(2019-01-12) Protective (non-)Custody
Olivia tries to convince Omri to live safer.

Elizabeth has been abducted for quite some time now and Olivia is still trying to deal with paperwork to do something about it. But someone who could help, is Omri. She knew he was staying at the policewoman's apartment but he's never there when the Fed drops by. So now, when she has free time, she is on stakeout, hoping that Omri appears. He may not know how much his life is in danger.

Omri shuffles his way up to the apartment building front door. He's wearing a pair of ratty jeans and a hoodie - at least he has the hood up to cover his face a little bit. In his hands he carries a fancy leather sketchbook and a wadded up apron. It takes him a minute to get the keys out and fuss with the door.

A minute is all that Olivia needs to exit her car and make her way quickly, and quietly, to the young man. "Omri" she states softly, trying not to frighten him away. She is dressed for the cold, hands shoved deep into her pockets…there's probably a gun in there. "I need to get you away from here."

Omri is startled nonetheless, fumbling and dropping the keys to the ground as he spins around and stumbles with his back into the door. "Great googly moogly, woman!" he shouts, scowling. "Don't do that!" He glances around, then back at her. "You said you weren't going to arrest me!"

"And I won't" Olivia assures Omri, though her voice is flat and without much warmth. "I want to take you away from danger. You know that Elizabeth has been abducted. You know that they have her address. You will be next unless you come with me. We have a time for moving on the compound, and I want you safe until that happens." She nods to the door. "You won't be safe in there."

Omri stares at her for a long moment, before he finally bends down and picks up the keys. "I have a job. I can't just vanish," he says. "No one has even looked at me. You're over reacting. I'm fine."

"Over reacting? Seriously?" Olivia takes a deep breath to calm down. "Elizabeth is gone, probably dead. Did that not happen? You're immune from that for some reason?" She runs her fingers through her hair. "Omri, you didn't even notice me watching you, how can you be so sure you're free?"

Omri huffs, "Look, she was actively working against them. She was spying. She killed some of them. I just walked away. Clean. They don't care about me. So yeah. You're overreacting." He shrugs, "Shouldn't you be rescuing Beth instead of harassing me?"

"Yes, I should be. But they're protected. I'm having a hell of a time trying to get permission to go out there, but now I have it. I want to make sure you are alive to come with us" Olivia tries to explain but she /is/ talking to a cultist. Not the most flexible or reasonable thinkers. Olivia rubs at her forehead. "You know, you can only make this mistake once. It's the kind of mistake that will kill you." She could arrest him… But she promised Liv and Omri. "Last chance. Let me keep you safe for /one/ week rather than you risk your life ending."

Omri sighs, and he puts his hands on his hips. "Where do you want me to go? Wait," he tilts his head, "so, you're gonna let me go?" He smiles, "Let's go now. We gotta get Beth outta there!" And he starts to walk back toward her card.

"You're going to get to share a hideaway with me for a week. Doesn't that sound awesome?" Olivia is actually happy that he is coming, even if she has to take him on the raid for that to happen. And he's already on the way to the car. She quickly follows. "You're making the right choice."

Omri asks her, "As long as you'll give me a ride to work, I guess that's fine." He shrugs, "I'm a great roommate, but I'm not gonna pay you rent. Where's your place? Is it nice?"

"Nope, it's a dump. The nice place they shot up, so I'm in hiding. At a crime scene. Don't panic, the bodies are gone." Olivia opens the passenger door for him. "Where are you working?"

Omri pauses at that. "Wait… what? Bodies?" He furrows his brow, "You're staying at a murder scene, and you want me to crash there too?" He grumbles, "I'm washing dishes at the cupcake place on Main."

"They're gone. It will be like living in any other house. You're not afraid of ghosts, are you?" Olvia smirks as she gets into the driver's seat. "No one will go looking for us there. And it's only for a week. I can even teach you to shoot if you like."

With another huff, Omri opens the car door and gets in with her. "There's no such thing as ghosts. "Beth was gonna teach me to shoot. So, does this mean I get to carry when we do the raid? That seems wise, since we don't really know exactly what we're getting into."

"Depends how well you do with your practice" Olivia replies. He hasn't fired a gun at all? "You will definitely have armor." The 4x4 is started up and off they go towards the wilderness. "Are the cupcakes nice where you work? Can you get them cheap?"

Omri nods, "They're delicious. They even have vegan ones. I can bring you one after work if you want." He sniffs, "So, do you all have a plan for the raid yet? I was debating going in after Beth, so I'm kind of glad you bothered to show up."

"You going in alone would have alerted them, so I'm glad I showed up too. Though, to be honest, I would be surprised if they aren't waiting. They have contacts everywhere" Olivia sighs. "Plan? Depends on what the locals decide. I'm only advisory. Okay, rent is in cupcakes."

Omri rolls his eyes, "Local cops are the worst." He watches the passing roadside, as she declares the rental fees and smirks, "I can afford that."

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