(2019-01-19) The Raid
Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light


Saturday morning outside Calaveras around 5 am. The sun has yet to rise and it is cold. Damn cold. It will be a fine day at least, so no snowfall to deal with and what remains on the ground is scattered but brittle underfoot. Olivia has finally obtained permission to raid the Guardians of the Light compound. That it took so long, even with a kidnapped police officer on site and terrorist activities by the cult, smacks of corruption. The raid was set to go in on Sunday morning, which is why Olivia is here on Saturday instead wit whoever she could scrape together and trust. Whoever is blocking the investigation would have warned the Cult about tomorrow. It would have been walking into a trap.

The cult compound is located at the end of a dirt road in the foothills beyond Overlook Road. Cradled in a shallow valley astride Ship Creek (someone had a sense of humor). A ten feet high fence surrounds the compound, a watchtower at each corner and double gates opening out onto the trail. Numerous stout wooden buildings are located within the walls. Residential buildings on the east and west side. Storage on the north alongside the bright white church. In the center of the compound is the newest building. A three story block of concrete that is the residence of Him. Searchlights occasionally sweep the compound, tellingly they are pointed inside rather than to the world outside. Intelligence suggests there are about seventy souls resident, most of them children, and at least twenty automatic rifles and abundant ammunition. They have used explosives in the past so there is probably bomb-making material too. Elizabeth is probably being held in one of the storage buildings but no one knows for certain.

Drones were used to monitor the compound but the bad weather has reduced their effectiveness. Olivia has set up a command center in a valley about a kilometer away. It was the only place that provided cover for the vehicles and people that she gathered. Technically, she is not in charge, this is a local police operation, but if they don't show up, she'll take it on. Clad in boots, jeans, sweater, bulletproof vest, Olivia is checking a couple of automatic rifles under the glow of a lantern hanging from the door of her 4x4. A radio is silent nearby and headsets to maintain communications are waiting on a camp table for those who arrive. They need to get into the camp just after 7:12 am, which is when all the children will be gathered in the church. Dawn is at 6:54, so they will have fifteen minutes where they will need to hide out of sight. The area around the compound is marked by dry gullies and ravines, some narrow enough that only one person can travel down them at once. Some going right up to the fence - which doesn't seem to be electrified. The plan is to use multiple ravines to enter in small teams, secure the Church to keep the kids inside, secure the storage areas to rescue Elizabeth, and secure His building to capture the leader. We don't shoot first, if we can help it, but we defend ourselves. Weapons and armor will be supplied to those who don't have it already.

Inside the compound, Elizabeth is tied to a chair in a damp, cold, windowless room. She shares it with bags of food piled up against a wall. Every day she will receive a sermon on the evils of her soul and the world she belonged to. No toilet breaks. Force fed a gruel while cultists sing His praise around her.


Due to Julian's recent run-in with the cult that left him hospitalized, Calaveras' Warden has taken up position at the Command Center where he is assisting in coordinating the Raid with topographical intel and environment detail. The lead ranger stubbornly refused any hint of concern sent his way and some of the people who have closely worked with him on this case for the last few months, particularly Olivia, would know better than to try and talk him out of it. He's seen this through since the beginning and he'll be damned if he won't be here for the finale! Decked out in full battle rattle, the former Marine turned Warden has his trust desert eagle (otherwise known as the BFG - big fucking gun) holstered at his hip though the man doesn't expect any trouble this far out from the main red zone. He goes about his duties, chattering on his radio with the teams in place, providing any necessary intel that falls within his jurisdiction while taking a backseat to any of the official instructions.

CPD isn't really an organization that is set up to deal with this sort of operation, but it does have a few personnel with… let's just call it "relevant work experience". And Sergeant Franklin Payne just happens to be one of them.

He has volunteered to round up a handful of the local cops who either have some level of experience with dealing with criminal violence, or actual combat experience; he's not even apologizing to the colleagues who mostly deal with parking violations or raiding donut shops. That means the CPD crew is actually pretty lean, but at least Frank won't have to worry too much about coordinating a bunch of untrained officers.

For her part, Teija has forgone the Goth makeup for something more 'winter doorkicker', little swatches of grey and white cross her face in a deliberately random pattern. She's clad in most of a suitable breach kit, though she's currently bereft of armor. She's traded her usual hip rig for a more generic tactical version, though her own custom hogleg, in her case based on a PLR-16, is here for the festivities, while an FAL with Masterkey rides slung over her shoulder. She approaches the gathering for her allotment of bullet-impediments and gives Olivia a, "Hey."

Though not on the official invite list, Olivia may or may not be surprised by the arrival of a familiar face at around ten minutes past the hour. Tall, swarthy, scruffy fellow. Foreigner, which may mean something or nothing at all. He's kitted out in ballistic protective armour underneath his light jacket, jeans, and comfortable looking boots. An IMI desert eagle is holstered at his side, AR-15 slung over one shoulder, and his hands are shoved into the pockets of his jacket as he moves through the makeshift command centre to get the lay of the land. He doesn't look at all cop-like, though does have a distinctly military look to him, in the way he moves, and in the kit he's rigged himself up in. He keeps an eye out for Olivia while noting the various LEOs in the process of organising.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The faint echo of Mike's wristwatch broke the dead silence to the interior of the inconspicious white Chevy Suburban that was parked inside the secured perimiter of the Tactical Operations Command location. Hazel eyes blinked open and the length of the rather averagely sized man exhaled a lengthy breath through puffed cheeks behind the thin veil of tinted windows.

Exiting the vehicle, the dull muted green tones of the mans tactical attire were sharp contrast to the white of his vehicle. Long sleeves rolled twice to mid forearm and tucked snugly into the fabric of a pair of pants which featured a slew of pockets and integrated kneepads, fastened with a wide nylon belt that sported a standard duty array of items, a Glock 23 on his hip, a few pistol magazines up front, cuffs in the rear, an unrolled magazine dump pouch, and a medical pouch. All capped by a pair of black hiking style boots.

Mike walked around to the back of the truck and opened the rear hatch, separate from the rest of the cab by a steel mesh wall and tugged out the plate carrier featuring a smattering of pouches, up front sporting AR magazines of some polymer variety and a radio antenna was routed through the shoulder pad. He slipped it on over his head and clipped the sides together, next was a ballistic helmet that he clipped to a small D-ring on the hip of his vest, and he unlocked small drawer and tugged the carbine free from its foam cutout and slung it over his front, adjusting a retention strap to hold it snugly against the front of his vest.

His attire said 'Hostage Rescue Team' - his posture and demeanor, idly chewing a piece of gum tugged from his breast pocket, suggested 'Just another day in the office' and he closed the back hatch of the SUV, slipping his hands into the pockets of his pants, he made his way toward the command truck. Eyes trailing toward the people within, he rocked on the balls of his feet, flashing his eyebrows upward in a brief bit of surprise, "Whoo. Chilly morning, huh?" he muttered though a heavy breath of steam. Glancing aside toward Teija, "Oh… the militia is here. Yay."

Sully is strapped into a boob crushing bullet resistant vest, which is good for at least one round before the shards start saying how do you do. She has a large medical bag strapped over her body, and is bundled in dark thermals. Someone lent her a helmet from their trunk, but it's in hand, dangling by the strap. If she has a sidearm, it's in the bag. Sullivan is not a cop. You can tell because there's some big white letters across her vest: MEDIC. And she will be hanging back.

Sevin's arrival certainly has Olivia curious but beggars can't be choosers. Which is why the 'militia' are here too. "Teija, you stick with me. Umm…" She points at Sevin. "You, we have a team already approaching down one of the ravines. Go meet up with them. I'll warn them you're coming." She points at the ravine and then taps at her mic in further explanation. "You're with me." That last for Mike. She checks her watch. "We need to be in position at the fence before light. At approximately 7am there will be a distraction at the front gate which we use to cut through the fence and gain access to the compound. Team 1…" That will be Franklin and co. "…will secure the church, lock it down, and then move to the central building. Team 2 will secure the storage buildings, extract Elizabeth, and then head to the central building." She looks to Julian and Sully. "You two, stay alert and let us know if shit is coming our way. Get a drone up after sun-up. Any questions? No? Good. Let's go." She will lead her team off to a ravine that will hit the camp on the opposite side from Franklin's team.

