(2019-01-08) Talk With Me?
A quick meeting at the television studio.

Katherine is sitting in one of the research rooms in front of one of the office computers, her laptop opened next to it. There are several tabs open on the screen and a few documents filled with words. She is dressed in a heavy sweater, the color of cabernet, over a pair of denim leggings. She has her legs tucked underneath her, a pencil gripped in her teeth as she clicks on link and uses the mouse to scroll down the screen. A few moments pass and she tucks the pencil into her hair, gathered at a bun, before she types something in one of the open documents. There is a coffee pot in the corner, and by the way the room smells, it's freshly made.

There might be a few minutes before Angela arrives, probably due to things like driving there. The questions are answered, name signed if required, badge worn without even a bat of an eyelash. This is probably not her first rodeo with these types of protocols. Today she's dressed like she's going to the grocery store instead of work, in blue jeans, suede boots, a t-shirt with some witty saying on it tucked into the jeans and a jacket. It's not until she's shown to where Kate is that she takes her jacket off to drape over her arm.

Kate turns her head when she hears the door open and she saves her work, not closing it, but minimizing it. "Hey." She gets to her feet, gesturing to an empty chair near her. "Hope you're well, have a seat." She moves to the coffee pot, pouring some in the thermos she's using before she turns toward Angela again. "Coffee?" She asks, adding some cream and sugar to her thermos. "It probably seems really out of the blue, me asking to meet, but I'm working on something and I wanted to see if you might like some involvement in it."

"Please." Angela replies, moving to drape her jacket over the chair before she settles in it, legs crossing, "I can honestly say that there were a few different scenerios I went through when I got your text. But, this was not the one I'd have considered." She laces her fingers together, a brow raising, "What sort of thing are you working on that you think I might be interested in? After the last joint venture, you'll have to forgive me for being a little more trepidatious."

"Now you've got me curious." Kate murmurs, pouring a cup of coffee, carrying it and her thermos over to where she was sitting. She sits indian style, taking a sip from her thermos before she sets it aside. "I'm gathering women, from different backgrounds and opinions, to do a show. A show about various different things, mostly the subjects that people don't normally address on television. Shit like..getting drunk and married in Vegas, how you would deal with it. Uh.." She thinks for a few moments and chuckles lowly. "How soon to have sex with a new partner.." Her grin turns impish and she pulls her pencil free from her bun. "Smells and what they might mean.." She settles back in her seat, turning the pencil in her fingers. "Kind of an informal round table, two or three regulars at the table with people occasionally guesting to add a different element to the group. I'd like you to guest, and it would be a paid venture."

"About what possible reasons I came up with you contacting me for?" Angela wonders, reaching for the coffee that was brought over, "One being…" She gestures, "Married in Vegas, if you were drunk, is not legally binding. You're not able to make a legally binding contract while under the influence, which is why most chapels there don't allow it if you're too drunk. But I guess some might." She takes a sip from the coffee before setting it back down, "But why you contacted me? Not really important." She taps a finger against the mug, contemplating, "I'd like to see the paperwork prior to it, and know what is or is not going to be acceptable conversational topics. After your friend…Heather, right? With her snide remarks before, I'm not really going to volunteer to be attacked for what happened. We're adults, we should be able to move on."

"I'll pass that on to the person who got married in Vegas." Katherine chuckles softly and she takes another drink from her thermos, nodding at Angela. "So far, there is no topic taboo. We're airing later at night with a lot of ..caveats. If we're going to be authentic, we need to be open to speak and respond appropriately. The lawyers will handle the fallout, or so I am told. I'll make sure to get a list though, if it makes you feel better." She settles her gaze on Angela, both of her eyebrows raised slightly. "Heather is usually in attack mode, she will only be involved with this project so far as to be the executive producer and occasional guest. If you're not comfortable with her, I'll make sure you two don't interact." She leans her cheek on her palm, going quiet for a few moments. "Nobody is going to attack you for the past. It happened, and it's done. If it doesn't bother me, it shouldn't bother anyone else."

"You misunderstand, I think." Angela replies, smiling slowly, "I've no problem dealing with her, but I'm not simply going to ignore her if she decides to be a bitch." She lifts her mug slightly though before taking another sip, setting it down on the table in front of her, "As long as you understand that some things are something I can't discuss, like clients, and my family business, then I can't imagine there being a topic otherwise that would not be okay."

"No reason to attempt to mix vinegar and water, the three core women on the show will be the only people you'll be speaking to during taping." Katherine shrugs and lets out a brief laugh. "I mean, I'm sure that would suit everyone, there are very few people who ignore her when she's bitchy." She sits back, reaching out for her thermos. "We won't be asking about work or family..at least in the business sense. It's mostly about being a woman and the shit that goes along with it. We're going to be doing camera tests at some point, so you'll get to meet the others involved. Once we do that, if you're not comfortable with it, no harm no foul, just happy that you gave it a try." She takes a drink and swirls the liquid around. "Any questions or concerns that I should know about before I start setting things up?"

"Nothing that I can think of." Angela replies, glancing at the watch on her wrist, "Will filming be late at night, or just the airing?" She reaches for the coffee again, picking it up, "My schedule is a little more flexible these days, but I do still have clients." She then starts to her feet, "Which speaking of, I've a meeting with one in thirty, and I still need to drop by the store before hand."

"Filming will be when everyone can get together." Katherine remarks, nodding to Angela when she gets to her feet. "Thanks for stopping by, I'll be in touch to get into scheduling when things are more concrete. I have people to talk to still."

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