(2019-01-17) Netflix and Chatting
An overseas movie night!

It was technically into day four of the Paris trip for Esme. She'd taken a nap in order to be able to align the times and hopefully not fall asleep! It was early morning for her which meant it was a decent time in the evening for Stan. She had her laptop set up for Haunting of Hill House and was getting Stan on one of those video chatting apps that she never used but had downloaded specifically so they could do this. She would have a bright smile when Stan picked up and gave him a little finger waggle. "Hey! Can you hear me alright? I'm not so sure how good the internet connection actually is here…"

Stan would try to set up as well, waiting for her to wake up. A small wave in return. "Yup! works well." He assures her. "Ready when you are." Is added.

"How are things back home? Not too crazy I hope." Esme chuckled and then gave a nod. "And I think I'm as ready as I can get!"

Stan shakes his head. "Not for me. How is your trip?" Asked in return. Stan does seem comfortable under a blanket and laying in bed. "On three. One, two, three." Able to talk while the movie starts. He does study her for a bit though. In glances. "Glad that we can talk some."

"It's going fantastic honestly. It's going to be hard to leave…I've got some great pictures though. I can't wait to show you." She too is snuggled up, laying on her side as she faced her laptop, starting up the episode. "I'm glad too. As much as I love it here, I've missed our little movie nights." Glancing to him now and then as well as they watched and chatted.

Stan does smile and nod. "Do tell." Is offered about her trip. Grinning a bit about their movie nights. "Well, you could watch with Katherine." He suggests. A bit amused. "And do show me all pictures when you get back." Smirking then. "Gotten to visit a lot of landmarks and such?"

"I could, but we've both been keeping busy here really. With the sight seeing and she'd doing her cooking classes." Esme chuckled."We've been all over. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, the Bibliotheque Mazarine - gosh I could live there. I wish Ewan Powell was as huge as this one was." She gave a wistful sigh, readjusting her head on her pillow. "I will! All the pictures and Katherine'll be cooking French food for a while." She mused. "So you'll definitely have to come with me one night to the B&B for dinner."

Stan chuckles and nods as he listens. "Sounds amazing. And I guess you could move there sometime." He suggests. Watching her with amusement as she sighs. "I suppose that I could join you." He agrees. A yawn and a stretch as he looks between her and tje show. "You look comfortable at least." Is offered as well.

"Maybe…but I doubt I will. Not for a long while at least, if ever. There's too many things back home that I enjoy." Esme chuckled, looking to the show again as she spoke. "Kate's a great cook so I'm sure you'll enjoy it." Gaze flickering back to him as he yawned. "So do you, Mister. I will say, this bed might just rival yours though in comfort level. It's like laying on a cloud or something."

Stan nods a few times about here being too much for her at home. "Fair enough. But maybe one day." Grinning about himself. "I am, and I am sure it does. Mine is nice, but mainly the company that makes it great." He teases along with a wink. "There should be a lot of interesting stuff going on all the time in this show." He offers and smile. Trying not to get too off track.

He likely can't make it out with the lighting and it being a video call of sorts but there's just the faintest tinge of pink that crawls up Esme's cheeks at the tease. "The company does make it great." She agreed with a grin and then looked back towards the show. "Yeah, it's gearing up to be really interesting. Lots of different moving pieces."

Stan most likely misses the change of color on her cheeks. Though he smiles at the confirming words. Nodding as he watches the movie. The psychological aspects being right up his alley as well. "Got anything planned for the last day? And hope you have to run off too soon"

Esme is quite for a moment as a particularly suspenseful scene is creeping up, an involuntary little gasp before exhaling in a chuckle and finally answering. "Nothing too specific. Hit up a couple new eateries and maybe try to sneak in one last museum or library visit." She looked back towards the video call. "Oh no, I don't have to be anywhere it's super early here still…or late. Depending on how you look at it. I can hang out and chat as long as you'd like really."

Stan does watch the scene unfold. Grinning at her gasp. "Ah nice. Hope you get the most out of the day." He offers. Smirking at her last words. "As long as I want, you say?" Winking to her. "I'll make sure to make the most of it then."

"I hope you do." Esme grinned a little bit at that. Another moment or two of silence as the episode continued on. Then she looked back towards the video. "Can I ask you something? Well, I mean. After the episode is over. I was thinking to maybe wait till I was back home but, if you're planning to stick around and chit chat with me anyway…" A little bit of a chuckle.

Stan chuckles and nods to her words. Then letting silence settle as they watch. Turning back to the video with a raised brow. "Sure, what is it? If you want to take it in person, I don't mind." He assures her. Not wanting to pressure her.

"I don't know, I might chicken out if I wait until I get home." Esme mused. "But, after the show." It was almost over anyway. She shifted a bit, snuggling further under the covers. When the episode started to roll credits, she reached out to pause it and then focused up on Stan again. "That was pretty good! Though I'll be glad to watch the next one in person again." There was another moment of silence, as she seemed to be gearing up to ask her question. "So, uhm. We've been hanging out a lot right? And I'm enjoying it…I hope you are too." Clearly this isn't something she does often. "Would you maybe…want to go out on a, like, proper sort of date sometime?"

Stan smiles and nods. Letting the episode finish and pausing it when she does. "It was quite good." He agrees. Smiling and listening to her. "I would like that. But we should probably talk some first, when you get back." He offers and smiles to her. "I probably have a few things to go over first." He says and still seem positive though. "You're cute when you're nervous." He teases and winks. His attention fully on her now.

Esme relaxed a little bit as he spoke and nodded. "Of course. Talking is good. Important to lay out any…ground rules and the like. I'm not so experienced with the whole asking people out thing. If that wasn't obvious." She laughed as he teased her, giving a little grin. "But, I'm glad to hear that it's at least a possibility. Depending on how our talking goes."

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