(2019-01-06) What Happens In Vegas
Alcohol, Pretty Lights, and Movie Moments

The show in Tennesse had gone well, much to Katya's satisfaction. She even placed! None of the big prizes, but she made back her entry fee plus a little more. She had chickened out on going back to New York for a visit, so instead headed out to Vegas to see what she could get into before going back to Calaveras, where there was nothing to do by comparison. She had gotten in yesterday, staying at a cheap motel near the strip, but most of her time had been spent in the casinos and bars of the fancier hotels.

Right now, Katya was sitting at the blackjack table in a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a black tanktop, her flannel jacket tied around her waist. She definitely looked out of place, but she seemed completely comfortable. "Ohhh come on, I know you're countin' those cards Jimmy." She half-teased one of her table companions as she lost and he won and she finished off her whiskey, ordering another from the waitress that was coming around. Her mass of curly brown hair was tied back into a ponytail and her eyes were a cotton candy pink! Certainly not a natural color.

Weddings are a big deal in military communities. Sure, they're often rushed into, but even still, there's no half measures around here. Thus, when one of his squadron had asked him to be his best man, how could Cash possibly refuse? One thing led to another and what it led to was a dozen Marines drinking heavily in Vegas and losing a whole lot of money to high hopes and a good time. Thus far, Cash has managed to keep himself pretty neat. His navy suit is well tailored, and he's still wearing all of his layers, even if his hair is a little mussed on one side and his tie could use a little tightening.

Most of his evening has been spent haunting poker tables. It's his one true love in cards, but a bitter loss has him laughing as he waves. Obviously he needs a break from poker. Too much thinking. Which is what has led to him taking an empty seat at a black jack table and waving down a passing waitress.

"Whiskey neat, would you, darlin'?" The warm, genteel Carolinian accent is paired with a smile that's just a little too warm and a little too genuine to facilitate any irritation from the waitress. Besides, the rolex on his wrist has the waitress mildly convinced he might be one of the casino's high rollers. Focusing in on the table, Cash glances around, giving a nod to the woman beside him and then looking to the dealer. The double take is immediate, as his brain catches up to the color of her eyes and he blinks. A half second later his brain catches up again. "Nice contacts." He says with a small upnod and a grin.

Katya stretched as the dealer started to reshuffle and the man in uniform sat down. Her head tilted, giving him a bit of a once over. She was already a few drinks in, starting to feel a mild buzz. She offers a grin in return, leaning back on the table as Cash compliments the contacts. "Thanks. Nice suit." She plucks at one of his sleeves lightly as the dealer starts to pass the cards out. "Looks kinda warmmmmm though." Exaggerating the 'M' with a giggle before looking back at the cards.

The waitress came back both whiskeys and any other drinks that were ordered. "Got a good taste in alcohol too." Katya lifted her glass to him, before taking a sip. "Alrght, lesse if Lady Luck loves me this round."

On another day, that may not have seemed funny at all. This isn't another day, though, and Cash has had… A lot to drink. Who was counting anyway?

The casino. The casino was counting - And charging all of this middle-shelf whiskey straight to your room, Cash.

That didn't stop him though. Nor did it stop him from smiling at her in that same warm, charming way he had the waitress. It's an art, one he'd been perfecting since he mother would drag him out to socialite events as a small child. At first it was being an adorable addition to her hip, as he grew up he turned into making those social events just a little bit more interesting with flustering someone here or there.

Cash raises his glass toward hers with a bow of his head and a punctuated sip of this whiskey that he definitely cannot taste anymore. "If I were to put proper alcohol aside my grandmother would rise from her grave to beat sense into me." He quips with a soft chuckle, and there's a purr from hard liquor roughing his throat. But there are cards, they're being dealt! He should look at those, or something…

Katya knew all about running a tab, though she also fully intended on not being the one to settle it up. What fun was being in Vegas if she couldn't try and chat up some guy to pay it for her? That was something to think about later though. When the cards weren't being played and the time for drinking down in the bars and casinos had passed. She eyed him a moment longer, he wasn't bad to look at after all. The dealer's voice pulled her back to look at her cards. Ugh. A 10. It could go either way. Katya had honestly lost track of how much she'd won or loss. The real good deal would be leaving here without owing and arm and a leg to some kind of loan shark like in the movies.

