(2019-01-06) Fuckbuddies and You (A Lecture)
Heather tells Kate how it is, and once again, Kate doesn't get it.

Kate has had an interesting day, that doesn't mean good or bad, but interesting. She makes her way into the studio, using her card to get access to the production offices. She boots up a computer, gets comfortable and starts to do research. She has no clue if Heather is in or not, but she probably is around here somewhere. She lives here after all.

It's Sunday, where else would Heather be? At the moment she is walking past the door of the research office, on the phone. "Of course it's a good story but where is the proof? No, Facebook is not a reliable source. That would be like using the National Inquirer as a primary source for a history book. Bring me something real, and we'll talk." She notices that someone is in the office, stopping at the door and surprised to see Katherine. "Yeah, you too. Twice as hard." That was to the phone. The call now ended. "Katherine? What are you doing here?" she asks with a smile, moving to lean against the doorframe.

"It was either come here, or go to the Alibi and get into a lot of trouble. Since I told you that I was trying to stay out of trouble, I figured here would be better." Kate turns to smile at Heather, gesturing to the computer with slender fingers. "I'm attempting to do some research about the new project. Getting some shit together and trying to figure out how I want things to go." She pulls a foot up on the chair, turning back and forth idly as a smile plays on her lips. "I just had a weird afternoon, and I was gonna go out and make bad decisions. That's all. Work is healthier."

"What happened now?" Heather asks with a wry smile before holding up a hand. "No need to go into details if you don't want to. We can just talk shop instead. Unless you want me to go away?" A little pout which suggests 'don't you dare'. "Solo is off flying somewhere so I've got a lot of energy to help out if you want it?"

"Sit down and we can gossip." Katherine murmurs, chuckling a little before she pushes her fingers through her riot of dark brown curls. "I mean, you're kind of my best girl friend at the moment, and you're the only one I trust with a lot of shit that's going on in my life." She continues to sway back and forth, smirking before she glances at the computer. "I can't believe I was gonna go out to try to get high and fucked tonight. What in the world is wrong with me lately?" Her shoulders twitch and then she blinks at Heather. "How is Solo? I haven't seen her in an age."

"Me either" Heather laughs about Solo. "I knew this would happen. The minute we moved in together, we would never see each other." She doesn't seem bitter or annoyed, just amused by it all. "I'm your best girl friend?" Heather looks touched by that but, of course, has to make sure Katherine doesn't see that by adding, "You need to make new friends. Preferably not at a bar and getting high. I thought you had a fuckbuddy?" A shrug as she sits down on another chair. "Why is anything wrong with you? Would you like a drink?"

"When you get close to someone, that's when they end up doing stupid things or they disappear. Sometimes literally." Kate hasn't gotten over that yet, but she's been putting on a pretty brave face. "Heather, for fucks sake, you know the most about me. From the time I was a kid and even up until now. I don't like telling other people about the bad shit in my life. I used to be really open and trusting and it's all but fucked me over, except with you. You're the only person who has never let me down." She rolls her eyes and waves away her words. "Listen, I'm fine not having as many friends. Less people to disappoint." She takes a deep breath and laughs lowly. "I'm not usually the bar type, and yes, I have a…fuckbuddy. That's what triggered me today. He told me he didn't care who I fucked, and I was like..well if that's the case.. I'm going out tonight and making bad decisions!" She nods and purses her lips. "I really would like a drink, actually."

"You know that is the whole point of a fuckbuddy, right?" Heather points out as she heads over to the liquor cabinet to pour them both a whiskey - the good stuff. "They're not for relationships and monogamy, they exist to fuck at the drop of a hat. Or panties." She returns and places one of the glasses on the desk in front of Katherine. When she sits again, the blonde has a gentle, sincere smile on her face. "I am honored to be your friend" she states softly, clinking their glasses a moment before enjoying a mouthful. "The only reason you disappoint is because people expect more and more, because you're giving, and warm, and wonderful. Don't stop being that. Anyway, what have you been researching for your show? Have you seen the progress on the set yet?"

