(2019-01-14) Paris - Part 1
What happens in Paris, stays in Paris.

Paris. The City of Lights. La Ville des Lumieres. They had finally arrived! The time zone change was quite a bit disorienting but that hardly mattered to Esme, who was rocking on her heels in excitement as she surveyed the area just outside the airport. They were supposed to take a Taxi to the hotel and then from there, well anything could happen! "I can't believe we're finally here." Esme grinned over to Katherine. She had been reading an 'French for Dummies' book during the flight but she had a translation app ready on her phone too, since she was sure she would need it. A single carryon housed her clothing and a couple disposable cameras that she'd gotten her hands on. "Those pictures of the hotel you showed me were amazing. I can't wait to see it in person." She was dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt with celtic symbols on it, hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Katherine grins over at Esme, she's all but vibrating with excitement right now. She glances around lost for a few moments and then she puts her fingers in her mouth and whistles. A piercing sound emits from the dark haired woman and for just a brief moment, she looks surprised that it happened. She gets over that quick, raising her arm to summon a cab. When one pulls over she laughs and pulls on Esme, grabbing her bag. "Let's get in here and go get checked in so we can go exploring. Then we can get chocolate, in a croissant!" She squeaks at the thought of it, opening the back door to the cab while the nice man puts their bags in the trunk. When everyone is in the taxi she leans in. "Hotel Bel Ami." She leans back then and glances at Esme. "I was expecting the plane ride to be a lot more…painful. I think we got super lucky with how empty the flight was." She is dressed in a flowy skirt, embroidered along the hem with roses and a loose knit mauve sweater that drapes down to her hips. A pair of comfortable boots are laced up beneath the skirt to her calves, a pair of soft white cotton socks peeking out from the brown leather.

"In a croissant!" Esme echoed with a laugh as she let Katherine lead her into the Taxi. Settling in, she looked out her window wide-eyed at everything they passed. "I think we did too. Not many people wanting to fly in the sort of weather we've been having I guess. I think the last time I was on a plane was when I took one down to LA for college. So I'm glad it was smooth sailing for us." She pulled her gaze away from the sights they were passing, back towards Kate. "The architecture here is beautiful. Even the modernized stuff just looks, awesome." Back out the window. "Sam said the night life around here was something else, so that's definitely something we need to get into too! Like I said to him, we're never gonna see any of these people again so why not cut loose a little, yeah?"

"Oh my god, I'm so hungry." Katherine didn't eat the dinner provided on the flight, it looked shifty. It was fish. She is staring out her window, and she lets out a yell, grabbing for Esme as she points to the Eiffel Tower. "Oh my god, it's there, like the picture!" She turns to face Esme when she mentions what Sam said. "So you mean that we're getting dressed up, going out, and we're gonna make bad decisions? I mean, I'm all for it, but you gotta pinky swear me that we're never going to mention this when we get back home." She holds out her hand, pinky extended. "I brought two little black dresses, and one that's all silver spangles. I also borrowed some shoes from August. They make my legs look so fucking long."

"Ugh, me too. The fish wasn't too bad, but…seafood on a flight is iffy anyway." So she hadn't eaten more than a few bites of it. "But we're gonna stuff our faces with delicious French food!" Esme grinned when she spotted the tower as Kate pointed it out. "Gosh, it's so hard to believe we're actually here! But we are! It's amazing." When she turned, wrapping her pinky around Kate's. "Pinky promise on not giving any specifics. What happens in Paris, stays in Paris." She giggled. "I've got this slinky red dress that's been in my closet for forever. It's so short, I might die if I tried to wear it out anywhere at home. And matching heels. I can't wait to see it all. August seems like she'd have a rocking collection of all kinds of clothes. You're gonna look amazing. And their only bad decisions if you have to deal with the consequences. We're gonna have FUN." Esme grinned again, relaxing in the seat. "And I'm going to eye up every hot French guy I see and see who bites." Another laugh.

"We should go out tonight." Kate decides, her dark gaze settling on Esme as she talks about her dress and her heels. "I mean, if we wait, I'll make excuses why I can't go, and fuck all of that noise one hundred and fifty five percent. I need to act out a little bit." She watches as the taxi pulls up to the hotel, her eyes getting big as she sees the size of it. "Holy shit." She glances at Esme and then back to the building. "I can't wait, I can't wait!" She opens the door before the taxi driver can and hops out, smoothing her hands down the front of her sweater and skirt. She pays the man, providing a decent tip, before she takes possession of her bag. "So what do you think, bar tonight? We have some drinks until the jet lag slaps us in the face, and then we figure it out from there?" She starts walking to the entrance, slipping in and over to the front desk. Two room keys are handed over and she leads Esme toward the elevator. "Our rooms are connected, but they're separate. So all you have to do is knock on the door and boop! There I will be!" She hands one of the keys to Esme and leans against the wall, waiting for the door to open at the fourth floor.

