(2019-01-13) What's In A Name
Sam stops by to sign some papers, and catches Kate talking to herself.

The television studio is empty this time of day, that sweet spot between news and other mid-morning programming that people never say they watch, but watch a lot of. Kate is in one of the empty meeting rooms, leaning against the table as she seemingly says words at random. There is a very frustrated look on her face, and every so often the random words are peppered with swear words. She seems to still be dressed in her business threads, a sleeveless dark red silk blouse, a pencil skirt and heels. Her hair is gathered into a prim chignon. One of the words strikes a chord, and she leans in to write it down in neat, small-lettered script.

Sam had to slip by the studio to sign something. Likely something to do with the shows he might guest on in the near future - legalities and all of that. It really only took a minute to deal with the business and then he was going to be off again. Still, he was in the studio and the security hadn't stayed right on his shoulders. While he wasn't going to push his luck, maybe just a little peek around at the operations wouldn't be so bad? So that's how he finds himself wandering down one of the anonymous hallways, somewhat surprised to see Kate through the glass. Talking to herself. Angrily?

Kate scratches idly at her stomach and then she writes something else down, tossing down the pen as if it has mortally insulted her and everything else she held dear. She stomps over to the coffee pot, pours some into her thermos and drops dark chocolate squares into it. She looks slightly lost in thought, her gaze drifting around the room and to the window where..is that Sam? She waves in his direction, wry smile on her face. Clearly she's inviting him into the room, the door is even unlocked.

Getting caught peeking through a window at someone likely rates somewhere on the 'kinda creepy' scale - but it's done now. Sam takes the invitation in stride, trying the door and stepping inside when it opens without resistance. He flashes a quick smile toward Kate once he's inside the room. "Ah, hey Kate. You know that feeling where you're not expecting to see someone and then you see them and you get caught flat footed? I came by to sign some things. I think I took a wrong turn on the way out, though."

Kate is already reaching for a coffee cup, pouring the rest of the brew from the pot into it. She sets it down on the table and gives it a subtle prod with her fingers, sending it a few inches in Sam's direction. "It's okay. I'm just glad I wasn't doing something more embarassing when you caught sight of me. Not that I can do much in /this/ place without being watched." She points to security cameras in the corner. "Heather keeps the place pretty buttoned up." She walks to the table, sets her thermos down and gestures to the paper. "Trying to come up with a name for the show. We start pre production in less than ten days, and I still don't have a name. Well.. a name that I like." She sighs and rolls her shoulders. "How you doing?"

"Thanks." Sam says at the coffee that she pours for him, closing the distance and taking up the cup, following Kate in a slow orbit while he sips at it. His gaze goes up to the security camera and his lips twist briefly. "I'll be sure to keep in mind that anything I do here may end up on television at some point. I'm not sure some of the studios in Hollywood are as tightly monitored as this one." Between the cameras and pretty careful security on the doors. Right - that bomb scare. "I'm doing pretty well, thanks. I do sometimes laugh when I realize I've only been here for two weeks. It feels like a lot is going on." He doesn't sound upset at the busy lifestyle, however. "So - do you have any potential candidates for the show name, or is everything awful?"

Kate closes her eyes briefly as she allows a silent laugh to shake her frame. "I am sad to say that I've been working for Heather since..gosh.. October? I just noticed the cameras last week." She rolls her eyes and uncaps her thermos to take a drink. She stares vaguely at the door while she listens to Sam, turning a smile on him after a moment. "Time flies, and everything seems to happen so fast, right? There usually is a lot going on, but I'm trying to slow down a bit. Unsuccessfully, I might add." She wrinkles her nose and lets out a sigh, taking another sip of coffee. "I have like three names, all of them are so awful, repeating them will make me throw something. All I have is that pen that I already threw and this thermos. I'm trying to get something that encapsulates the adult nature of the program, but makes it seem saucy enough to tempt people into watching it." She slowly pulls pins from her hair, setting down her thermos so she can give it her full attention. "What do you do when you get writer's block, Sam?"

