(2019-01-17) The Snow Queen Cometh
What is the worst that could happen having a teenager on Naked Voices?

Katherine got a memo from Heather earlier in the week, before she left for Paris. 'New show - why not send a message to the Snow Queen?' Kate gave this some thought, dithered a bit, and then shot off an email to the contact information provided to the station during the pagent. Now she's in a research room, putting out refreshments to welcome royalty for a conversation. She leaves word at the desk to issue Eve a badge and leans against the table to wait. Her phone buzzes and she gives it a brief side eye, but leaves it alone for now.

And when the Queen arrives, she is like her own entire royal entourage! At least, she's as colorful as one. A neon pink snow jacket so bright it can potentially been seen in orbit, a pair of very colorful ski pants with an artsy pattern of black, white, green, red and yellow, and black snow boots with pink highlights. There's a bit of commotion outside as one of the TV crew can be heard directing Eve Campbell to Katherine's research room, before Her Majesty peers through the doorway.

"That's her! Thanks babe." Eve gives a thumb-up at the crewman, then marches into the room and beams at Katherine. "Hi Judge!" She heads her way, unslinging a backpack from one shoulder as she approaches. "You know, they never told us your names? If your name is Judy, I'm totes putting it on Instagram."

"Not Judy. Katherine, but you can call me Kate." She holds a hand out for Eve to shake, a playfully hurt look appearing on her face. "So you don't watch Wake Up, Calaveras, huh?" Her eyes twinkle a bit before she gestures to the table, offering Eve a seat. "Have a seat here, I won't take up a ton of your time, I'm sure you're busy." She continues to lean against the table, brushing dark hair back over her shoulder. "I'm producing a new television show, and I think you'd be a good occasional addition to the cast. We'll have to be careful though, there is some semi-adult content that will be going on, so the planning on your appearance will be a little more complicated than other guests. However, I think that you're compelling enough to be worth the juggle to get you on." She leans a bit, picking up an orange slice from the platter of fruits and tiny cakes. "Plus we should discuss getting you on the morning show to talk about your reign as the Queen, and if it's made a difference in your life." She pauses, taking a bite of her slice. "I probably overwhelmed you a bit, I apologize for that.. I tend to get excited when something is clicking for me."

Eve plops down on any available chair as Katherine explains the reasons for the invitation. Oh, and yes, she also gives Katherine a handshake, even though the blonde girl does eye the hand for a few seconds first, as if not entirely sure what to do with it… probably because handshakes are so old-fashioned in her world! Nonetheless Eve listens attentively to Katherine's spiel, eyes not blinking as if transfixed…

"Wait, you want me to be a guest on TV?" Eve sounds a bit incredulous. "Or, what, a guest co-host?" Before Kate can answer, Eve waves both hands hurriedly. "Let me back up a sec first. So yeah, sorry, I don't watch TV much; I usually stream shows online, y'know? It's convenient and gawd I hate ads." Ahem. "And don't let my youthful appearance deceive you, but I'm totes a semi-adult! I can handle semi-adult content. And also, I -AM- compelling, but what kind of compelling would I be doing on your show?"

Katherine nods at Eve, laughing softly as she says she has to unpack what was said. "Well mostly what I'm worried about is during most shows, we'll be drinking. Wine some nights, shots other nights. Whatever works with the mood. So the appearance you make will be alcohol free, for one. Less talk about sexual matters too, though we do want a teen point of view on some things. So.." She slowly folds her arms over her chest. "We'll keep it semi-adult, certainly no mention of things that might curl your hair or knock you back to blonde." There is a brief loft of her brows, amusement writ on her features. "Compelling meaning..able to provide stark honesty without thinking of the feelings that might come with it. You tell us your thoughts on something, don't try to edit them for the audience. We want to seem genuine and real. We /want/ to be genuine and real. Real problems, real solutions, real talk."

