(2019-01-08) Chicken Noodle Soup
Lunch is served.

Kate stands at the counter preparing lunch, her knife slowly chopping vegetables that she adds to a large, black cast iron cooking pot. The windows are a little steamy from the condensation in the kitchen, but beyond that, all looks well. Kate's phone sits next to her work, the screen black.

If there is sounds from the kitchen, or smell, you can bet that Felix will go there. Coming down from the loft, seemingly not out driving today. "Hi." Is offered to announce his presence. A smile on his lips. "How are you?" Asked as he wanders further in. Wearing a black tank top and grey shorts. Comfortably dressed but also showing some of his lean build.

Katherine may not seem to notice Felix when he walks in, but she does. She sets down her knife and moves to pour a cup of coffee, setting it on the counter for him. "I'm okay, for the most part. How about you? Been keeping busy?" She asks, eyebrows raised slightly as she offers the man a brief smile. "I'm making soup for lunch, I think. Chicken noodle."

Felix does watch her as she moves about, grinning at the coffee. "Thanks. What would I do without you?" He offers, a bit overly dramatic. "Glad to hear, for the most part. And yeah, I've been doing well. Kept busy but starting to take some time to do some research and work out now." Meeting her smile with his own. "Awesome. Always nice, especially when it is cold out."

"It's likely going to snow today." Kate notes, smiling as Felix gets dramatic. "How is the research coming along, have you found any leads on people who might be family?" She scoops up some of the things she's been chopping, dumping them into the cooking pot. She turns to open the fridge, pulling out several chicken breasts, already cooked.

Felix ahs and smiles. "Well, then I should stay in, enjoy the falling snow, and some soup." He suggests. "I do hope I'm not starting to overstay." He is paying still, so shouldn't be a problem. But he has been around here for a while now. "Ah, yes, some leads. A lot of them continued east. Some going back west. There seem to be a few names I'm still looking at to see if there is any relation. Changing of names seem like a possibility as well, making it harder to track some." Shrugging though. "I don't mind though. It's been a nice place. I might travel in a bit though, some work stuff. But I should be back." He assures her. Looking to the cooking as well. He enjoys eating, and watching. He's just not much of a chef himself.

"If you're looking for a place, you're fine. Sometimes it's not easy to find an apartment in town." Katherine begins to dice the chicken, her gaze flitting outside briefly at the falling snow. She pushes her sleeves up, showing a blooming bruise on her right wrist. She doesn't notice that it's showing though, she keeps working. "I wouldn't know where to begin if I were in your shoes. I would have gone a little crazy, honestly." She moves to the spice cabinet, opening it to pull out a few containers. "Be careful if you decide to drive to travel, the mountains all around here are a bit dangerous this time of year. They close some of the interstates when it gets really bad."

Felix nods slowly. "I haven't yet, I admit. I like staying here. But perhaps I should." Shrugging. Sipping the coffee and looking between her working in the kitchen and the outside. Raising a brow though as he does spot the brise as she pushes the sleeve up, frowning at it. "Well, there is something interesting yet calming about it." He suggests, shrugging. He is studying her some now though. "Ah, I see. Hopefully it should be fine. It also isn't quite clear yet when they need me." Tilting his head as he watches her. "Are you sure that you're okay?" He asks with a raised brow.Not staring at the bruise though, looking to her face with a small smile on his lips.

"Well you can't live here forever, you're not family." Kate jokes, her gaze lifting for a moment to settle on Felix before she puts her attention back to her work. She finishes shredding the chicken and adds it to the pot, opening the spice jars to pinch some from within. "I feel that way when I'm knitting or reading, lately I haven't had time for either because things are going on." She brushes her hair back from her face and glances at Felix. "I'm sure that I'm okay. If I wasn't sure, that would be a little strange." A beat. "Wouldn't it?"

Felix points a hand to his chest. "Ouch!" He offers mockingly in return. Nodding and smiling, "Yeah, last I saw you knitting you did seem quite at ease. The general things, or what things?" He asks as he sips from his coffee. Shrugging at her words and question. "Perhaps, though at times we can probably convince ourselves that things are worse than they are, or better than they are. I guess that's how nostalgia works?" A warm smile offered to her then.