"I agree! Go out tonight, party, let loose and just have a good time. Sounds like a perfect plan." Esme nodded emphatically. She might have been about to add something else but then paused when the pulled up to the hotel. "It's SO fancy looking!" Esme's eyes were wide as she worked her way out of the Taxi and retrieved her carry on. Following Kate into the hotel, she nodded. "Definitely a bar or bars. A dance club even! Maybe both. We should see how many bars we can get into before we just fall flat on our faces." Esme laughed, stepping into the elevator. Accepting the key, she nodded and glanced it over. "Perfect! Depending on how tonight goes, I've got some libraries picked out that I want to check out. Maybe even try to set up an exchange program with…that would be fun but maybe a little difficult." She mused. "When's your cooking classes?"

"I hope we don't fall flat on our faces." Kate says, obviously worried about that /literally/ happening. "We're gonna get in trouble, I have a feeling." She says lowly, laughing as the elevator door dings open, allowing them to step out. "My classes aren't until the last two days, so these first two I'll hang out with you a little bit while you visit some of the libraries — unless you find a hot French man to spend time with instead. If you do, woman please, put underwear on the doorknob so I don't make an attempt to enter and find you doing things that will make me jealous or give me gray hairs." She sticks her keycard into her door, watching Esme do the same and she pushes the door open, takes a step in as she holds the door. "Holy shit!" She can be heard in the hallway. The bed is huge, the comforter is fluffy, and there are SO MANY pillows. The door swings shut as she takes a running leap at the bed, flinging herself into it.

"Sounds like a good plan to me!" A mischievous look crossed her features, "Honey, if you walk in on me, you might just get roped into the shenanigans. You know what they say about the French." Esme grinned with a laugh then, opening her door. Hearing Kate, she thought along similar lines. The room was amazing! It had to be the nicest room she'd ever seen! Ever! Esme opened up the adjoining door, chuckling as she watched Kate jump on to the bed. "This room is so amazing, I might just fall asleep before I even get dressed!" She moved from the door, though left it open so they could talk easier and flopped on to the bed herself. It was so much more comfortable than her own. She loved it! "I wanna take this bed home with me!"

Katherine aims a look at Esme, her cheeks getting red. "Like literally roped? Always been kind of a thing that I wanted to tr..er.." She clears her throat, her eyes shifting back and forth before she sits up on the bed, bouncing on it idly. "No no. You can't fall asleep. We have to get dolled up. We have to go out. I brought the make up that August gave me for Christmas. I know how to smoky eye my face now. We're doing this. We're doing this SO HARD." She gets up and glances around at a loss as to what to do first. "I'm gonna shower, then I'm gonna pick out a dress!" She scampers toward the bathroom and another sound can be heard as she discovers the fluffy towel and robe. "I want this robe!" She shouts, and then the sound of the shower is heard, steam coming quickly from the open doorway.

"Literal ropes could be involved!…Being tied up is fun!" Esme giggled. "Alright, alright! Showers, makeup, we got this!" Esme closed the door that joined their rooms and then started up the shower herself. It probably takes almost an hour, in total. At least for Esme. The shower was fancier than she was expecting and it was so relaxing she almost didn't want to get out of that! Then it was pulling out her clothes, doing up her hair and putting on a touch of makeup. Esme opened that conjoining dor again, grinning as she leaned up against it. "What'd you think? Are we gonna knock some people dead tonight or what?" She hadn't been kidding about the dress being short. It fell just above her mid thigh and the red high heels added a few more inches to her already tallish frame. Her hair was done up in a bun with a few tendrils hanging down. A little mascara to accentuate her eyelashes and a touch of red lipstick.

Katherine hears the endorsement about ropes from her shower and she glances in the vague direction of Esme's room. Holy shit. She takes her time getting ready and when Esme opens the door, she's dressed in a short champagne sequined dress with a pair of strappy gold heels on her feet. She looks nervous, like extremely so, her fingers fidgeting with the dress as she look up at Esme. She forgets her nerves for a moment when she sees the other woman, a bright smile appearing on her face. "You look amazing." She says, and it's clear that she's speaking the truth. She gets to her feet and totters across the carpet to hug Esme, bouncing a few times. Her make up is understated, her eyes done in browns and golds, and her lipstick a matte brown that emphasizes her lips, rather than paints them. "Do you think we can do this? We're gonna have fun, right?"

Esme gave Katherine a brief look over, grinning still. "You look fantastic too. I totally love everything about this look." She says, hugging Katherine back and nodding down at her. "We've got this. We're gonna have one of the best nights of our lives." She said matter-of-factly. "I was thinking, we can just tell the Taxi driver to take us to the closest bar and then we can go from there?" She released the younger woman finally. "Let's go live a little." She took some money out of her purse and slipped it inside the top of her dress. This is also where her phone was hiding, but you could hardly tell. Then she would step into Kate's side of the room so they could both leave out that way!

