(2019-01-20) Aftermath
Elizabeth gets a visit from Teija while she's in the hospital.

Elizabeth is small in the bed that she's been placed in, having lost at least fifteen pounds during her ordeal. There is a monitor on her heart that beeps slowly, and an IV has been hooked into her left arm. She is asleep at the moment, her chest rising and falling slowly. A nurse bustles into the room, gently shaking Elizabeth's shoulder, placing a tray full of bad hospital food down on the table next to her bed. "Eat up, sweetie."

With the usual business attended to by the deputy outside, particularly when it comes to weaponry, a tall, gothicly inclined woman enters the door's threshold. She's clad in a coal black chinese style dress of crushed velvet, trimmed in dark, almost black blue metallic piping, with the usual button fastnings etched with the usual romantic emblems like spiders, skulls and so forth. Over that is her black leather longcoat, collar turned up against the wind outside, though now that she's inside and searched, she's got it unbuttoned. On the left side, an underarm carry rig hangs empty while a black plush something or other the size of a pillow is tucked under her right arm. Knock-knock, "Bad time?"

Elizabeth looks up at Teija when she knocks, a glare trailing after the nurse as she walks away. She nods at the black-clad woman and gestures to a chair as she pulls her table closer. "Not a bad time. They won't let me do much here and they're even guarding the fucking door." She uncovers the tray and sighs down at the chicken breast, jello and some bland rice. "I can't wait to have actual food." She says quietly before she opens the orange juice. "Thanks, by the way." She says toward Teija, grimacing before she adds. "You probably kept me alive last night. I don't remember much beyond being cut out of my chair."

Teija steps aside from the nurse's path, probably getting a look in the process along with the usual 'she needs her rest, etc'. She steps on in and gives a faint smile, "You're welcome. You were pretty fiesty till we got back to camp, 'n that was it." She shifts her arms a little and presents the large, stuffed bear with a little police badge pinned to it. She lowers her eyes a little, maybe a fidget, then meets eyes again, "I'm glad we got you out. You're already looking a lot better." Um, "Here." Have a bear!

Elizabeth chuffs a quiet laugh, shaking her head back and forth. "I didn't want to get left there, that place was an unending nightmare for a few weeks." She bliks as the bear appears, and reaches out for it, wincing as it jars her shoulder. "It's adorable." She says, pushing the table of food away for the moment. "I smell a lot better too. It was pretty bad there for a while, four showers later, I actually feel human." She runs her fingers through her light blonde hair, looking embarassed. "I don't think they expected me to live, but I was pretty determined not to die."

"Sugar, you were ready t'merc whoever looked like they'd try to stop you." Ty returns with a snerk, "Haven't seen anyone show that kinda sand since I came back to th'world." It's a soft, rather fluffy bear, and the woman leans in to make it easier for Eli to reach, finally remembering some concern about the shoulder.

Elizabeth levels a gaze at Teija, her eyes amused even if her expression is kind of flat. "I have a little bit of a temper at the best of times." She takes the bear when it's handed to her and she gesturs to the chair again. "Sit down with me for a few minutes, I ..have been gone for a long time, and I'm kind of lost. How long have you been in town?"

Teija folds her arms under her coat, the play of muscle rippling under her tattoos and settles into the chair, crossing her legs, "Thank you. I was born here, actually." She wonders if she should explain, but settles on a vaguely, "I don't go out, much." which could explain the moon tan.

"Yeah, I just got into town a few months before this shit started." Elizabeth says, shaking her head before she shrugs. "I thought moving here was the answer to my problems, and then suddenly it turned into ..problems." She takes a moment now to gaze at Teija from head to toe, noting the tattoos and the paleness. "So, how did you get so good with a gun?"

"Grampa insisted. I was always around guns." Ty answers with a shrug, "Then I did a couple tours." Which would explain a couple specific tattoos, then, "Should see what I can do with a tank." That comes with an almost proud, almost smug, grin.

Elizabeth swallows what might have been a laugh, eyebrows lofting slightly as she stares at Teija. "We don't have many tanks here in Calaveras. We'll have to let stories suffice." She squeezes the bear and frowns, picking up a spoon to scoop up some jello. "You know Olivia very well? She seems like the uptight sort who wouldn't bring someone along otherwise."

"She came t'me a couple weeks ago about a gun taken off one of our friends' little cherubs. Asked if I did the mods." She shrugs and something almost rueful touches her otherwise flat expression, "I didn't, but I recognized the package and the aristry on the engravings. Guy named Earl. Good guy… Then those bastards killed him, his wife… his son. Kept the daughter. I never got th'straight of what happened to her."

Elizabeth nods at Teija, setting down her spoon after one taste. "Hope she was saved with some others. Hope any of them were saved. I wanted to kill most of them when I was there, but I recognized a few that didn't want to actually be there." She glances toward the window and then sighs. "I should have been more careful."

"I did too." Tya answers softly, looking to the beep-beep for a moment, then back to her, "I really wanted the big man." She shrugs. What can you do? "Wonder what the aftemath's gonna look like."

Elizabeth closes her eyes for a few moments, taking a deep breath. "I hope the people responsible get what they deserve. I wish they were shot, or worse, but I know that Olivia probably did the right thing and brought them to jail." She rolls her eyes and gazes down at the bear. "We'll see if I ever get my job back."

