(2019-01-22) Kama Sutra
Someone take their phones away please.

<TXT> To August from Katherine- My little sister is home, you ought to meet her sometime soon.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Hey. She is? I would love to. Sorry… took so long to reply. I'm sweating like a dying heifer. My thumb was so sweaty I couldn't get my phone to unlock.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Pardon? You're what? Woman.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Gym. On treadmill. May be dying.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Oh dear. Too many cupcakes, love?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Never too many cupcakes. Not enough cardio. Haven't worked out since I moved except sex. Lots of sex. Not enough tho obviously.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Wait, is sex considered exercise?
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I should have more sex, in that case. I had a lot of cake the other day.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Depends on how many positions & how long you go. 45 mins of cardio is the spot.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I'm not very versed in different positions.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Girl. I have a book for you.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - There..is a book?
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I never really got into pornography that much. Saw a few videos, used that knowledge.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - There are several, but I have a hand-illustrated classic. It's got gold leaf. That's not porn. That's art.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Sex art sounds interesting. I'd like to borrow that, if I may?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Of course! I never mention a book I'm unwilling to lend. I'll grab it off the shelf next time I'm at the house. It's between my skeleton and the anatomy theatre text.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Okay, and if I have any questions, I'll text you. Someone told me I need to chase more, so I'm thinking of buying some risky lace and setting up a ..trap.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Shit, I almost fell off the treadmill. I like this plan. :D
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I'm determined to step out of my comfort zone. Show him how I feel.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Look up hopelesslingerie on Insta. That might help. :devil emoji:
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I hope I don't give him a heart attack.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - If that doesn't do it for you, try atelierbordelle.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - My body thanks you, my wallet will be a little angry for a while.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - I own several of the bordelle pieces. I'm having them shipped in with the rest of my closet by the weekend.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Think this will work?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - If by work you mean lead to sex, yes.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Exactly that. If I distract him with sex, we'll argue less. I'll just occupy his mouth so he can't ask me questions that make me mad.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - I have followed that plan many a time. I hope it works out. <3
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Have fun on the treadmill, don't fall.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Sex is way safer than this. :crying emoji:
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I dunno. I've seen some things now.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - You'll definitely see some things later. :>
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Are you gonna do a dress up in lingerie for me or something? Or are you going to lend something dangerous to Sevin?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - If you want I think I have two pieces you could look at. Both are strappy, so they can be slightly adjusted, and we might fit them to you. Let me see when I'm home from this hell.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Yes'm.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Bonus, though. I think the whole fire department works out here.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Well now you're just tempting me.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Come by for dinner. Curry. <3

Kate shrugs, glancing back at the counter to her phone. It's still for now. "Plotting, nothing serious or bad." She remarks quietly, tucking into her food. "What is your favorite food?" She asks, reaching out to pour the wine now that it's had some time to breathe. She takes a sip, swirling the wine in the glass before she takes another one.

"What do you mean. Plotting?" If Sevin sounds cautious about that, it's because he has good reason to be. His fork is poised to shovel another mountain of curry into his mouth; he's making fairly quick work of it. "Does it involve large quantities of food?" Because let's be honest, odds are that it does. The pair are seated at the dining table, and the kitchen smells like curry. Sevin's in a shirt and tie, and it isn't even a nerdy tie today. Maybe someone gave him shit for those.

"Plotting, making plans, and no. Not food." Katherine is eating slower than Sevin, dressed in a loose off-shoulder gray sweatshirt and a pair of blue denim jeans. She reaches out for her glass of wine and sips from it, eyebrows raised slightly. "Is that a hint that you liked the curry and you want me to make more food? I found a few decent recipes that I think I'm going to try." She sets down her wine glass and gets to her feet, moving to get some ice water.

In the scheme of things, August showing up this time of day isn't really unusual. What is unusual is the flush of her cheeks, her hair pulled up in an extra messy bun, little curls at her temples and the back of her neck, where some little stray pieces of hair have curled up with sweat from her workout. She did rinse off, so she doesn't come in here stinky, but she's wearing form fitting leggings and an oversize, pale grey, wide knit sweater, utterly see thru, over a black yoga top. These are also fresh clothes, not the clothes she just sweated in in the gym. You are doubly welcome. On her feet are a pair of running shoes, which she kicks off as soon as she's inside the door. Stealth approach, because she didn't stiletto her way across the drive that time. She pads across the kitchen in her socks, makes her way to the table, and sits down heavily. "I am dead. Just bury me in the yard." She tips over and rests her head on her arms, looking between Kate and Sevin, only her eyes moving.