"Heather, we have established that I am horrible at having fuckbuddies. I want more. I want a relationship, and half the time he acts like he wants one too! That's the problem!" Kate makes a face, picking up the whiskey to warm it through the glass with her hand. "Hell, last night I went up to his house in a dress with no panties or bra, and we fucked like rabbits. It's his damn tendency to start being gentle and sweet that just knocks me ass over teakettle and then I get like /this/." She reaches out to clink glasses with Heather and she shakes her head. "The honor is mine, and you're a wonderful person. You just need to be nudged about it a little bit."

"I have seen the progress, the set looks amazing, and ..I've been researching ways for us to open up discussions. How often we should include men in the show, and ..what is the line that we should toe between touching base with people who might need it, and oversharing." She wrinkles her nose and takes another drink. "I'm excited though, and I've come up with a few topics that I think will make for good discussion."

"And I'm horrible at having relationships. If they could combine us, they'd have the perfect woman…terrible at everything" Heather winks before a tilt of her head to hear about saucy Katherine. "Wow. I always joked in high school you never wore panties. Didn't know it was true" she teases. "I know you don't like hearing it, but, just enjoy it for what it is." Another sip. "Want me to see what I can find out about him?"

"I'm glad you like the set. At least we won't have idiots staring through the windows. Umm…I mean…our wonderful audience." Another sip before she puts the glass down and gets to business. "Okay, tell me what topics you want to explore. Have you found some other women to talk with? More important than finding men. Men will talk all day and night."

"Please? I can't just enjoy it. He knows exactly how to push my buttons Heather and he's mashing them with both hands right now and I'm going to go insane!" Kate frowns, takes another drink of her whiskey before she shakes her head. "No, not insane. I'm just angry." She amends, crossing her legs as she slumps her her chair. "Men are confusing and complicated." She snickers about the idiots staring through the window. "I asked a few women, and they all said they'd be on board. August, Esme, Katya, uhm.. Claire and possibly Angela.." She taps her chin and shrugs. "Lots of different perspectives to wade though. I want to explore weird smells, like hygiene, and I want to talk about relationships and ..well I want to have a segment where we all ask each other four questions, pre written, and have to answer them right out, no thinking about it."

"Then don't let him push your buttons" Heather shrugs. "If this is driving you crazy slash angry, then why do you keep putting them in range? And don't try that submissive excuse. If you were, then you wouldn't care what they did, as long as they did it. You certainly wouldn't be angry. And, yes, men are scum. That's why I changed sides. Never been happier." A nod to the list of names. "I know August. Esme maybe? Claire…she's doing a documentary or something? Katya…don't think I know her. Angela? Seriously?" Heather shrugs. "Glad you can still talk to each other. I guess with Xavier gone, the Winchester purchase is on hold?" Heather tries to hold it back, but she has to giggle at the 'relationships' proposal. "That will be a doozy. Might have to do two shows on that."

"I can't help it. I like him pushing my buttons." Kate wrinkles her nose and she just sighs instead of answering the second part of that. Easier to avoid and drink whiskey. "Oh, I forgot, my new doctor. Uma. She said she'd be interested too. Then we have you, we need you to come on and be opinionated occasionally as well." She gets stiff at the mention of Angela and she sighs softly. "I'm trying to be nice. I'm trying very very hard to be nice." That's all she says in response to that, finishing off her whiskey as the Winchester is mentioned. "Every show is gonna be kind of heavy. It should all be good, and..no. I don't want to think about the Winchester now."

"Then be content with the button pushing" Heather smiles before a nod at another name. "Lot of names, good. Rotating forum kind of thing. Me?" A proud little smile at being included. "Sure. I'm good at opinionated." A frown to the reaction to Angela before a nod at the trying to be nice. She has no doubt Katherine has been trying, but distance and time is best for these kinds of things. She stands, picking up Katherine's empty glass for a refill. "Make sure the first show is one of your punchier topics. That will be the one that gets the crowd in. I'll make sure it is available on the website straight away and even do a couple of repeats on broadcast of the first show. I want word-of-mouth to get the second show even more watched." The refill placed in front of Katherine. "The subjects may be heavy, doesn't mean the show has to be. The idea is to illuminate, not darken. And you have no idea what your guests may say. That's the magic of it."

