(2019-01-25) Cinnamon Rolls
Kate, Layla and Sevin have coffee, while August turns into an agent of chaos.

Katherine is sitting in the back of the coffee shop, a steaming cup of hot cocoa sitting in front of her on a table. She's wearing a black leather pencil skirt, an oversized dark green turtleneck sweater, and a pair of soft black sueded ankle books. Open in front of her is a book, an Arabic language workshop book with elegant characters on the page she's open to. She's singing softly to the music piping out over the speakers, 80's Roxette by the sound of it. She glances at her cup, notices that her marshmallows have started to melt, so she takes a tentative sip, nodding her satisfaction.

The coffee shop is a frequent enough stop on Layla's daily tour of work, hotel, other things. Sometimes she manages to come by a few times a day depending on what is on her schedule of things to do. Today this is time number two that she walks in, wearing a pair of jeans, boots, t-shirt and jacket to ward off the cold. Everything is well put together, but very casual still. The ever present phone is tucked against her ear, and she seems to be having a quiet conversation with someone as she makes her way towards the counter to place an order for a coffee.

Kate glances up from her book, her gaze settling on Layla as she steps up to the counter. She waits until she's noticed to offer up a wave, a friendly smile forming on her lips to accompany it. She closes her book, setting it aside so she can pull her mug closer, waiting to see if Layla hangs up her phone. It's rude to offer someone a place to sit if they're talking on their mobile after all. Speaking of which, she'll pull her phone out of her purse to check it, smirking at a text message displayed there.

The phone call is finished before her coffee is, and Layla returns the smile and wave to Katherine. As soon as her coffee is finished she picks it up before she approaches Katherine's table, "Hello again, Katherine. I wasn't expecting to run into anyone I recognized tonight."

"I needed to get out of the house before I started climbing the walls." Katherine replies, tilting her head toward a chair. "Would you like to join me?" She asks, scooting a bit so her crossed legs won't bump into Layla when she settles into her chair. She chooses a safe topic at random. The weather wins. "Looks like more snow is coming. You like the snow?" She lifts her mug to take a sip, setting it near her phone.

"I've been there before." Layla replies, smiling at the comment of climbing the wall. She sets her coffee down at the table at the invitation, undoing her coat before she drapes it across the back of the chair. The question about the weather causes her to pause for a moment before she laughs, taking the seat, "I suppose that I like the snow well enough. It's at least less irritating to blow into the collar of your shirt than sand is."

Once she's seated she shifts, crossing her legs and carefully positioning herself so that she doesn't accidentally invade Kate's footspace either. The book that she was reading is noted, but she doesn't mention anything about it, just reaches for her coffee to wrap her chilly hands around it, "Sam said you'd invited him on the show as a permanent host? Guest? I'm sorry, I'm not sure of the proper terminology."

The bell above the door jingles again as someone else steps inside, taking refuge from the cold. Tall, swarthy gentleman dressed somewhat crisply, in contradiction of his slightly scruffy hair and beard. He heads over to the counter to place an order for a 'medium medium', which necessitates being repeated about three times for the barista to get his order right. After tossing a crumpled bill on the counter and telling her to keep the change, he moves off to pull out his phone and wait for his drink - and happens to spot a very familiar face seated nearby, along with a slightly less familiar one. A smile is sent Kate's way, but he doesn't intrude.

Kate folds her hands, settling them in her lap, a smile on her face as Layla comments about the snow. "Plus you can make snowmen. I don't think it would work well with sand, and if it did.. well it would look odd." She nods at Layla, taking another sip from her mug. "I did, he's got a great television presence, and the taping we did today went well. I think he'll be an excellent fit for what we're looking for. I hope he enjoys it, that's the most important part." She spots Sevin, how could she not, and she winks at him before she turns her attention back to Layla. "Did he seem excited about it?"

<TXT> To Sevin from Katherine - If you take that coffee and leave, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

"I haven't seen him, but he seemed it over text." Layla shakes her head apologetically, "It's hard to read text for emotions, but he said that he readily agreed, so I imagine that is an indication that he was excited about it. He also said that the taping went well, as well." She glances over at Sevin when Kate spots him, offering a nod in greeting before she looks back at Kate, "Sam is articulate, and brave enough to speak his mind, I think he'll be a wonderful addition to anything he sets his mind to."
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Well, I wouldn't want to make you disappointed.