"Normally a vodka girl myself," There was the vaguest hint of a Russian accent to her words. "But whiskey seemed like the better option." Which she promptly knocked back the rest of. So much for telling herself to slow this one down. "S'pretty good though." She cleared her throat some, knocking on the table twice. "Hit me, baby." Winking to the dealer before her gaze drifted back to Cash. "So where's yer arm candy?" A strange question maybe - but all the high rollers seemed to have pretty girls hanging off them and he looked like a high roller, so it only made sense that he should have one too!

Somewhere, someone was singing the line 'your perfume smells like your daddy's got money' - It wasn't here, but somewhere, it must have been happening.

"Vodka's nice, but it's almost all trash in America." Cash quips easily enough. It's instinct, though, that leads him to kicking back his own glass immediately after Katya finishes hers. You keep up when you're drinking, it's the rules. "So I don't generally bother."

Focus, Cash. Cards. Right. Glancing at them, Cash crinkles his nose. Sliding an identical bet into his betting box, his splits his cards and doubles down on the first of the now two hands. Poker might be his game, but it seems black jack isn't something he's unfamiliar with either.

"No arm candy." Cash says with a laugh, though a glance at his left hand shows a tan line where a wedding band ought to be, "Here on a buddy's bachelor party. Kind of a 'no girls allowed' thing. Though most of them have stumbled up to their rooms by now."

"True 'nough." Katya says to the comment about the vodka. "My dad don't drink it 'less it's imported straight from Russia." She laughed at this again, murmuring a few Russian words about her father being stubborn and shaking her head. Splitting cards wasn't a bad idea, but Katya didn't gamble much, or play cards at all really. She liked the little bit of thrill from just having one hand, one chance. "No arm candy?" Feigning shock. Katya was an observant person, and noted the tan line but didn't speak on it. She didn't see a reason to, or maybe the alcohol just helped to quell what normally might stir up curious questions.

Katya looked around a bit, as if trying to spot his 'buddies' and then shrugged. " No girls allowed? I thought bachelor parties were all about one last hoorah with the ladies before the guy got tied down." She flagged the waitress again, "'Nother round for me an' my friend here. Jimmy's payin." Katya said confidently, and Jimmy was too caught off guard to deny the comment before the waitress left.

The dealer hit!…for a 2. Katya was pretty sure she lost so wasn't even going to try too hard this round. "So you got a name Bachelor Party Guy?"

"Aren't they all?" Cash says with a nod and a smirk, but then leaves the topic lie. His pair of Queens serves him… Eh, it's alright. Turns out a 20 on that double down and a 17 on the other. He'll take it. Now it's just a matter of what the dealer comes up with… And we'll get to that when everyone's done with their nonsense.

"Eh, sort of. There's been dancing, and plenty of drink - But no dedicated arm candy. Besides, the lot of us don't generally have a lot of time to make terribly many female friends." There's a shrug with that, and then the waitress returns. And apparently Jimmy is buying drinks. "Thanks, Jimmy." He says with a grin, seemingly terribly amused with all of this.

"Cash Montgomery-Reagan." He offers when Katya asks, happy to focus more on her than the ongoing game, "What about you, darlin'?"

Katya's attention snaps back to Cash briefly as he seems to have understood her words. This only makes her more curious, but the dealer distracts her from asking. "Oh yeah? An' whys that?" Katya asked. She lifted her cup to Jimmy and winked, before taking a sip. Yes, sipping. She was going to actually try to this time. Katya knocked twice on the table again, clearly having lost this hand. The dealer flipped over an 18. Meaning Cash won since Jimmy busted. "I'm out, I think. Cards ain't with me tonight."

Katya slipped off her stool - since it was really only cool to sit if you were playing, and instead came around to Cash's other side. "Well then I'll be your arm candy. At least for this game." Katya laughed, her arm draping over his shoulder. They certainly made a mismatched pair. Him and his nice suit clashing with her flannel and work boots. Cash Montgomery-Reagan. What a…posh sounding name. In normal circumstances, Katya might wrinkle her nose and maybe make a comment about asking where the trust fund money went. She doesn't though, just takes another drink of whiskey. "Katya," Her fingers idly toying with the suit jacket again, feeling over the fabric. "Nice ta meetcha Cash."