To Julian's credit, he's already busy on the comms, providing answers to questions about the surrounding area where needed and setting out reminders of certain black zones to avoid due to environmental hazards and the possibility of crossfires. He pauses in front of all the maps he has piled in front of him to briefly acknowledge Olivia with a curt nod before returning to his work.

Teija gets some armor and makes that happen while Olivia lays things out with only a, "Roger." She's not ex-enough Army to forget how to get her gear squared away, and in short order, she makes her way back to the team while she gets herself into the mindset.

Julian is not idle, with a pile of maps and charts in front of him, he remains in steady radio contact with Olivia, informing her of the surroundings and all potential hazards and potential risks. Eventually, there will be a point where radio silence is necessary, but until then, he's at the ready.

The valley that hides the command center will get the sun a little later than the surroundings. Still dark down there as red starts to seep over the horizon. Is that voices? Someone is talking out there. Faint, but getting closer. The walls of their hiding place meaning they can't see the plains around and above them.

Normally, Julian has a pretty good instinct when it comes to his surroundings. A sixth sense, as it were, or perhaps, more appropriately termed, a combat sense. Being shot up and left for dead and still recuperating to the point where he's already beginning to limp around with all the gear on his body sees to it that any approach from outside goes unnoticed for the man. Rather, he remains seated, intent on skimming through the maps and intel in front of him, checking and re-checking with the diligence of a former Marine.

Sullivan snaps once, the sound soft but it'll surely carry to Mike & Julian. She makes a hand gesture that's unmistakable, then points. She also sails a pebble at Julian's maps, but misses entirely and plinks it off the ground several feet away. Her hands are probably partially frozen. Sully frowns and jams her mitts back into her thermal's pockets with some hand warmers.

Julian doesn't take much coaxing to get him to pay attention and realize something is amiss so when Sully tosses a pebble his way, the message is received loud and clear. The radios are summarily switched off, one after the other. His hand immediately goes for his firearm, a .50 caliber Action Express that was probably intended more for bears (as his job description suggests) rather than people. He managed to get every radio…except his own, the one on his belt as he tiptoes for the entrance to the center, which crackles to life with chatter from Franklin's team. The ranger's eyes go wide and he immediately reaches down to flip the radio off, but the damage is done.

Back at the base, a prairie dog pokes its head up out of its lair to see if winter is over…and is promptly hit on the head by Sully's pebble. It decides to sleep a little longer. The crackle of the radio silences those voices that were coming closer. Replaced by the padding of feet on frozen ground, an occasional crack as something brittle is stepped on. There must be at least three of them up there.

Sully steps back to hug the command vehicle, glancing up to Mike who's undoubtedly already focused on the voices. He's got his gum for company, and pretty much notices everything. Julian, the other weapon on hand, surely has that side under control. As the medical professional Sullivan keeps one hand in her pocket and moves around the vehicle. She shrugs out of her med bag, and stows it under the bumper.

With Julian's radio under control, he quickly re-positions himself, parallel of Sully as he proceeds around to the opposite side vehicle. For a moment, he remains still, listening for any further hint of approach, then proceeds to go into the prone position to take a look beneath the vehicle for a better look at any possible extra pairs of legs wandering about beside the command team's presence.

A voice calls down to the command center from one side of the valley ridge. "This is private property. What are you doing here?" The speaker is a man in his early twenties, an assault rifle in his hands. He is alone…at least he is the only one anyone can see.

With the safety off and his silhouette concealed by the vehicle, Julian peeks out from the side, his BFG in hand with the long muzzle pointed toward the owner of the assault rifle. Rules of engagement are pretty clear - he can't shoot first. So after a moment of silence, Julian clears his throat, gestures at Sully in case she is looking over at him to 'get ready' and shouts back. "Drop your weapon and put your hands up!" The words sound almost foreign coming out of the former Marine's mouth, but he falls under the regulations of the feds and Olivia right now, so any stupid moves reflects back on her. So, for the moment, Julian, with his desert eagle trained on the assailant, follows standard operating procedures.

The man does not seem impressed by the BFG pointed at him. He spits to one side before a snort of amusement. "This is private property" he repeats. "Unless you got a warrant, which ain't valid anyway since we don't recognise your law, you are trespassing. And trespassers get sent to Hell around here." He nods at all the vehicles. "You all leave now, on foot, and we'll call it quits."

Sully casts a glance from Julian to the sovereign type with the rifle. She doesn't throw in her two cents, but she does move, taking several steps back like she's going to disappear entirely around the rear of the vehicle.

If Julian can get an eye at Sully, he silently indicates with his hands for her to keep her eyes peeled. As far as the man goes, the only one they're aware of is him. So, after a moment and sharing a glance with Sully that ensures she hasn't revealed her presence yet, he keeps the majority of his silhouette hidden and turns slightly to the side to provide as little a target as possible as he takes a bead on the man with the rifle. "Last chance, chief. Put down the weapon and throw your hands up like that dude from Platoon!"

The cultist back at the command center snorts at Julian. "Hey, you want to die, happy to show you the path." But he doesn't move. Instead, from his unseen companions, two grenades bounce over the edge of the escarpment and roll towards the vehicles.

What Julian lacks in stealth, and grace, for that matter, he makes up for in his ability to throw grenades, apparently. With a lot of discomfort, his previous wounds already on fire from the exertion, the ranger dives out from behind the vehicle, apparently having the same idea as Sully, taking the grenade and with the reaction of a major league short stop, tosses it right back in the direction of the original tosser!

Sullivan is just about to duck behind the vehicle with a pair of unfriendly balls roll into the base camp, and it's just instinct and fool craziness on her part, but the dark-haired ME is scooping one up before she has time to really think about it, and lobbing it back from whence it came in a hard, fast arc. She must have played fast pitch at some point, because her aim is true and her throw is long. Some asshole's about to eat a hot potato they did not order for lunch. "Oh, shit for karma, that's coming back on me later." And then she dives behind what cover is offered by the stationary command vehicle. It's almost like she's done this before. (She'll never tell.)

So much for their tricky surprise assault. There is alarm in the visible cultist's face as the grenades are thrown back at them. He ducks. His compatriots don't see them coming. Two explosions. One of which, Sully's, causes a fountain of blood to erupt upwards before raining down on the rather dumbstruck surviving cultist.

Julian, following the quick succession of lobbed balls from his partner (he makes a mental note of making a joke about that to Sully at a later date) and he, trains the BFG on the remaining cultist. Deep inhale, sharp exhale and steady. The former Marine takes aim and the hand cannon cracks with life that is loud enough to echo across the canyons and ravines for quite some distance. The kind of ammunition used by the firearm is mainly used in wartime for anti-vehicle and anti-building purposes. Let that sink in for a moment.

The confused cultist is even more confused as he is shot. His body spinning wildly before collapsing in a heap to the ground…and then sliding down the slope to the valley floor. Right over a patch of cacti. It is not his day. He does not move.

Sully, down at base camp, glances over only after the explosion, juuust in time to see some of somebody raining back down to earth yonder. "Oh fuck you. Not it." No way is she gonna be Johnny on the spot for that recovery, digging jello cubes and wiping blood spatter off flora. The day shift can take this shit show. If it's not a whole body or reasonably sized chunks, Sullivan Tremble is calling in sick. She doesn't jump when Julian's hand canon cracks off, mostly because her ears are still pissed about the grenades. "Why is it always grenades." This is to herself.

Julian is immediately up on his feet, though from the telltale limp and grimace on his face, it's pretty clear his previous wounds from last month have a long way to go from healing. With desert eagle in hand, he makes his way back to Sully's side, trained eyes sweeping their surroundings. "Well, if the teams haven't already taken advantage of the element of surprise, they sure as hell know we're here now." As an afterthought, he reaches for his radio and flips it back on, listening intently to the chatter.

"You look like five miles of bad road." Sully glances over at Julian. "You pop any stitches or you just bruised?" The woman recognized lasting effects of injuries, but she isn't super familiar with the guy, not enough to know what he went through in detail. He's alive, after all, and most of her direct Culty contact has been via the wide swath of corpses they've left in their wake. She could be a little more diplomatic about it, but Sullivan is Sullivan, and she's a little wired. Her hands both slip back into her pockets.

Julian grunts in response to Sully as he starts moving to prep gear, ensure the firearms are loaded and propped for easy access. "Probably. Girlfriend isn't going to be too thrilled about it, but I'll live." He pulls his radio off his hip and barks an update to Olivia just in case she's on the horn. Then he proceeds to do what he does best: examine the terrain and identifying the best locations to defend their command center, passing along the information to Sully.