Katherine still looks slightly nervous, but she's hiding it fairly well. She links her arm with Esme and before they both know it, they're in a taxi, being complimented warmly by a hot looking taxi driver. He knows a person, or so he says, so after a few minutes and a lot of laughter they're dropped off at a club that looks like something out of a television show. There is a velvet rope, people in a line, and before they can move to get into that line, they're waved forward and through the rope. That's enough to make Kate perk up. "Apparently we're the cute ones." She says quietly to Esme, and maybe for the first time in a while, she believes it of herself. There is a large VIP section and a massive bar to the left of the entrance, and the rest of the place is dance floor. The music is bumping loudly, the bass shaking bodies as they sway and move together on the dance floor. Kate automatically steers Esme toward the bar, she needs liquid courage. "Two shots of your best tequila!" She shouts to the bartender, the only way she's going to be heard over the music.

A lot of laughing, a little bit of flirting and Esme may or may not have slipped her number to that taxi driver. She meant what she said. There was going to be some kind of fling or one night stand before these four days were up! She also looked surprised when they were waved ahead. That was a first. "Apparently. And rightly so! We looking fucking amazing." Esme murmured back before they entered the bar. It took a moment for her to absorb the atmosphere of the club, letting Kate lead the way towards the bar. "Make them a double!" She called after, leaning against the bar and looking around. "This place is great! We should totally try and get into the VIP area after some dancing." Esme nodded, doing a sweep to see if there way anyone who caught her eye. A few here or there near the bar. Esme giggled and gave Kate a nudge. "Those guys over there are totally checking us out." She nodded her head to a group of guys that were probably in university or fresh out. At least a couple of them were looking over in their direction now and then. When the bartender passed down their shots, Esme lifted it up and held it towards Kate's. "Hm…to a great time with great company and making memories?"

Katherine winces when Esme asks for a double, but she's not going to turn it down. She taps her shot glass to Esme's and downs the first shot like a champ, barely shuddering as the liquor burns down her throat. She turns afterward as Esme points out men who are checking them out. She tries to give them a smoldering look, but it takes the second shot of tequila before she probably manages it. She takes a deep breath and lets out a laugh. "Okay. Fuck nerves, let's go introduce ourselves." She takes hold of Esme's hand, and for a moment it might seem like she's leading the other woman to the table so they can talk, but instead she pulls her to the dance floor, invading her personal space and then some. She lets her tongue dart out to wet her lips as the begins to dance, grinding against her friend, which is probably giving the men quite the show. If she's nervous right now, it's probably /really/ hard to tell.
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One Shot. Two shots. Go time! Esme seems to be fine letting Kate take the lead on things. She's pretty sure that Kate needs this vacation a lot more than she herself does and she's happy to go along with pretty much whatever. So when Kate pulls her on to the dance floor, Esme shoots a wink in the direction of the men and starts moving with Kate. She presses close, one arm looped around Kate's neck as they grind together. Her free hand wandering over Kate's side just a bit. "If I didn't know any better I'd think you went out dancing every night." An affectionate tease as Esme twirled Kate around so the younger woman's back was pressed up to her. The guys were definitely into the show, watching and talking to each other now and then before finally the two bolder (or braver) ones in the group start making their way over.

Katherine lets out a low laugh, clearly in a zone right now. "Dancing is a nice way to release stress. If you can't get laid, dance." She runs her fingers through her hair, tilting her head back to laugh as she moves with Esme, letting her body do what it wants to do. Her fingers trail down Esme's forearm as they sway together and when the two men approach them, she holds out a slender hand toward the tall, dark haired man (Kate has a type) and allows him to separate the women. She might not be dancing as close to him as she was to Esme, but they are close enough to feel each other's body heat. Kate shoots a look at Esme that almost says, 'Oh my God, what am I doing?' before she turns back and gives the man her full attention, and then some.

"It is a good stress reliever." Esme agreed with a chuckle. Kate went for tall dark and handsome, but Esme was perfectly fine letting the other man sweep her up into a twirl. Rugged good looks, dark green eyes. Esme also had a type. She pressed her back up against the man, grinning towards Kate at the look she was shot. "Just have fun!" Esme turned now to face the man. Curling her fingers up into his hair as he held her close. Gods this was so much fun really. Not worrying about anyone or anything. Or stepping on toes. Just dancing with a stranger in a bar she'd never see again in her life. Esme glanced back over towards Kate as the song started to fade out and a new one fade in - gauging how she was doing with her catch while her own starting speaking in French in her ear. Esme had no idea what he was saying but it sounded sexy as hell.