Wins one of the hands, anyway. The doubled hand, so he'll take it and not complain. Katya might be sipping, but Cash is more inclined to kick this one back as well - Which he promptly does. There's a little hiss as the whiskey hits the back of his palate, but otherwise, that's that. "We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine." He quips in answer. It's a reference, but it may not land. He's too drunk to notice.

But that's when he picks up his chips as well with a nod.

Maybe they were mismatched, but Cash didn't seem to give that any mind whatsoever. "If the cards aren't with you, I've no mind for them." Cash says with a smile that's a little bit askew. As for the trust fund money? Well, maybe that's where the rolex came from. Or this suit that on inspection is made of some really nice silk. Or maybe this is just his one really nice suit. Who knows?

"Come on, then," He says on a laugh, "If you've a mind to be my arm candy I'm sure we can find better fun than this." And up he stands, offering his arm to her literally with all of the grace of a man that has escorted debutantes more times than he would like to count.

"Ohh a military man." Her fingers slide up from the suit arm and very briefly run through the back of his hair and grinned as he gathered up his chips. She knocked back the rest of her whiskey - after all, they had places to be it seemed- and set the empty glass on a tray of a passing by waitress. "Thanks for ya service." As he stands, her arm slides down because he's at least half a foot taller than her, then slips comfortably into place in the crook of his own arm.

"Such a smooth talker too. I like it." Katya giggled, motioning for him to lead the way. "I'm sure there's all kindsa things you an' I can get up ta. Let's see what we can find." Though as they're leaving the table, she also snags two shot glasses of something or other a little too expertly off an unsuspecting waitresses tray, holding them out so he can take one. "To what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, yeah?" Katya grinned before knocking back the shot. Which would turn out to be Everclear, of all things.

There's a low, quiet purr right in the top of his chest when her fingers run through his hair - It's instinctive, happening before he can even consider it. "All in a day's work, Ma'am." He says with a cheeky grin at her thanks. It's a rote response, but there's an edge of playfulness that brings more life to it, and there's a wink with the word 'ma'am' that is definitely non-standard. It also seems they're of similar minds. As Katya turns with the shots of everclear, Cash has acquired two shots of something that smells like tequila. Laughing, he tosses back one of the two he's claimed and then trades for the second shot of Everclear. It's a one-two punch of hot, clear, fuck-you-up liquor that makes the world spin a little bit.
"Well it's a little cold out there…" Cash says even as he's pushing the door open, "But there are some delightful fountains that tend to attract street and flash performances." Sure enough, it is cold, like just barely above freezing cold. Desert Winter nights are just as vicious as any Summer day, just in the other direction. With the cold, though, comes the lights - And the sounds of the Strip erupt almost immediately. Music and barkers and people laughing. It's an easy place to get lost in, even in the off season, especially while drunk.

"You know," Cash says then, smiling as he leads down the street, "You might just be the loveliest woman I have ever seen." Oh boy that's a lot of liquor.

Katya looks delightfully amused when he has his own shots and happily trades. The two back to back causing her cheeks to flush and that tell tale warmth to flood her that comes with getting tipsy and drinking the hard stuff. She presses up a little closer to him as they start heading towards the front door. It doesn't quite seem to register with her- his comment about the cold, until the freezing air hits her. Combined with the warmth on her cheeks and coming out from a warm building, Katya shudders.

She releases his arm to untie the flannel jacket and fumble a moment before slipping it on. Better, kind of. Then she slips her arm back through his, taking in the lights and sounds, grinning like a gkid in the candy shop. "Street performers are cool. I ain't had the pleasure of seein' many over the years." She pointed out a few in the distance that she spied - a couple people on stilts. Katya looks up at Cash as he spoke about her being the loveliest woman he'd seen and giggled again. "Think so? That's mighty sweet a you." She slipped from his arm again, only to take his hand, but was walking just a couple steps in front of him and backwards - so she was facing him while they walked. Definitely a dangerous thing for an inhebriated person to be doing. Katya reached up and tapped him on the nose, that silly grin still on her features. "Well I think you might just be the handsomest man I've ever seen."

