having sex. I get that it's a bit of a unicorn situation. That usually brings in feelings and it's hard to have someone in both compartments. This is my friend and we enjoy each others company. And we sometimes have sex, because sex is great and should be something we can do for fun." He pushes away his own empty plate, clearly thinking through this while he speaks. He swings his eyes back to Kate, adding - "I'm talking in generalities now. I mean, I'd guess that's what Heather means when she's talking fuck buddies. Not so much random hookups?"

"It's weird, but ..I was trying Heather's way of thinking with Sevin. The problem was that I can't just have sex with someone and push those emotions to the side. I had to sit on my hands a lot with him, and remind him… and myself.. that I didn't want a relationship. Then I fell. Fell hard." Kate sighs and gazes at Sam. "I don't think I'm wired the proper way to have a friend with benefits. Which really is a shame because I like sex more than I remember liking it back in high school." She gets to her feet, gathering the plates and carrying them to the sink. "As much as I don't want to be my mother, I suppose deep down in my dark, never gonna speak it aloud, feelings… I want to be like my mother. I want to have something secure, warm and amazing where other people aren't even on the radar. Her and my dad were so in love, I doubt anyone could have come between them."

"Don't make it sound like you're broken for wanting those things, Kate." Sam says, watching her while she starts to gather up the plates and clean up the kitchen. "I'm the first one to celebrate that we're living in a world that is slowly coming around to the idea that sex is good and should be enjoyed by everyone of all genders and sexualities without guilt. But, I also think it's nearly as bad if the pendulum swings so far the other direction that people are feeling shame for wanting stability and safety and the familiar touch of someone they trust - or even, gasp, love." Sam looks down into his black coffee and then picks it up again to take a sip. "Which is all to say, we should do what makes us feel good. And it sounds like you are."

"I feel broken for wanting them, mostly because I rarely pick the path of least resistance." Kate murmurs, running some water into the sink, creating a bubbly froth. "One might almost think that I'm Catholic the way I take guilt to heart. I'm always damned if I do, and damned if I don't, and that's before other peoples opinions come into play." She slowly washes the dishes, and then shakes her hands off after rinsing them. Out comes the containers as she packs up what remains of breakfast. "Two weeks, and I'll know if I should keep the steady track or give up and hermit myself." She makes a face and places the containers in the fridge. "I'm just glad that I'm not the sort to poke holes in condoms to create more messes. That kind of behavior doesn't do anyone any favors, and it's not the way to keep someone close if they can't be close." She picks up the carton of orange juice, turning to put it away. "If he tries to go, I guess I'll just have to follow. Heather would murder me."

That's a lot to process in just a couple sentences. Sam looks down into his coffee mug as though it has become very interesting for a few moments before letting out a slow breath. "No. No - poking holes in condoms seems like the worst possible way to solve any kind of situation. I don't think solve is the right word at all." He seems to want to ask more questions about that particular statement, but the bit about 'going' really seems to be more important here. "A couple weeks? Going? I think I'm missing part of the conversation here, Kate. What's going on?" He doesn't make any assumptions until getting a bit more clarity on the comments.

Kate runs a hand over her torso, snorting out a soft laugh. "I don't want babies. I don't think I'm the type of person who will mother a small innocent thing very well. I'm okay at juggling adult things, but ..a baby means that you're attached to someone for the rest of your life. What if they don't want to be attached back? That is some scary shit right there." She leans against the opposite counter and tilts her head, juice cup in her hand. "Sevin is here under contract with the University, it's a semester thing, if he isn't picked up again or he gets a better offer he's going. He said he'd know in a month, and that is only two weeks away." She takes a drink, her eyes on her socked feet as she speaks again. "I've known that for a while, it's why I've been very careful about the relationship thing with him. He could go, and I've begged him to stay, but he hasn't wavered. Honestly, if I hadn't asked you out on a date, we'd probably still be in this circling pattern, pretending that love didn't enter the equation."

So it's really all Sam's fault.

His face is carefully neutral when Kate clears up the situation that she's dealing with, letting out a slow breath once it's all out on the table. His expression does switch to one of mild surprise a that last comment - he didn't realize that the brief exchange in the kitchen about a possible dinner had really had such an impact. Likely a story that's best chased down another time. "Well, that's a shitty situation." Is his eventual reply, lips drawn into a frown. "I really don't know Sevin at all, Kate. So I try hard not to judge. But, I have a hard time having charitable feelings toward someone who would get wrapped up emotionally with someone with the knowledge that leaving town for better money is more of a priority for them." Maybe it's a harsh assessment? It might also be the first time Sam has said something negative about anyone since he'd come to the city.

Kate gazes across the short expanse, watching Sam as he speaks. She takes another sip of juice, shrugs a shoulder and then speaks, her voice quiet and a little firm. "Try not to judge him too harshly, there is always more to the story. It's like a character in a book, Sam. You can read about them for four pages, have their whims and appearance described. Then what is the rest of the book about? A story? Well yes, but it's also more about the character. It doesn't take four pages to describe someone, it can sometimes take four novels. Sevin is a very complicated man, and I don't pretend to have scratched more than the surface." She smiles before she sips at her juice again. "If he had to go, I would have two choices. I would follow him, or I would let him go, and feel grateful that he deigned to give me as much of himself as he has. That's how much I love him." She blinks, and sighs as tears fill her eyes. "Damn hormones. Sorry. Shit." She wipes her eyes and then sets her juice down.

