(2019-01-08) The Pitch
Claire and Kate talk about Kate's show plans.

<TXT> From Katherine to Claire - Hey, it's Kate. You wouldn't happen to have a little block of time, would you?

<TXT> To Katherine - Lego-sized or Fifth Avenue-sized? ;)
<TXT> To Katherine - I am free for a little bit!

<TXT> From Katherine to Claire - Could you come by the television station? I'll have someone waiting to get you a badge and show you in. I also have cookies here.

KCC1-TV - Office

Numerous corridors snake their way from the entryway access and through to the studios at the back of the building. Along those corridors are the various small offices where the employees toil away to produce the best programs they can. Advertising and marketing offices, more plushly appointed than others since they interact with businesses and bring in the money, are furthest from the studios. Other rooms include: a research room with extra-secure internet and filing cabinets to the ceiling; staff bathrooms and locker rooms; make-up room; green room for guests; wardrobe storage room; dressing rooms small kitchen and cafeteria; editing bays; maintenance and repair room; equipment room. The d?cor, like the entryway, is 1980s glass and metal. Everything is clean and in good order, but style doesn't seem to be a priority.

Katherine sits at one of the research computers, feet on the chair as she looks at the screen over her knees. She is playing with a lock of hair, wrapping it around her finger and releasing it, over and over again. A thermos of coffee sits next to her, and she occasionally glances toward the door to see if her guest has arrived. She leans forward to type something into the keyboard, clicking on the mouse and then reading. She pulls her phone from her pocket, checks it, and then balances it on her knee as she continues to read.

Claire talks the ear off whoever it was that was meant to meet her and give her a badge and bring her here. They're best friends by the time they arrive in range of Katherine, parting company with a cheerful, "I hope you win! It's only forty dollars, but still. It's your forty dollars," from Claire. Followed by an equally cheerful, "Hi," to Katherine, now that the NPC has gone away to NPCland.

Kate turns to smile at Claire. "Hello." She gestures to the chair near her, crooking a finger at Claire. "How are you doing?" She asks, jerking her chin towards the coffee pot near them. "Feel free to grab some coffee if you're wanting some. I have been nibbling on cookies while I do some research." She pushes the plate of cookies a bit, snagging one from it to take a bite. "Any trouble getting here?"

She starts like the coffee might be a thing… then thinks the better of it after a moment. "Mmm, I might already be vibrating my way through the day. I probably better pass. But thank you." Claire smiles authentically even as she declines. But she totally takes a cookie, looking around the interior with unabashed curiosity. "No, just trouble parking. I can never find parking in this town for some reason. Oh well. It's bigger than I expected." She means the studio; not the parking lot.

"Oh, this place really opens up. I try not to take people to the production offices though, boss gets tetchy about that." Katherine takes another bite of cookie, setting it aside. "Sorry I dropped a hint about wanting something and then poof, disappearing. Life has been a little crazy lately and I always feel like I'm off somewhere." She tugs a loose thread from her sweater, frowning before she shakes it off her fingers. "I was wondering though, if you would want to be involved in a ..roundtable show." She pauses to take a drink from her thermos.

"Basically four of us would be on a set, we'd sit and discuss various subject, mostly things that don't get discussed by women, we give our honest opinions and try to connect with each other..and the audience" Kate plucks her phone from her knee, rests her arms there and smirks. "One of the topics we might discuss, just as an example, getting married in Vegas. Why that might be a good or bad idea - umm, how soon is too soon to have sex with a new partner. I mean..there are a lot of topics and opportunities. I just want people from different backgrounds who have a varied set of opinions." She shifts her eyes back and forth, frowning. "If that makes sense."

Claire follows along with knitted brows, head tilt, all the typical bits of body language that accompany someone focusing intently on a conversation. She even repeats, "…don't get discussed by women?" But her head must have gone somewhere completely different, because she straightens up when Kate gets to the clarifying, and her brows knit all over again. It's hard to tell if she's surprised-relieved or confused-relieved when she notes, "I thought you meant, like, income-inequality and universal health care," with a little chuckle. "Uhm, I guess? But. I'm meant to go home on the thirty-first?" FOREVER.

"Those things will come up too, Claire. I mean to have men on the show as well, but not as often? I'm sure there are things they need to discuss too, or open up about." Katherine curls up a little bit, finishing up her cookie before she nods at Claire. "You'll have time to appear once, maybe twice, and you'll be compensated for it. If it isn't your bag and you don't want to be involved, that's no problem either. It's in development right now, and a screen test won't be happening until next week."

Watch Claire blink a few times, confusion written all over that super-readable face of hers. "I'm sorry. I really - I have to ask. Did you intentionally just marry those thoughts? That you'll have men on the show so we can talk about…?" Those other things she mentioned a minute ago. "I don't mean that to be an indictment. I just think I might be confused. Is it a gossip show?"

Katherine looks just as confused at Claire, her eyes narrowing. "I think that everyone has things that they're not comfortable talking about. This show is about approaching uncomfortable topics and showing other people that they can be talked at with a group of adults who have differeing opinions, yet can meet in the middle, or better help each other understand their point of view." She leans back in her chair, her arms folding over her chest. "If you don't get it, or you don't like the concept, you don't have to be a part of it. I thought it would be nice to approach people who mght not all think alike. That's all." She glances toward her thermos, but doesn't reach for it yet.

"No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to imply that I don't appreciate the concept. It's a wonderful idea, frank and civil discourse. I think I'm still just struggling…" Claire trails off uncertainly, looking for some place to put the cookie that now she's not going to eat now. :( "I'm sorry, let's start again. Is your show girl-talk or something with a broader scope? Are we talking about how my boyfriend wants to have sex on the piano, or how we're being governed by sexual predators?"