There's a comfort in her country aesthetic that soothes a part of Cash's soul that's been frazzled for monthes. It puts him at ease, and it's helped along by the liquor in a real way. "No? Don't get out much, either?" He says on a small laugh. There's no complaint as she starts to lead, even backwards. He might be drunk, but there are some things that are beaten into his head, and situational awareness is one of them, and he stays close enough to catch her if she trips over someone or something.

That tap on the nose makes Cash laugh, warm and low and amused. "I suppose turn about is fair play." He grants, his nose crinkling a little, but not unpleasantly. Which is about the point he notices he can see his breath, and he stops, pulling on her arm to encourage her to do the same - Just for a moment. With deft fingers he unbuttons his suit jacket and slips from the silk garment. Around her shoulders it goes, too large, but warm from his body heat and its own masterfully crafted construction.

"Nah. Work an' Rodeo - so closest I get is rodeo clowns…" Katya pondered on it as they walked. She'd never really gotten out much, mostly because when she did it often ended with her in trouble. "It is fair play!" Katya agreed as he pulled her to a stop. She exhaled slowly as he unbutton his suit jacket, distracted by her own breath and wondering if she could make make fake smoke rings until she feels his jacket slip around her shoulders. The sudden extra warmth making her blink and focused back up on him. Shifting her arms, even though her flannel is a bit thicker, she can still slip into the too-big sleeves, pulling the jacket closer around her.

"Thank ya Cash." Grinning, fingers feeling over the silky suit fabric a moment more. She really just seemed to like how it felt. "But ain't you gonna get cold now?" Raising an eyebrow, and then brightened as if she had a great idea! Katya moved back his side, wrapping an arm around his waist. "There! I'll keep ya warm." She laughed again, looking up at Cash for a moment longer, then turning her attention to some of the performers again. With her free hand, she fumbled around for a moment before taking out her phone so she could maybe try to get a picture or two

That suit jacket is fragrant with the woody-spice mixture that is his cologne, and a sweet, heavy scent reminiscent of pipe tobacco. The scent permeates the jacket, and Cash himself, in a way that is obviously ever present and deliberate. "Rodeo, hm? I keep meeting people in that arena lately." Cash says, sounding amused and just a little bit intrigued.

While he doesn't try to avoid closer contact, Cash does shake his head at her concern. "I sort of assumed one of by idiot buddies would drag us all out into the night at some point or another. I've got a thermal layer on under the vest and shirt, I'm alright." He explains, chuckling a little and slipping his arm over her shoulders. The street performance that starts out as a couple of stilt walkers turns into, swiftly, something of a contortion and fire performance - Yes, while on stilts. Vegas, man.

Katya breathed in the scent of the suit jacket, enjoying the scent. It was kind of strange, but she felt like she was wrapped up in a warm, safe blanket and the smell was comforting. "Do ya?" She asked , leaning her head against his arm as they walked, eyes staying on the performers. "Man, an' they say gettin' on a bull is scary - they've obviously never seen stilt walkin' fire throwers." Katya pointed over as one of them was doing something that definitely needed a 'do not attempt' label on it. "So are you active duty?" Katya asked, finally turning to look back up at Cash, snuggling up to him a bit as they walked. Idly keeping an eye out for maybe another bar or another crazy performance. "What'd ya do when you aren't doin' marine things?"

"Yeah, you know," Cash says, watching this performer twist in a way a body should not, "I'd rather have my job than that." There's a soft chuckle and he shakes his head, though his attention is caught a moment later but the sound of a violin. A performer has set up in front of the Bellagio fountain with a violin and some sort of light system that reacts to their playing. Nodding an offer, Cash will lead that way if Katya seems interested.

"I am, yeah." He answers then, and then laughs, "Honestly? Not a whole lot - Which I guess doesn't make for interesting conversation, but the Corps has basically been my life since I was seventeen, and I'm from a military family even before that. I suppose most of my spare time is spent either doing maintenance on my car," Stereotype, "Or reading. I got an English degree back when I was in Annapolis."