Sevin's phone buzzes, and he checks it briefly before tapping out a reply. His lips twitch slightly as he reaches for his coffee, and snaps on a lid. No cream, no sugar. Then he approaches the table where Kate and Layla are seated, and leans in to steal a kiss from the leggy brunette. "Fancy meeting you here," he murmurs, then turns and gives Layla a slight nod. "Ms. Mostafa. It's nice to see you again."

Katherine eases her phone off the table, setting it in her lap. She taps something into it, gazing toward the counter through her lashes. She turns her head to regard Layla for a few moments, quiet as she considers her words. "I figured he would dither a bit, put me off while he considered it. I'm glad that he didn't." She chuckles lowly, nodding as she speaks. "The taping went very well, and we all learned a lot about each other. It makes me a little nervous to know some of the things that the general public might learn when it comes out. I suppose I'll just have to shake that off, walk with my head high. I'm human just like anyone else in this city." Sevin approaches and she tilts her head up to accept the kiss, tapping the chair beside her. "Do you mind if he joins us?" She smiles at Layla, indicates the kiss thief, before she subtly jerks her chin to indicate the chair beside her.

There is a brief look down at Kate's phone when she takes it off the table, then she smiles, "Of course not, it is your table." She glances at Sevin, offering him a smile as well, "It's nice to see you again as well." She turns her cup around until she is able to tuck a finger through the handle of it, then she balances it on her knee, "I find that, in my own experiences….and judging from what I know about your show, that holding your head high will everyone but the saddest of people from commenting about what isn't their business to comment about."

Sevin will wait, of course, until an invitation's made before he'll sit. Well mannered isn't quite the right term for him, but he does have rules and rituals, and this one of them. The chair is nudged out with the toe of his boot, and he settles into it with perhaps the tiniest wince, coffee set on the table in front of him - along with a folder stuffed with papers - while he unfastens his coat. "When does it air? Your show." A flick of pale eyes to Kate.

"People like to talk, it's a small town. I'm used to it already, so I'll just ..enjoy the attention I guess." Kate smiles at Layla, leaving her phone on her lap for now. "I'm not sure when we're going to air the episode, I know that Heather is showing it to a focus group tomorrow. If they love it, she might make us retape. If they loathe it, then she's going to push to get it on air as soon as possible." She flicks her dark gaze back to Layla, grinning. "I should have asked Sam if you would have wanted to sit in today, I apologize for not thinking of that."

"If they like it, you'll retape but if they hate it, you'll air it?" Layla looks a little confused by that, but nods agreeably anyways, taking a careful sip from her coffee, then she smiles, "It's fine. I'd have enjoyed watching, but I'm sure that you were all very busy and that there was enough chaos happening that one more person underfoot would just have been a bother." Her cup of coffee is put down on the table, her fingers lacing together in her lap, glancing towards Sevin before her smile widens, looking at the pair of them, "Sam mentioned you were seeing someone, but he never said who. That's a small town for you, I suppose."

It is indeed. A small town. Layla's smile is returned by a quick curve of the professor's lips; enough to sketch a little dimple in one scruffy cheek. "Iktshafi," he murmurs low to his fellow countryman. Countrywoman? It's not quite warmth in his pale eyes, but it isn't a lack of it either. "And you must be Sam's girlfriend." Amusement, subtle, as he finishes shrugging out of his coat and drapes it across the back of his chair. He's left in a crisp white shirt with the top button or two undone, and his coffee cup makes its way back into his broad hand. "How is business." He looks right at Layla as he says that. And in his usual fashion, his intonation doesn't readily indicate a query.

"I don't know how things go behind the scenes at a television studio. I got brought on quite out of the blue to do the morning show last year. I was a television virgin. I did put more into production with this piece. In the end, Heather knows what she's doing." Kate gives Sevin a brief look, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly as she picks up her hot cocoa. She doesn't immediately comment on the shift in the conversation, she simply takes a drink from her mug and settles back in her chair. "It was kind of Sam to be discreet, but unnecessary, I think."

"Business is business, most of my business is still in Denver, office space here hasn't been completed yet, so most everything I'm handling is over the phone." Layla replies, smiling at Sevin, amusement flashing across her face, "Kate, it seems, was recently talking the business up with the people…what was it, the lady that runs the wedding store?" She glances over at Kate for confirmation, "Which I still should go and speak with her, touch base." Then she glances at Sevin, that smile in place still, although it grows more amused, "I've spoken with a few others around town, building up names of florists, and prime locations for events. All very tedious work, building a base." She then takes a small breath before she shakes her head, "I'm not sure that I would have any idea what happens in a studio, but I can't imagine it is anything but well running chaos."

