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Lunch is being served at the B&B.

Katherine stands in the threshold of the front door of the B&B, waving at a pair of police officers who are making their way down the walk to their patrol vehicle. She folds her arms over her chest, squinting up at the flurries that drift down from the sky for a moment or two, clearly lost in a daydream. Once the patrol car is on its way, she pushes off of her lean, moving to shut the door. Have to keep the heat in the house!

Jogging isn't quiet on the table yet. Between the cold temperatures, the icy pathways and the thinner air, it seems like something that is better approached in the spring time. But, it's still good to get some exercise and explore the new area at the same time, and that's what Sam is doing today. He has himself properly bundled against the cold, but moving at a brisk pace he has quickly warmed up and unwound his scarf and discarded his gloves into his pockets.

He happens to be making his way up the road just as Katherine is stepping out to wave to the officers and the rosy cheeked man raises his own hand once the pair are in their patrol car, just as Katherine is closing the door. "Katherine!" He calls, though uncertain if he's heard before the door shuts

He was heard. Kate opens the door and peeks out at Sam. "Hey! Are you jogging on a day like today? Brave man." She steps out onto the front porch, her arms folded as she rubs her hands along her biceps. She's garbed in a thick knit sweater and jeans, but it is pretty chilly out today. "You have to be freezing, why don't you come in and get warmed up before you continue along? I made lunch. There is fresh coffee!" She tries to make both sound tempting as she waits for his response.

It's not actually that hard a sell - lunch, coffee? Yes please. "Not actually jogging. Just walking briskly. Afraid I'll fall and break something important if I actually tried to run. A lot of slippery spots still." Sam explains once he makes his way up the walk toward her door and can speak more easily. "But, I'd love to come in for a spell if you're not too busy. Coffee, lunch and company sound really good right now."

Kate winces at the talk of falling and breaking things, stepping back to open the door and gesture Sam inside. "Well, c'mon in. Welcome to the B&B." Once he's in and divested of his coat and whatever else he's wearing to keep warm, she leads him through a great room where a fireplace is lit with a cheery fire. Around the corner through a dining area, is the kitchen and she gestures to the table. "You can sit there if you'd like, or over here at the counter on a stool." She steps behind the counter, rising on her tiptoes to fetch a coffee cup. She pours him some of the dark brew, gathering creamer and sugar. "I made sandwiches for lunch, but dinner is also ready too if you want something a little heavier. Chicken and dumplings."

"It's a beautiful house." Sam says, looking this way and that when he's guided inside and eventually into the kitchen. He decides to settle down at the table, figuring it will be a more comfortable place to talk once Katherine sits as well. He smiles easily at the different choices and shakes his head. "You keep yourself busy - lunch and dinner and I imagine you already did breakfast. A sandwich would be great. And I just take the coffee black." He adds. It does feel a bit strange to just wander in off the street and get served, but Katherine seems happy, so …

Kate smiles over at Sam, nodding slowly. "Thanks. You have to keep it pretty when you're making a living off of it. Something I tell myself every time I want to toss clothes, coats or anything else over the back of a couch." She pours a second cup of coffee, walking them both to the table. She drops two squares of dark chocolate in hers, and then moves to the fridge to fetch a sandwich. It's built like a sub, with Italian cold cuts nestled with tomato and lettuce. She sets it on a plate and moves back to the table, taking a seat this time. "It's usually busier this time of day, people stop by, pick up food and take off. So..don't mind if we're occasionally interrupted." She crosses her legs and after giving her coffee a stir, she clears her throat. "Enjoying Calaveras so far, Sam?"

"Thank you. Thanks. Oh, that looks amazing. Thank you." Sam feels a bit spoilt with everything, but eventually things are settled and he takes a sip of his coffee and smiles at Katherine, giving a nod to her question. "I've really enjoyed it so far. Everyone has been quite friendly and I've met quite a few people. I'm starting to get an idea where things are around town and I think I'll have an apartment squared away within a week or so. All in all it has been positive." He takes up the impressive looking sandwich and asking just before he takes a bite - "How has your week been? Settled back in after your travels?"

Kate takes a drink of her slightly sweetened coffee, holding the mug in her hands to banish whatever cold is left over after being outside. "People are pretty friendly here, sometimes /too/ friendly, but you get used to it. Most of us have known each other all of our lives." She swings her crossed legs back and forth slowly, eyebrows raised slightly. "Where are you thinking of settling down at? If.." She winces, her cheeks getting pink. "..that's really a personal question. Er, you can ignore that." She tilts her hand back and forth, laughing softly. "My week has been pretty good. I'm starting a new project at my second job and it's taking up some time, but it's fun." Her eyes light up. "I have never been out of the country before, so no..I'm having trouble settling back in. I really want to go back to the beach, it was so nice and warm there, I loved it."