Katya nodded, letting Cash lead them over to the violin player. Her eyes were bright as she watched the colors synch up with the music. There were all sorts of nifty things going on in the streets! So much more interesting than Calaveras. Katya was going to have a hard time heading home. She took a few pictures of the fountain before slipping her phone back into her pocket. "Ya been in it for the long haul then huh?" Stopping once they were in front of the violin player's area. "Readin' is alright. Don't read too often. Didn't get the chance to go to college." Hell, she hadn't even finished high school. Katya turned to face him. "What sorta car you got? I like to dance and do the rodeo ridin. I'm a bartender professionally." She looped her arms around his neck. "Do you like ta dance?" Clearly he was going to do some kind of dancing whether he liked it or not.

"Yeah, I went in Commissioned - And my father was an Admiral in the Navy until he had to retire. Half measures aren't really an option." Cash says with a nod, "What events do you compete in?" The question comes just before she asks him if he likes to dance. There's a grin, and he doesn't actually seem to hesitate at the idea.

"I'm no professional, but I like it well enough." He answers on a laugh. There's no real polish in his dancing, but he's coordinated enough to fake it, and his mom made him learn how to do all sorts of ballroom nonsense growing up. "Where do you live, anyway? I assume not Vegas." He asks on another soft chuckle, curious and content all at once.

"Sounds like it." Katya tilted her head slightly and grinned again as they started to dance. It was less dancing, more kind of swaying? She was tipsy and just kind of enjoyed being close to him. "Colorado." She answered after a moment of thought. "Only been there 'bout six months. I've been to Vegas once before though."She added, nuzzling against him without really thinking about it. "How 'bout you? When you're not travelin' and all."

Tipsy swaying is the best kind of dancing when one is drunk, and Cash doesn't seem to mind being nuzzled one bit. "Actually, Colorado as well. As of Christmas Eve." He says on a laugh, "That's certainly some coincidence." There's something about coincidences when one is really drunk, and entranced by flashing lights, and in the arms of someone pretty - Casual coincidence takes on this almost magical sparkle that makes the heart race and stomach churn. It's the feeling that made people think fate was real, and while Cash may not buy into that idea much of the time, right now the liquor is singing him pretty poems about it.

Taking another moment to breathe in his scent while she was nuzzling him, Katya peeked up when he talked about Colorado. "Really?" Her eyes widened, what were the chances of that? Both living in Colorado and being in Vegas now, tonight, in this moment. "Where in Colorado?" A simple follow up question, but there was a bit of bated breath, maybe a glimmer of hope. It could be fate indeed! Not that Katya particularly believed in it either in her sober state. Those cotton candy eyes locking on to his blue ones. The alcohol making the moment feel somewhat cinematic.

Yeah, this is some straight-up ripped out of Hollywood romcom bullshit right here. Does Cash care? Not. One. Bit. Looking down at Katya, Cash's smile softens to something unguarded and legitimately fond, his arms slipping around her waist to pull her just a little bit closer. "Calaveras, you?" He answers, his own tone touched with a hope that if he remembered this night would surely make him cringe, but feels pretty charming right about now.

Katya swore her heart skipped a beat as he pulled her closer, pressing into him just a little as he mentioned Calaveras. No shit. What were the chances of that? One in a million right? billion maybe? "Calaveras." The word barely whispered before her lips pressed to his, soft but insistent, tasting the alcohol that lingered. It had to mean something, right? It couldn't just be coincidence.

Definitely not, no way, this had to be fate. Just ask him. Cash forgot to breathe when she echoed back the same word, which serves him well when she kisses him. One hand slides up her side to rest upon her neck, index finger and thumb cradling her jaw. There's a raw, instinctive deepening of that kiss, turning his head and purring quietly in the back of his throat. His other hand presses flat against the small of Katya's back, pressing her into him as close as he could manage without pain. Pulling back only far enough to speak, lips brushing against hers as he does, forehead pressing againt hers, "Marry me?" Little more than a whisper.

Back in Carolina, his grandmother was turning in her grave.

Had to be. Couldn't be anything else. Definitely wasn't the alcohol talking. She leaned into his touch, letting him press her closer and her own arms around his neck aiding in the venture. Katya wanted to be as close to him as possible. If Cash's grandmother was turning in her grave, Katya's mother was standing at the kitchen sink and just dropped a dish. One of those bad feeelings. Nothing bad was happening right now though in Katya's mind. Cash's lips on her own were stirring a fire and his question? Completely logical. "Hell yeah I'll marry you." Her voice soft before she claimed his lips again. Now, where was the closest Elvis impersonator?