Sevin spots the look from Kate, perhaps. Does he know what to make of it? Hard to say. But he does seem to be done with his line of questioning, such as it was, and settles in to sip his coffee. The knee closest to Kate brushes hers with casual familiarity, and once he's warmed up enough, he strips off his gloves and flips open the folder stuffed with papers. Grading to finish, it looks like; the coffee shop is near enough the University that it's likely he's down here on a break from an all-nighter.

"You should, her work is exquisite. Hell, most of the people in that little…mall, I suppose you could call it, are great craftsmen. Most things made here, by hand." Kate watches as Layla looks amused, and her expression becomes a little more guarded, a line appearing between her brows as they furrow briefly. "I don't really know much about your business. I just know people, people here. Worked with them for the last few years when I needed the most help." She clears her throat and takes another drink, her eyes on her cocoa. "It's all chaos, but pretty well organized chaos at least." She slips her work book from under Sevin's papers, leaning to the side to tuck it into her purse.

"I plan on speaking with her, and I'll be certain to let her know who told me about her." Layla assures Kate with a smile, "I quite enjoy being able to work with people who do things that elevates them above the simple….box stores." There is a moment spent thinking about it, "Although I can't say that any have been in malls, like I was telling you the other day, but I believe that's because the cities I've been in the States have all been much, much larger." There is a very faint shrug of her shoulders, "I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about my business, but I would wager that you know a lot more about it that you think you do. It's a business much like any other." She takes note of Sevin and his work grading papers, then offers, "Yes, Sam and I are dating. I didn't mean to ignore the comment a moment ago."

Sevin doesn't seem to have taken any offense to the delayed response to his remark. Perhaps he'd quite forgotten about it, given the brief look of confusion on his face. "It's not a problem," he murmurs after a moment. Little twitch of his lips again in an approximation of a smile that doesn't linger, and he slips a pen out of his coat, and clicks it on. He truly doesn't seem to have much to contribute to this conversation, and focuses on his marking for a moment while the talk filters past him.

//This is where August starts texting me - see http://calaveras.wikidot.com/log:2019-01-25-texts-in-the-night//

Kate's phone buzzes in her lap and she glances down at it, her fingers quick with a response. "Well, Layla, if I ask you questions about your business tonight, then how do I feign surprise when I ask you on the show?" She lets out a slightly startled squeak as the phone buzzes again, frowning. "Like I said when we spoke, if you would like for me to help with ..anything really. Just let me know. What is another ball to toss in the air with the other things I'm juggling." She glances down at her phone, pales, and shoots a startled look at Sevin before she focuses on Layla. "What do you do for fun, Layla?"

"To help?" Layla laughs faintly at that, "No, not really. Nothing more than what you've already done, at least. Knowing people in the city, word of mouth, being able to have ready answers if a client requests a certain experience for their stay beyond a typical hotel, or the ski lodge, that is quite the help already." There is a bit of a downward glance towards the phone when it continues to buzz, then there is a glance towards Sevin before answering the question, "Fun…I enjoy movies, and reading. Sight seeing, and meeting new people. But I think a lot of my idea of fun is wrapped up in my work, and all leads back to it in the end. It's hard to clock out when there is no clock. You?"

Sevin sighs, and slips his own phone out when it vibrates. He eases back in his chair slightly, setting his pen down in order to reply. And returns Kate's startled look with a slightly confused one. Like, what the fuck are you looking at me for? His phone is pushed away once he's finished composing his response, and his gaze resettles on Layla across from him. "You should be careful with that," he opines quietly. "Business and pleasure. Getting them mixed up. It seems unwise." He seems amused, ever so slightly.

Kate blushes when Layla laughs, looking slightly abashed. "I'm sure you're fine, forget that I offered. If anyone does give you problems, feel free to poke at me. I grew up with most of the people who run these shops, and sometimes I can get them to be slightly more agreeable." When Sevin gives her the what the fuck are you looking at me for look, it settles something in her mind. She sets her phone on the table and uncrosses her legs, so she can cross them again, picking up her mug. "For fun? Hmm. Mostly cleaning and cooking, but lately I have found that sex is probably the most fun a person can have without getting arrested. It's so much easier to get it too when you're attached." She sips. "I'm happy mixing business with pleasure too. Live dangerously, I say."