Sam does take that bite and another while Kate is talking and he listens. He doesn't say anything, but the expression on his face tells the story about how much he's enjoying the sandwich. It's good. After he finishes chewing he takes another sip of coffee and gives a reassuring smile and shake of his head at Katherine's question. "I don't find it that personal. I've been looking at places downtown. I don't really need too much, so something pretty modest. I've gotten into the habit of living light and I don't think that will change just because I'm staying here for awhile. I like to be central, though." He takes up his sandwich again, surprise lighting his face at the mention of a second job. "When you say second job, is that the television show - or you have something else on your plate outside of running this place and doing television?" He does take another bite, covering mouth as he adds - "Paris soon, right?" More adventures!

"There is so much going on downtown that living down there will be fun, at least." Kate takes another drink of her coffee and then finally sets it down, her fingers must be warm enough. "It's the television show. We start filming again around the fourteenth, and I'm working on a second show that I might be producing. I'm pretty excited about it." She shakes her head at Sam, laughing out loud. "I mean, if I didn't have an assistant, I wouldn't be able to do half of what I already do. I like keeping my days full though, so being busy makes me happy."

She nods about Paris, a wide smile forming on her lips. "One of my tenants here, she has some contacts over in Paris, so I'm going to get to take some lessons from French chef's. I am..beside myself with excitement. I don't even know what I'm going to learn while I'm there, but I already bought notebooks so I can record every single moment and recipe that I get my grubby hands on."

Sam's expression brightens at the talk of learning from the French chefs, nodding enthusiastically while he's chewing his lunch. Once he's done his bite he sets down the sandwich again. "Oh, that will be amazing. The food there, Katherine. I just can't even - and it's not just the famous chefs. It's everywhere. The little cafes. The restaurant in someone's house along the river in the middle of nowhere. I don't honestly know how they do it. Some of it is in the ingredients, I know. They have duck there like we can't get duck here." He looks a little dreamy at the thought of some meal he'd had there in the past. "You'll love it." He assures her. "And you're traveling with Esme? I met her the other day. She was lovely."

Kate nods in agreement, giggling softly as she bounces in her seat. "I want to go see everything, we're only staying for a week, but…I really wanted to stay longer. I'd stay for a month if I didn't have a ton of responsibility back here." She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before she nods at Sam. "Yes, she's a good friend of mine. One I'd like to spend more time with, get to know better? So I figured, why not take a girly trip, and have fun in Paris. She's a real sweetheart."

"It will be a great time. And you'll be able to enjoy a lot of Paris in a week. I look forward to hearing all about it next month." Sam says, smiling and turning his focus on his sandwich for a couple minutes. It's not long before it's gone. "She seemed very nice. And I, unsurprisingly, love libraries. So we had that in common at least. She also told me I should eat here, and I see she wasn't wrong. That was a really good sandwich." He leans back into his seat, feeling quite sated and happy to sip at his coffee. "Can I ask about what you're producing, or is it a secret project still?"

"I don't plan on sleeping much. I hear that the Paris nightlife is just as fun as the food and museums." Kate immediately gets to her feet, picking up Sam's plate to walk it to the sink. "She is a steady influence at the library, and I'm sure that a lot of people enjoy her help when they go there looking for things." She grins back at Sam when he mentions that Esme told him about the food. "I'm glad that you liked it. I enjoy cooking, and sometimes I wish I could indulge more, but like I said… I keep myself busy, sometimes too busy."

She wipes her hands on a towel, moving back to the table to retake her seat, grinning over at Sam. "It's a show that talks about the issues that most people feel are taboo or hard to approach. I want to get a core group of women to sit down with me, and we'll talk about hygiene, self esteem, how to react to certain situations? I figure we can have three core members, and then rotate the fourth - have guests stop by to offer their opinions. Occasionally men. They have their own unique point of view too, you know? Nothing sacred or taboo. It'll air later at night because of that."

With his hands wrapped around his coffee mug he nods, listening to the explanation of the new show. "That's really interesting. And really important. I think I'll be more interested in seeing that than the morning show." Sam admits with a quick smile. "I get that it isn't really targeted at me, but I'm sure much of it would be valuable for men to see too. This last year has certainly made it clear that men don't have a very good grasp of the challenges that women face." He looks down into his coffee for a moment and then takes a sip of it.

"I get that the morning show is fluff, and I'm okay with fluff to an extent, but I like to create something that is meaningful as well." Katherine chuckles softly and she taps her fingers on her mug, pointing one of those fingers at Sam. "It is targeted at everyone. As you just said, men can stand to learn, and they can stand to offer as well." She wrinkles her nose, brushing her hair away from her face. "Women could stand to learn about men as well, and let's be honest, both sexes have a lot of misconceptions that could stand to be worked out. Perhaps after you've seen a few of the episodes we've put out, you might consider coming on and giving your opinions. I mean..it's also an avenue for promotion if you would want it."