Eve looks exaggeratedly thoughtful at Katherine's explanations, complete with furrowed brows, pursed lips, and finger-tapping on her chin. "I know people get weirdly squirmy about teenaged sex, but not talking about it doesn't make it go away." She mutters loudly, before straightening up in her seat. "So you want me to say what I think without worrying about someone's feelings? Judge Kate, you have come to the RIGHT Queen!" Eve suddenly beams, then snaps her fingers. "Here's a thought! I could be your, what do you call them, foreign correspondents or something? Send me out to the field and report on stuff! Like, scenic spots, tourist traps, crime scenes, that sort of thing. I've been thinking about doing that on my Instagram anyway."

"Oh good, I was hoping I had the right one. I could have looked for some drag queens but.." Kate makes a face and laughs out loud, blinking a few times before she studies Eve. "You know, we might be able to use something like that for the Wake up, show. The evening bit will be slightly more serious and a little intense. So, you said you're over eighteen, but you might want to let me talk to your parents or the like to make sure that they're okay with what we're doing. The subject matter might make them think twice about it, you know? I don't want to get in trouble, and I certainly don't want to get you in trouble." She plucks up another orange slice. "You'll be paid for this, of course. Have to sign some papers, mostly just saying that you won't talk about what is on the show until after it airs, that sort of thing."

"Oh." Eve falls silent for a moment, but the beam comes right back. "Or you can talk to my sisters! Older sisters. Quite a bit older sisters. Cuz, they're here, not in Denver like my parents. I can give you Uma's number, cuz she's the responsible one; if she's okay with it, my parents will be okay with it." Even as she speaks, her pink iPhone is revealed. A few swipes later and Uma's phone number pops on the screen, which is shown to Kate. "So you actually want me on an evening show? Is it mainly a talk show? Nobody's doing a standup routine, or doing a dance? Cuz I was assuming you meant the morning show when you said 'Wake up, Calaveras'."

Kate raises her brows and when the name Uma is mentioned, she lets out a brief laugh. "I'm actually meaning to talk to your sister about this as well, so I can bring that up to her then." She already has the number, seems like. "I want you on both shows. We should have done an interview with you for the morning show already, but with Mitch leaving and us getting a new host, a new set and a lot of changes, we haven't had the chance to reach out to you yet." She takes a bite of her orange. "The evening show is kind of a roundtable, talk sort of thing. Not much like the morning show. No comedy, just a bunch of women, with the occasional man…and a lot of real talk. Totally different shows, but yes, I want you for both."

Eve raises both thumbs. "Count me in!" Beat. "Well, after you greenlight it with my sister-slash-parents, that is. Oh, and when we talk about the pay, can I bring my other sister Kali with me? She's like this… soft-spoken, super easy-going pushover lady." Eve manages to say that with a straight face, although she /almost/ breaks out laughing at the blatant lie. "Oh this is gonna be soooo cool. I promise you, I'm gonna be way, way better than any drag queen you find. Especially for the morning show, cuz you don't want to make your viewers throw up their breakfast."

Katherine stares at Eve, she has sisters, she knows that tone. "Sure. Hopefully someone puts it away for you for further education." She pushes away from the table, moving to pour herself some coffee. "If you like it, and it does well, and Heather picks us up for more episodes…perhaps we can have you on the evening show more than once. We shall see." She brushes her hair back, takes a drink from her black coffee and grins. "Right. Have you met Nolan Lenox before? Famous action star..new co-host.."

"Oh yeah!" Eve exclaims upon hearing the name. "The Rolex guy in Quick and Quarrelsome? What a total slimeball. Can't separate terrorism from illegal car racing. Pfffft." Pause, then beam. "I love him! But I'd keep an eye on him if I were you. He like always plays the bad guy. Dies in every movie." The blonde shakes her head sadly. "So they fired poor Mitch?"