Sevin grunts something at that. Because his mouth is full of food. After he's swallowed, he murmurs a little more intelligibly, "It wasn't a hint. It was a question." More curry disappears down the hatch; he's almost polished off the bowl, though god knows where he puts it. He's tall, but not a big man.

Right about then, August pads in and flops down at the table, and he pauses in his chewing to watch her for a minute. Then swallows, and notes, "Were you working out? At the gym?" His brows knit together slightly.

Kate rolls her eyes and gets to her feet, abandoning her curry to go make a bowl for August. Since she's cooking a bun in her oven, she doesn't get wine, she gets chai tea. "Well it's obvious that it was at least palatable, because you almost finished it. There is more on the stove." She carries a bowl back to the table, setting it down in front of August. The tea goes next to it. "Think I could do well with a catering company?" She asks playfully before she sits back down at her place. "Sam's girlfriend thinks I should give this up and cook instead."

August nods, her head bobbing on her arms. She barely moves, though. "I was dying on a treadmill for 2 miles." Which doesn't sound like a whole lot until you take into account she never talks about working out and also, "I couldn't remember how to turn the incline down, and there were hot firemen, so I just toughed it out." Like a BOSS. Like a person who is going to have trouble walking tomorrow, and not for any of the fun reasons. She does watch Kate to go make a bowl, and when it arrives, bless you, Kate, she unslumps and reaches for a spoon. "I would pay you." She does, sort of. "Oh god." She says this before she takes her first bite, because curry. And she loves curry. In her mouth goes a spoonful. Chew, chew, swallow. "Does Sam's girlfriend eat here a lot?"

Sevin spots the eyeroll, but says nothing of it. For now, anyway. His gaze tracks the brunette into the kitchen, then slides away as he polishes off his food with a clack, clack, clack of his fork against the bowl. "It's more than palatable. You're a fantastic cook. And who gives a fuck what Sam's girlfriend thinks." He eases back in his chair and tugs a napkin free from the knife he didn't use before dabbing at his beard with it. To August: "I suppose you could've picked a worse place to pass out." Not that she did. But if she had.

"She hasn't yet." Kate says to august, answering her question before she tucks back into her food. "I don't give a fuck what she thinks, but she wants to work with me…getting people to stay here at the B&B, but she also wants me to abandon it for a catering company. It's confusing." She aims a brief smile at Sevin, tilting her head toward the stove. "Have more if you want it, or take the rest with you if you go home tonight." She glances back at August. "Two miles? Jeez woman. You start small and work your way up to that."

August actually laughs at Sevin's observation. Though, really it's probably more of a you have no idea chortle than a laugh. Then again, he has heard some of her stories and seen her tipsy, and can extrapolate. "I used to do more, but trail, along the water, you know? On flat ground." She slides her hand out from her body in a very flat sweep. Another bite of curry goes into her mouth. It is the life blood. "Oh, right, this is the one Tony was going to buffer for you?" She takes small, neat bites, but she mows through her food at a fair pace. "… Need more cardio to maintain this level of cupcake intake." She's utterly in denial about why her pants have been feeling a little snug this week.

Sevin considers for a minute. Then collects his bowl and eases to his feet, sending a look askance to August for her chortle. "Does she have a name?" Sam's girlfriend, he means. Bellying up to the counter, he serves himself some rice, then spoons curry over top of it. One of those spoonfuls goes straight into his mouth on the sly.

"Oh, just that woman we discussed in your truck the other day. You know, the lovely one? Layla?" Katherine misses him putting a spoonful into his mouth, eating between bites. She gazes over at August and tilts her head slightly. "Yes, the one that Tony said he'd talk to with me. To see if she was what she really seemed to be." She lets her crossed legs swing back and forth idly, finishing off her first glass of wine. "I only go to the gym to work out, but..I'm considering new options." She reaches out to pour more wine, grinning over at August.

August glances over to watch Sevin serve himself more curry like a staring creeper. She's usually staring at the person moving the most in a room, unless there's a more sneaky person moving less in a room, one who needs to have their hands watched. You know who you are. Aug rests her elbow on the table, props her head on her hand, and flicks her pale gaze to Kate while the brunette talks about Layla. She makes her way through half of her bowl of curry before she says, "Thank you for dinner, babe. This is made of yum." She may be twenty nine, but August still says yum. And always will. She takes a bite right as Kate mentions other options, and coughs a little, then swallows without chewing. She gives a thumbs up and then takes a drink of chai. Zoiks. Another small sip, then she says, "Cardio, cardio, cardio." There's a pause before she asks, "Did you decide on a topic of conversation for the first taping? I'll talk about anything." She pauses, then says, "Except maths."