Sully nods to Julian and doesn't offer to check him over, as he stays on his feet and looks relatively stable there. No gushing blood, not her problem. She keeps an ever-roving eye on the surrounds, and moves back to retrieve her bag just in case she gets the call out to head up to the main compound. Depends on the injury. Small wounds, someone else can handle. Heavy bleeding is more up her alley.

Liz is stumbling, and she's clearly reaching the limit of her endurance when they make it to the command center. She sees Sully, recognizing her as she lifts a hand in greeting. She doesn't manage to get any words out before she crumples to the ground. She lays unmoving, but obviously still breathing.

Teija touches off several more rounds, glancing back to check on Elizabeth's progress as she moves, spacing her shots out more and more as she goes. She finally stops firing and moves toward the cut in the fence and pulls it out of the way so the injured woman only has to worry about moving. She does what she can to keep Liz moving until they get back to, "…. fuck happened here?" no more discomfited by the mess than the fact that there -is- a mess. And then her charge kisses the canvas, "Shit! Medic!"

Sully is already approaching with her bag. Hey, her vest does happen to say MEDIC across the back. Isn't that handy? "Elizabeth. You look like shit." Yes, she drops to her knees by the woman, "Good to see you still alive," she says. And then she's in evaluation mode. Finally. A couple weeks late. "Any injured survivors bleeding out up at the compound? No? Good." She nods to the nearest person with a radio. "Let's get one of the ambulances in holding up here as soon as they can, before the party comes to us."

Now that the medic's on the case, the Goth is only a little more useful than a pom-pom in an Abrahms. She never got a radio, so that particular task falls to someone stoic. She moves out a bit to set up a killzone in case any more cultists try to follow their path to the camp.

Elizabeth is out, she doesn't even manage to grunt at Sully when the ME kneels down beside her. She's underweight now, bruises along her arms, ankles and neck, and it looks like the wound in her shoulder was infected at one time, it hasn't healed well.

Sully's evaluation doesn't take long, quickly going for the vitals while someone with a radio calls the wagon. She takes the longest inspecting the shoulder, then shakes her head and pulls a few things out of the bag, quietly ripping open packets to clean Elizabeth's skin in preparation for the IV that's going in her arm. And then she places one, like she does this all the time. You can damn well bet meds and fluids are going in before they're even rolling.

Mike was a stalwart example of remarkably content situational awareness who's brain just didn't quite get the memo that he was supposed to care about things like explosions, though for a moment he did seem to turn the corner of the van when the grenades got dealt with. When Elizabeth made her drop off to be cared to at the hands of Sully however, he actually sprang to action in what was likely the closest thing to 'his responsibility' since the start of the action, as assigned to keeping the rear detachment people safe.

The heels of his boots crunched into the ground as he moved up with Sully, one hand on the pistol grip of his assault rifle and raised to a low ready position, the slings retention loosened across his chest and the other on the forward grip mounted toward the end of his rail. Hazel eyes scanned the horizon on watch for any approaching badness outside of friendly forces, and he glanced down to see Sully working her magic, "You always stick 'em on the first date, Doc?" he remarked, that gum chewing still an idle habitual process that shifted his strong jaw aside with each chew.

The ambulance is coming! Bumping its way up the dirt track and then over just dirt as it swings into the hidden valley. No sign of anymore cultists but there is the sound of explosions and gunfire coming from the compound. There's a fight happening down there.

Sullivan doesn't glance up, since Mike front and center means she has the luxury of keeping her eyes on her patient, but there's definitely a faint smirk in her voice when she says, "Yes, I do." There's a moment of silence as she hooks up Elizabeth's prone self to some fluids after flushing the line. "Give me a shoulder tap if you're interested." She pulls the cap off a syringe with her teeth, then injects something into port on Elizabeth's IV before flushing it again with another clear solution. She spends a little time prodding around the old shoulder with gloved hands and makes a mental note to demand a blood test. For Liz, that is. Blood test for Elizabeth.

Teija takes the opportunity to swap mags while medic'ing takes place behind her, there's a look back, and with more explosions, a swear before she jogs toward the command van to snag a headset, then it's off to the festivities anew.


Deciding that it might be wise to leave Mike behind to guard the base with Julian, the cult does patrols after all and Julian isn't in full health, it is only Olivia and Teija that now sweep around the camp to use a different ravine approach. Steep sided and narrow, it will hide them from view all the way up to the fence. There they crouch, Olivia with bolt cutters in her hands as the sky gets lighter. "Thanks for coming along" she whispers to the other woman. The storage room is off to the left, about twenty yards away. One of the watchtowers is empty. Another has what looks like a sleeping guard; or at least a dark shape slumped in a chair.

Elizabeth stirs, blinking in the darkness. The days bleed together in the windowless room, and all she can do is count how many times they feed her. Since it isn't consistent, she has no idea how long she's been here. Everything hurts, and she feels almost as bad as she smells. She looks askance at the sleeping guard, but she can't get free from her restraints, so she stares straight ahead again, hoping for a sliver of light or the sound of the dark. Anything to give her some sort of idea of the time, the day, the season. She is starting to lose it here.

Teija hunkers down, rifle in her hands as they reach the fence, giving only a mute nod in reply. She tries to keep her peepers peeled and her ears open while Olivia makes ready to breach the fence.

The sky is getting lighter as dawn approaches. "Preparing to breech" Olivia whispers over her intercom before snipping quietly at the fence. There is the sound of singing from the residential buildings. Once the hole has been cut, Olivia checks her weapons, waiting for the distraction at the gate and the children to make their way to the church.

The children can soon be seen being led across the compound from the residential blocks. They sing happily, about forty in all, with two adults accompanying them. Stopping at the central building where He lives, they bow before resuming their march. Now all the teams need is that distraction at the front gate. It seems pretty quiet…

Elizabeth tries at her bonds, pulling at them until her shoulder screams at her. She lets out a soft grunt, sighs and then goes limp. Sleep feels better, she feels like it's easier just to drift to sleep until someone grabs her hair to shove food in her mouth.

Erik and Franklin come over the intercom. The former 'Cutting wire', the latter, 'North Tower is clear. A target group is heading towards the church.'. Olivia responds. "Wait until the kids are in the church and then move. Distraction may not be coming." That is concerning in itself but they have to act now. "Heading in." She pushes open the hole in the fence for Teija to slip through.

Showtime. Teija nods as the opening is pushed open for her and she tries to slip through quietly in a low creep. She takes up a post, head on a swivel, before she reaches back to wave Olivia through with an all clear.

Olivia slips through the gap, eyes alert, rifle pointed downwards but ready. She taps Teija on the shoulder before pointing at the storage building. The only door is on the compound interior side, which is inconvenient. Keeping low, she moves forward, using the shadows as much as she can. The compound is stirring. Some adults, grumbling against the cold, look to be starting up a truck to head out through the front gate. That may help to stop people looking their way.

Teija moves along with Olivia, her rifle mostly keeping line of symmetry with her gaze. She sets a hand on Olivia's foregrip hand and whispers chidingly, "Rifle aims where your looking! We're in it, now." That said, she follows the agent toward the building. She takes up a guard position, looking around with her rifle parallel to her gaze. That settles on the folks with the truck, ready to respond in the event they get made.

Olivia can handle the chiding from Teija, they can argue about it later, raising her weapon to eyeline as she moves to the storage building door. Handle turned slowly. Unlocked. So trusting in this compound. She slips inside, a quick check of the room - empty, before aiming her weapon at the truck so that Teija can join her. There is another door opposite the one they came through, while the room is filled with crates of canned food. "I guess they still rely on the world a little" she notes to Teija before gesturing to the rear door.

Teija edges back into the building and carefully closes the door behind them before following Olivia further in, still keeping an eye out. "Yet, it doesn't teach them anything." she mutters, moving toward the indicated doorway and starts looking it over.

Olivia looks at her watch. "The kids will be in the church by now which means Team 1 will start their action any moment. So, time for us to do ours." She makes her way to the door, and once Teija has it covered, opens it up to reveal a hallway. More doors off the hallway but it is the one at the end that Olivia heads for. The smell coming from under the door makes her wince before she gestures to repeat the way they opened the last door. Once Teija is set, Olivia pulls open the door. Yep, it stinks in there. How can that guard even sleep through it. Elizabeth is in the center of the room. The guard asleep near the door…he's not going to wake up. Olivia gestures for Teija to knock him out as she moves quietly towards the bound policewoman.