Well, he would be grinning like an idiot, but that's pretty hard to do through being kissed. There's a pleased laugh through this kiss, and Cash bends at the knees to take hold of Katya around the thighs and lift her so he can carry her down the street. Yes, really. Keeps kissing her, too, as though she is all the air in the world and he'll die without her.

Luckily, in Vegas, one doesn't have to go very far before finding one of those one-stop-wedding-shops. Notary, clerk, jeweller, and officiant all in one neat, little package. This couldn't be that bad of a decision if there was this much of a market for it, could it? Nah.

Katya wrapped her legs around him as he picked her up, giggling as they kissed, keeping close to them. Her hand had slipped up into his hair again, pressing the kiss deeper. It felt right! It felt natural. Nothing was wrong or bad at all with this current turn of events. She's even reluctant to pull away from kissing him when they initially get into the one stop shop. But finally she does, drawing in a slightly ragged breath of much needed air.

It was nice and simple. There were a few different themed packages and Katya would give puppy dog eyes if necessary to go with a tropical island themed one. Which, by description, put Cash in a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts and Katya in an island wrap skirt and tube top - which did expose the nasty scar from the rightside of her collarbone her just below her chest from an old tussle with a bull. And who was to marry them? None other than the Jimmy Buffett impersonator himself.

It does require a good amount of puppy dog eyes, but he can be convinced. That is definitely the liquor talking, and he knows it, the one place he recognizes it, but that doesn't stop him. It seems they'll both have their scars exposed - These shorts exposing an intricate series of closed gashes and stitches all along his right leg from the middle of his shin to beyond the place where the fabric obscures the sight. That leg has seen some shit.

Cash's own influence comes in rings. A simple gold band is pulled from the left pocket of his suit jacket, and the ring he purchases for Katya (while she isn't looking) is… Well, it's nice, but it's fairly gaudy and cost him a pretty penny that he pointedly refuses to admit to.

If he was sober, he would have been able to feel all of his ancestors collectively sigh.

Katya looks curious about the scars on his leg but figures there's plenty of time to ask about them! The ceremony is fairly standardized but the officiant is in good spirits. Which only helps encourage the energy of the event, at least for Katya. She rocks on her heels just a touch, excited, nervous, grinning like a fool. She was luckiest woman in all of Vegas, without a doubt. There was that moment, just before the exchanging of the rings for the vows and Katya was made to go first. "I know we just met, but I feel like I've known ya forever. We got somethin' special and it don't hurt that ya kiss real good." Katya grinned. Oh lord, she better hope she doesn't ever remember any of this. She might just crawl under a rock and live out the rest of her days there.

Let's hope everyone is spared the memories of this night. Cash would likely also crawl under something heavy and dark and never, ever come out. Right now, though? Well, she's just said some of the sweetest things he's sure he's ever heard. And then it's his turn, with this giant, sparkly thing. "Some things are just right, some things you just know," He says, "And I know that I love you, and that this is the best thing I have ever done." Drunken nonsense. It's nonsense, complete gobblydegook.

But that's about all that the service needs until their impersonator-cum-officiant is willing to pronounce them man and wife. Luckily, it's Vegas, because in any other wedding venue this moment of 'you may kiss the bride' would last uncomfortably long and involve way too much tongue.

Ah, Vegas.

And it would likely have a horde of people objecting! Katya grins at the grin, it's the prettiest thing she's ever seen apparently. The rings are on and then it's time for the I Dos. Which Katya agrees wto without a hint of hesitation. "I love you too and I wanna be your wife more than anythin'." When objection time comes around, there's no one to object so, unless Cash pulls one of those moves where he dips her to kiss her, Katya his throwing her arms around him and kissing him her life might just depend on it. Tongue and all. And of course there are pictures! Which can be purchased for a small extra fee at the end of it all that Katya might just shell out for. After all, who doesn't want pictures of their wedding night!

Well, if Katya is going to buy them, Cash certainly doesn't need to. They'd just be going the same place anyway, right? He will settle up the overall bill, though - And pay the extra fee to have the facility handle all of the filing with the government. Anything that saves him having to do military forms is good by him, even if it costs him more. And so off they are set, paperwork sent away, married, with photographic evidence and a rock that cost at least eight grand. Best night ever.