"Well, it's true, the only people who can stay here permanently are family, everyone else has to go and find their way in the world." Kate chuckles and nods toward Felix. "Cooking, cleaning, getting ready for television things. Life is busy, but I prefer busy. Less time to think when you're occupied, you know?" She sets down the spice jar and turns a look at Felix. "I do pretend a lot, keeps me sane, but for right this moment, I'm okay. I'm..content, as much as I can be."

Felix smiles and nods, "Yeah, I know. It sucks, but yeah." Nodding a bit, grinning. "Oh, I know. I always keep on the move. You can't think too much about other stuff when you have to focus your attention on what you are doing right there and then." Nodding again and smiling. "Okay, just wanted to make sure." Nodding to her arm this time. Another sip of coffee taken.

"I mean, ask my sisters, they think it sucks being family. Maybe you're better off." Katherine chuckles lightly and she starts to hunt up noodles, pulling several options from the cupboard. She follows his gaze to her wrist and she shrugs, her nose wrinkling briefly. "Bruises happen sometimes Felix, but trust me. I enjoyed it?" Her cheeks get pink and she pulls bowtie noodles down, tapping the box. "What do you think? Bowties for the soup?"

Felix nods a bit about her sisters. "I am sure that they will come around. How old are they?" He seemingly has not really had a chance to talk to, or perhaps even meet, them. He does blush a bit as well, "Ah, well." Clearing his throat. "Good then." He does smirk, but whatever he was going to say. He doesn't, biting his tongue at that. "Ah, sure. They can be quite nice."

"One is nineteen the other is sixteen, and they haven't come around in the two years since the accident. I continue to hope for the best." Kate says, a wry smile on her face. "It's been a bit better lately, we're all getting along, but we're also walking on eggshells, waiting for the next fight to start." She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before she opens the box. "Bowties used to be my favorite." She tugs her sleeve down and frowns before she peeks at Felix. "What?"

Felix ahs and nods, "Well, wait until they are over twenty-five at least." He offers a bit playfully. "Hey, it's not a family without some fights." He half-jokes. Raising a brow, "What changed?" He asks. Shaking his head at her question. "I shouldn't." He offers and does seem about to let out a soft laugh. Though she knows better than to assume that he'd laugh.

"Some fights." Katherine repeats, laughing as she shakes the noodles into the pan. "Well we were fighting all the time, then somewhere along the line we realized that we're all going through some shit, and getting through it together is probably easier than …being at each others throats?" She turns down the heat, puts a lid on the pan and moves to pour herself some coffee. She adds two squares of chocolate and cuts her gaze to Felix, smirking. "Coward." She teases lightly.

Felix nods a bit, shaking his head. "Sounds like it is back and forth, but that is good. As long as you can all come together at the end." He suggests. "Fight each other as long as you can fight together if there is something outside trying to bring you down." Her tease has his raising a brow, "Well, I was thinking. I'll have to keep in mind that you like it rough. And from your ride with me before, you also like it fast." Winking.

"I'd rather not fight, but I used to be lost in the crowd when it came to siblings, a lot easier to not fight then." Kate leans against the counter, sipping quietly at her coffee. His last words make her laugh and she shakes her head. "You're assuming, but that's okay. As long as it amuses you." She takes another sip of her coffee, hiding her smile behind the rim of the cup.

Felix chuckles. "Well, you said that you liked it fast." He points out, "True, that was with cars. But still." Finishing his own coffee. "If they are starting to come around, I am sure it is just a matter of time. It should suggest that they still care about you, at least." He assures her and smiles.

"We've been at this for two years, and I'm not sure how any of us feel anymore. Sure - we love each other, but we have to, we're family." Katherine tilts her head slightly to the side, eyeing Felix for a few beats. "You can get yourself in a lot of trouble with suppositions like that, but..lunch should be ready in about..fifteen minutes or so. The noodles just have to cook."