Teija gives a nod to acknowledge the order and she creeps along. The smell is.. yeah. Sadly, it's not entirely unfamiliar. The grip shifts profoundly on her rifle, which she brings back and jams forward to buttstroke him across the bean with that monster and the poor bastard just swivels with a thud to the floor like someone closing a trapdoor.

Elizabeth raises her head, and she spots Olivia. Another fever dream, but wait..her fever is gone. "This is just fucking great." She rasps, trying to focus on the woman near her. She doesn't recognize the woman with Olivia, so maybe this isn't a dream. "Liv?" She croaks, pulling at her restraints. The pulling causes pain and she lets out a weak sound, going limp again.

Olivia makes a note not to get on Teija's bad side as she tries to offers a smile to Elizabeth. "Yep, it's me" she whispers. "We're gonna get you out of here. Can you walk?" That she goes limp is not a good sign. Olivia swings her rifle over her back before pulling out a knife to cut at the bonds, doing her best not to breathe too deep. "Almost there…" Bonds cut, hands and feet.

"I don't think I can walk, Liv." Elizabeth admits, she hasn't been on her feet for far too long. "Don't leave me here." She sounds panicked, grabbing at Olivia's shirt. She tries, she does, to get to her feet. She is so afraid that she's going to be stuck here, forever. She pitches forward when she tries to stand, landing face first in the dirt. She starts up a steady litany of swearing, as she tries to claw back to a seated position.

What? But… but what about the argument!??

Teija pulls a nickel plated Automag from under his Sleepy's shirt and hisses, "Paintballer." before she empties and discards it. The distress with the captive doesn't fill her with delight, but she starts edging back thataway, "Sitrep."

"I'm not leaving you, Liz" Olivia promises, slightly distressed by the appearance of the cop. "C'mon, you're a tough bitch. You can do this." A wince as the blonde hits the ground and she quickly tries to help her up - muck be damned. "This is Teija" she whispers, introducing the other armed woman, Franklin's here with some cops." Not all of them but they can discuss corruption later. Olivia will support Elizabeth, bringing her to her feet but not really able to use her rifle like this. "Teija, lead the way."

As the trio emerge from the holding cell, they will be greeted by the sounds of someone entering the front door of the building. It sounds like two women here to collect food for breakfast.

"Fuck." Elizabeth mutters when she hears the door open. She jerks her chin toward the entrance and tries to move away, she is only putting Olivia in danger. "Do something about them, come back for me?" That's when her ankle twists and she yelps, making a loud noise as almost hits the floor again.

Teija looks at the two women, noting the captive's condition, she nods and takes point, sighting down the FAL as she creeps to, then out, the door, just in time for the lunch ladies to arrive. With a yelp and clatter behind her, she growls a harsh, "Naida!" under her breath and rushes up to assume an ambush position by the other door in case whoever's in the next room decides to come on in to what that was about.

Olivia had no intention of leaving Elizabeth behind and when the blonde, though her hair is a lot dirtier at the moment, pulls away and twists her ankle…the Fed is incredulous. Still, time to take out the ladies. She advances alongside Teija, watching the cultists chat and laugh as they pick up supplies. "Let them leave if we can" she whispers, "Don't want them to go missing and arouse the others."

Elizabeth takes this moment to make peace with her maker. It's not a very long conversation, she knows all the shitty things she's done in life. Then she takes stock of the situation, puts on her big girl panties and takes hold of a sturdy shelf, getting to her feet. "You're gonna fucking work." She whispers to her feet, and then she's edging her way along the wall. More leaning completely on it, making slow forward progress. She sees that the two women are not going in guns blazing, so she goes still with them. She swats Olivia's ass and holds out a hand. Clearly she wants a weapon.

Another nod from the former soldier. She looks to Olivia, a questioning look on her face before she turns her attention back toward that doorway. Another look shoots back when people start playing grabass during sneaky time. Someone had to have heard that. They don't want to hear it, but watch…. someone did.

Olivia offers a 'glad to see you're back' smile to Elizabeth before plucking a pistol from her gear and handing it over. There is the faint, muffled sound of two explosions outside the building and the two women stop what they are doing. "Did you hear that?" one asks as both move slowly back towards the door. And then a gunshot sound? Olivia moves fast, rifle aimed at the pair. "DOWN!!" she screams at the stunned women. "Tie these bitches up." That last for Teija.

Elizabeth is unsteady but she's managing to keep to her feet. She trails in behind Olivia and Teija, staring down the two women that Olivia screams at. If she had any more energy, she would consider shooting them, instead she glances toward the outside. Sunlight. Something she hasn't seen in far too long. "How many do you have here, Olivia? That explosion is going to bring some fuckers out." She winces and slaps a hand against the wall to keep upright. "We have to go."

Teija surges in through the door with Olivia, bellowing, "Hit the deck! NOW!" her rifle, and the shotgun slung under it, trained on them as she edges closer Should anything be really noticeable for someone with a gun pointed at them, besides the barrel(s) of course, it would be the eyes of the killer behind them.

"Not enough" Olivia has to admit to Elizabeth about numbers. They'd discussed corruption in the Force before so she may realise why this could be the case. Once the women are bound and gagged, Olivia opens the front door a little to check the compound. Movement has started. Curious cultists peering out of their buildings…and seeing four of their number dead around a truck!

"We need to go then, they probably have more firepower than you all do." Elizabeth takes a few unsteady steps forward, gazing out the door. "They're coming out." She mutters, pulling the pistol up to take aim. "What is your exit strategy?" She asks quietly, shifting a look at Olivia.

There is gunfire in the compound. The CPD officers that were with Franklin's team have been discovered and started shooting…and being shot at.

Teija is in a bit of a hurry and is, admittedly, being a little rough with the locals as she's tying them up, answering their pitious sounds of distress with a soft, if surly, "Shut up, it's free. People pay good money for this." She moves up toward the door now that the prezzies are wrapped.

"Exit strategy was to be so stealthy that we'd have 'Him' in custody before anyone noticed we where here. That…doesn't look to be the case" Olivia explains. "Might be time to fuck off."

"I'm shooting anyone who gets in my fucking way." Elizabeth states, jerking her chin toward the door. "Let's go." She isn't wearing body armor and she doesn't give a shit. Ride or die, she's not staying in this compound any longer than she has to.

Franklin's voice comes over the radio 'Team 2 has secured the church. Six hostiles down; about 40 noncombatants in here. Yes we heard the explosions.'. Olivia replies, "Surprise is gone. Base might be under attack. Liz is in pretty bad shape. You think we can still take the center building?" She is an adviser to the local cops. NOT in charge.

There's a certain constrained tension in Teija as things continue to develop in the courtyard, "Try and sneak back to the fence. I'll cover you." she says softly, deathly calm to the two cops.

As Olivia waits for Franklin to respond, she has put her weapons down to undo her jacket. Elizabeth's getting it…no discussion will be entered into. She nods to Teija's words. "If we're pulling out then we need to let the others know." Olivia tightens the vest on Elizabeth. "Stay angry, Liz. We need it."

Nothing about Elizabeth screams stealthy right now. She looks like she's one good breeze from falling over. She takes the jacket from Olivia and shrugs it on, wincing as the action pulls at her shoulder. "Angry is the only fucking reason I'm on my feet Liv. Just get me /out/ of here." She pulls the gun up, waiting for whatever signal to move.

Over the intercom comes Franklin's voice "I concur with the detective; if we let them run, we might never be able to surprise them again. Saunders and McCulloch can keep the church secured, but what's the estimate on hostiles in the center building? Numbers and gear?" Olivia considers this before looking to Teija. "Do you think you can get Liz out of here yourself?" Then she is talking to Franklin. "Automatic rifles. Up to twenty, maybe more. If we're going to do this, let's hit them hard and fast. Get into the center building and find the lunatic in charge."

Teija looks at Elisabeth a moment, maybe trying to assess her condition, though she looks really intently in her eyes, then looks to Olivia, "Remember Earl." she says softly, then beckons the former captive, with a hissed, "Let's go." Creep-creep-creep.

Elizabeth follows after Teija as quietly as she can, which isn't very quiet, honestly. There is a moment when it looks like they might get away without being noticed, but a younger man spots the pair and now there are two cultists moving toward the battered cop and Teija.