Layla. "Layla Mostafa?" That garners a chuckle from Sevin, low and warm and a little rough around the edges. Too many clove cigarettes, one presumes. "That might be the funniest shit I've heard all week." And it's been quite a week. The amusement doesn't linger long on his austere mien though; he looks thoughtful a moment later, and sneaks another spoon of curry while the women chatter. A muttered 'fuck's sake' might be picked out somewhere on the heels of August's warding off of the M word. "New options for what?"

Kate aims a warm smile at August, nodding. "I do have a topic. We're going to discuss if society has changed enough that having sex on the first date isn't still considered taboo." She picks up her bowl and moves over to the sink, dumping it in. She opens the freezer and pulls out some home made sorbet, scooping into it. It's orange, and smells sharply of citrus. "Oh they appear to be quite taken with each other, but he was amused because apparently she didn't think this was a good place for him to stay." She tucks her hair behind her ear, moving back to the table. "More options for exercise. I'm not a treadmill kind of person. Maybe hiking." She says, sticking her spoon in her mouth, leaving it there for a few moments to let the sorbet melt against her tongue.

August smirks into her bowl, fishing up a bite. Might be to Sevin's muttering, but it could also be to Kate's topic. She says, "I don't even usually go on a date first." The curry goes into her mouth, and she glances up after a moment more of thinking about that. "Wow, I really don't usually go on dates first." Maybe sobriety is a good thing, but it sure is fucking with her sense of self these days. "Every time I go on a date now, something had happens or I start crying. It's really fucked up." There's a lengthy pause from August, while she eats, before she finally says, "Hiking's a good one, but it's way more fun with a partner." She glances from Kate to Sevin, asks, "Do you know Layla?" And then back to Kate, whom she eyes for a moment, either because of the sorbet or the repeated mention of exercise. Smirk persists.

Sevin looks over at Kate's response to his question, in time to spot her spooning sorbet into her mouth. He doesn't look entirely sure that he believes that answer, but doesn't push either. Bowl collected into his hand, fork in the other, he turns to lean against the counter while he eats his second helping of curry. Never much a man for chairs; maybe he dislikes being confined. Maybe he just prefers to loom. To August, "I do." And, "She strikes me as a very.. particular woman." The word 'particular' takes him a minute to figure out how to translate, and it still isn't quite right. As for the topic of sex on the first date, he starts to say something.. then seems to think better of it. Instead, something's counted out on his fingers that he does not elucidate upon.

"Well, casual sex will make for a good first topic. I'm sure that everyone involved have some thoughts on the matter, and then some." Katherine doesn't elaborate on that, spooning up more sorbet. "Prepare to cry at the drop of a hat now, Lynn is pissed at me most of the time, but when I take her food or hot chocolate, she cries. It's not like her at all." She pauses again, letting the sorbet melt against her tongue as she shifts her gaze to Sevin. She's not going to ask about Layla, she's got sorbet to eat and a smirk to share with August.

There's the scrape of her spoon on the bowl before August finishes up the curry. She straightens, spoon slid into the bowl. She reaches for the chai, cradling the mug between her hands as she sits back in her chair. She glances briefly at Sevin as he does something with his fingers, then back to Kate. "I cried over a dog food commercial today." She seems mildly annoyed at this happening, and then at saying it out loud. She isn't showing and won't be for a while yet, but things have definitely started getting real. "Um." Whatever she has on her mind, she doesn't say, but it's probably baby related. "Anyway, I can get Jasper to cover whatever night we get together to tape." Particular doesn't tell her much about Layla, so she doesn't comment further on someone she hasn't met yet. "Should I do anything to prep for it?" The show.

It says plenty, if you're Sevin. But he seems disinclined to divulge more detail than that about his fellow egyptian. Head down, the scruffy-haired man polishes off his second bowl of curry in record time, does a quick check to make sure he isn't wearing any on his shirt or tie, and pivots toward the sink to wash out his bowl, back to the two women. Which rather effectively hides the look on his face when August mentions crying over a dog food commercial, and the ensuing awkward quiet. He scrubs and rinses, scrubs some more.

Kate reaches out to gently pat August's hand, a slight smile on her lips. "You do have a puppy, so I guess I can see why." She can't. It's dog food! "I'll let you know what evening we're going to get together. We should go clothes shopping. I have dresses, but I honestly have no decent tops to wear. I want something that looks nice on television, frames my .." Her hands flutter around her collarbone area. "Maybe some skirts? I have no clue, but I don't want to look like a school teacher while we're filming." She props her chin on her palm, watching Sevin clean dishes, another scoop of sorbet goes into her mouth to melt.