Sam's expression twists and it's almost like he swallows back the first thoughts that came to his mind - maybe because he's trying to be a decent human being and do exactly as Kate suggests, not making judgement before he knows the entire story. Or maybe it's too late for that and it's more that tears are filling Kate's eyes and she doesn't leave any doubt about how strongly she feels. "Shit, Kate. I'm sorry." And it's not just an apology for his comments, but more a sweeping statement about the difficulty of her situation. While he says it he gets to his feet and takes a tissue from a nearby box, crossing the short distance to Kate and offering it to her, while putting a hand tentatively on her shoulder. "This is what you get when I'm more comfortable. Stupid things coming out of my mouth. You should get used to it." His tone is light, trying to let the conversation move elsewhere.

Kate takes the tissue offered and she wipes at her eyes, laughing softly. "I don't mind the hard conversations, Sam. I just worry that you seeing what's going on inside here.." She taps her temple, smirking. "..will make you reconsider knowing me. Too many people have tried to remind me that life isn't a Hallmark movie." Her slightly red eyes, shift up to meet Sam's gaze. "My life isn't a Hallmark movie. I lost everything two years ago, and I've had to rebuild my life, rethink my approach to things almost constantly. I don't like struggle. I don't want to make hard decisions. If my life was a Hallmark movie, I would have met a rich man, who wasn't shady, and I'd be off in a tropical locations having my happily ever after." She reaches out, giving Sam a brief hug while he's close. "Nobody is perfect, and I think you're a great person. Worth knowing, no matter what comes out of your mouth."

"The thing about Hallmark movies is that no one has a life like that, Kate. Some people are better than others about giving the illusion that they've got everything exactly how it should be - but it's always fucked up behind the curtain." Sam returns the hug, holding it for a quiet moment before stepping back again to give her some space. "You've dealt with more than most, but I wouldn't have known it when I arrived here. You were - are - inspiring. And a great friend. And I honestly don't want to see you hurting or to get hurt more. Not that I can do anything to prevent it, but that doesn't mean I'm going to like it. If I can ever do anything, just say the word." He pushes a hand up through his hair, his own eyes a bit brighter than they usually are. "Speaking of conversations, are we going to try to get to the studio today?" There's a topic change.

Katherine picks up her juice, swirling it in the glass after Sam steps away. "I don't want to hurt either, like I said, if I wanted the easy choices.." She sighs and takes a drink, rolling her eyes. "I would have done everything different. It wouldn't have been as meaningful, maybe." She smiles up at Sam, raising her glass in his direction. "If you can do anything, I'll let you know, but ..you've done a lot already, just by listening." She meets his gaze, going still for a moment before the topic change happens. "Oh uh, yeah. August should be waking up soon, being pregnant doesn't agree with her, I think. At least not right now because she pukes a lot. Another reason not to have babies."

This is another surprise for Sam. He isn't around much in the evening when August does tend to be around - so why would he know. "I didn't realize she was pregnant." He comments with a quick laugh. "I've really only talked to her that one night and occasionally saw her buzzing through here. Since then we've only communicated via cupcakes and cupcake related missives." He waves vaguely toward the fridge. The had been a note stuck to it earlier this week addressed to Sam from August. Perhaps Kate had seen it there? Or maybe not. "Well, she can take all the time she needs. I'll likely head down the hill, but I'll have my phone with me and can come to the studio whenever she's ready. Just send a text." He doesn't comment on babies, but no denying lots of reasons to avoid those.

"You'd have realized it today when I didn't give her a shot. We're having Absolut legspreaders, by the way." Kate gets an arch look on her face, shaking her sleeves down to her wrists. "Out of all the people I know, August gets me the best. She also has a similar sense of humor, which.." She coughs softly, her eyes shifting away from Sam, clearly attempting to suppress laughter. ".. you'll see later, probably." She presses the back of her hand to her mouth, swallowing. "Yeah, if you're downtown it's easy enough to get to the studio. I'm going to go see what I'm wearing for the taping. Teetering between something hot and businesslike or scandalous that will inspire some talk. This show will be viewed by a focus group, and Heather is hoping we score low. Means that it's good. I mean… I wouldn't think so, but the boss knows best?" She glances down at herself. "What do you think, Sam? Businesslike or a little scandal?"

"We're talking sex and having leg spreader shots?" Sam says with an amused expression - "I think you'd best go with a bit of scandal. Maybe not full out club wear, but I don't think that business casual would really quite be the right mood." His expression twists a bit and he looks down at himself, shaking his head. "I hadn't really thought about what I was going to wear. I'm not sure how much scandal I have. I'm not sure it works if I just tug down my collar." Of course, he does this as he says it, hooking his thumb in the unbuttoned V of his collar and dragging it down a couple inches to show off, well, nothing but flat chest. "Just not the same impact."

"Black leather pencil skirt, and a low cut blouse." Katherine agrees, gazing at Sam as her eyebrows raise slightly. "Just wear a pair of jeans and a nice casual top. We'll make you look good, trust me." She reaches up to pat him gently on his bicep, grinning slightly. "I'll borrow a pair of stilettos from August, and as long as I don't have to walk in them, I'll be fine." She gazes toward the stove, her expression far away. "I'm gonna make dinner and bring it to the studio, you'll have a container to take home after we're done filming, hmm?" She pulls the fridge open, pulls out a package of beef. "Chicken fried steak." She murmurs, jerking her chin toward a hanging basket. "With mashed potatoes." She glances at him over her shoulder. "Have a good afternoon, Sam. Thanks again for listening, you're really good at it, you know?"

"I don't doubt that you will." Sam agrees, pretty damn certain that if Kate and August are both done up that no one will really be paying attention to him at all. And that's perfectly fine. "That sounds great. Dinner I mean. And I'll see you at the studio. I'm happy to listen and talk any time. Really, any time. You've got my number." He turns and navigates out of Kate's way so she can get on with dinner and makes his way toward the kitchen door with a smile and wave over his shoulder.

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