(2019-01-12) Catching Up
Heather and Solo spent their Christmas in Jamaica at a clothing optional resort. There may or may not be backposted scenes about that at some point, but in the mean time, they're back, still tan, and Solo's been to busy to drink even, so they've had little time to catch up and process their vacation together.


Loft Apartment - KCC1-TV

At the back of the office area, abutted against the upper story of the studios, is a one-bedroom loft apartment inhabited by the owner. The sparse furnishings are functional since the occupant is unlikely to spend much time here. The kitchen area is separated by a breakfast counter from the small lounge; no space for a dining table. Windows in the lounge room look out over the studios. The bedroom has enough space for a queen-sized bed and one wall is composed of wardrobes. Off the bedroom is an ensuite bathroom with shower.


Saturday night in the apartment. Heather and Solo haven't seen a lot of each other lately but it looks like they will finally be able to have some time. And to celebrate, Heather is cooking. Whether this is a cause for celebration or a cause for separation, remains to be seen. Dressed in jeans and a blouse - trying to look nice - protected by an apron, she is peering into the over to determine if the roast lamb is done. It's cold outside, so people eat roasts. "Almost done!" she yells out. The apartment isn't huge and she has a booming voice so her words would have reached everywhere.

Solo is settled into the sofa, head back against the pillow. It's been nonstop since she got back from Jamaica. Flights with passengers, data smuggling, the other smuggling… sleeping in a strange place - or trying to, and so on. "…the good news is I haven't had time to take a drink since we got back."

"No drinking? That's great" Heather replies from the kitchen before the 'ding' of a bell suggests the food is ready. "I won't ask you to pour us some wine then." Oven gloves on as she kicks open the stove door and takes out the food. "Hot. Hot. Hot." she mumbles under her breath before getting the hot tray to a counter. "I think it might be edible." A nervous poking of the meat with a fork. "You want to carve?"

Solo chuckles. "Great huh? I dunno, we had a lot of drunken fun times in Jamaica. Nah. I'm a shooter, not a knifer. You carve." She hauls herself to her feet tiredly and slogs to the kitchen. "At least, I remember it that way."

"I'm surprised we remember any of it at all" Heather snorts with amusement before a soft sigh. "It was a great time though. Glad you suggested it. Hey, any time you're naked around me all day and night is good news." Gloves removed as she grabs knife and fork to carve. Though, at the arrival of Solo, she takes time out to give her a slow, tender kiss to the lips. "Anytime you're just around me is good news" she adds softly before her blush forces her back to the carving. "How were your trips? Last one for a couple of days?"

Solo slips her arms around Heather from behind and nuzzles her hair. "Yeah… less some other organ donar dies on the ski slopes, it should be. I'm houred out, but for 'emergencies' especially without living passengers, I can fudge things a little. Well. I've already done that. I can fudge things more.

"You and your fudge" Heather smirks, leaning happily back into her girlfriend, closing her eyes for a moment to savor the touch and warmth. "Did you want to go up on the slopes? Spend a night at the resort or something? Unless we leave it for Valentine's Day…" Plans are hatching in her mind. "Oh, Katherine is doing some talk show where women chat about important things that people are afraid to talk about usually. You now, relationships, feminine hygiene, domestic violence, that kind of thing. She's looking for strong, independent women with things to say. I thought of you. Interested?"

Solo shakes her head. "Nooo, I've got enough video of me out in the world already. I can imagine the comments. "Hey, did you know this interviewee has video of her in a threesome with another woman? I've seen her…" fill in the blanks, you know?

"You know, that's the kinds of things that Katherine wants to talk about. The stigma women suffer under for being sexually liberated…or lesbian. How social media destroys lives that don't deserve it. The weaponization of sexuality. But, no pressure. I want you to be as happy and safe as I can make you" Heather replies with a fond smile as she hacks away at the lamb. "Lucky I never had to fight with a knife" she sighs, the slices of meat looking more like shavings now. "You must have made a dent on your debt with all those jobs. Double rates for Christmas?"

Solo nods. "I haven't run the numbers yet, but yeah, probably. I went through almost sixty grand worth of fuel. I need to check my service intervals. I probably have some inspections due. I was all up to date before we went to Jamaica, but… lotta hours on the thing since then.

"And I thought my miles per gallon was bad" Heather laughs before appraising her carving work. "That looks almost good enough to eat." Time to serve up. "I haven't been able to track down that girl who was doing the flight lessons with you. Ginny? No progress on that show for now. But, hey, it's not as if we're not busy anyway. And…I kinda like having /some/ free time to spend with you. Grab us a juice or something? Water?"

Solo opens the fridge. "Hey look, there's beer left. Want one?"

Heather gives Solo a /look/…though it is a playful one. At least there was a little gap in Solo's drinking. "Okay, fine, we'll have beer." Lamb, veggies, and sliced fresh bread are served up and placed on the dining table. The apron - of course it had 'Kiss the chef' written on it - is removed and Heather sits herself down.

Solo sits down across the table, looking thoughtfully at the beer bottle. She opens it with the church key from the kitchen and slides the key across the table. "Hey. You knew I drank when we hooked up, babycakes." It's soured the mood for her a bit, though bread… mmmm….

"I'm not hassling you, promise" Heather replies with a smile, hopeful she hasn't stuffed up their evening already. Taking the key, she opens up her own beer and enjoys a mouthful. "And I would never change you. /You/, as you are, are who I fell in love with. Sorry." An expectant look as Solo tries the food. Please let it be edible!