"You're right, we can all stand to learn. And we can do a better job about calling out those who refuse. That's on those of us who have the privilege to do so." Sam agrees. He shifts, expression uncertain when she makes her offer. He takes a sip of his coffee to give himself a moment before finally giving a small nod. "I'll be sure to watch once the episodes are out. If it looks like I could add to the discussion I'd be happy to come on. I'm not worried about promotion, though. I'm supposed to be keeping a low profile this year."

Katherine nods in agreement, once again getting to her feet to move to to the coffee pot. "Sorry." She says, once she's busy pouring herself some coffee. She drops more dark chocolate into the mug, peeking in his direction briefly before she adds. "I don't always think before words come out of my mouth, and I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." She stirs the mug a few times and then shrugs. "It will hopefully be out before next month. I've started contacting people to ask them on for the pilot, and I know that they're building the set this weekend." She doesn't move back to the table, leaning against the counter as she takes a sip of coffee. "You mentioned low profile before, and you said that you're a writer? Hiding for work?"

"It's alright, I'm not uncomfortable. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain, so I wanted to give it a moment to make sure I was happy with my reply. I didn't want to tell you I'd be OK with coming on and then bailing out if you actually asked down the line. I think I'd like to do it if you want my perspective on something." Sam turns in his seat a little so he can face the counter more fully while he sips his own coffee. "Not exactly hiding. To date I haven't had any fans show up on my door step. But, I'm looking to focus more fully on writing. No travel this year - conventions, signings."

"Your face, it just…" Kate winces before she takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "..I worry a little too much." She glances down at her coffee, her lips pursed slightly. "Have you ever dealt with that before? Fans showing up on your door step? I mean, I looked you up on google a few nights ago. I didn't recognize your work, but I was going to find some of it, just to take a peek." She gestures toward Sam, her smile coming back, like a beam of sunlight breaking through a cloud. "Need a refill, or are you okay?"

"The curse of being a good person is you often worry if you've made someone uncomfortable. But, I'd tell you if I was upset. Sometimes my expressions have a mind of their own." Sam admits, climbing out of his chair and walking over to the counter with his coffee mug - "I wouldn't mind a bit more. I don't want to steal away your entire afternoon, though." He sets the mug down so that she can refill it, leaning on the counter. "I've never had a fan show up at my house. I've had a few who are a bit over the top at conventions, but the vast majority are very kind and respectful. I think I'm not quite famous enough to have a lot of the bad things that come with it. And I'm happy for it to stay that way." He says, matching Katherine's smile with his own. It seems his most natural expression. "I think Esme said she had some of my work at the library. Or I could lend you a copy of something. But, don't feel obligated just because you know me to read it!"

Katherine raises her brows as he speaks, a soft laugh issuing from her lips. "Yeah, I know that everything that is going on up here?" She taps her temple as a wry smile curves her lips. "It shows here." She gestures to her face and grins as she pulls his cup closer to pour more coffee into it. "My afternoons and evenings are spent right here, so you're not really stealing them away. I'm a little bit of a homebody, despite my trying to get out there more." She listens quietly, sipping from her coffee as he talks about his fans. "Ever since I started the television show, I've had a few …weird things happen. Nothing that would frighten me or make me rethink my being part of the show, but you realize how much stock people put into fame sometimes." She tilts her head to the side, biting down on her bottom lip for a moment. "I'd like to read something, I read a lot. If I didn't have tenants in the garage suite, I would show you my book collection. I keep the ones that I read the most in the great room, where I can get my hands on them. So, if you've something you think I would enjoy. I'll check at the library or pester you gently for a copy of it."

"I don't know if it's the case in your experience, but I know my women peers have … more unpleasant experiences than I have when it comes to fans. And other authors. And publishers." This time the dark expression is well earned, but only brief, shifting back to the discussion of books after taking another sip of his coffee. "I would like to see your collection sometime. I do love books. Do you have a genre that you prefer, or several? My work that has had any success is mostly dark, historical fantasy. And they're graphic novels. I know both the format and the genre aren't for everyone - but I'll bring you one so you can give it a try at least."

"Ah yes. I have a rather fervent fan who I went to high school with, he likes to tell people that he's.. *nailed* me a few times." Kate looks vaguely amused by this, at least until you look at her eyes, the smile doesn't quite reach them. "I like to think that I'm a bit of an odd duck, but in truth there are probably plenty of people out there who like the same kind of books. I like sci-fi and fantasy the most, followed closely by romance. Crime comes after that, but the quirky comedic kind? Like, I read a lot of Janet Evanovich." She gestures at Sam. "I also read a lot of historical books, but again, I drift toward the comedy there." She realizes that she's getting close to word vomit, so she simply grins and shrugs. "If I don't like it, I'll tell you honestly, but there are very few books that I haven't liked. It's a great way to escape into another life, and pretend to be someone else for a while."