Felix nods and sighs. "Well, if nothing else I can offer a car to all of you. And a listening ear." He assures her. Grinning about him getting himself in trouble. "Oh, yes. But you were curious, so I figured." Shrugging. "Besides, I think you don't really mind." Studying her some at that. Though then hearing about the food. "That's good." Moving to try and refill his cup of coffee.

"Sarah has taken the van since she's been home, which is why I've been walking to most places I visit. I don't want to bother you too often." Katherine remarks quietly, flashing Felix a smile before she scoots so he can get to the coffee. "Curious might be a stretch, I had a feeling of what you were going to say. I wanted to see if I was right." A few beats. "I was." She takes a drink from her cup and sets the cup down. "We might be getting another tenant, perhaps he can use your taxi services?"

Felix ahs and nods, Looking to her as he walks past. "You never really bother me, so you're good." He assures her. Grinning, "Sorry, I guess I'm too predictable." Tilting his head. "Was I right though?" He asks in turn. Returning after having some coffee. Added dark chocolate as well. Moving to sit near where Katherine is. "Of course, just send him my way. Does this mystery tenant have a name?"

"Yes well, I don't want to start." Katherine rolls her eyes at his words, laughing softly. "That will have to remain a mystery to you. Sorry." She gazes down at her coffee, watching the steam rise for a few moments while Felix settles near her. "Sam. He's an author. He might not come to stay, but I think that I might have convinced him to at least think about it." She shrugs, taking a sip from her mug.

Felix chuckles and nods. "I like having company when I drive." Tilting his head about it remaining a mystery. "For now." Nodding about the new arrival. "Yeah, and once he tastes your food he will at least show up to town ever so often to eat, if he doesn't stay." He offers and smirks. Nudging her gently. "I am glad that things are relatively good for you at least. And if you want company walking, I can join. I do need to get out and run some more."

"Oh, I don't run." Kate winces, even thinking about running makes her tired. She slants a look at him, swaying dramatically when she was nudged. "He had lunch here the other day, and I sent him home with dinner. Apparently that was enough to make him want to come back for a second taste." She shrugs and her eyes go to the pot, and she pushes away from the counter to go pull the lid from the top. She stirs the soup and then leans in to sniff gently. "For now, huh? Not a man who gives up easy, are you?" She replaces the lid and lowers the heat on the stove.

Felix grins as she sways, trying to grip her upper arm, just in case. "Careful now. Then letting her scoot off. "Of course it was. I tasted it after driving you home, and I haven't left since. He offers with an amused look on his face. "I like to think about it like I'm patient. He suggests, "So, did you go and actually go into a fight to get that bruise, or something else?" He asks then. Sipping his coffee. Taking a deep breath to smell the food as well.

Kate takes another drink of her coffee, and she moves her hands to cradle the cup gently. She is quiet as she ruminates over how to answer the question, and then decides to settle for the truth. "I um, went out last night, got very drunk and belligerent — for various reasons — and then had rough sex with my boyfriend at his house after we argued." She glances toward her wrist, now covered again with her sleeve, and shrugs. "That bruise was well earned." She looks strangely pleased about that.

Felix chuckles and nods. "Well then, glad that you at least got something good out of it all." He offers and grins her way. "Now that image is stuck in my head though." He teases and winks again. "Sorry, I should probably stop flirting, what with a boyfriend and whatnot." Though he does try to read Kate.

Kate takes a deep drink from her cup blinking at Felix's words. She clears her throat and sets her cup down. "I mean, you can flirt if you want, he is a touch possessive and I'd hate to see him get..grumpy with you." She slowly folds her arms over her chest, catching him watching and responds quietly. "I'm not the sort to date more than one man at a time, I'm barely good enough at dating one. I'm actually really really bad at it."

Felix blinks, shaking his head. "Sorry. I didn't. I don't you to have more than one. And I won't do anything to hurt your relationship in that way." He assures her. "But also, I don't want to make you feel awkward. If you dislike the flirting. That is most important, really."