Olivia covers the retreating pair from the door of the building. As she spots the cultists heading for Liz and Teija, there is no hesitation in opening fire. "Contact!" she informs the others over the radio as she hits one of the men, smashing a kneecap to knock him down and send the other one into cover.

Teija isn't as disappointed as one could expect that they're spotted. Partly because she's been in too many firefights where something inevitably has to go wrong. That her MoS doesn't exactly make her a frontline doorkicker only takes so many shooting matches off the dance card. With the shout of "Contact!" and Olivia opening up, she decides to unleash as well, since they're already made. That spot of cover eats fire from two angles… and Teija's not a cop, nor officially a soldier, anymore, so she can actually use some pretty hot ammo. Extra powder, but not incendiary, these rounds are SCREAMIN'. Kiss-kiss, BANG-BANG! She tries to keep the train moving, while this goes on.

Elizabeth can't concentrate on moving and shooting at the same time. Teija seems to be having fun with it, and she spares the woman a brief appreciative glance before she continues to move. She has trouble a few times, her feet not moving the way she might want them to, but while she stumbles, she doesn't fall. It takes some time, but she manages to get to the exit point.

Teija's bullets making light work of the cover and sending that cultist, wounded, scampering back towards the others. Olivia continues to lay down suppressing fire as she makes her way towards the church where the others are, Liz and Teija should be able to get out…she hopes. A magazine is ejected and another slammed in, still moving.


Like Olivia and Julian, Frank has come wearing bulletproof vest over fatigues, and armed with an M16 as well as a shotgun and Desert Eagle for Close Encounters, as well as gas grenades to smoke out the roaches. And right now, he is already sneaking his way down one of the ravines, leading one of the four-man-(person?)-teams. The way the big man moves, rifle leveled and prepared, reveals his military background; right now, he's a Marine again, not a cop. He's found a spot behind a boulder to crouch down, signaling the rest of his team to do the same, while waiting for the signal from "Command" to proceed.

Present with the others, Erik looks between the others, also equipped with a bulletproof vest and armed, as he looks between the others. He may not have the same military background, but he'll still do his part in getting this job done. Looking around, he moves to duck back behind one of the boulders as well, after seeing Franklin's signal.

The ravine is narrow but deep. Crouching down only a little will hide them from view. The bottom solid with frozen mud. They can see two of the watchtowers as they approach a section of fence behind the residential blocks. There are lights on inside those buildings, people preparing for the day in the pre-dawn gloom. On one of the watchtowers, an armed guard yawns. The other watchtower seems to be empty. The team has been equipped with wire cutters.

Sevin slotted his set of wire cutters in a utility pocket of his armoured vest, and takes a moment to briefly check his sidearm's clip and adjust the strap of his rifle before moving off after the others. A couple of frag grenades and utility knife round out his kit, goodness knows where a non-LEO managed to procure this stuff. "I see movement in the north watchtower," he tells those accompanying him as they trudge through the ravine. "South looks unoccupied. But that guard will have a clear line of sight to us." The implication being, they ought to maybe do something about him.

Frowning as he looks around, Erik nods a little as he hears Sevin's words. If there's a question about the man's equipment, it's kept quiet for now, as he looks around. Frowning as he looks towards the mentioned guard, then over towards Franklin. "So, how do we keep that guard from letting everyone know we're here, hmmm?"

So aside from Franklin and Erik, there are also a couple of younger CPD officers forming the rear of Team 2. Olivia's warning that Sevin is arriving to join them turns out to be necessary — the men are understandably tense and potentially trigger-happy, and it would be mighty inconvenient if Sevin snuck up behind them and they started shooting. As it is, Franklin taps on his comm earplug and points out to the others that they have an incoming, and once Sevin joins them, he spends a moment whispering to the team.

"Yes, the watchtower." He points to the structure in the distance. "I'm gonna take out that guard. Detective, you're on wire-cutting duty once the guard's out of the picture." He nods to Erik, then upnods to the two NPC cops. "Saunders, McCulloch, cover him." He doesn't know Sevin, but there's something about the man that makes Frank study him for a moment or two. "Stay with the team until we're through. Once we're inside the compound, we're gonna flank the church and cover its two exit points. We don't storm the structure until I say so, yes? Also, don't shoot to kill, especially against the kids. That goes doubly true for a civilian such as yourself."

The sky is lightening as dawn approaches. Singing has started in the residential blocks. Happy. Enthusiastic. Loud enough for the man in the watchtower to stir a little and yawn widely. The tower straddles the fence, about twenty feet tall, wooden supports holding the 'cabin' above the ground. Certainly climbable.

There is certainly something about him. Sevin, that is. He's clearly a professional, though precisely what sort is not entirely clear. One thing for certain though: he's no cop. He pauses at the instructions from Franklin, who appears to be the officer in charge of this little sojourn and surveys the big man in turn. A beat, and then a slow grin that creases the corners of his pale eyes. "You got it." He looks perfectly content to be babysat, for the time being; the guy doesn't know him from a hole in the ground. And then he's off again, picking his way through the ravine, rifle slung into a forward position with a practiced motion of his gloved hands. Just in case.

Erik nods as he hears Franklin's words, getting out the wire-cutters as he looks to the others, frowning momentarily at the singing from the residential blocks, before he looks to Franklin again. "Ready whenever you are," he offers.

The singing seizes Franklin's attention momentarily, but it's actually to their advantage as it distracted the guard. "Alright, call it out if you spot anything." He tells the rest of the team, with another tap on his earplug before he peels off. For such a big guy, his movements are practiced and fluid; the only disadvantage of his size is that he is a bit difficult to hide. Still, the combat fatigues help break up his silhouette, and Frank soon disappears into the bushes along the ravine.

The rest of the team can see the big man pull himself swiftly up the ladder of the watchtower, still a shadow against the backdrop of the dawning sky. There is a momentary pause before he reaches the top, waiting for the guard to turn away before he comes up from behind. It's not entirely clear what Franklin is doing to the guard, but there is a short burst of violent movements on top of the tower… followed soon by Franklin's voice through the intercom. "Clear. Cut the wire."

Olivia's voice comes over the intercom. "Preparing to breach". As dawn breaks, the children can be seen being led across the compound from the residential blocks. They sing happily, about forty in all, with two adults accompanying them. Stopping at the central building where He lives, the bow before resuming their march. Now all they need is that distraction at the front gate. It seems pretty quiet…

Sevin hangs back as he was asked to do, watchful but not in the way of the LEOs conducting the operation. He does seem awfully interested in the compound itself and seems to be making various mental notes as he waits, half-crouched, rifle at the ready in the off chance that the tower breach does not go as planned. When they're given the all clear, he looks to Erik briefly, then back to the compound as the procession of children begins. His thumb brushes the stock of his rifle as the adults are counted out, and any armaments noted.

Erik watches in quiet as Franklin does his thing. There's a brief few seconds, before the words reach him over the intercom, and he moves forward quickly, cutters ready as he starts cutting the wire, to make an opening large enough for them to get through quickly. "Cutting wire," he says, over the com, words quiet.

Franklin stays up on the tower, to have a better view of what's going on inside the compound. Which means he spots the group of kids being escorted towards the church. "We're ready to cut the wire." He speaks quietly into the comm, echoing Erik's notification to Olivia/Command. "North tower is clear. A target group is heading towards the church." He reports what he sees.
Over the intercom comes Olivia. "Wait until the kids are in the church and then move.

Distraction may not be coming. Heading in." The line of kids are slowly being ushered into the church, all smiles and song. The door is shut behind them. Other adults are stirring in the compound. Some, rugged up against the cold, look to be about to drive a truck out through the front gate.

When word is given of the change in plans, Sevin's expression darkens slightly. He chews on his cheek for a moment, then shoves back to his feet, ready to hustle. For a middle-aged man, he doesn't look like he'll have any trouble keeping up. Assuming Erik's done his job with the wire cutters, he makes his way toward the fence and ducks through the gap that's been created, effectively taking point with Franklin still up in the tower.

Erik waits for a few moments after the wire has been cut, carefully replacing the wire cutter and getting his weapon ready again. Nodding a bit to Sevin as the man passes through, he gets ready to do so as well, ready for whenever things will happen.