There is a shake of her head at the blush, "I'm sorry. No, it's usually that I'm the one offering help. I don't find many people offering to assist me with anything I might need for work, it caught me off guard." Layla reaches a hand over towards Kate, fingers lifting for a moment before she sits back, "Just the nature of things, I'm afraid. I solve problems, and I make things happen for other people." She then glances at Sevin, then shakes her head, that amusement returning, "Don't worry, there are some thing I don't mix, and that would be a very particular brand of pleasure that is very firmly apart from business." She then tilts her head, nodding to Kate, "Indeed, sex probably is, although some of it would get someone arrested."

Sevin sips his coffee and returns to marking his coursework. It's a red pen he seems to favour; the better to circle things with a flourish, and scrawl barely legible refutations of incomplete mathematical proofs in margins. Scratch, scratch, scratch. He pauses at the comment from Kate. The one about the 'most fun a person can have'. And then resumes his writing. Flips the page, scribbles some more algebraic mumbo jumbo beside a question that was left empty. "Only if you're doing it right," is murmured on the heels of Layla's comment about being arrested for one's sexual escapades.

Under the table: Sevin slides his free hand along Kate's thigh, just below the hem of her skirt, squeezes slightly, and leaves it there.

Kate looks thoughtful as she sits there, clearly something is on her mind. She looks from Sevin to Layla, focusing on the latter before she speaks again. "Sex in public is not a good idea, winter and all." She gazes at her phone, looks at the text messages, and for a moment she looks like she might get to her feet to go order something, but then she blinks and sits back in her chair. She clears her throat. "What plans do you have to draw people out to use your business?"

Under the table: Katherine's leg jumps when Sevin's hand edges under the hem of her skirt, but doesn't push his hand away.

"There are plenty of places indoors that are still public if that is your idea of a good time." Layla replies thoughtfully, glancing between Kate, then Sevin before she smiles at Kate, "You look like you're troubled by something…If you're wanting to ask something less friendly chat over coffee, you can feel free to. I won't be offended." However, she does also offer an answer to the question already asked, "Word of mouth, clients I've already built trust and a working relationship with from Denver, or even L.A….some international clients I still keep. Locals will find me, if they need. I find that in what I do, advertising and drawing in people just…organically happens."

Sevin doesn't seem inclined to intrude much on the conversation, beyond taking the occasional pot shot at low hanging fruit. His pale gaze flicks up now and then to observe Layla, but he seems mostly focused on his marking. Probably.

Under the table: Sevin's hand roves a liiiittle bit higher, slipping just under the hemline of her skirt, callused fingers grazing her soft inner thigh.

"I only flirted with public sex once, and it wasn't that public. I think I'll behave myself for now, and keep an eye out for opportunities that won't end in me getting fussed at." Kate says this pragmatically, her eyes shifting briefly to the counter and then back to Layla. "I don't think I've ever been less than friendly on purpose without a very good reason. You've not given me any reason to be rude to you, so.." She picks up her cocoa and sips at it. "If you want to discuss something though, let me know. I'm happy enough to navigate choppy waters." She perks up slightly at the mention of Denver, setting down her cup. "Have you ever worked with the Westin Institute?"

"Poor choice of words, less than polite perhaps would have been a better way of phrasing it." Layla then pauses at the question, thinking about it before she shakes her head, "It doesn't sound familiar, no. But if they've contacted me through third parties there is a good possibility that I've worked with them and not known it, although that was more frequent in my dealings in L.A. than Denver." She smiles faintly, leaning back in her seat, "I'm not sure what choppy waters there would be, you just looked like something was on your mind is all."

Sevin looks askance to Kate for a beat. Then back to his grading. He's sitting pretty close to the (much) younger woman, and smiling ever so slightly. Maybe he's playing some footsie with her under the table. Or maybe it's the conversation that's amusing him. Though mention of the Westin Institute seems to cause his look to turn thoughtful. More wrong answers, more red pen.

Under the table: Sevin is utterly incorrigible. His hand slides even higher, squeezing Kate's thigh briefly before he behaves.

"I …" Kate looks confused for a moment, gazing at Layla for a few beats before she speaks up again. "The owner of the Westin Institute was here for a bit. Decent enough fellow, or so I am told." She licks her lips briefly and takes a breath. "Layla, I think you're a lovely woman, and I don't have any sort of problem with you. I won't be less polite to someone just for giggles. Never been my cup of tea." She taps her mug with her fingers as she uncrosses her legs. "Is there anything you wouldn't want to talk about when you appear on the show?" She gazes at Sevin, her eyes lingering there for a few moments before she glances back at Layla.