"I want it to be a fun, light show that touches on the things that people won't talk about. Sex, relationships, not just romantic ones, but friendships as well." Kate crosses her legs and goes into thought more. "I want it to be an experience for people, something that isn't like anything else out there." She taps her fingers on the table and frowns. "We'll see what happens with Angela. I think she'd be a good fit for a rotating member, appearing every so often, but.." She shrugs a shoulder. "If she and I can't get along, we just won't have her back." She picks up the refill and drinks from it. "August thinks I should just tell Sevin how I feel."

"August may be right" Heather shrugs, "Though she also has a baby and doesn't know who the father is. Something totally original?" That brings her a smile. "If you can do that, Katherine, I will love you forever. But, seriously, I love the idea and I think this is going to be great for people to see. Even if the first time you say 'vagina' I'm going to get a call from the FCC. And when you say 'clitoris', I'll have the Catholic League of Decency on my ass." A big grin appears. "Can't wait. So, if you tell Sevin how you feel, and he runs away, are you going to be okay with that? You said that he wasn't planning on staying around long anyway. You think that you can change that? You know, that's why women fall for bad boys…and girls. They think they can change them."

Katherine lets out a laugh and she winces, her nose wrinkling slightly. "What if we drink on air, how much is that going to cost you? I mean, these words are going to be used. I want to air it late at night so that we can ..kind of not make it so complicated?" She makes a face and frowns. "I mean, if I tell him that I have feelings for him and he leaves, then I know the score? Right? I know that I wasn't worth him sticking around for?" She slumps in her chair, sipping from her glass. "I don't want to change him. I like how he is, I just want…more."

"But what he /is/, is a man who wants to be a fuckbuddy. And wants to fuck other people too by the sound of it. That's the only reason they give you permission, because they want to do it themselves. Or already have. Wanting 'more', changes him" Heather replies, her tone apologetic for what she said. "If he leaves then that's the end of even that fun. You want that? Is pushing for an answer now worth it? And don't worry about fines and all that stuff. Do the show that people need and let me take the heat. The only thing that will take you off the air is me. Drinking on air…as long as I put a 'drinking is bad' note in the credits it will be fine." She sips at her whiskey.

Katherine knows that Heather is right, but she doesn't want her to be. "So if he's being sweet, it's just because he wants sex?" She says this dully, and she picks up her glass to finish the drink, setting it down empty as she frowns. "I would rather end the fun than be bothered by this and ruin the fun because of it? I can't lie anyways Heather. One of these days he's going to realize that something is on my mind. He keeps asking me if something is on my mind!" She raises her brows when Heather tells her to just do what she needs to do for the show, tapping on the keyboard a few times to make some notes. "You're putting a lot of faith in me, and I'm not all together now. You sure you want to do that?"

"Everyone does their best work under pressure" Heather shrugs. "You will do great because you want to do great. And what you are wanting to do is great. How could it not be great?" Though she does have to stare a little at her friend. "Ummm…yeah…guys are sweet because they want sex. That's how it has always worked. It's your decision, Katherine, but think about the results before you pull the trigger. No one is asking you to lie, just to keep quiet. When he asks you if you have something on your mind, say 'yes'…and no more. Easy."

Katherine gets to her feet, pacing a bit as she thinks. "I'd like to have a test run at some point this week, see how the conversation flows. We'll see how it looks on camera?" She glances at Heather, frowning. "Heather.. how about you meet him first, tell me what you think after that? I doubt he's going to be open to you, because well..he isn't open in general, but your opinion will be valued." Her shoulders twitch before she mutters. "How good am I at just keeping quiet? Not very."

"Not very" Heather laughs with a nod of agreement about Katherine's inability to keep quiet. "Doesn't mean you can't start trying now. Okay, we'll do a test shoot this week. Doesn't need the set, can just be people talking on a couch, if the conversation is what you want to see. Remember, this won't be live, so it has not only flow, it has to flow after being edited. And anytime you want me to meet your boyfriends, you just say the word. I will make sure to evaluate him fairly and thoroughly." A pause. "Are you sure he can handle that?"

