(2019-01-18) Guns for God
Teija visits Olivia to look over the Boddicker's records and gets an offer.

As part of the investigation into the 'Guardians of the Light', Olivia involved Teija with regard to tracking gun modifications used by cultists. That led to the Boddicker family, the father having worked on the guns. Alas, the Fed could not question him as he had been murdered - probably by one of his own children. After gathering up what records she could find, Olivia asked Teija to drop by to offer her advice.

The location chosen? The Boddicker house. Olivia has been staying here rather than out in her bullet-ridden cabin. Police tape cordons off some of the rooms and locations on the grounds. Olivia waits on the porch for her guest, rugged up against the cold.

A couple minutes before the official meeting date, a slightly custom, dark colored Magnum (what else would the gunsmith drive, really?) rumbles up the driveway. Once parked, it takes a couple moments before the engine is cut off, then another few, ten… twenty.. before the woman emerges from the vehicle. It cheerily chirp-chirps as her keys are stuffed into her coat pockets and Teija makes her way to the house, expression grim as she says, "Hello, Olivia."

"Evening, Ms Harkonnen, thank you for coming out" Olivia greets before looking back down the dirt road for any sign she has been followed. Her own vehicle is hidden away in the large barn nearby. "I'll try not to keep you too long. Please, come inside before you freeze to death. Would you like a drink or something? Sorry that we're meeting here but I didn't have much choice."

Teija bows her head and glances back over her shoulder a moment as the other woman is obviously looking for anyone else to come down that road, then steps inside, "Thank you, no. When this is done, we'll drink hard." Then, in pursuit of the rest of Olivia's commentary, she remarks "I'm listening," unfastening her coat and brushing the right-hand side of it back behind her hip, cowgirl style. Then, perhaps on a lark, adds, "These cultists use body armor?"

"Not usually" Olivia replies about the armor as she closes the door behind them. "Their belief keeps them safe. And, worst of all, they don't care if they die. Off to a better place and all that." She leads the other woman deeper into the house, past the taped off sitting room with the blood stains still on the carpet, and a cross painted in blood on the wall - along with the words 'His judgement is known'. "I've gathered all the papers I could find, and I've been going through them." Their journey ends in a study at the back of a house where papers are strewn all over the floor and Olivia's laptop is connected to the home computers. "Yes, we will definitely drink hard" she laughs.

Teija looks the place over as Olivia leads the way, the thousand-yard stare on her face as she takes in the bloodstains and message. If she's boiling, it's under the surface. She looks at the wood pulp carpeting and almost daintily steps around it toward the edge of a window, roundabout, taking a discrete peek outside, hand on the grip of the hogleg on her hip while so doing, "Good."

Olivia gathers up some papers to show Teija. "Don't stand next to the window" she offers in a deadpan warning before clearing a part of a desk. "There are some codes here that I'm hoping might mean something to you. It /looks/ like it may tell us how many weapons they have but I'd like to be sure. If that 60…" She points to a number on the page. "Means assault rifle modifications, not good. If it means ammo decoration…better."

Teija moves away from the window, still gripping her piece until she's back by Olivia's side, "Alright, let's see what we've got here." She pulls her gloves on, and reaches out to start going through the works, asiding, "So…. not much choice…?"

"Could be plenty of choices. It may be cartons of ice cream if I'm really lucky but I doubt it" Olivia replies with a snort of amusement. "You knew the victim, might know how it all works. If he has his own code and it means nothing to you, that's fine too. Only if you're sure of something."

"You said you didn't have much…" Teija trails off as her eyes scan down the page, and a bewildered, "… Mita vittu…?" A blink and she gives the page a queer look, like she just watched it pour green jello and a handful of down feathers down the front of its shorts, "Why the fuck would..?" She shakes her head for a moment, perhaps to wrench herself back from a rhetorical rabbit hole, then, "…this… sounds like they had Earl prettying up almost two thousand rounds with more of their rah-rah-holy bullshit. No details, but nothing here reads like they cop-killer rounds, incendiaries’ anything like that. Standard ball rounds, otherwise. Unless these toad-lickers have extended mags, that's sixty mags' worth." She frowns with a soft, rueful, "Earl…" another headshake, "Another twenty rifles, pretty stocks, no performance mods like that first one you showed me. Still, this… this is months of work."

If there can be relief in hearing about heavily armed maniacs, Olivia finds it in the news that there is nothing special about their weapons. "That's good news" she nods. "As good as it can be. If only he had taken the firing pins out. Months?" She nods at that. "That will explain some things. Their M.O. is to get the kids to do all their dirty work. That would have given them the time they needed to brainwash one of the children. The other one didn't do what was needed and was killed. Do you think anyone else could have been modding guns?"

Teija sighs, "I think a lot of people could do the engraving. If it just had to have cult branding on it, there's probably three… four hundred guys inside state lines that could do it." She thinks a little more, tapping her fingers against the table, "If there's a quality requirement, someone me, grampa or Earl's level, say… that probably brings it back down to about forty. I don't know everyone in the trade, but I'm guessing. Every town's got at least one guy that'll work iron. Most will do, some are great." She frowns a little more, "The other thing… Customers may focus on one smith, but nothing says a smith will never touch a gun another smith worked on. Lots of us specialize. Jake an' Wade are great fer performance, but they're not much for engraving. Some folks may come to me for an engraving or a barrel chop, then go to a guy who knows a guy for a drop-in conversion kit to go full auto."

"I'd like think that they only went to the one smith" Olivia muses, hopefully. "Might even be too dangerous for them to have too many people knowing what they are doing. Trouble is, they may have people who believe the crap they are peddling and will do it all for free. But, from the evidence we have, it is mostly artistic work. That's as good as we could have hoped for I suppose. I'm glad they never approached you…but maybe they were after smiths with children? You don't have children, right?"