The open look on Katherine's face is gone now, and she unfolds her arms, resting her hands in her lap, fingers fidgeting with her sweater. "Broader scope. There is no subject that is taboo, the point is for the four people on the show at the time to be able to talk openly about a variety of subjects, without censure. They could talk about phone sex, they could talk about corruption in the government, and they could talk about how they suck at baking and wish there was an easier way to learn. There will be things that guide the conversation, and certain subjects that the host will attempt to touch on that will be decided before filming. The end goal here is to be able to discuss things without the usual barriers that exist, stepping past those roadblocks which occasionally crop up that don't allow us to be as open as we sometimes want to be."

Claire sees the lost expression, and she looks genuinely sorry to be the cause of it. There must be a trash can or something, so that's where the cookie goes, and she dusts off her palms meticulously. Like getting rid of all the crumbs is super-important. "I suppose," slowly, "that it can't hurt to try? If we're going to talk about men and sex, though, probably I should at least ask if Warren's okay with it? I'd hate to just spring it on him. 'By the way, I'm going on television and telling everyone how you steal panties.'" She tries on a little laugh? Kinda funny? No?

Katherine nods at Claire, chuckling softly before she speaks. "I would hope that you would discuss it first, I'm fairly certain that everyone else will be telling their significant others what will be going on. I mean, I will be." She shrugs a shoulder, clearing her throat softly. "That's ..between you and him though, nothing to do with me." She reaches out for the thermos, taking a drink from it. "If you appear, and you're uncomfortable or unhappy with how things go, no harm and no foul, you'll be paid for your appearance and we'll discuss with you if we can use the footage.. or we'll simply refilm it with someone else."

Claire, quickly, "He doesn't, though. Steal them." Beat. "Well, maybe he steals them, but - I'm getting bogged down in unnecessary details." She smiles and shuts up, nodding along with the rationale that Katherine presents. "Will there be a contract? A release, N.D.A., et cetera? What sort of time-frame are you looking at between filming and release? Are you going to edit it, or are you looking for something unfiltered?" Claire, with the billion questions. Pick the ones that are worth answering and ignore the rest.

"The three regulars will be contracted, but the guests will have to sign an N.D.A, and the like." Katherine shifts a bit, dangling her legs over the side of the chair. "We want to do screen tests this weekend at some point, and filiming should start at the end of next week, depending on when the set we're building is complete." She brushes her hair away from her face, taking another drink from her thermos. "We'll be editing it, but as little as possible because we want it to come across as unfiltered. Some of the best parts will likely be things that accidently happen." She sets down her thermos and rests the back of her head against her chair. "So I hope we can get you into two episodes, but …we'll see what happens."

"Do you mind if I ask, who are the three regulars?" Claire asks whether or not Katherine minds, so presumably she means 'do you mind answering' and just phrased it wrong. Anyway. "Okay," about the two episodes, about the seeing what happens. "Do you have the paperwork ready? My father's an attorney." It's relevant, and her smile apologizes for the relevance.

Katherine gets to her feet, moving open to a messenger bag that she flips open so she can pull out some paperwork. "I'm hoping the regulars will be Katya, August Lexington, and myself." She pulls free one some guest paperwork and walks it over to hand it off to Claire. "If they're not able to be around for certain episodes, we'll have two guests, carefully picked to keep the opinions diverse." She makes a face, a wry smile curving her lips. "I do mean to include men as well, and I've already spoken to a few about it, we'll see how that goes."

"Thank you," for the paperwork, which Claire glances at briefly for now, a quick scan before she puts it in her own spiffy messenger bag. They're all the rage. "I don't know August?" Her brows twitch a little at the name, but she presses on. "But I know Katya a little! I interviewed her," and is just so pleased about it, apparently. The smile slips only a little at Kate's wry one, and she notes, "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to imply anything. Do I know any of them? The men you'll bring on the show?"

Kate nods at Claire, leaning against the table a thoughtful look on her face. "You'll get to meet them at the screen tests if you're about at the same time they are. August is nice, she does ink down at the Mad Tatter." She tilts her head and observes Claire for a few moments. "I don't know if you know any of them, I don't know who you know." Her lips twitch after a moment before she adds. "There will be very few men who will be invited. Assholes aren't welcome in an environment where they will almost certainly be misogynistic and cruel."

Claire repeats quietly, "She does ink at the…? Oh! A tattoo artist? Neat!" God, Claire. The '50s called and want their lingo back. "All right, I won't worry about it, then." The men, she means. "That is. I wasn't worried. Just - I'm about to dig a hole here." She smiles a bright, amiable smile and suggests, "Text me an appointment time? I still technically have a job," FOR NOW, "but I'm sure I can find a way to accommodate this screen test. Assuming this paperwork passes the Dad Test."

"Okay." Katherine chuckles, taking her seat again, pulling her feet up on the chair. "If there is anyone that you're uncomfortable with, feel free to say as much. I'm not trying to make people uncomfortable." She tilts her head, glancing back toward the computer screen, clicking on a link. "If you don't have any more questions, Claire, I'm gonna get back to work here.."

With a sudden splash of amusement, Claire realizes, "I've never been on this side of this conversation before. Hm." She offers a handshake at that point. "Thank you for the invitation. I guess we'll be in touch." Seriously, she has no idea how to wrap this up if it's not OMG AGREE TO WHAT I WANT FROM YOU. Just shoo her out.

"You're welcome, Claire. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns." Katherine replies, chuckling as she takes Claire's hand and shakes it firmly. "No question or concern too big or small. I want everyone to be comfortable."

Claire returns the handshake. And eventually gets the message. She'll just go out and continue talking to that helpful escort-person about their forty dollars again~

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