"Sevin? Handle you meeting him? I'm certain he can handle you." Katherine looks a little bit amused at the prospect, her nose wrinkling slightly. "Probably best to meet on some neutral turf like a coffee shop or something. I don't want him to think that you're ..studying him." She clears her throat and makes a note, pulling out her phone to tap some things into it. "I'll get four of the girls together, and we'll sit down to see what magic we can conjure."

"Actually..hold on.. let me see if he's around now. I really want your opinion." Kate pulls out her phone again, sending off a rapid fire text as she takes a deep breath. "He's okay to come here, isn't he?"

<TXT> To Sevin - I'm not mad. Earlier, you know..you thought I might be upset? Uh, would you be able to come downtown for a little bit? Do you like whiskey? I want you to meet someone.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - I could. And I do. And meet whom?
<TXT> To Sevin - My boss, of sorts? Let me give you the address, I'll meet you at the front desk so you can get a temporary pass. It's a press building.
<TXT> From Sevin to Katherine - Your boss? I'm not entirely sure what to make of that. But give me half an hour.

"As long as you meet him down at the front desk and get him a temporary pass. No tailgating on yours." Heather is firm on that last one. "Bring him on. What does he drink?"

"Wine? I mean, that's what he has served for dinner the last few times that I've been there." Katherine tilts her head slightly, frowning. "I just found out today that he doesn't eat meat, and my stupid ass served him a lasagna the first time I had him over for dinner."

"I wasn't intending on cooking for him" Heather points out before a glance upwards. "You want to go to my apartment… I guess I can order some pizza. Indian? That's vegetarian. Some of it."

When Sevin arrives, he will be given a temporary pass to get into the building proper. Security guards watching him carefully. They've already had a bomber in here, one was enough. Katherine will also have to collect him and escort him. Nothing personal. For now, Heather will be waiting in the Production Offices on the upper floor, standing as the older man arrives and offering him a glass of red wine. "Welcome to television" she smiles.

Before heading down to get her guest, Katherine rolls her eyes at Heather. "I don't know if we'll need food, you can ask him once I bring him upstairs. He said he'll drink whiskey too, so pour me another one, because I think I'm going to need it." She leads Sevin to the production offices, and she aims a look at him before she grins over at Heather. "This is Heather McCormack. She owns this station, and she employs me and puts up with me. Don't ask her about our past, or she might tell you about it." She clears her throat and chuckles softly before she looks around for her whiskey.

Sevin is, as he promised Kate, about a half an hour in arriving. He looks like he came here straight from work; crisp shirt without a tie, dark trousers and heeled boots that put him on par with Katherine in terms of height. Unless, of course, she's wearing heels. He looks vaguely bemused and perhaps a little curious at being invited to her workplace, and suffers the granting of a pass, and the preceding million and one questions with his usual aplomb.

"Thank you," he offers Heather somewhat cautiously upon being greeted with a glass of wine. Not, perhaps, what he was expecting, and it causes him to hesitate just a moment before accepting. "It's a pleasure to meet you." His free hand is offered. Gloved, because it's cold as shit out there. "Sevin Khan." suh-veen. His accent is thick. Arabic, most likely.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Khan" Heather greets, taking his hand to shake firmly, eyes already judging him. Katherine also has a wine…and a whiskey. Heather has both too. They've been at it a while. "You're a professor at UCC? Physics or something? That must be interesting. I doubt many students think so, but what can you do? Please, have a seat. Would you care to join us for a late supper?"

Kate is tense, but that's mostly because she knows both of these people, and she doesn't trust everyone to be drinking. She's not going to say that aloud, there is whiskey to be imbibed. She gestures for Sevin to take a seat and she curls up in her computer chair, drinking from her whiskey. "Heather grew up around here like I did, then she escaped and went off to do amazing things before she came back. We used to fight like cats and dogs. Mostly cats."

Sevin is likely accustomed to getting glazed eyes and awkward pauses when it's mentioned what he teaches. Such things are the realm of very few, and the passion of even fewer. "Physics and applied mathematics, these days," he tells Heather evenly, watching her in turn though never quite making eye contact. A cultural thing, possibly? There's a glance Kate's way when she mentions the fighting, his expression contemplative. A sip of wine, a pause, and then he opts to recline against the edge of someone's desk in lieu of taking an actual seat. Hard to say if he's tense, or merely unclear what precisely he's here for. "I haven't eaten yet," is his even-voiced reply to Heather. "And I'd be happy to, unless I'm in the way."