Kate nods slowly at Felix, smirking before she says. "You don't have to worry about hurting my relationship, I do that enough on my own. Often." She lets out a sigh and one of her arms slips free to gesture at Felix. "It's for the best if we're friends. If you flirt, I'm going to be awkward. I'm ..awkward in general." She turns to pick up her coffee, reaching out to warm her coffee with some fresh brew.

Felix nods slowly. "Ah, well. Yes." Sighing. "Well, I meant more if you dislike it. I like how you are, in general. So be proud." He offers and smiles. Then nodding to the food. "And don't let food burn." He teases.

Kate wrinkles her nose and lets out a brief sigh. "I don't know how to react to it, or handle it. It makes me nervous." She brushes her hair back, careful not to look at Felix as she checks the soup. "Still good, and about ready, if you'd like some?" She glances at him briefly and then turns back to the pot, stirring it gently.

Felix nods, "React to it honestly. At least with me. I usually speak before I think, so I most often deserve all that is said to me." He admits and shrugs. "I'd be happy to have some, thank you." A smile in return as she glance over.

"Noted." Kate says quietly, dipping a ladle into the soup and pouring it into the bow. She sets it down beside Felix, slipping a spoon in. She also sets salt and peper next to the bowl and nods. "Dig in, tell me if you like it." She blinks a few times and then turns away, getting a second bowl from the cupboard.

Felix riases a brow as she seem to stop and blink. Though he does nod, "Of course." Taking a taste from the soup. Tasting it and seeming to focus and ponder the question. "I do think. I like it. Homely." He suggests and nods a bit to himself.

Kate takes her bowl and sets it on the counter, adding some salt, pepper and then parsley. "Glad you like it, whatever doesn't get eaten today will get turned into something different tonight. That's the nice thing about chicken noodle soup..you can take it and make it into a few different things, just need to get rid of the noodles after."

Felix does add some pepper. Raising a brow about the parsley. Fancy! He tries to add some as well. "That is indeed a positive think. Already have thoughts about dinner?" He asks, "What else do you have planned for the day?"

"Have to plan ahead, I can't afford to dither and spend time considering my options. I come into each day with a game plan, and then I see how much I can fuck it up. Some days are better than others." Katherine flashes a grin and then she shakes her head. "I am going to get what I need for dinner taken care of, gonna go knit in the great room and then later I might go out for dinner. You?"

Felix smirks and nods. "Ah, interesting approach. I usually start out with a road and then just go wherever it lead. Usually to the bathroom first though." Grinning a bit. "I was thinking of running around some. Pondering massage. Though other than that, not sure. Was going to offer to hang out or so on, but if you're going for dinner tonight, I wouldn't want to interrupt your plans."

"I won't know until Sevin is done with his classes. I might just avoid him tonight though. We did have a pretty nasty argument." Katherine tucks her hair behind her ears, dipping her spoon into her bowl, bringing some broth up to her lips and sipping at it. "I'm not going to be great company today, I feel bad for anyone who attempts it. You should go out and about, have a good day."

Felix nodding about Sevin. "Well, if you don't, the offer stand." Grinning at her. "Fair. But I insist, and no need for great company. You're good enough." He teases and offers a fist to bump. "I might go out at night and drive some though." Which might be common. Heading out after people go to sleep, perhaps bringing Jax at times.

Kate just looks at the fist, offered for a bump and giggles softly. "I'm good enough." Something about that brings a flare of emotion to her eyes, her lips pressing together before she turns to give her soup her full attention. She scoops up a chunk of chicken and chews the hot morsel gingerly. "Be safe out there, it is going to snow."

Felix blinks as she turns around. "I will. If I do go out." Still seeming persistent to spend time with her. Eating his food while she seem to pay attention to her own.

Katherine turns to gaze at Felix, picking up her bowl to put it away. She puts the soup on the warmer and fishes her phone from her pocket. "I have an errand to run. I'll see you later?" She asks, tilting her head to the side briefly.

Felix nods and smiles. "Ah, I see." There is a smile and a nod. "Yeah, I'll be here." He offers and smiles. "If nothing else, send me a message if there is anything." Finishing his own food. He'll probably get one more bowl before he is done.

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