Solo smears butter on the bread, her sulk fading. She shakes her head a little. "I DO drink too much. I just don't like being reminded, you know?" She takes a sip. "It's easier not to when I'm with you. Or to only drink a little. Or only get sloppy falling down drunk when you do, at least." She takes a slow breath and takes a bite of the bread. "Mmm. That's the stuff… She looks across the table and curls a faint smile. "Maybe I'll have to keep you anyway, love."

"I see you remember the sloppy falling down drunk from Jamaica then" Heather laughs with a blush. "I can't believe I said those things to that poor man. And that's only the things I /remember/ saying." She reaches out over the table to give Solo's hand a squeeze. "I am happy to be kept" she winks before she will start on her own meal. "The bread is the only thing I didn't cook, so I was expecting that to be okay" she grins.

Solo takes a slice of the lamb. "Was that before or after you invited him to our room? I forget." She takes a bite. Adds some salt. Takes another. "I…don't know what lamb is supposed to taste like, but this is good."

Relief at the food being edible. Embarrassment at the comment about Jamaica. "Okay…I admit it. Get me drunk enough and my heterosexual urges resurface. but my attraction to women never fades." Another mouthful of beer…two…three. "It was my first orgy situation" she shrugs, "And I can't remember if we participated." She has to laugh at that.

Solo laughs softly. "Ohhh well… yeah… a little bit. Appropriate latex was involved.

"Oh shit…really?" Heather has to think on this for a moment. "I'm glad someone had the wherewithal to remember the latex. Did we have fun? Honey, I really can't remember much of it at all." She looks sad about this rather than worried. "I know you would have been awesome, but I hope anyone else was too. For your sake as well. Damn…I'm a playa now."

You say, "It was sweet. Very gentle. You had that look… You know… the one I usually can't see?"

Could Heather get any redder? She manages to find a smile from somewhere. "Well…you cause that look more than anyone so glad you got to see it." She runs her fingers through her hair and swallows nervously. "Did you enjoy it too? I'm going to have to change my TripAdvisor comments."

Solo smiles. "Oh yeah… I don't not remember if I can still stand up, usually. Not sure I'd do it again any time soon. I mean… it's risky medically… if anyone took video, it could ruin your career, but once in a blue moon being that unwound is absolutely awesome."

"You think there is video?" Heather dismisses it with a wave of her hand. "I won't go down because of crap like that. And I probably shouldn't have said 'go down'. This is /my/ station. If I'd been taking bribes or doing fake news, I would quit myself, but I'm not going to allow enjoyable sex with the woman I love…and others…be used as a weapon against me." A pause. "Should we get a check-up?"

You say, "Blood test, maybe… and yeah. Where would you hide a cell phone on a nude beach? I mean I know in prison guys carry them in their ass, but it's not like "wait, let me take this call…" She laughs."

Heather bursts out laughing at the words…and image. "Oh God." She seems to be struggling for breath a little as she shakes her head. "That would really put a dampener on anal fun. Though if they bend over and say, 'Smile for the camera', you know something is up. You are incorrigible, Solo. One of the reasons I love you."

Solo chuckles gently and blushes. "I'm not used to it yet. Being in love with you. It's still a shock when you say I love you, or I say it to you… I always figured love was for suckers, you know? I didn't know.

"Well, there is sucking involved" Heather teases before reaching out once more to squeeze Solo's hand. "Hey, I didn't think it was going to happen either" she says softly, warmly. "I thought I'd been in love before. Even got married. I was sooo wrong. Losing you would devastate me."

Solo squeezes Heather's hand and draws it up to kiss a fingertip. "I'm trying to stay alive, you know? If I can get my debt paid off, I can take a lot of the high risk flying out of the picture. Not all of it… the quasi-legal cargoes still need some playing fast and loose with international borders, but it's not like… the other stuff. Where if I get caught, I'll be doing serious time.

A smile at the kiss to her fingers. "I won't ask you to stop what you're doing. I know that you need to, and I know you enjoy some of it, all I ask is you keep going with that 'trying to stay alive' idea. And, you know, if I can help you pay off that debt…" Her smile deepens. "Yeah, try not to get caught too. Though the conjugal visits would be fun."

Solo shakes her head. "No, it's my debt. My responsibility. I do NOT want the people I work with to know anything about you they don't get watching tv."
"I understand" Heather nods to Solo's rejection of her offer. "But we're together now. I guess I'd like us to share our lives completely." She raises her hand to defer any objection. "But I understand that this is different to sharing a mortgage. Just know that I am here for you always. No matter what happens. And I want to help any way I can that you feel comfortable with."

Solo pets Heather's hand to her face. "Thank you. I've got this. Once I get my debt paid off… hell. I'll be doing pretty well.

"You're with me, you'll be doing fucking awesome" Heather winks, fingers attempting to stroke Solo's cheek. "We are soooo going to celebrate when you're clear. And if they dare to not let you free…I will fuck them over so hard."

Solo takes Heather's hand in both of hers. "No. You will not get involved with them even if they have me killed, Heather. You're a civilian. It keeps you safe. Please…

"I'm a civilian who loves you" Heather replies with a pleading expression. "How could I let them kill you and do nothing?" Still, she knows Solo has been quite adamant about this, so she sighs and nods…reluctantly. "Okay, I will stay out of it. I promise."

Solo leans forward over the lamb to kiss Heather softly. "Thanks.

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