"There was definitely dog fighting in there as well" Heather smirks to Katherine. "What other reason could there be for being called 'bitches' all the time?" She is more than happy to resume her seat, Sevin's rudeness at sitting on the edge of the desk ignored. "Katherine blew out all the candles at /my/ sixth birthday party on /my/ birthday cake. It took a long time to forgive her. Then let's have some food. Katherine tells me you're vegetarian? No problem, I ordered some of that." Yes, she has ordered even before it was required. Shouldn't be too long. "If you were in the way, we wouldn't have invited you. Katherine was telling me about her new program. She's quite the clever, driven woman. Katherine mentioned you weren't intending to stay in town long. Is it that bad?"

Kate shakes her head, dropping her face into her hand as her shoulders shake with laughter. "It was an accident, I was helping!" She glances back up, and takes the opportunity to drink half of her whiskey down, setting the glass aside. She opens her mouth to respond to the rest, but instead she just scratches her nose, hoping that her cheeks aren't turning pink. They are though. "What..did you order?" She asks, quirking a brow over at the other woman. "Indian or…?"

His manners, really, are hit and miss, but Sevin seems unrepentant. For not taking a proper seat, at least. His eyes are an odd, pale green to be housed in such a swarthy face, and have barely left Heather since he stepped into the room. There's an intentness to the way he watches her, too, that's less common amongst Americans. "She is both in spades," is his thoughtful reply to the blonde's assertion of 'clever and driven'. A swirl and a sip of his wine. "I'm employed with the university on a sessional contract. Until the end of this term." The questions are suffered patiently, his voice low and even and threaded with something that's not quite amusement.

"No intention to continue your contract?" Heather asks with a nonchalant shrug. "That's a shame. Though I guess you have your pick of all the universities. Probably speak lots of languages. Could go anywhere in the world. Pretty exciting." She seems sincere about this before she asides to Katherine. "Indian. Have you seen the woman who runs that place. Hot. If I wasn't incredibly happy in a relationship…" Then back to Sevin. "Sorry about that. Any idea where you'll be teaching next?"

Kate feels like this conversation is going to go one way or another with or without her, so she sits and drinks her whiskey, trying to deal with the tension in her shoulders. "Indian food. Haven't had that for a month, and I haven't seen the woman who runs the place — the night I went there, I was a bit distracted." She settles her gaze on Sevin as Heather fires questions at him, and it is very clear that she's trying not to grin.

Sevin doesn't seem bothered by the aside, or even by the way the conversation jumps around like a bit of a ping pong match. He seems content to sip his wine and occasionally take in his environs; a practiced eye might spot him noting the positions of security cameras and idly keeping tabs on the door. As if he expects someone to join them at any moment. "Not a problem," he murmurs to Heather's apology. No comment on what languages he speaks. No comment on where else he might go, or what other opportunities he might have; his expression is near implacable. "I haven't decided yet."

"You must be paid a lot not to have to worry where your next job is" Heather laughs softly. "Wish I could have that lifestyle. Being able to drop everything and go where I want, when I want. Wouldn't that be cool, Katherine? To travel. To see the world. Live life instead of watch it through a phone." She looks back to Sevin. "Shame to do it by yourself though, don't you think?"

Another drink of whiskey. Kate chokes a bit when Heather says her last, turning a wide eyed gaze at her. "I want to travel more, that's why I'm going to Paris. You did get that all set up, didn't you Heather? Maybe we should see if Nolan wants to pretape a few days of the show, that way I won't have to be missing from it." She grins over at Sevin, tapping her fingers on her whiskey glass. She hasn't touched the wine yet. "Do you like Indian food? I've only had it once myself, and it was…okay."

"I'm paid enough." Heather's glance is met coolly, his expression thoughtful still, like he's compiling all of her questions and responses into a rolodex to be synthesized later. "And I have a few opportunities. I said that I hadn't decided." His turn to smile slightly, glass tipped toward his lips for a sip. His gaze then shifts to Kate, and there's a touch more warmth in those pale, mossy greens. Restrained though he is with anything resembling emotion. "I do, actually. Is that what we're having?"