"I haven't seen it.." Kate remarks, trying not to laugh as she aims a blank look at Eve. "I'll keep two eyes on him, and if he is shady, I'll get you to help me take care of it." She crosses her heart, but her other hand has the fingers crossed. "Though I think Heather wouldn't have hired him if he were shady, and he's been so nice thus far." She shakes her head at Eve. "No, he got offered a job at Fox News, and he jumped right into it with both hands grabbily getting anything he could from it."

Eve bobs her head. "I liked Mitch. He's funny, doesn't take himself too seriously… although his preference for bikinis is a bit skeevy." The young blonde shrugs both shoulders dramatically. "But oh no, I mean the Rolex guy is shady in the movies; I'm sure he's a stand-up guy in real life, like all the Hollywood dudes. They all are when they're out of rehab and not out boozing and sleeping around." She waves one hand around a bit, as if clearing the air. "Soooo, it's just going to be the one evening show for now, until the station decides whether to continue? How about the morning show?"

Katherine nods, like the thought hadn't occurred to her. She's with Eve right up until rehab and boozing is mentioned and then she starts to laugh, she can't help herself. "I think we're doing six of the evening show, letting Heather get her eyes on them, and if she wants to go ahead with more. We will. I am super confident on my success with this. Almost every meeting I've had about it has been ..very interesting, and I feel that with the diverse options we have for guests, it won't get boring. There are so many subjects to be touched upon as well. The only part that worries me is how much trouble we're likely to get Heather in with our drinking and frank talk. We'll see. You guesting? For now, one spot…and if you come across well, we can talk about more. Certainly."

She looks thoughtful for a moment, her brow furrowing. "I would like more than one guest spot for the morning show. I can talk to Heather, see what we can come up with, and if you enjoy your time with us. We can find a niche for you." She looks thoughtful, adding. "I would like to discuss it with Uma first, just to be sure."

"Yup, that works." Eve bobs her head some more. "I just wanna be sure cuz I'm going to UCC, right? I don't mind skipping classes for this because I'm leaning towards majoring in something like acting or media, so this is actually good experience, but my sisters and parents won't understand and may very well form a lynch mob after me. I do prefer to be alive when I go on the air. Being dead is a real bummer." She deadpans. "So like, when you became a TV personality, did you get a lot of adoring fans? I like to be prepared if stalkers are going to stalking around my laundry baskets."

Kate nods at Eve, a sly smile forming on her lips. "Maybe an internship that gets you college credit? I'm not sure how that stuff works, but if anyone would know. Well that would be Heather." She folds her hands in front of her, gazing at Eve with a slight smile on her face. "So I'll speak to her about that and we can see about keeping the lynch mobs at bay." She thinks about the question and her nose wrinkles. "You get some good fans, and you get some fans from high school who used to be amazing looking football players but have a beer gut and two kids who try to chase you around too. There is a lot of give and take, I guess?"

It's Eve's turn to stare at Kate, as if in disbelief. "Oy." She finally states. "I DO NOT want to picture Brent or Jason with beer guts, and two kids each." She murmurs, then adds for Kate's benefit. "Sorry dude, I graduated from high school last summer, and I used to hang out with these amazing look football players. Anyway, best not to think about that too much." Incidentally, her iPhone has been left on the table, and it just started buzzing. The phone is promptly picked up and studied, then Eve upnods at Kate. "I gotta run - appointment with the school counselor." As she starts to rise and gathers her backpack, Eve grins back at Katherine. "Hey, thanks for considering me for the parts, Judge Kate. I guess… your people will call my people?" Yup, more deadpan!

"Have a good afternoon, Eve. Thank you for stopping by." Kate moves to open the door, getting in the last word as the pink-haired girl leaves. "You're gonna have to think about it one day, you might have a baby on your hip too. These things happen, you know?"

Eve is definitely on her way out, after giving a wave to Kate. But she stops dead in her tracks when Kate speaks of a future baby! It's one of those Dun-Dun-Dun moments, and she looks just like this. https://media.giphy.com/media/qVVVfmHDMBZug/giphy.gif

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