"Acknowledged." Franklin speaks into his comm, then peers across the compound to track the progress of the kids towards the church. As for the adults who are getting into a truck? "You guys see that truck from the ground?" He asks quietly. "Does anyone have a clear line of sight to shoot out the tires quietly? We need to keep it in play until the target group is contained inside the church." Even as the former Marine says this, he's moving and beginning to descend from the watchtower.

"I'll give it a go," pipes up the 'civilian' with the Semitic sounding accent over the radio. His sidearm is considered for a moment, but ultimately, it's his rifle Sevin unslings from his shoulder, and drops to a knee behind the dubious cover of shadow thrown by the north watchtower. Rifle up, he sights along to the vehicle rolling in, then the procession of children. Then back to the vehicle. Racks the slide and fires; with any luck, he'll either clip a tire or at least the undercarriage with enough destructive force to put a halt to its forward motion.

Getting through the fence, Erik glances over in Sevin's direction as the civilian moves to take the shot. Watching the man very briefly, he turns his gaze to look around in case someone else happens to be making his way over in their direction. Better spot them before they spot us, right?

A few men were happily loading boxes onto the back of the truck, oblivious to the teams entering the compound. The boxes were open topped and seemed to contain…mines. There was going to be some surprises for the raid tomorrow. And then a bullet hits a tire. Thank goodness it was a silenced shot. No one seems to notice as they continue to load up the vehicle.

Sevin squints after he takes the shot, trying to visually verify that he hit. "Left rear tire," he speaks into the radio. "Going for the right rear. I've got line of sight." His shoulders are given a roll and he hoists the M16 again, sighting downrange. Minor adjustment to account for the wind, which has picked up a notch. And then he fires another shot, the sound muffled and almost entirely absorbed by his weapon's silencer.

Letting out a breath as he sees the people doesn't seem to notice the shot, Erik continues to watch the area carefully, nodding a bit as he hears Sevin's words over the radio. "Good," he mutters to himself, as he starts moving into a position where he can move more quickly when things really start happening.

Franklin gets back on the ground as Sevin announces his progress through the comm. "Good job. Make sure the truck's not going anywhere, and then stay put. I want you to be in position to be ready to take out those hostiles." He tells the 'civilian'; clearly Frank is making changes on the fly, now that he knows the unknown man is capable of accurate shots. "The rest of you, get ready to move in." Frank adds, as he rejoins the team so that they can move through the hole in the fence created by Erik. "Detective, you're with me. You two, cover us."

Another shot and another tire blown. The boxes are piled up pretty well now and the four men seem content to chat about things for a few minutes before attempting to drive away. All the children are inside the church now, singing happily. A couple of women are heading for the storage building where Olivia and Teija had slipped inside unseen.

Erik nods as he hears Franklin's words, offering the man a brief grin. "Ready to go whenever you are," he offers, words kept quiet as he glances around very briefly.

"Understood," comes Sevin's voice over the radio a moment later. His rifle's held aloft a moment longer, then swung low as he pushes back to his feet slowly. Visual checks are made as the LEOs prepare to move in; the positions of hostiles are noted, and some quick mental calculations made of the compound's layout, and points of ingress and egress. Keeping to the shadows thrown by the pale early morning sun, the man moves into a more defensible position at the chokepoint of the gate. And then it's about playing the waiting game.

Seeing that there are FOUR men loading the truck, Franklin alters his plan. "Wait. I have LOS now. There are too many of them out here for one sniper. Everyone has their silencers up?" He asks into his comm, crouching down to peer at the small group of men. "We need to neutralize them first. Left to right: Saunders, Detective, Khan, mine. McCulloch, pick up whoever doesn't go down." Yes, he knows Sevin's name after all - Olivia must have called it in. Lifting his rifle then, Frank sets his sight on one of the cultists.

Oblivious to their potential death, the four men share a last joke before one of them moves to get into the driver's seat. Another jumping up onto the back of the truck. The other two starting to wander back to the residential buildings.

Erik nods as he hears Franklin's words, readying his own rifle and then aiming for his target. "Ready," he replies, the word quiet as he prepares to fire, focusing on the target rather carefully.

The tricky thing with missions like these, is that plans change on the fly. You go in with one idea, and what ends up happening is something else entirely. Sevin, for his part, seems to roll with it fairly well. For a civilian. "In position," he notes curtly into his radio. Rifle up, sights on one of the men on the move back to the residential portion of the compound. His finger brushes the trigger. Wait for it. Wait for it. He holds until he has crosshairs, then fires a quick triple burst with the semi-automatic, the rounds softened by his weapon's suppressor.

The series of quiet 'pops' is rather unnoticeable against the background noises of the wilderness, with crickets still chirping and the first morning songs of birds. The shots are fired within seconds of each other, and the four cultists all go down. One is hit twice by both NPC cops, once in the stomach and once in the chest; another is shot right between his eyes by Franklin's shot and goes down before he knows he's dead. The big cop doesn't even bat an eye, lowering his rifle as soon as he sees that the lot of hostiles is effectively neutralized.

"All clear." He tells the team,and rises to his feet to head out. "Khan, you come with me and the Detective. As soon as the perimeter is secured, we're going through the front door. Take out anyone holding a gun, but the goal is to suppress the kids and keep them there."

The two women disappear into the storage building as the first shots ring out, lucky enough to miss their menfolk fall to the violent intruders. All is quiet for now. No one else can be seen. The children still singing in the church.

Sevin takes down his target with a shot that goes through his throat. It lacks the finesse, perhaps, of Franklin's right-between-the-eyes, but it's precise nonetheless, and it does the job. If somewhat less pleasantly for his victim. Rifle slung back across his shoulder, he unholsters his sidearm as the all clear is given. "Got it, Payne. I'm with you." Crack of his neck from side to side to loosen it up, and then he's moving for the front door like a lean shadow on Franklin's heels.

There's a brief breath as Erik sees he gets his target, before he gets to his feet as well, nodding at Franklin's words. "And even if there might be no guns in there, be ready in case any of them try to take a run at us, just in case," he adds to the man's words, a bit quietly as he moves forward with the others.

Franklin nods to the others, quietly acknowledging them both and gesturing at the NPC cops to secure said perimeter. The pair fans out to the sides of the church, making sure the main group isn't surprised. Thus set, Frank leads the way and heads towards the building, taking up a position to the side of the main entrance where he can make sure the door isn't locked. And assuming that it isn't… the big cop glances from Erik to Sevin, checking to make sure both men are ready.

No challenges as they make their way to the church. The door is not locked. The singing continues. All is calm in the world.

Sevin flanks to the left when Franklin goes right, the desert eagle held at the ready. Safety off with a flick of his thumb. He nods to Franklin, pale eyes shifting from the big man to the door as he prepares to cover their ingress.

In the direction of the command center is the muffled sound of twin explosions. The noise echoing across the plains towards the compound. That may cause some movement among the cultists.

Erik nods to indicate his readiness, sidearm at the ready. There's a brief pause at the explosions, but he looks back to the other two after just a second or two.

Since the door is not locked, Franklin doesn't need to demolish the door dramatically, though he is definitely considering it. Said consideration is interrupted by the distant explosion — and the former Marine knows what that means. Wasting no time and not giving the cultists the chance to comprehend what's going on, he kicks the door open violently, M16 leveled and immediately looking for any armed persons inside the church. At the same time, he puts on his scariest face and bellows at the top of his lungs at the people inside: "EVERYONE, GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR, NOW! HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!"

"Lopez, what is your status?" That's unmistakably Sevin's thick accent heard over the radio. His brows knit slightly, but he stays the course unless and until ordered differently. And then the burly cop is on the move, and Sevin shoulders the other door open, sidearm at forty-five degrees as they bust into the building. His priority is on identifying any immediate threats among the 'congregation'; active shooters, or those likely to become so in short order. Anyone moving or behaving in unexpected ways. The positions of the children are accounted for, but he'll let Franklin do the talking while he stays back and to his left to cover him.

The adults in the church look alarmed when Franklin bursts in - who wouldn't? The children. They simply all turn their heads as one, in silence, and stare at him. They don't look bothered at all. The adults…they rush for guns mounted on the walls of the church.

Olivia's voice comes over the intercom. "We have Liz. Three suspects in custody. Did you guys hear explosions?"

Stepping in just moments after the others, Erik looks around rather carefully. Seeing the adults going for the guns, he quickly moves to the side so he can get a line of sight where the children are not in the line of fire, pointing his sidearm at one of the adults. "Stop right there, or we'll open fire!"