Sam's eyes scan the room at other potential objects that Kate could hurl. "Had you sent me a message I would have brought a bag full of things that would have been satisfying to see crash against the wall. They have places where that's all you do - have you heard of those? Fill a room with shit you can break and let you have at it with a baseball bat. Or whatever you want to use." He shakes his head, grin tugging at his lips. Maybe it's the image of Kate letting it all out in the room full of breakables. "Naming anything is hard. You get a few words to try to capture so much. If the name is bad, no one ever gets to see the parts where all the real hours of work went in. It's frustrating." Sam sips his coffee and leans his shoulders back against one of the walls near Kate. "Writer's block? I try to do almost anything other than write. Draw, run, eat, meditate, have sex, yoga, see a movie. You get the idea. I never know what will break me out of it, but my best strategy is to stop thinking about it."

Kate slumps into a chair, curling her legs underneath her, eyebrows raised slightly. "They really have those places? We need one in Calaveras." She lets out a mirthless chuckle. "The last time I was so twisted up that I couldn't see up from down, I went to the gym? I hit the punching bag and sprained my wrist." She shakes her head as her gaze drifts back to the paper. "I don't have a lot of practice throwing punches. I always had big brothers and sisters. Well.. I did." She focuses on Sam again, nodding in agreement. "I feel like if I just leave it alone, the name will come to me. I also feel like if I don't have a name before I leave for Paris, Heather will make an attempt at strangling me." She curls a finger toward him again, pointing to an unoccupied chair. "Come sit, and …I suppose I did that the other day, sort of. I was thinking of names and instead of pushing and making me want to bang my head against the wall? I went and got my third tattoo." She purses her lips slightly. "If you would have told me that I would get one, let alone three, a few months ago? I'd have laughed until I peed."

Sam slips down into the chair that is offered with a quick smile of thanks, his expression turning to one of pain at the mention of spraining a wrist, and then something else entirely when Kate mentions her family. He looks down into his coffee for a moment and then lifts it for a sip before refocusing on the conversation. "Deadlines do make the idea of not thinking about it a lot worse. I'm pretty lucky these days that I have flexibility in my schedule and enough money that I can still eat if I don't get something out the door on time. For awhile everything was about deadlines - and not just contractual. I had my advances and I knew exactly how long that money would last until I was out. It wasn't the height of my mental health." At the mention of a tattoo (or 3!) his eyes briefly drift down Kate's entirely covered form, as though he can see anything? "What did you get done?" He asks, looking back up to her eyes. "I don't think I knew you had the other two. I don't have any and have never really considered it. But, I love the artwork."

"I've been lucky enough that this is my first brush with deadlines. The morning show is basically run by Heather, and she gives us notes on things to touch on. I just show up, come up with a few pithy quips and read from a card." Katherine lets out a soft laugh, picking up the thermos, not taking a drink yet. "I've also been kind of fortunate when it comes to money. My parents were very conscientious about the future, and they had a healthy savings and insurance. I've been smart with it, investing when I can, working carefully with it." She pushes the sleeve up on her blouse, revealing the mandala on her forearm. "This was my first one. I got it for a dumb reason, but I love the colors. It's my favorite part." She shifts a bit again, wrinkling her nose. "Don't ..panic or think I'm doing anything weird. Okay?" She pulls her blouse from where it's tucked in, showing off the feather on her torso and the birds that it morphs into as it heads toward her navel. The bottom half isn't easily seen, but it's clear what it is. "August just did this not even a day ago."

Sam watches while the tattoo on Kate's arm is displayed, nodding in agreement to her comment the colours. "I'm not quite that skittish, Kate." Sam says with a soft laugh while he waits for Kate to untuck the blouse to show off the other ink. He smiles at the sight of it and nods in appreciation. "And she did a very nice job. I really like that one. I like how it's body art that really brings the body into play." Of course, with the way the little birds swirl up toward the belly button. He doesn't stare too long. "Ok. So you said a few months ago you'd have scoffed at the very idea. How is it that you have three now? I guess the real question is how you ended up with the first one. I imagine it's easier after that."