"Yes, we're having Indian" Heather confirms, just as her phone beeps to tell her it has arrived. She stands. "I'll get the food, back in a sec." The blonde stops at the door to look back at the pair. "Sevin has opportunities all around the world. Katherine wants to travel. Take her with you, Professor. Make her happpy." A wink to the pair before she disappears.

"There is a sexy proprietress apparently, and I think Heather was hoping that she'd bring the food by personally or something." Kate watches as Heather goes to fetch the food, slowly turning to look at Sevin. "Isn't she delightful?" She asks faintly, getting to her feet so she can move to pour herself more whiskey. "Have you ever been in a television studio before?" She asks as she decants the spirit into her glass, taking a sip before she pours a little more.

Sevin waits until Heather's stepped out, and then sets his wineglass down on the desk he's leaning against. "You could have warned me you were inviting me here to be interrogated by your boss," he interjects in a low voice, right in the midst of Kate's rhetorical question about how delightful the other woman is. His eyes cut to the brunette and fix her with a steady look. "And what's this about wanting to travel, and taking you with me?" Has he ever been in a television studio? She may never know, as he doesn't deign to answer that question.

"Well.." Kate begins, moving back to her seat where she settles easily, despite the amount of whiskey she's already had. "I didn't think she was going to interrogate you. I knew she certainly was going to ask some questions, she's a reporter. That's what they do." She takes another drink and sets the whiskey down on the desk, next to the computer she was working at. "I don't know about that, really. I think if you actually did say that you were taking me away somewhere on trips? She'd not be happy about it. How can I be here to work if I'm off being glamorous?" She slants a look at a chair, before she looks back up at Sevin. "Will you please sit down?"

"I'm sitting." He sort of is. On the edge of a desk. The man eschews chairs at the best of times, and this? This is not the best of times. "So you're telling me there is no right answer," he offers up carefully. A glance to the door again. Then his wine is retrieved, swirled but not sipped. "Why did you ask me here." Maybe it's his accent, or maybe it's just his obtuse personality, but the question comes out more like a demand. There's no smile in sight.

"You're not sitting." Kate says, leaning against the arm of her chair, tucking her chin in her palm. "There isn't a right answer, Sevin. You're who you are. Just be honest with her, or are you afraid that honesty is going to upset me? I'm getting pretty lubricated with whiskey, so it probably won't bother me." She crosses her legs and picks up her whiskey. "I wanted you to meet someone I care about. I'd like you to know my friends. You spend ..a decent amount of time with me, you'll have to meet them eventually."

Sevin regards the lithe brunette evenly, and some might even say dispassionately. Though Kate knows by now, surely, that the man is full of contradictions. And that his apparent disinterest is really anything but. His eyes flick to her thigh when she crosses her legs, then take the scenic route back to her face. Still no smile. "It feels a little more like meeting your mother, than your friend. If I'm honest." He doesn't argue the finer details of what counts as seating, any further. And nor does he move. His wine is finished off and the empty glass set down, beard given a scratch with his thumb while he waits for the food to arrive.

Heather is back. Paper bags packed with food in her hands. One look at those in the room and she can't help but frown. "I was hoping you would be happily in each other's arms" she sighs. "Never was good with relationship help. Just ask my ex-wife." She will get the food onto plates between sips of her wine. "I guess my idea was two thumbs down from both parties? Would you like another wine, Sevin? Something stronger?"

"You're not wrong." Kate says to Sevin as Heather makes her way back in, slanting a gaze at the bags before she smiles up at Heather. "Which idea was that, travelling the world together? Mom?" Her eyes twinkle before she takes another drink of whiskey. "Oh come on, Sevin, have some whiskey with your food. It won't hurt, you might even sit in the chair…maybe."

Sevin shifts his focus from Kate, back to Heather when she returns with the food in a couple of large paper bags. And he looks hungry enough to eat those, too. "Let me give you a hand," he murmurs, which at least gets him off that damned desk. Empty glass collected and brought along with him, and he does in fact help portion food out. He can, occasionally, not be an ass. "I'm driving," he murmurs when pressured about the whiskey from both women, gaze cutting to Kate, then back to the task of lending her friend a hand. He still isn't commenting on his alleged traveling, or what part Kate might play in that.