Franklin has no time to answer Olivia's question, not when the fanatics are rushing for their guns. It'll take the cultists a few seconds to get to their weapons, so Frank gives them a couple of seconds to comply with Erik's warning, while the barrel of his rifle tracks one of them like a guided-missile. If they don't stop… well, Sergeant Payne looks like he's not hesitant with pulling the trigger.

Sevin is a lean and silent shadow at the wing end of the formation, his own sidearm cocked, and the slide racked with a sharp clack that echoes oddly with the acoustics in here. He manages to briefly catch the eye of one of the men reaching for his gun, tiny little twitch of his brow and nudge of his finger against the trigger. He, too, seems to have absolutely no qualms about pulling it if it comes to it. But nor does he seem to want unnecessary bloodshed.

Of course they don't stop. They have been promised salvation. Right here in this compound. The two adults go for the rifles. Outside, the camp is stirring…which means that four bodies near a truck are soon discovered. Quickly followed by gunshots. The CPD Officers have started shooting…and being shot at.

As he sees that they don't follow his request, Erik doesn't hesitate, as he fires for the arm of one of the adults, first aiming for the shoulder, in case that might help discouraging the cultist from using the weapon. "Okay, have it your way…" he mutters, meant mostly for himself.

When he sees that Erik's attempt at non-lethal intervention fails, Franklin pulls his trigger and promptly blows a hole in one of the cultists' chest, sending him crashing into the wall. Trusting Sevin to take down the other, Frank swings his rifle back to the crowd of kids, making sure no one else tries anything else stupid. Only then does he reach up to tap on his comm. "Team 2 has secured the church. Six hostiles down; about 40 noncombatants in here. Yes, we heard the explosions."

Sevin looks…disappointed, when the cultists don't back down. Not surprised, no. But genuinely unhappy about what he's going to do next; which is to bring his weapon to bear and put a round through the back of one guy's head who's reaching for a carbine. Blood sprays the wall in front of him, and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. The swarthy fellow's already taking a swift stride forward and visually hunting for the next person delusional enough to remain on this inadvisable course of action.

Erik's nervous shot managed to break a glass window, but the others manage to down the cultists. Over the radio comes Olivia's voice, "Surprise is gone. Base might be under attack. Liz is in pretty bad shape. You think we can still take the center building?"

Erik mutters something under his breath at his shot, but looks a bit relieved that it only took out a window and not one of the children. Turning to look at those children and making sure they are not taking a run at them or anything, he frowns at the words over the radio. Looking to the others briefly, his gaze soon goes around the crowd in the room again. "What is the alternative? These guys moving somewhere else and continuing their evil deeds?" he offers through the radio, a bit thoughtfully.

Franklin looks around the church, gauging the presence of 40 weird kids and his two teammates, before speaking into the comm again. "I concur with the detective; if we let them run, we might never be able to surprise them again. Saunders and McCulloch can keep the church secured, but what's the estimate on hostiles in the center building? Numbers and gear?"

Sevin does not add his voice to those already in the mix on the radio. Lower lip caught between his teeth, brows furrowed, he stows his sidearm for the time being and moves off to find something to throw over the bodies lying on the floor as a few of the children start to seem frightened.

Olivia replies over the radio "Automatic rifles. Up to twenty, maybe more. If we're going to do this, let's hit them hard and fast. Get into the center building and find the lunatic in charge." There's is also no guarantee that Saunders and McCulloch are alive…or can get to the church. They don't seem to be responding but gunfire continues out in the compound.

Erik nods a little as he hears what's said. "Finding the lunatic in charge sounds like an excellent idea," he replies, before he looks around once more. Looking towards the children again, he lets out a bit of a breath as he waits to hear the rest of what's said over the radio.

Franklin frowns at the report. "Alright, let's get to it." He calls out, looking over to his teammates briefly. "Saunders, McCulloch, come in. I need you to secure the church." There is a pause as the big cop mutters, outside of the comm exchange. "You bastards better be alive." Of course, he is already on his way towards the exit, but Frank isn't going to just leave the batch of kids in here without some sort of "supervision".

"What's the plan?" Sevin's voice on the radio finally. He's crouched by one of the bodies, with someone's coat thrown over them. If he happens to be rifling in the guy's pocket for a cell phone or other paraphernalia, surely it's not abundantly obvious. "Are we going in in force, or are you thinking a precision strike to take out the leader?" He wipes his hand off on the thigh of his pants and pushes to his feet. Two steps back, then he pivots to follow Franklin out.

Olivia's voice is back on the radio. "Contact!" said over the sound of gunfire. Gunfire that is quite close to the church. Saunders is running for the church, keeping low. No sign of McCulloch though. Cultists are emerging from the buildings and running towards a small building where armed men are appearing - must be the armory.

Erik glances to the kids again, frowning for a few moments before he moves to join Franklin and Sevin outside. As he sees Saunders making the run for the church, he fires off a few shots in the direction of whoever is firing at the running cop, meant mostly to give the cultists something to worry about, not necessarily to hit them. Glancing between the others, he frowns a bit. "Seems like that building they are gathering is a key," he remarks.

That's not a good sight to see when they step out of the church. "Cover him!" Franklin shouts almost immediately, lifting his rifle and beginning to lay down suppressing fire in the direction of the cultists. "Saunders! Stay low!" He calls to the other officer. And without taking his eyes off his targets, Frank shouts back to his teammates. "That must be their armory! Someone blow that shit up!"

Sevin fans out as they're greeted by live fire outside the church, and the sight of Saunders making a dash for the building. His rifle's unslung from his shoulder, and he reaches into a utility pocket of his armoured vest for an M67 frag grenade. One of the two he brought along on this little joyride. With his hands both occupied, the pin is pulled out with his teeth, and he's on the move, hoping his 'unit' will cover him as the thing is lobbed at the armory. While it's still in mid-flight, his rifle comes up and he backs up to the church doors and takes aim at a cultist.

Erik simply works on providing cover fire, both to Saunders and Sevin now.

The grenade sails majestically through the air and explodes near the armory. Close enough to send wounded people scuttling for cover though no mortality. To their right, Olivia is approaching, laying down a suppressing fire. No sign of the others she was with. And no sign of her bulletproof vest. Saunders reaches the church, panting and wheezing, "McCulloch's down. Someone attacked the base, but I think they're okay."

Well at least no one's getting into the armory, right? Franklin keeps spraying the fleeing cultists with automatic fire, pausing only to swap in a spare clip… and coincidentally giving Saunders a chance to get to the church, and for Olivia to approach. "Agent Lopez!" He calls to the Federal Agent. "Do you have anyone available to cover for McCulloch? I want that Armory blown before we head for the central building. Saunders! Get inside and keep the kids secured."

Sevin has one more grenade. Just one. And they really need that armory blown. Teeth gritted, he pours round after round into the tangle of cultists storming the compound, ejects his empty clip when it's done, and slots in a new one. Then jerks his head toward Franklin. "Go," cracks his voice over the radio. "I've got another frag. I'll meet up with you at the command centre." They really need to get a move on. The pin is pulled with his teeth again, like the last one, and he murmurs a little prayer before giving it some good arm. Hopefully this one's enough to finish the thing off.

Another boom as the grenade explodes and more people go scurrying for cover. People are wary of approaching the armory at least. Saunders heads inside to watch over the eerily silent and undisturbed children. "We're it!" Olivia yells back to Franklin, close enough to not need the radio now. Another magazine exchanged before she resumes firing, moving towards the concrete building in the center of the compound. "Coming?"

"Don't need an invitation." Franklin calls back, stepping back as Sevin chucks another one and the armory kinda blows up. "Detective, stay with Saunders - I don't want him to be alone for this." He calls to Erik and taking one moment to make sure the cultists aren't presenting an immediate threat out here, turns to run behind Olivia. "Khan, you're with us!"

Not his greatest work, but it'll do well enough. Sevin backpedals a little, eyes on the armory to watch the fireworks briefly, and then he pivots, rifle secured in his left hand as he sets off at a jog after Franklin. Luckily, he's in pretty excellent shape for a man of his age and seems to have no trouble keeping up.