"I mean, I am pulling my shirt up. Don't want you to get the wrong idea." Kate laughs and lets the blouse drop back down, shrugging a shoulder. "The first one, well I saw a picture of something like it, and I loved the colors and I wanted to do something wild. Heck, half of my adult life is me doing something wild to prove that I can do something wild." She rolls her eyes and sighs softly. "When I went into the Mad Tatter, the owner at the time? Ben. He was like, you can't get just one. I thought he was full of shit, but sure enough, two weeks later I went back to get the piece on my back done." She brushes her hair away from her eyes and smirks. "August is designing a pretty sleeve for me, but I dunno if I can manage that. Heather already has kittens when I mention the T word now."

"I've reached the stage of my life where I have a pretty good grasp on when a friend is pulling up her shirt to entice me versus when it's just to show her new tattoo." Sam says with a quick grin, then waves away the concern. "They're both lovely. I have a soft spot for beautiful art and I find tattoo can be some of the best examples. I'm not sure how much you were listening in at dinner last week, but I'm going to try to draw something for Esme's tattoo she's getting done. And then whatever I draw, I'm sure August will actually make it look great." He meets Kate's eyes for a moment when she talks about the /why/ of it, seeming to have understanding there. Understanding the importance of proving you have control over your life. "She doesn't want it showing up when you're on camera?" He finally asks, regarding Heather.

Kate nods at Sam, finally taking a drink from her thermos. "Oh I always pay attention to talk around my dinner table, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. August is really talented, and it's a shame that more people don't stop by. She can do simple to extravagant, and her artwork and just…how she behaves inspires me a lot." She runs her hands over her skirt, nodding as Heather is brought up. "I think that she wants us to show a certain type of image, and I get that. I think that tattoos have a different connotation now than they did even thirty years ago. People might relate to me more because I have them, rather than not tuning in because I do. Now if I had as many as August, it might distract them, but if I do get the sleeve she's been sketching? It would likely be my last big piece. I wouldn't mind tiny little things with meaning somewhere, but…yeah." She lets herself drift into silence for a few moments before she blinks. "How has your room been so far? Any problems?"

"I think you're right. That visible ink isn't going to make much of an impact in 2019. They don't really carry the same stigma they once did. And I don't think they have for quite awhile yet. But, I can understand that television might be a bit slow to move. It generally reaches out to a very conservative audience. I mean, what's she going to do if you show up to tape one morning with the sleeve done?" Sam doesn't know Heather still, but he grins at how lovely that encounter may be. "The room has been perfect." He says, nodding enthusiastically. "Really, it's so much nicer being there than that little motel. It's nice that other people are around and the food - well, you now how I feel about the food. I don't ask for much out of a room, but the bed is comfortable."

"I feel like I should just start on the sleeve, watch her meltdown and then slyly suggest that she let me take a camera crew along, sort of like a mini documentary." Kate rolls her eyes, letting out a soft laugh before she gets to her feet. She walks around aimlessly, tapping her fingers on anything that she gets near enough to, probably including Sam. The taps on his shoulder will be brief before she moves on. "I'm glad that you like it, just think, I'm buying my weight in cook books and will want to use them when I come home. It's going to be incredible." She picks up the paper, squints at it, and then quietly speaks. "Filter.. Hmm.."

"If you can turn it into television, she's on board?" Sam says with a laugh, eyes following Kate while she paces and taps and paces and taps. He seems to have become part of the furniture now. "We'll sort out the details when you're back, but I think I'd like to arrange it so I can come up and eat a couple times a week even when I'm not living there. Maybe that's a pain in the ass? I know you have to cook the right amount for people. I could try to give a days notice and setup a dollar amount each week so we don't get bogged down in accounting." Tap. Tap. "Do you want to read out what you have and I can tell you if you're being too hard on yourself?"