"Yeah" Heather nods to Katherine. "Getting together. Traveling the world. Having fun. That kind of thing. Obviously not a good idea. Mom? God, I hope I'm not like my mother. That hurt, Katherine." Her pain eased by poking her tongue out at her friend. "Thank you" she smiles to Sevin at the help. "Why do I get the impression you have a lot of secrets, Sevin? Nothing wrong with that. I wasn't asking those questions to pry, I was asking because I care for Katherine and her happiness. You're a part of that at the moment. Sorry if I pushed too much."

"I'm walking up the hill, so I can have another drink of whiskey when this glass is done." Kate gets to her feet, moving toward the pair. She gives Heather an impromptu hug, squeezing her around the middle. "You're not like your mother, you're like my mother. Since I don't have her around anymore, take the compliment." She sniffs at the air, looking like she might pass on the food for now. "She likes to push, but she doesn't do it maliciously, she is just always curious. You see?"

There's a bit of a blank look from the swarthy foreigner when Heather makes her little list of high points. He's about to spoon some curry out for Katherine when she declines, earning her a little arch of his brow, like, seriously? You'd turn this down? He does not, however, pry. More for him. "It's not a problem," he murmurs to the blonde. "You care for her. I can see that." He shrugs out of his coat and resettles in a chair, plate on his lap, plastic fork brandished in one hand. "So how long have you two been working together?"

Heather smiles as she is hugged by Katherine. She will take the compliment, and not point out she is the same age as her 'daughter'. "Thanks. No food? Then keep drinking. And you can sleep on my couch tonight. You're not walking home in this weather." She nods to Sevin. "After a decade of trying to destroy her, I saw the error of my ways. Yeah, I care for her. I hope you do too." Once she has some food herself, Heather settles into a chair. "When did I get back in town, Katherine? October? I think I nagged her into a job pretty quick. Probably been working together for three months."

"No food. I've been drinking and I don't want it to reappear in a few hours." Katherine slumps down in her chair, frowning a bit. "I don't know about that Heather. I can't sleep very well if I'm not in a bed. If I stay here and sleep on your couch there will be a lot of pacing and grumbling before I sneak out and walk home anyway." She glances at Sevin, letting her eyebrows loft briefly. "She was very mean to me when we were in school, so when she came back to town and offered me a job? I thought she was tricking me at first. I'm happy to say that she hasn't tricked me, and I do enjoy the morning show more than I thought I would."

Sevin observes the interaction between the two women carefully, and perhaps a bit thoughtfully. Hard to say what's crossing his mind right about now, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the pair have some history together. His intent gaze is on the blonde when she casually throws in that comment: I hope you do too. And a slight smile creases the corners of his eyes. "I do." The words are low, and not offered lightly. And his gaze shifts back to Katherine while he eats, and the woman elaborates on how long she's known her boss. "So I'm curious what made you see the error of your ways," is directed Heather's way, even if his focus is on making sure he doesn't spill curry on his nice shirt.

Kate is keen to interject here so she does. "She came back to town, thought I was going to hate her, and was pretty surprised when I didn't. I welcomed her back with slightly open arms and tried to get along with her. She was pretty wary." She folds her arms over her chest before she adds. "We were both pretty awful at times though, it's the curse of being a teenager." She glances at her glass of whiskey before she takes a deep breath. She's a little too far gone in the whiskey to blush, so she just smiles at Sevin. "Enough to give me a ride home so I don't have to sleep on a couch?"

A chuckle from the man at the 'slightly open arms', and another forkful of curried lentils goes down the hatch. He doesn't even flinch at the heat, but he's quite possibly accustomed to spicy food given his ethnic background. "I don't think I recall being a teenager," he confides, with a pensive look on his face for a moment, like he's trying - and failing - to dredge up that particular memory. Kate's question to him disrupts his thinking though, and he reaches for a napkin to dab some curry off his beard. "Do I care for you enough to give you a ride home, so you don't have to sleep on a couch." His fork is brandished again, expression giving away little. "That sounds like a loaded question."