Katherine seems to be having fun, a slender arm wrapped around the man's neck as they sway together in what seems like an almost effortless dance. One of his hands is firmly on Kate's ass as she laughs at something he says. When the music changes, the only thing that changes about their dance is the tempo, they seem to be conversing more than they're paying attention to their dance moves. The dark haired woman turns her head to gaze at Esme, her eyebrows rising briefly before she turns to respond to something the man says. Kate throws her head back and laughs, reaching out to take hold of the man's tie, leading him toward the bar. She orders a few more shots, and tries to catch Esme's eye, so she can see that she has a drink waiting for her and her partner.

Seeing that Kate is doing just fine, Esme returns her full attention back to the man whom she's finally gathered is named Alban. She pressed close to him again as they danced, murmuring something into his ear that has him pull her even closer. She giggled, nipping at his ear lobe and then is when she spies Kate and her man at the bar. Esme pulls away from Alban and takes his hand to lead him over to the bar. Grinning to Kate and her guy. "You two looked like you were having fun." She picked up one of the drinks to hand it off and then kept the other to herself. "This club is awesome." She breathed out, her face a little flushed.

Kate's partner has a hand resting at the small of her back, and she looks pretty happy about that. It could be the three shots of tequila she's had, as she's taken another one as Esme and her partner made their way to the bar. "This is Sean." She says, gesturing from the dark haired man to Esme. "He said that he knows a cafe along the river we can go to once this place closes. He said breakfast there is amazing." She raises her eyebrows at Esme, trying very hard not to grin. The men take their shots, and Sean swats Kate before he pulls her back to the dance floor, which makes her laugh out loud. The bass in this song really hits, and Kate loses herself in the beat, allowing her eyes to close as they move together. She's in her own world right now.

Esme gives Sean a nod as she downs her shot. "This is Alban. He doesn't believe me about how comfortable the bed in the hotel is." Her eyes are full of mischief. Sean leads Kate off and Esme focuses back up on Alban, flirting heavily through another round of shots. His hands wandering over her and he looks half tempted to just talk her into going back to her hotel room. Then it's back to the dance floor. Soon enough, the club does it's last call and one more dance is squeezed in before they're all back out in the cool night air. It's cold, but the men are warm. "I'm starving, do they serve chocolate croissants for breakfast as this cafe?" She asked, pressing closer to Alban and peering at Kate curiously, even though she likely has no idea at all.

"I hope so, because if this night doesn't end with a chocolate croissant, I'm rebelling." Kate seems warmed by tequila enough that she's strolling easily with Sean's arm around her shoulders, his coat there as well to keep her warm. The cafe is quaint and small and sure enough, they have chocolate croissants there, and a lot of other tasty options. Kate orders enough for five people, and indicates that most of that food is hers, encouraging others to order things as well. She settles into her chair, curled up and comfortable. "So, Alban? Are you going to challenge her on the bed thing, because my bed is just as comfortable, and I don't think you should doubt her."

Chocolate croissant, blueberry muffin, and a couple other little treats that look fancy and delicious. Once settled in the chair, she starts to nibble on the croissant that Kate's been hyping up for over a week, focusing Alban as Kate questions him. Alban's English is fairly decent, though the accent is thick. And Esme is falling hook line and sinker for it. "Of course I am. I told her my bed is one of the best she'd ever find. We have to compare and contrast." His arm easily drapes over the blonde, taking a bite of his own croissant. Esme grins at that. "And we'll have to be extra thorough about it." Then she looks to Kate and Sean. "I think Sean should get to feel how comfortable the beds are too." Esme nodded emphatically. "And the view is so nice. And this croissant is delicious."

Katherine glances at Sean, and he winks back at her which makes her laugh. She's just the right side of tipsy to be receptive to his advances. She tastes a little bit of everything she's ordered, and the dark haired man sitting with her actually feeds her some croissant, murmuring something in French as he does it. "I mean, no matter what happens, I'm probably going to pass out soon." She yanks the croissant from Sean's fingers when he squeezes some of the chocolate free from the flaky pastry, taking a bite. "You are more than welcome to keep me warm." She says to him, teasingly before she aims a look at Esme. "I think we should head back to the hotel, we can take some of this food with us, can't we?"

Esme nodded as she finished off her croissant. "Mmmhm!" Swallowing. "Hotel sounds good, and we'll have these for breakfast in the real morning." Looking up at Alban, "How about it? Ready to get proven wrong?" A little grin on her features. Alban seems more than agreeable to this idea. Esme's been teasing him for hours. Take out containers and bags are obtained and the tasty treats safely stored away for later. When they're back at the hotel, in the elevator, Esme murmurs to Katherine, "Best. Night. Ever." Then she's curling back up against Alban with a little giggle.

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