August doesn't quite muster up a smile when Kate pats her hand, but she does nod. She does have a dog, but that isn't what made her cry, despite a flurry of texts the other day about where to get organic carrots and why it's important that Jax eat them. "Camisole, skinny tank, statement necklace, tight pants. Unless we're sitting a long time, because I have to pee every fucking hour and a half." At least her personal revelations are surly now, which suggests she's not super close to crying. "Or a vintage rock tee cut in a vee with a plunge push up bra. Depends on how much you wanna depart from your morning look." She has opinions about clothes, you see. Finally, she rises to take her bowl to the sink. She hesitates like she's not sure she's going over there while he is. But then she does, she slides her arm around his body to place her bowl into the basin.

Sevin is very meticulous when he washes dishes. As he is with most things. It might be the mathematician in him, or it might be the military man. The bowl is rinsed, and he gets to work on the fork. Right as August brushes past him to drop off her bowl in the sink. He stills at the glancing contact, a flicker of tension in his broad shoulders. Soap bubbles slide off his wrist and splatter in the sink while he considers the dish that's been dropped off. And then with a breath, he continues scrubbing the fork. He does not even bother trying to weigh in on clothing options.

Kate sounds amused, her lips slightly pursed. "I can hear my mother now. Raise your hands and touch your toes, if anything shows, go change your clothes." She takes the last spoonful of sorbet, sticking her spoon in her mouth. After a few moments of quiet, she shrugs, nodding at August. "I'm going shopping tomorrow, I think. I'll buy some clothes and then we can modify them for television. I do want to depart from the morning suits and uptight kindergarten teacher look. This show isn't going to feel right if I'm dressed primly." She aims a look at Sevin, setting her spoon in her bowl with a slight clatter. "Are you going to come watch us tape?"

And just like that, August leaves Sevin with some of her mess. She touches his upper arm, though, "Pardon." And then she turns to walk back to the table. The flush of her cheeks has finally faded, and with the food that Kate cooked, her hunger seems to have been sated, and she's perked up a little bit. She only moves a little stiffly, though she'll definitely be feeling that workout tomorrow. "I'm going into work late tomorrow. I have a bunch of boxes coming in the next few days, and I need to be around to meet the delivery."

Sevin doesn't say a word. A slight turn of his head, a flick of pale eyes at the 'pardon', and his arm is all tense, half-corded muscle when she touches it. The fork is rinsed and set aside as well, and he starts on the bowl that August dropped off. It's almost ritualistic, this process of getting things clean. "Are you sure I wouldn't be in the way?" he replies in a low murmur on the heels of Kate's question posed to him.

"I wouldn't ask if I thought you would be." Kate responds, and she turns her head to grin at August. "I bet you're looking forward to that, it's amazing how comforting stuff can be." She picks up her sorbet bowl and approaches the sink to drop off a new offering, leaning in to quietly speak to Sevin as she sets the bowl in the sink. She picks up her phone from the counter, and shoots off a text message as she makes her way back to the table.

<TXT> To August from Katherine - I already did some shopping on my phone. I can't wait to see what crazy shit is in your deliveries though.

August drops into her seat there at the table, and picks up her mug of half-finished tea. "I really do miss my things, you know? My butterflies and my books and my skulls." She would be the type to collect skulls. She collects a lot of things, really, which will become obvious fairly soon. Not just shoes! She pauses as her phone buzzes, putting her mug down, then reaches back to pull it out of her pocket, touching the home button, then the screen, reading before she begins tappy-tapping the keys, high speed reply with her thumbs. Her long nails tick lightly on the glass. She sends it, then reaches down and lightly brushes her hand down her abdomen, hand hesitating under her belly button. She turns her tea mug, but doesn't pick it up again. "Not to mention my entire closet. So many corsets." And other things.

<TXT> From August to Katherine - Most of it's headed to Tony's place, but I'll bring a couple select boxes here, including the lingerie. And snap some photos of the others and grab up the book we talked about tomorrow.

The conversation about the boxes being delivered filters past Sevin, and is left uncommented upon. Largely since he has no idea what they're talking about, and his mind's somewhere off in the stratosphere while his hands work with soap-slippery dishes to get them clean. "Then, uh.. let me know when it's happening. And if I don't have class, I'd be happy to come." He pauses at the murmur from Kate. Just a beat. And then glances up and over his shoulder at her, quick smile dimpling one scruffy cheek, "If you'd like."

Sevin also eyes all the texting going on, just briefly, before returning to the dishes.