"I've got a room back where we met - I don't know what you had set up, but it's a pretty decent spot." He says, taking her hand in his as the chapel waves them out, trying to clear out the space for a couple who appears only marginally less drunk than they are.

Katya is assured that the pictures will be emailed to her. Perfect! She can check tomorrow and they can just lay in bed and look at them. Maybe giggle a bit .After all, that impersonator was a riot. Back in their normal clothes and the cool air, Katya nodded emphatically. "Your place is definitely closer. Mines…somewhere that way." Pointing off in the distance. "Off tha strip." She leaned up to steal one more kiss. "Mrs. Montgomery-Regan. Got a nice ring to it." Katya snuggled up to him, looking at her ring a moment as well, the sparkle catching off the various lights around them. "And it'll be a lot warmer up there than it is out here."

"Great, then we'll do that." Cash says, leading the way back toward the hotel with an absolutely stupid grin. "You certainly wear it a lot better than the last person who did." He says with a soft laugh, speaking of the new name. "Sure you're up to being a military wife, though?" It's said casually, like he doesn't actually doubt her, as he pushes open the door the hotel.

Other person? Oh, Right, the tan line. Somewhere, Katya remembers that. She slipped into the hotel, "'Course I am. The real question is if yer prepared to be a Rodeo husband." She nodded. "I'm tryna go professional. So that means I'll be travelin a lot and more than a few hospital stays prolly." Now that they were back in the warmth, Katya slipped off his suit jacket, though hugged it to her chest as he led the way to the room. It would work out great! Katya was positive. After all, they were fated!

That inspires a warm laugh from Cash, pleasant and amused. "Well, that'll work out nicely, then - It's pretty much the same for me. Deployment is different than travel, but it's the same basic idea of 'away from home and potentially in danger.'" His arm weaves around her waist again as he leads to the elevator and toward the hotel room. "How long have you been doing rodeo?" He ask as he unlocks the door. It's a nice room, not a suite, but pleasant

"Sounds like it will!" Katya leans into him comfortably during the elevator ride. The room was nicer than her own so that was a plus. It's not like Katya required anything fancy anyway. "Hm…bout 3 or 4 years now I reckon. I got into it while I lived in Texas." She explained as she carefully lays his jacket down on the bed and then sits down on the bed herself, smiling up at him. "It's a lotta fun, but when ya get hurt, it hurts like hell." She slipped off her shoes, wiggling her toes a bit.

"Texas, hm?" Cash says, emptying his pockets onto the nightstand, "Proper country girl, aren't you?" Slipping out of his shoes he climbs onto the bed to settle behind her, nimble fingers brushing fair away slowly from the side of her neck. "I know how that kind of life goes. I fly F-18s for a living." With her neck exposed he leans down to ghost a kiss over her skin.

A little shiver runs up her spine as his lips barely brush over her skin and feeling him so close behind her. Katya shifts to let her flannel slide down, head tilting ever so slightly to give him more access to her neck if he wished. "Ya'd think so…but I was born and raised in New York mostly." Katya leaned back a bit to rest against him. "S'complicated…flying F-18s sounds like an experience.."

"It is. It's great," Cash answers, though noticably distracted, "Except for when it really isn't." Doesn't go into detail, just slides on by that topic. "New York, hm?" His arm wraps around to slide under her shirt, fingertips playing over tender skin across her hipbone and naval. Nothing terribly adventurous, but intimate nevertheless. A firmer kiss is placed to her neck, and then another at the place where her carotid meets her clavicle, this time with the slightest pressure of teeth.

Katya could only imagine. "Mmhm…part a the City they call Little Russia." She murmured, exhaling slowly as his fingers trailed over her. "Was okay." A pleased noise as she felt his teeth. Her hand came up to run through his hair, pressing a bit against him, letting him know she liked what he was doing, falling silent again. Katya turned to head a touch to brush her lips over his cheek.

"Ah. Makes sense." Cash is definitely distracted now. Enough so that he doesn't follow that up with any more questions. Purring at the touch to his hair, he bites down with more confidence, though nothing that could actually harm her. A moment later though, he grabs her by the waist and pulls her up onto the bed properly, laying her down and turning to hold himself over her. Ducking down, he pulls her shirt up and leaves a trail of biting kisses across her hip, naval, and up to her solar plexus.