"Sam.." Kate turns to eye him with thinly veiled amusement, setting down the paper so she can lean both lands on the table. "You can show up anytime. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, and I'm going to welcome you in…get you a cup of coffee, feed you, and chat with you about every day life. There has been absolutely no person that has ever and will ever be turned away from my door. Ever." She waves away the money talk and scoffs gently. "You just come by when you want to come by. You ever need a place to say for an evening, same goes. You want to treat your lady to a nice romantic day where there are heart shaped muffins waiting in the room with some wine? Give me two hours notice. My friendship does not come with a price tag, some of the amenities do? Like the wine, but that's only because I'm a business woman." She raises her brows and sighs, staring at the paper before she deadpans. "Unfiltered Opinions, Express Yourself, Open Minds…" She drops the paper on the table and sucks air through her teeth. "I'm going to give up soon and just call it, Let's Talk About Sex."

"I know. I know you'd do all that. And it means a lot to me. I thought that if it was going to be a rather regular thing it might make your life a bit less crazy to not have to guess each day whether I'd be there. Though, I do like the sound of heart shaped muffins." Sam says with a quiet laugh, taking a quick drink from his coffee mug while Kate lists off the options she has come up with. He makes a face at her final comment, shaking his head. "That would narrow the scope of the show a bit too much." His lips twist while he tries to think, starting to tap his own fingers. "Something … Naked Voices? Exposed Minds? Need a good word in there that's going to catch the eye. Everyone does a double take when they see 'naked'."

"I always make way too much food, Sam. Cooking and cleaning are pretty much the ways that I deal with what is going on in my head. A well made meal, a clean room does a lot more for me than punching the bag at the gym ever could." Katherine laughs softly, shrugging a shoulder. "Making them heart shaped are pretty easy. Chocolate are my favorite." She makes a face at Naked Voices, her eyes getting slightly wider as she whispers it again, eyes narrowing. "You're not wrong.." She says slowly, her lips pursing slightly. "I really like that, now.." She shoots Sam a look, rubbing her thumb against her first two fingers, an eyebrow quirked. "How much is your help going to cost me? Maybe a few dozen dinners?"

Sam laughs and raises both her hands - slow up - "Consulting fees are waived for friends, Kate. If you think you can use it, I sign over all rights. If you feel like you must feed me in compensation, well, a man has to eat." He sets the finished cup of coffee down and gets up from the chair, idly brushing away invisible dirt that was on his pant leg. "And you likely need to give it a few hours anyway. You might not like the sound of it after repeating it a few hundred times."

"We'll see.." Kate murmurs, leaning her rear against the table, her arms folding over her chest. "I'm glad you stopped by, thanks for getting the papers signed. For all intents and purposes I plan on having you on the first or second show. Just trying to flesh out what I want to…show for the pilot." She brushes her hair back again and gestures toward Sam, grinning. "Let me know what your favorite dish is, and I'll cook it for you when I come back from Paris. A thank you of sorts, yeah?"

"I'm glad I stumbled by. It's always good to see you. I enjoy the chats." Sam says with an easy smile toward Kate, nodding to her suggestion. "I'll think about what that might be. I'd tell you it isn't necessary, but I think you already know that. But, for now, worry about having an amazing time in Paris. I expect you and Esme to be looking properly rough by the time you get back later this week."

"I mean, I hope not too rough. I don't anticipate a lot of sleep, but that's not really anything new for me." Katherine makes a note on the paper, circles something and lets her gaze flit back up to Sam. "Yeah, and I'd just guess, and nobody wants brussel sprouts and liver for dinner. Well..except for Sarah. My sister is a little odd." She picks up the cup Sam was using, walking it to the sink. "Have a good afternoon Sam, see you for dinner if you turn up." She wiggles her fingers at him before she turns to rinse out the mug.

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