There is a moment of confusion, then Layla glances at Sevin, switching to Arabic, "I think that I'm losing something in translation. How would I explain that I it seemed like she wanted to ask something that went beyond polite small talk?" She shifts back into English, repeating the word polite with an obvious moment of uncertainty that she's using the proper word for what she means. Then she glances at Kate, once more looking apologetic about what she perceives as a translation issue, trying again, "Deeper? Less…" She flounders again, then spreads her hands in apology before answering, "There is no topic I deem off limits."

The mention of the 'decent enough fellow' garners slightly furrowed brows from the professor. Though he keeps his eyes on his work, and doesn't intrude upon the conversation. Until, of course, Layla solicits his advice. Which garners a flick of his eyes toward the woman, and a brief press of his tonguetip against the inside of his cheek. Murmured in that rough-edged singsong of their native tongue, "I'm not sure I'm the best person to be asking for help. I seem to have the wrong words for everything. But I think the word you want is.." He switches back to English. "Less superficial." A flick of pale eyes back to Kate's darker ones, a question in the tip of his brow, and a tiny smile in the crease of his scruffy cheek.

Kate sits there, her eyes flitting to the ceiling as they speak to one another in Arabic. She's not going to say how much of it she caught, because if her translation is shit, she's going to be embarrassed. So instead she feigns ignorance and settles her gaze back on Layla when she switches back to English. "Oh, well, the same goes for me. It's why we're doing a show where we talk a lot about things that people don't generally share with the public. In fact, tonight, I informed the whole studio that I'm good at blow jobs. The camera men seemed very interested in it." She takes a deep breath and glances down at her lap, grinning. She turns a look on Sevin, a fond one, but doesn't speak again.

Layla considers the word that Sevin suggests, then she nods, "Less superficial." She can only cross her fingers that her meaning gets across better this time, although there is a bit of a laugh when Kate makes her confession of what she informed everyone of earlier. "I suppose that isn't a terrible thing to be good at. But if there is something you are wondering, please do not hesitate to ask, and whatever questions you want to ask for your show are also fine. I like to think I can provide an answer for anything asked of me."

Well, it's technically two words, but nobody ever accused Sevin of possessing much mastery of the English language. He scrawls a little more in a margin, double-checks the last page, and shuffles the stack of assignments back into the folder from whence they came. Something's murmured to Kate before he reaches for his coffee. "Why don't you invite her onto the show?" he enquires with a tip of one brow. "It sounds like Ms. Mostafa is eager to be candid with you."

Kate shakes her head at Layla, a smile forming on her lips. "Perhaps once we know each other better we can be less candid and more open about discussing things that might not be considered polite or .." She looks lost for a second and then she shrugs. "That kind of open discussion comes with time. I used to be a lot more open, not anymore." Something about the last part of her statement amuses her, and she makes a face when Sevin leans in to murmur in her ear. She scoots her chair back, getting to her feet. "Unfortunately though, I'm afraid I'm going to steal this talkative man, and press him to take me home." She raises her brows at Sevin to see if he'll agree. "I did invite her on the show, and I'm sure that is when we'll get into some very interesting discussion"

"Of course." Layla replies, offering another smile before she starts to her feet as well, reaching for her coat, "I should be getting back to my hotel anyways, before it gets to late out. It was nice to see the both of you again, and I look forward to whenever that show might be scheduled for."

Sevin will apparently join Kate when he's good and ready to. Which means at least another sip or two of coffee, and a quick reply to a text message on his phone before he eases to his feet. The device is slid into his coat pocket, and he shrugs into the thing with a roll of broad shoulders and snap of the collar being turned down. "Aetani. Tusbih ealaa khayr." That's to Layla, though Kate likely knows enough of the language to pick up on his meaning: 'take care and good night'.

Sevin whispers: What the fuck is that look for? Don't make me spank you when we get home.
Katherine whispers, "Promises promises." to Sevin.
Sevin whispers: Be careful what you wish for.
Katherine whispers, "Be careful what you offer. I'm still not convinced that it's a punishment." to Sevin.
Sevin whispers: That sounds like a challenge.
Katherine whispers, "Feel free to take the challenge, but don't be surprised when I keep you up all night after." to Sevin.

Katherine exchanges a few whispers with Sevin and then aiming a smirk in his direction turns to walk to the counter, ordering a dozen cinnamon rolls to go. "I'll be in touch soon, Layla!" She calls out, and then gazes at Sevin. "Coming?" She says pertly, maybe there was a double meaning to that.

"Have a good evening." Layla replies, tugging her coat on as she makes to get ready herself, nodding to Kate, a hand lifting towards her, "I look forward to it." Then she begins to move towards the door, pulling her phone out to send her own text.

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