Kate glances down at her phone when it buzzes and she taps her screen to clear the text away. She glances over at Sevin, a smile on her face. "I would really like it if you did, and I'll find out when we're scheduling things and make sure your pass is still valid." She settles back in her chair, pulling her feet up. "There is nothing nicer than someone else doing the dishes for you. Is there any curry left to be put away?" She asks, picking up her phone to tap something else into it.

<TXT> To August - Am I going to have to hide this book?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - It might be fun if you look at it together. It's a rare edition, tho, so don't let his cranky ass throw it or something.
<TXT> To August - Do you think he ..wow, I don't know if I could read that with him without turning red.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - It's got a lot of illustrations. You just choose & point.

August gets up from the table without a word, though her phone does buzz on the way. She says, "Thank you for doing the dishes, Sevin." Yes, she pronounces is the proper way, and to Kate, "Thanks for the food. Sorry, back in a flash." And out through the kitchen she goes, passing behind Sevin close enough to disturb his clothing, before she's out through the arch and into the Great Room, headed for the nearest bathroom. Because this is her life now. Still, you can hear her tappy tapping her phone as she goes, then a mutter of, "Fucks sake," then the bathroom door shutting.

<TXT> From August to Katherine - Sorry, I have to pee like 83 times a day now. At least the curry stayed down.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - So, yeah, I'll tab my favorite pages for you.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - Is there an index?
<TXT> From August to Katherine - Uhhh. I'm not really sure. You know, I never looked. It's not in English.
<TXT> To August from Katherine - I'll make him help me figure it out.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - That's really the best way.

Sevin finishes up with the last of the dishes, rinses his hands off, and dries them up to the elbows on a tea towel hanging from the oven's handle. "Ealaa alrahab," he murmurs in response to the drive-by gratitude, and pauses a moment to watch August make her mad dash to the bathroom. His tongue drags across his lower lip slowly, and his gaze shifts back to Kate. "There is." Curry to put away. "I'll pack it up for you." Thus begins the hunt for tupperware, cupboards opened and shut until he finds something resembling a tub with a lid. "Who's messaging you." A different man might find a more tactful way to ask that question. But Sevin is who he is.

Kate is tapping at her phone when Sevin asks his question and she blinks, shifting a guilty look in his direction. "August is." She answers promptly, and then goes back to finishing her reply. "She said she had to pee." She informs him, pointing helpfully to a cupboard where she stores her containers. "Fancy a nice hot shower before sleeping?" She asks, hoping that it's sufficiently distracting to lead the conversation away from text messaging. She sets her phone down and folds her hands in her lap.

<TXT> To August from Katherine - Pee fast.er.

From the bathroom, there's a thump as August fumbles her phone while reaching for the toilet paper. "Fuck you too, you slippery little asshole." That's muffled through the door, but the tone may be audible if anyone's listening that hard. "I dropped my fucking phone!" Is called out, as her phone bzzzzzs from the floor, presumably. Hopefully it's the floor.

<TXT> To August from Katherine - Woman. Your phone better not be in the toilet.
<TXT> From August to Katherine - I'd be cussing a lot more if it was, dude.
<TXT> To August from Katherine- Whew.

Sevin watches Kate for a long moment. A long, long moment when she points out that August had to pee. A glance is sent to the bathroom, and then he turns back to the brunette with a distinct look of 'what the fuck aren't you telling me here?'. At the muffled complaint about slippery assholes, he nearly, nearly says something, but stops himself just in time. "Best idea I've heard all day," he murmurs instead, referring to the hot shower, and collects his coat. Kate is approached, and her chin lifted with two fingers so he can kiss her properly. "Don't make me wait too long." And then he's headed for the hall that leads to her suite.

Kate gets to her feet, glancing around at her clean kitchen, that she didn't have to scrub. She picks up her phone, taps something else into it as she walks past the powder room on the way to her bedroom. She raps her knuckles on the door and quietly speaks. "There are two cupcakes for you by the door." Before she continues on to her suite, once she gets to the door there she adds, a little louder. "Good night August!"

Finally, finally, August emerges after some hand washing and all that sundry bathroom jazz. She pads back out through the Great Room, into the kitchen, and her phone's in her back pocket again. By now, of course, both of the occupants of the kitchen have gone to Kate's room. "Night, Katie! Night, Sevin!" She presumes he's still here, but isn't sure. She heads to the kitchen to dump her leftover tea, wash out her cup, and then scoop up some cupcakes to take back to the Garage Suite.

On the way through the yard, August calls, "Night, Sparkle!" And all is right with the world. Except it's fucking snowing again in Calaveras. Winter.

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