(2019-01-12) Manhattan
A drink, some conversation, and possibly bar pretzels.

Katya was behind the bar, very focused on scrubbing it down. The bar wasn't too busy yet since it wasn't quite lunch time. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was in her customary jeans and tanktop with a thick flannel covering it. Today's eye color of choice was electric blue! A couple regulars wandered in here and there but otherwise all was quiet until evening started rolling in

When you tell someone you love them, and their response is don't wait up, you might need a drink. Especially if you're dwelling on it. There is a slightly troubled cast to Kate's expression when she walks into the bar, pushing her hair out of her eyes with her fingers. She sheds her coat, revealing a light pink flannel shirt, some relaxed fit denim jeans and a pair of boots. She slides into a stool and taps the bar with her finger. "Hit me with a surprise, Katya. Best you've got."

Katya is normally pretty aware of her surroundings, always keeping tabs on who was coming in and going out but today' that bar is really needing cleaned. So she isn't stirred from her work until Katherine talks. Ever so slightly startled, Katya looks up at Kate. A smile is offered, and then eyes narrowed in curiosity as she noted the look of the woman. "Rough night?" Her eyebrow raised as she started putting together a drink that she thought Kate would like.

"Interesting night." Kate allows, her shoulders coming up as she shrugs briefly. "How you been, Katya?" She asks, shifting so she can cross her long legs. She spares a brief look at one of the regulars nursing a beer halfway down the bar, her brows furrowed slightly. "

"Wanna talk about it?" That was half a bartenders job wasn't it? Letting people talk about their problems. It was almost the same as Doctor Patient confidentiality! Katya set down a Manhattan in front of the woman and shrugged. "I've been alright. Still married. World hasn't ended yet. So I guess I can't complain too much." Offering a bit of a smile to attempt to lighten the mood.

Kate eyes the Manhattan with a curious look on her face before she lifts it to take a sip. "Just the complications of life." She takes another sip, surely her lips will loosen as she drinks more. "Have you found or talked to the groom yet?" She asks, tapping a slender finger on the underside of the glass. "If you haven't, well..that would make me twitchy. Especially if he could be close." She sets the drink down, watching it as if she expects it to grow legs and move.

"Yeah, life is complicated as hell. I'll agree with that." Katya leaned on the bar and shook her head. "No…I have his name now but…not sure exactly how to find him. His name is Cash. At least that's what he used. I got in touch with the photographer person. And I don't think there's many Cash's in this town but that's still a lotta door knockin' tryin find one. And then what do I do when I get there?" Katya blinked a bit and shook her head. "I don't know. I'm going to try and see what I can find out in the next couple days since I have off."

"Oh! Also. Did you tell that Claire woman any specifics about this Vegas thing?" Katya asked, looking justttt a touch suspicious.

Kate laughs as Katya says life is complicated. "Do you ever wish that things would just smooth out and become nice and calm for just a day, maybe two, so you can enjoy it?" Her eyebrows loft as Katya mentions the name of her groom and her head tilts slightly to the side. "I don't know anyone by that name, but when you get there, just offer him a nice polite smile and wave and introduce yourself as his wifey. If he laughs, invites you in and talks to you? Keep him. If he slams the door in your face, evaluate and consider your options." Her brows furrow as Katya asks her question. "I have not. I don't get to talk to Claire all that often. Why?"

"Always, but then I remember that if life was calm and nice, I'd probably get bored of it and that's why I do the rodeo stuff." Katya chuckled and shrugged. "Yeah…good idea as any. We'll see how it plays out." She brushed back a few strands of hair and sighed. "Alright….I saw Warren at Maude's the other day…Claire talked him about your show I guess, and one of the topics being about getting married in Vegas and obviously this isn't something I want like being known until I get it sorted." Her nose wrinkled a touch. "And he's one of the last people I want knowing. So, yeah. I don't care who mentioned it to her - just as long as no specifics were made."

"I mentioned it as a possible topic for the show, but beyond that, no names." Kate responds, resting her cheek on her palm as she smirks toward Katya. "People in this town gossip way too much, or want to. Your name was never brought up, and it won't be." She quirks her brows at Katya and frowns. "Why wouldn't you want Warren to know about it?" She looks a bit confused, picking up her Manhatten to take another drink. "What is in this?" She nods to her drink.

"It's a good topic, hopefully I'll be able to have a good story to tell by the time the pilot rolls around." Katya mused. "Small towns always gossip," A brief pause and then she shrugged. "Cause I'm a sucker for hazel eyes and even though I'm mad as hell at him…" Katya started, and then stopped and gave a wry smile before restarting. "He blew his chance with me, as far as I'm concerned, but I don't wanna hear about bad choices or any jokes he might have or whatever." A wave of her hand. "Bourbon, vermouth, and some bitters. You like it?"