No more words was fine with Katya. She was caught up in the moment, heartbeat increasing a tick as he took a little more control and laid her down. A pleased noise as he started trailing kisses. "Cash…" She breathed out, the grip in his hair tightening for a brief moment. Then her hands slipped down to his shirt. As he moved up higher, her fingers started to toy with the buttons on his shirt, undoing them.

It seems even the slight pull that comes with her tightening hold makes him gasp pleasantly. There's no protest to unbuttoning his shirt, though it's not a terrible fruitful endeavor - All that she's met with is undershirt. Growing impatient, he pulls away to get up on his knees and pull both shirts off, tossing them unceremoniously to the floor. Then he returns to his exploration of the skin of her naval and ribcage, inching her shirt higher by teasing increments. Without cloth covering him, there are more stories his skin is inclined to tell. Those crossing, dotted scars up his right leg continue over his right hip as well, and two large scars run in line with the left side of his ribcage. Countless small burn scars dot his forearms, and over his heart is a set of tattoos. The Eagle, Globe and Anchor settled over the crest of a blue and white eagle, and lettering spelling the word: Shepherd. When his teasing pace becomes impractical, his hand slides under her to search for the closure to her bra and work at getting it unlatched.

Katya's eyes are bright as Cash pulls off his shirts, roaming over his torso, taking in the scars and tattoos.When he returned to his kisses her fingers began to explore his exposed skin. Taking in every scar, as if committing it all to memory. She had a couple other minor scars herself on her torso. Nothing compared to Cash's story surely, a story Katya wanted to hear some day. Multiple stories probably. As he started to work on her bra, she lifted her shirt off the rest of the way. Once her bra was undone, Katya turned the tables, putting him on his back and grinning down at him before pressing a passionate kiss to his lips, nipping at his bottom lip as her hands continued to explore, starting to work their way lower.

Further exploration reveals two other notable scars, both in his right shoulder, obvious bullet points with entry points on his back. His skin is a tapestry of warfare, but he doesn't seem to shy from it, even when her fingers focus on finding those places that tell those stories. When suddenly he finds himself on his back, there's a small sound of surprise, but she's met with a delighted grin. Cash purrs into that kiss, his hands trailing down her sides to settle on her hips and hold - Not control, but put pressure that can be felt. Small tremors erupt under her touch as her hands trail lower, his breath hitching in his chest as his heart begins to pound.

Katya's lips begin to trail down as well, grinning at his purr and hands on her hips. She kisses and nips over nearly every scar she can as her fingers find their way to his pants and start to undo them. It was going to be a very, very satisfying night for the mismatched, newlywed pair.

At some point in the night, Katya's contacts were removed, as an after thought probably because they were just laying on the nightstand instead of even in some water. Good thing she didn't actually need them to see. She groaned softly. Her head was pounding, her eyes felt like they were glued shut as she rubbed the sleep away. This bed felt too comfortable to be the one in her motel room and she tensed as the presense of someone else was felt- snuggled up against someone. Shit. Katya pulled herself up slowly into a sitting position and pushed her mess of curls out of the way, taking stock of the man beside her. Well, he was good looking at least. So that was something. Feeling her hand catch in her hair, she paused, frowned, and then slowly extracted her fingers.

Oh no. Was that what she…no, it couldn't be. Her pounding head was racing, trying to remember anything from last night that would explain the extravagant ring on her finger. Anything. A buzzing on her phone. Snatching it up she saw a notification for a new email. Wedding photos? "Oh fuck me." She growled, feeling the panic already starting to well up. She couldn't be married! Who the hell even was this guy?? Katya was out of the bed and scrambling to throw on her clothes and gtfo. If Cash didn't happen to wake up while she doing all this, Katya would be gone. The only signs of her presence being a forgotten set of candy cotton contact lenses and a missing suit jacket.

Normally, Cash is a light sleeper. The military will do that to you. The amount of alcohol still in his system though and the utter exhaustion that came from satisfaction had him dead to the world. So Katya is perfectly capable of escaping without being spotted or stopped. Though this is going to lead to some really serious questions in a few hours.

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