(2019-01-13) Talking Business
Layla, Sam and Katherine sit down to discuss business.

Katherine moves through the rest of the studio, climbing a stairway to get to a meeting room on the upper floors. She steps in, closes the door firmly behind her and gestures to the table and chairs. "The coffee is better up here, mostly because it's not made at six in the morning and allowed to turn into sludge." She turns on the coffee maker and puts a pot on to brew. "You mentioned that you were trying to meet with local businesses Layla?" She gives Sam a brief glance. "I won't keep you long, but I'm interested in hearing what the flowers were about."

Sam settles into one of the chairs. He was happy enough to join them for the little chat, but he does feel like a bit of a third wheel. He doesn't do anything to insert himself into the conversation, allowing the two to talk. He does glance briefly at Layla when Kate mentions flowers. That's … unexpected.

"I find that a small gift or token often gets attention when a message might go unanswered among all the other detritus of life and running a business." Layla replies, draping her jacket over the back of one of the chairs before she drops a hand to Sam's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "But yes, I'm trying to meet with local businesses, of a certain type." She settles herself in the chair her jacket hangs from, crossing her legs, "I'm planning to expand my business into Calaveras, but for things to really work I find that it is often a boon to be in contact with other businesses. Especially of the sort that people want, and plenty of people enjoy the ambiance of a bed and breakfast."

"I find myself to be quite busy, and I am honestly thinking of hiring someone full time to help me manage the business so I can focus more on things here." Katherine replies, and once both of them settle into a seat, she does the same. She crosses her legs and gets comfortable, folding her hands across her lap. "In regards to your business, like I said, if you are interested in an interview on the morning show, I'm absolutely certain that Nolan and I would love to have you."

Sam chuckles quietly at the sending of flowers to draw more attention to the message and offers a quick smile to Layla, but he otherwise settles back and continues to be quiet for a change.

"I wasn't even aware of this." Layla replies, a hand lifting to wave lightly around the room and studio beyond, "But as for my desire to be on your morning show, I hadn't actually considered being a part of it until you asked. My business is usually more….word of mouth." She glances at Sam, her smile turning a bit amused at her words before she looks back to Katherine, "I imagine that you are curious about what my business actually is, though, and you've been wildly restrained in waiting to find out. I like to consider myself a…facilitator. I make people's dreams come true, or I solve the problem of the moment. Reservations, suggestions, negotiations on dates, anything to make an individuals life, or moment in their life, easier."

"I'm a restrained person in general, almost too much sometimes." Katherine leans back in her chair, her crossed legs swaying back and forth slowly. "I understand why your business is more word of mouth, you're like a professional concierge of sorts? I imagine some people can take that down the wrong path." She rolls her eyes, she is well aware of some of the slightly more staid people in town. "If you are not comfortable discussing business on the morning show, I understand that, and after listening to you downstairs — you're more than welcome to join us on the roundtable show if that's more your speed. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and I think getting to know you better will be beneficial to us both."

"I thought you might be talking yourself onto the late night show down there." Sam says with a quick smile, shifting in his own seat and folding his hands atop each other on the table while he moves his attention between the two women. It briefly seems like he might say more, but instead he falls back into silence.

Layla laughs softly, "I'm perfectly comfortable discussing my business, anywhere and at any time. However…" She pauses a moment in thought, letting her attention wander towards Sam once more, her head tilting a bit when he looks like he might say more. "I think it's safe to add things, if you want." She glances at Katherine for agreement, "Safe space for voicing things, correct? But as for the nature of the business…yes, I am very much like a professional concierge. Which is why a working relationship with local business owners is a must."

"I'm happy to make arrangements that will benefit both of us, when it comes to my business. People being pointed in my direction by the locals is basically my advertisement. I don't even have a web site for the B&B. I haven't had the time to make one." Katherine starts to pull the pins from her hair, ignoring her phone which is buzzing on the table. "Heather would love to have you on either show, I can say that with all certainty. She pushes me to be a little more..outgoing when it comes to stepping out of safe spaces. It's why this evening show is being produced." She finally glances at her phone, picks it up and as she shoots off a text message she adds. "If you need any assistance getting together with other business owners, let me know. I've lived here all my life and grew up with most of them."

"I didn't really have any wildly deep insight." Sam says, nodding to Layla's suggestion that he can say his piece. "I was going to suggest that Kate might have customers in the future that might have need of your services when they're in town. I know you - " He's looking at Kate here - " have a pretty deep knowledge of the town, so perhaps it doesn't come up too often. But, if you're busy or the needs are more unique." He shrugs. Sam doesn't know much about running a B&B or a professional concierge business, so his opinions are just that.

"Word of mouth in town is fine, but I imagine that most people have already booked a place prior to coming to town, and clients of mine that come this direction can be pointed in that direction if that is the sort of stay they are looking for." Layla replies, smiling a bit more before she glances at Sam, nodding, "No, you've about got it right, at least on my end. Every working relationship requires a two-way street, how do they say…you scratch mine, I scratch yours?" She spreads her hands out lightly before she nods, "However, either show would be fine, or both." She shrugs her shoulders before she starts to her feet, eyes dropping to Katherine's phone, "I imagine that is important, and I'd hate to overstay my welcome."

"Just someone trying to make amends, but now that we've got some dialogue, I'm going to think about things and perhaps we can meet later in the week to discuss all three subjects?" Kate looks a little weary as she pushes to her feet as well, running her fingers through her now unbound hair. "If I do hand my business over to management so I can free myself for other things, having a concierge will be very important." She shifts her eyes to Sam briefly and then smiles wider at Layla. "I'm also sure you both have better things to do than hang in a television studio all day."

Sam follows the example of the room and eases up to his feet, moving to stand beside Layla on the opposite side of the table and flashing a quick smile at Kate's comment. "I'm sure we'll find something to occupy the time. But, I really appreciated the tour and chance to sit in on the screen test. I'm really excited to see the show go live. And, I'm glad you two were able to meet - I was going to arrange that myself, but Layla seems to be consistently a few steps ahead of me."

Layla turns to pick up her jacket, tugging it back on before she reaches into a pocket to pull out a business card, moving to set it on the table and slide across to Katherine before offering that same hand for a shake, "Thank you for the invitation, and I look forward to further discussion of all three matters. I do hope the rest of your day goes well." As soon as she's done with the good byes she offers a laugh to Sam, "It's a terrible habit, have to remain a few steps ahead of everyone…anticipate the need before they even know they have a need."

Katherine gestures for one of the security men at the door to enter, and the door is opened. "Could you please see these two out safely?" She asks the man, before she turns to smile at both of them. "I think I'm just going to sleep most of the rest of the day, but I can't see that going wrong. You two have a good evening, and hopefully you'll come to the B&B soon, Layla. If nothing else, for dinner?" She jumps slightly when the phone buzzes again and she shoots it a look, almost as if she wants to toss it right now. "Be well, and safe."

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