"Maybe." Teija ventures, conceding, "But if they had, we wouldn't have gotten this much." with a gesture towards the records, "If they get the kids to do this, there's gotta be a common thread, where all these kids end up, that's trusted to mind them long enough to get them all programmed for this." She gives Olivia a look as she amends, "I don't hate anyone 'nough to make'm my kid." She starts going over the paperwork again, trying to find a delivery date, shipping number of some kind, anything.

A snort of amusement from Olivia about the kid comment. Still, that's Teija's personal life, none of her business. "The kids all end up at the compound now. Before, they were left at the crime scene to promote 'His' arrival. Now that he's here, they're recruits. I've had kids try and shoot me way too often lately. First contacts are made over the internet from what I've found out. Parents don't even know it is happening until it is too late. Anything else you can find?"

"First deliveries started six months ago." Teija replies, pointing to some bit of minutia on the page, then traces a fingertip down the page a little bit, "Last was a month ago." She squints at a few things here any there, "I'm not getting too much else from this." Just as well the notion of Teija's kids was allowed to wander off, "Kids sayin' anything useful?"

"Nah, they're totally gone" Olivia frowns about the kids. "You can pick out some kernels of truth in their words, but mostly it's propaganda. If I can get them to boast too much, I might be able to get something good by their mistake, but it's hard going. And since I'm only an adviser on the case, I can get asked to leave. And I often have been. The local cops…I think the cult kidnapped about a third of the good ones." They kidnapped one of them.

Teija hmm's and nods, "Not a lot to go on." she says softly, something bitter underneath the distance in her voice, "Ever find the cops?" She doesn't inquire as to their condition, just status as objects of mystery.

"Cop. Singular. Elizabeth." Olivia explains, trying to keep her anger down about the whole situation. "She will be at the compound. Hostage. Tortured. Hopefully not brainwashed. I'm going to get her out. I owe her. But, as you can see, we haven't done it yet. That cult has protection…I just don't know who. When I do…I'll blow the fuckers away myself." A pause. "Sorry. Not very professional."

"Active nihilists need killing." quotes the standard nihilist. There's a little rise-fall of her shoulders and she looks through the paperwork some more, "Under every professional is a human." she counters, in an odd paraphrase of Olivia's return on her 'angry' statement nights past.

"I can't really agree with you about killing anyone" Olivia smirks before a shrug over her humanity. "Thanks, I think. Plenty of people would disagree with you though." She watches Teija work over the documents. "It's okay if you don't find anything more. You've been very helpful; your information will save lives."

"Don't worry, you weren't." the Goth replies, "I was agreeing with something someone said once." She rests her palms flat against the table and sort of props herself upon them, "I hope your friend's salvageable." she says softly.

"So do I" Olivia nods, though she is obviously worried about what has happened to Elizabeth. "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, right? You have someone special in your life?" Nothing like an abrupt change of subject to clear a mind.

A straightforward, "No." is Teija's reply, too matter of fact to be defensive, much too decisive. Something's there to that. She squares the papers away and moves without preamble toward one of the taped off rooms, looking inside from the threshold.

It is pretty clear to Olivia not to pursue that line of inquiry, so instead she will silently follow Teija to the tape and take up a position nearby. "The death itself was quick" she states simply. "That they were killed by one of their own children, cannot have made their last moments peaceful."

"There were rumors you know…" the Goth murmurs solemnly, "Out in the sandbox, you'd get some of these guys… make kids off their moms. This kinda thing…" She considers the bloodstains, the outlines… the circumstances… "This one's a bastard, Olivia. He's gotta go, one way or another."

"And he will, I promise" Olivia nods solemnly. "Too many people have died and more will if we don't stop it. Obviously, I can't go into details with you, but it will be soon. Very soon."

A nod. At first all Teija can offer is a nod as she continues to stare into the room. Or maybe the past. Maybe imagining what the last moments of her colleague's life were like. She mostly whispers, "Teemme sen oikein, Earl" and turns from the room.

Olivia has no idea what that means but she can guess. She offers a solemn, respectful nod to the room before slowly heading back down the hallway towards the door. "I should let you get home before the weather gets too bad. Thanks for coming." She will offer her hand. "And we will definitely get that drink."

Teija makes another, smaller nod and a quiet, "Thank you for what you're doing, Olivia." She clasps hands firmly, but not wrenchingly, "If you need anything else…" She lets that trail off into poignancy, then, "An' watch yer six."

"I could always use friends?" Olivia replies with a laugh at herself before nodding to the warning, her expression serious. "I will…and you too. They don't like anyone who talks to cops or Feds."

"I will." Teija answers with a grim promise in her voice. They can come. They will die. On release of the handshake, the Goth brings herself up to an honest to God salute before she turns to leave.

That salute reminds her of Teija's background…not to mention her tough words. "Ms Harkonnen…a moment. I…I really shouldn't be saying this, and it's totally unprofessional…but do you /really/ want to help? Enough to put yourself in danger? To use your training?"

Pause. Teija slowly turns back to regard Olivia, "I'm already in danger, and they need t'go." she says simply. She gives that a second to percolate, then, "There isn't an 'enough' for this kind of evil. There's 'bored now' and 'next time'."

Olivia considers those words, that attitude, from Teija. It's a big risk, but there's not many people the Fed can trust. "I'll give you a call tomorrow. Be ready to move. You can say 'no' when I call. If you're sure…get your life in order."

Teija nods, "Alright." She makes a last look around the inside of the house, nods once more, and turns to make her way out, "Be safe."

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