A few things click for Kate at once, her eyes narrowing for a brief second before she takes another drink from her glass. "Sometimes too much." She notes, aiming a smile at Katya before she sets her glass down. "I don't blame you for not wanting it turned into a joke. It's ..sensitive." She leans her elbow against the bar, and after a few moments the tension in her shoulders eases a bit. "You're a lot stronger than I am when it comes to that." She flicks her fingers toward the glass, nodding. "I do like it."

"I've been through worse things than getting hitched to a stranger but…yeah. It'll be a great story after it's all ironed out though." Katya laughed softly. "As long as he isn't some psycho." She pulled a bottle of water from under the bar and took a long drink from it. "Anyway. Glad ya like it. Did you ever get that note on the pillow thing straightened out?" She asked curiously, resting against the bar again.

Kate wrinkles her nose and gazes steadily at Katya, nodding slowly. "If he's a psycho, we can get August to send some bikers after him or something." She might be joking, she might not be. Kate roulette, her expressive face isn't giving it away. "No. It gets better and then it gets worse. We had a talk the other day, and he broke my mother's vase. Then we talked again, and ..he's very good at hiding what he's thinking and it kills me, because I'm open about how I feel." She gazes down at her lap, frowning. "I told him that I loved him last night. I don't expect him to say it back, but I didn't expect him to say - Don't wait up." Before he all but fled.

"I can get behind that. I've got a favor or two of my own I can call in." Katya grinned a moment and then nodded as she listened to Kate talk about her man. A touch of a frown forming. "Konfetka, he sounds like trouble." The barest hint of concern flashing over her features to go along with the frown before it settled. "Don't take the wrong way Kate, because your situation doesn't sound too unfamiliar to me. Are you sure you love him? That's a big word to be throwing around and some guys'll use that against you. Saying Don't wait up is a shit thing for him to do, but now that he knows that's how you feel it's anyone's guess what he'll do with that information."

"It's the first time I've said that to someone other than family." Kate admits softly, and her shoulders hunch as she gazes down at her hands. "Honestly, Katya? I won't admit this to anyone else, ever — but I think I am desperate for something meaningful in my life, and it's pushing me to make bad decisions." She flexes her fingers and frowns, finally looking up to make eye contact with the other woman. "I had my life together two years ago, how can time make everything fall apart so much. I'm a horrible parent, I've gotten into drugs and now I'm drinking more than I ever have been. I keep making questionable decisions in my personal life and I keep making excuses, and plans to fix things, and then I can't make that happen." She takes a deep breath, picking up her glass of bad decisions that tastes pretty gosh darn good. "And people think I'm some kind of saint." She says bitterly, finishing off the drink this time.

Katya was quiet, letting Katherine get everything out that was on her mind. Quiet for a moment and then, "Well. I'm not a doctor and I'm not gonna sugar coat it, but I'll give you my two cents, yeah?" She shifted a bit against the bar, hands lightly resting on both sides. "It sounds to me like you need to take a big step back and look at the big picture of your life. What you want to get out of it. You strike me as the sort who wants to put everyone else first and you gotta put yourself first instead. You're a smart lady. You know nothin's gonna change unless you want it to but it's also not gonna happen over night. You should start small. Set little goals. And get yourself some help for the drugs. I don't care if you think you can stop any time - it's bullshit." She sounds like she speaks from experience with that part. Then she offers up a touch of a smirk. "Not even the Saints were perfect. People just only see the good things ya do cause you don't let 'em see the bad."

Katherine opens her hand, gesturing at Katya as a slight smile plays at her lips. "This is exactly why I wanted you for the show." She notes quietly before she processes what the bartender says. She leans forward, resting her palm under her chin. "Not just because everything you said is spot on, because it is. Thank you, Katya." She pulls a folded bill from her purse and sets it on the bar, picking up her glass and setting it atop of it. "I should go, because staying here will just lead to more bad decisions." She lets her gaze settle on the other woman. "Come up to the B&B sometime, hmm?"

Katya offered up another smile, "Anytime, Kate. And if that guy gives you anymore trouble - I'll help you kick his ass." She winked, straightening up some. "Have a good day, yeah? And I'll drop by sometime soon. Maybe with a husband in tow. We'll see." She grinned.

Katherine gets to her feet, bundles herself back up and smiles at Katya. "I'd like to meet him, and same goes. I can't throw a punch to save my life, but I'll learn if I need to."

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