Teija looks at the badge she put on the bear, "I didn't realize that was a thing." she says awkwardly, then looks at her coat for a moment.

Elizabeth touches the badge and laughs aloud, a tinge of bitterness to the sound. "It was all a front to get me sucked into the cult, and it worked. Then things went to shit." She grimaces and pushes the table away further. "I can't stand to be in this bed for so long." She stands slowly, and wobbles a few steps to the other chair in the room. The hospital gown doesn't leave much to the imagination. "So you gonna hide out in your house once I'm out of here?"

"Shit." Teija replies, surprised how that came around, "A lot of work, there. Why you?" She holds up a hand, "Just sayin', there's a lot of people already here, why rope an outta towner?" She doesn't touch the house thing, yet.

"I apparently have an angry personality." Elizabeth flashes her teeth as she smiles, but it's brief before it's gone. "They had eyes on me, and I had a bit of an advantage. So I just pushed a bit, and.." She shrugs squeezing the bear. "Plus, Olivia had no idea who was inside already. Corruption and shit."

Teija nods and looks into Elizabeth's eyes, "Plenty t'be angry about." then, "She sounded worried about some of the force being dirty." She rests her elbows on her knees and, "That thin blue line thing would probably bother less people if dirty cops just sorta went away."

"I wouldn't mind if they went away. Whoever was dirty is probably the reason I languished there for so long." Elizabeth shakes her head and gazes at Teija. "There are times where I don't want my job back now. Figure I can find something else to do."

"You any use with your hands?" Teija wonders, "Ever done machining or anything tool related?" There's a little shrug, "Sure there's shooting schools that need instructors if it comes down to it."

"I'll figure something out, or I won't." Elizabeth gets to her feet again, slowly shuffling back toward her bed. "Wouldn't be the first time I fucked up my life, and figured things out." She narrows a gaze on Teija. "You ever make a mistake and try to come back through it?"

Teija thinks about that one for a few beats, "Not the way I think you mean." She watches Eli's progress as she moves, not springing to her feet or anything, but she's watching, intently. Maybe she's thinking of her pride.

Elizabeth shifts her eyes to Teija, a slight smirk appearing on her lips. "But you've fucked up before, yeah?" She settles into the bed, pulls the covers over her legs and sighs. "You have a lot of family around here?" She asks, pushing pillows under her shoulders.

Teija rises then, setting her coat aside and silently offers to fuss over her pillows as she answers, "Of course. Slept w'the wrong guy, sucked face with some bike-harpy's girlfriend, loaded the wrong shell in Basic. Everyone fucks something up."

Elizabeth sits forward, her eyes on Teija as she approaches. She seems slightly wary, but doesn't want to show it. "Very true. Life throws curveballs at us so that we can show what we're made of. Or so I've heard." She settles back on the pillows after they're fussed with. "So what are you made of?"

The pillows and adjusted a few times in silence as the question comes up, "Jade." She moves back to her seat and settles down, "I live with my dad's folks, taking care of them, working out of our basement. My parents are still around, but fuck'em."

"You're made of jade? Good stone. Cloudy and mysterious, but beautiful all the same." Elizabeth nods at Teija and she glances away toward the television. "You don't like your parents? Or do you just not care one way or another?"

The Goth follows her look to the telley, "Don't have much use for'm. Not many do." she says simply, "All they've been good at is getting fucked up." There's a faint smirk, then, "Now I know what color bear I'd get."

"You want me to buy you a bear?" Elizabeth turns to look at Teija then, a tug at the corner of her lip almost forming a smirk. "I do owe you a thank you. Not sure what I can offer that you probably don't already have. A green bear..that might be a challenge until St. Patty's day."

Teija hmm's, "Want? No, but.." sigh, "No, I was trying for a funny and.. it's never been my strength." She looks to Eli and rises again, "You don't owe me anything." She looks at the screen a moment, "I wanted payback for Earl. I wanted it bad." She looks back to Elizabeth, locking eyes, "Then Olivia set me to get you out, I didn't argue, it didn't even occur to me." She lowers her gaze, then, "Maybe there's still something…" Then she locks eyes again, "You need help getting on your feet, you let me know."

"I'll be going home after my shoulder is dealt with." Elizabeth remarks, watching Teija move, a sullen look on her face. "Leave your number, I'll be in touch if I need some help. Shouldn't turn it down at any rate."

Teija fishes in her coat for a business card and turns back to hand it over.

It's midnight blue, bordered at the upper left by viking style knotwork of stark white ink that flows into more the ribbonlike waves of Old West scrollwork before meeting again at the lower right around the emblem of a modern revolver. Saffron script reads:

Teija Harkonnen


Followed by a phone number and moc.latemyvaehlaer|noriruoyebircs#moc.latemyvaehlaer|noriruoyebircs.

"Gunsmith." Elizabeth doesn't have anywhere to put the card at the moment so she sets it aside. "I'll be in touch Teija Harkonnen." She promises, looking at the woman briefly before she turns away from her, laying down, her arms around her bear.

Teija thinks she has an idea what that contact will entail, "Rest up, Elizabeth. Need you strong." she says gently, then slips into her coat, "Seeya round." And with that, she turns to make her way out.

"Strong." Elizabeth repeats, giving another look to the card before she sighs. "Seeya.." She says, but it's too late, the other woman has already gone.

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