"I would walk home if she'd let me. It wouldn't be the first or last time I've walked to or from here. When it snows really bad and they can't make it up the hill to the B&B, we come here." Kate picks up her whiskey, shrugging toward Sevin. "You're as old as you feel. How old did you feel last night?" She raises her whiskey in his direction briefly before she takes a drink, setting it down. "Don't think about it though, being a teenager is horrible. Nobody should have to go through that."

Sevin does, to be perfectly fair, keep himself in good shape. Add to that what probably amounts to good genetics, and he might be easily mistaken for pushing fourty-five rather than a man across the cusp of fifty. Nevertheless, he has to purposefully chew and swallow in order not to choke on his food when Kate cheerfully brings up their prior evening. In front of her boss. Maybe that alcohol is starting to hit her. He watches the brunette for a long moment, and takes another bite of his food. Two. Three, before speaking. "I'll drive you home." Nope, not touching the 'how old did you feel' at all. Not with a ten foot pole.

"Hey, could you keep the sex talk to a minimum, please? Not while my girlfriend is away and I'll have to resort to toys. You could always take the bed…" Though it sounds like Katherine has had a better offer. Heather swallows some more food before addressing an earlier question. "I decided to make amends because I'm not a kid anymore. And I was shot. Bad. You make your peace with a lot of things when you're dying. Make resolutions to treat people better if you pull through. Realise how much of the fighting and arguing is absolutely pointless." A smile reappears with her shrug. "That got maudlin."

"Toys. That fucking toy. You know I gave it to Charlotte and I didn't take it to Rio. Charlotte threw it away." Kate aims a smug look at Heather before she shrugs a shoulder. "I just asked an innocent question. I could have been talking about the food, or the general company?" She finishes off her glass of whiskey. "He made me cauliflower soup, and it was really good. I don't even like cauliflower that much." She turns to gaze at Heather, frowning. "I'm glad that you came back. Even though sometimes I would like to kick you in the shin. You've always looked out for me, and I don't say that I appreciate it when I should. So I'm saying it now. Thank you."

Sevin switches back to watching Heather when she mentions being shot. It's a quiet study he makes, and touched with something an awful lot like sympathy. Though what some abrupt and abrasive mathematics professor would possibly know about being shot, isn't abundantly clear. He finishes chewing the forkful of spicy lentils, tongue darting once across his lower lip to catch a trickle before it lands in his beard. "You get your priorities straight." His gaze doesn't waver from hers. "I understand." A beat, and then he eases to his feet with the tiniest wince. Suggestive, perhaps, of an old injury. "I'm afraid I've got to get going. It was nice meeting you, Ms. McCormack." He sets his plate aside and reaches for his coat. "Kate?"

"You threw it out? Katherine! That was top of the line!" Heather grumbles about the loss of it for a moment before shrugging. "Try to help and this is what I get." It's only a teasing complaint. "Honey, you weren't talking about cauliflower." Then things are getting a bit mushy again and Heather does her best to look cool and composed. "My pleasure, Katherine. Anytime you need me, I'll be here." Thankfully, there is Sevin distraction and Heather quickly sniffles up any tears. "You two get out of here and have a good time. Mom says so. Nice meeting you, Sevin. Take care of her. I'm really good at destroying lives."

Kate laughs softly as she gets to her feet, wobbling a bit as she glances around for her coat. She eases it from the back of the chair that she was sitting in, leaning in to give Heather a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you soon, and I'll call you when I'm safely home." She will probably forget to call, but her heart is in the right place. She pulls her coat on and reaches in her pocket for her beanie, jamming it on her head before she pulls her mittens on. "I'll be by again tomorrow, probably." She aims a look at Sevin as she turns to follow him out, she probably is trying not to giggle right now.

If Kate's not talking about cauliflower, Sevin certainly isn't going to press for details. Discretion's the better part of valour, it seems, where he's concerned. "Pleasure's mine," he tells Heather on his way to the door. And wouldn't you know, that even seems halfway genuine. There's a twinge of a smile for the woman, and a hand on the taller brunette's back to guide her out the door.

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