The concrete bunker in front of them is just that. It may be three stories tall, but it looks squat and unwelcoming. And a surprising lack of windows; though that means no one is shooting out either. The one door looks to be metal and thick. If it's not unlocked, it will be tricky to get through. Olivia continues to fire, trying not to hit anyone, just keeping their heads down. Reaching a concrete wall, she flattens for cover against it and switches magazines. "Should we try knocking?"

Franklin scowls when he gets to the metal door. Knocking? No. He reaches for the handle and gives it a test; maybe they forgot to lock it? Still, he mirrors Olivia's movements and backs himself against the wall but cranes his neck to look upwards. "See any openings at all? No visible windows, but we don't need one — just look for ventilation ducts. They can't stay down there without air circulation."

Sevin draws to a halt nearby, a quick jerk of his head the way they came as he keeps an eye on their six. He's panting slightly, though doesn't look winded, and there's a relaxed tension in his lean frame - like it's just another day at the office for him. Like he does this sort of thing all the time. "One of their own wouldn't knock," he opines in a low voice over the radio. His eyes flicker up the walls, then down, just in case there's some sort of underground entry. Never know with crazy cultists, especially if they're expecting some sort of doomsday situation.

A chunk of concrete flies off the corner of the building from the impact of a bullet, cutting across Olivia's upper arm. "Fuckers." She pokes her weapon around the corner to fire off a few shots before looking up at the monolith. "Ventilation is at the top. In the roof." The drones told her that. The door…opens. Inside it is dark, cold. No lights can be seen anywhere though the early morning light streaming inside illuminates the room a little. And it just seems to be an empty room with a spiral staircase heading upwards.

"Well… never mind." Franklin looks genuinely surprised when the door swings open. He, too, ducks instinctively when that bullet knocks off a chunk of concrete, which makes him fire in that general direction. "How many of them are still out there?" The big cop growls, then moves to bodily block the doorway, providing cover fire. "The two of you, go in! I'm cover you!"

Sevin drops down low as well when the bullet ricochets and brings a chunk of wall down. He's about to suggest covering their entry when Franklin takes the words out of his mouth. And in situations such as these, one doesn't argue with the 'commanding officer'. "Come on," he murmurs to Olivia, twisting and slipping through the door sideways, sidearm up and at the ready the moment they dive into darkness. Then the sound of his breathing, and the sharp, steady report of his boots on concrete. He sweeps his weapon left and right, ready to fire at the first sign of unfriendlies.

Olivia dashes in, sweeping the room with her weapon and cursing the poor light. "Clear!" she states firmly to the others before pointing the rifle up the staircase. "Heading up." There doesn't seem to be any exit downwards so up is the only way. Steps taken slowly and carefully, eyes scanning ahead. The clink of boots on metal stairs echoing around the room.

Franklin turns to follow once the others are inside, and announced that they are, in fact, clear. His footsteps are heavy - heavier than Olivia's, naturally, due to the man's bulk and weight. While he moves, Frank takes the opportunity to switch magazines again, making sure he's got a full clip for the showdown. The big man stays about ten feet behind the others, keeping them in sight but maintaining that distance… in case the cultists lay a trap, evidently.

Sevin spends a moment longer on the main floor, expression thoughtful as he scans the shadows for.. what precisely? His eyes narrow, and he backs up a step, two, then turns to follow Olivia up the stairs with a clatter of boots, just ahead of Franklin. A round is prepped in the chamber of his desert eagle with a quick rack of the slide as he nears the top, his frame strung with an easy tension cultivated through discipline and willpower.

"Inbound to the O-Z." Teija's voice comes over the comms, "Status?" While the woman herself is trying to get back to the compound, outside.

Olivia, Franklin and Sevin have entered the central concrete block where 'He' lives. Saunders and Erik are securing the church, firing at the cultists who are doing their best to kill the LEOs. Teija would certainly be useful in keeping the cultists away from the block and following the others into it. This information relayed, quickly, by Olivia as she heads up onto the next floor of the building. Another empty room though still the staircase goes upwards. No furniture of any kind. No pictures. Just white concrete walls.

Franklin doesn't waste time on featureless, empty rooms, once he's determined that it is indeed a featureless, empty room. As he follows the others, he notes through the comm. "Top floor." He reminds the team. "If he knows we've broken the perimeter, he'll be prepped. Watch yourselves."

Sevin doesn't waste time or airspace on words. He merely blips his acknowledgement of Franklin's instructions with a tap to his mic and slows his movement to a cautious prowl as they round toward the top floor. Sidearm held low in both hands, eyes accustomed enough to the dark now, that he stands a good chance of spotting movement. And movement that isn't one of his teammates, is likely to be shot at.

Keeping as sneaky as she can on the way back, Teija gives some quiet acknowledgement of the situation and moves around to find a decently defensible place to flank the cultists on LEO cleanup. She's forced to settle for one less defensible, but able to bug out of quickly and sights down her scope to see if anyone of these yahoo's looks like he's trying to give some order… or if no one has that much initiative, she'll just line up on the guy with the most dangerous weapon. How about that guy -Brrt!- there?

The top floor. Another white room though there is a skylight in the ceiling to bathe it in the light of the dawn. Still the stairs go up, out onto the roof and Olivia leads the way once more. Her announcement of "Freeze!!" suggests there is someone up there. And, sure enough, a man in white robes stands on the edge of the building, facing the compound, arms outstretched. "My children!" he calls out to the cultists. "Do not be afraid! This is all part of my plan! My proof to you!"

Franklin comes up to the top floor, a few steps behind Olivia and Sevin; he's heard Olivia's call, and the subsequent speech of the cult leader, so it's an easy conclusion to make that the man isn't exactly… /freezing/. "GET YOUR ASS ON THE FLOOR, NUTJOB!" The big cop again bellows, M16 once more leveled straight at the target's chest. "YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS, AND WE ARE NOT ASKING AGAIN."

There might just be a hint of impatience in Frank's voice. After all, this guy has been taking pot shots at the CPD and other LEO's for months.

Sevin doesn't have quite the same history with this guy or his cult, but clearly has some sort of stake in the game, or he wouldn't be here. Would he? God knows what that is, though. He sidesteps and flanks to the left again as the trio come up the stairs, his sidearm trained on the back of the robed man's head. No impatience, just quiet consideration, finger on the trigger of his gun as he waits for the order to be complied with. Or not.

Since things are going so swimmingly, Teija kicks over to rock and roll and starts to lay suppressing fire on the culties while someone she kinda wants to take a few chunks out of, starts to Thulsa Doom in front of Olivia's team on the roof.

"It is time!!" The man calls out to his flock before falling forwards off the rooftop and to the ground below. No screams. No cries. Not even from those watching. He slams head first into the ground, skull shattering, brains spattered all over the hard earth. No ascension to Heaven it seems. The cultists stop firing, moving to where the man in the white robes, now spattered red and grey, fell. Then the wailing begins. Sorry. Disbelief.

Olivia doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Fuck" is muttered but that could mean anything. Maybe this one really did believe the crap he was spouting.

Is Franklin surprised? Judging from his brow-quirk that is so much "WTF??"… yes and no. He does lower his M16 though and looks over to his teammates…. then promptly shrugs his massive shoulders. "I hate dealing with nutjobs." He grumbles. "He couldn't have jumped off sooner, and saved us the trouble of all of this? Fucker." Beat. "Better update the rest of the operation."

The robed crazyperson shouts, and Sevin knows it's over. His finger starts to depress the trigger, just in the off chance the guy is going to turn on them instead, but then eases off it again as he falls forward and hits the ground at terminal velocity. A breath is taken and released slowly, tongue-tip tracing his lower lip. And then his sidearm is stowed in its holster, and he takes a step back. Then another. "Just fulfilling his fucking destiny," he murmurs. A glance goes to Franklin, thoughtful. A beat, and then he turns as if to go, without another word to the assembled law enforcement.

"Cease fire. Secure suspects. Stand down, Teija" Olivia states over the radio as the fight seems to go out of the cultists. Time to call in some cavalry too. As Sevin starts to move away she points at him. "You. Stay. You have some splaining to do, Lucy. Don't make me arrest you." She slaps Franklin's broad back. "Thanks for coming out."

Teija's trigger finger stills as Mr Personality comes down with a bad case of cement poisoning. Huh. She intones, "Et omnium finis mors est vita." with a hint of distaste. She keeps sighting down the barrel while the weepfest begins, taking the time to swap mags, just in time for the update from 5-0. Alright, "Copy. Holding fire."

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