By the way Sam's expression twists it's clear that he doesn't find the anecdote very amusing at all. "Yes, that's … awful." He seems to stop himself from saying more on the matter, perhaps wisely thinking that Katherine doesn't want to analyze it in great detail with a near stranger. Sometimes he can control his mouth!

Books are safer. He watches Katherine while she explains her book preferences in some amount of detail, not seeming at all worried about the length that she goes on. He's clearly interested. "I don't read a lot of crime. I think I'd be in the same box as you if I did, however. I don't think I deal well when my fiction is too close to reality." He takes another sip of coffee before continuing. "I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy as well. Just as with my writing, I find I didn't do nearly as much reading as I would have liked last year - but I read some great authors when I did. I think I'm going to make it a point to spend more hours reading this year too. So, if you have anything you think shouldn't be missed, let me know."

"I tend to re-read a lot of the books that I pick up. If I find something that I love, I revisit the characters and often I pick up on things that I might not have the first time I read it." Katherine relaxes as she talks about books, any tension that she might have been feeling seems to melt away. She stands there, coffee in her hands as she chatters on. "One of my most favorite books to recommend is the Rowan series by Anne McCaffrey. I had heard about the Pern series, but I didn't start reading those until after I finished the Rowan." She takes a sip from her mug, chuckling softly. "I've also been reading a lot of new takes on fairy tales, and I'm not sure where that came from, but ..it's amazing to me that someone can take a story that I'm so familiar with, twist it just a little to turn it into something completely different. I wish I had that kind of talent, but ..my skillset is more domestic, and I can live with reading other great authors while I knit and cook for the masses."

"I've read some Pern books, but I've never tried the Rowan series." Sam replies, leaning comfortably on the counter, smiling and sipping at his coffee while Katherine talks about the books she loves. This is his happy place. "I'm going to put it on my list." He promises. He did ask for a recommendation. He nods enthusiastically about the twisting of fairy tales into new stories. "I love the remix style. I do a bit of that myself - my use of history in my stories is usually just a kernel of an idea. Taking a single event and jumping off of that to make it something entirely different. I'm not enough of a student to do proper historical fiction and I have so much respect for those who do." He pauses and then - "Speaking of those who do excellent historical fiction, I think my favourite book of last year was The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. Amazing work."

"They call it the Tower and the Hive, but..it'll always be the Rowan series to me." Kate nods at Sam, shrugging a shoulder as she sips from her coffee. "I hope you enjoy it, and it doesn't go on a different list after you've read the first book." She takes a step forward, pulling her notepad close to make note of the book recommended. "I haven't heard of that author before, so I'll check it out. If it's historical fiction? I'll likely enjoy it." Kate is standing on one side of the counter, close to the stove with a cup of coffee in her hands. Sam is on the other side, leaned against it as they talk about their favorite books. It's warm in the kitchen, thanks in part to the fire going in the great room, the smell of chicken and dumplings becoming more pervasive as time marches on.

"Alternative timeline science / historical fiction. What may have happened if we had had a major climate changing event in the 1950s." Sam clarifies. That particular description doesn't really do the novel justice, but that's why no one asks him to blurb their books! "This is good. We'll have to both pay Esme a visit to see if the library stocks either of these." He smiles and sips at his once again dwindling coffee mug. "Always love talking about books. I'm happy I've already found a couple people in the city who share the same enthusiasm. Makes it feel a bit more like home already."

Sevin ambles in from the great room, possibly drawn by the smell of Kate's cooking. Chicken and dumplings, it's hard to go wrong. He's dressed in a long coat, crisp shirt and tailored trousers today. Boots trimmed in silver at the heels, and a pensive look on his face while he finishes composing a message on his phone. Missive sent, the device is shoved into a coat pocket. His pale, hooded gaze finds the leggy brunette for a lingering study, and her tall visitor a beat or two later. "Afternoon," is offered in combined greeting, while he bellies up to the counter to make himself some coffee. Seems awfully presumptuous for a guy who wandered in off the street.

Kate blinks at the blurb, her eyes narrowing as she nods. "That sounds interesting, I'll pick it up, and I'll probably enjoy it. It takes a lot for a book to make put it down and walk away." She laughs softly at the mention of Esme, a twist of amusement in her smile. "She'll be happy for the company, there aren't a lot of people in town who indulge heavily in books, so the library is often pretty quiet. I think I'll take her dinner the next time I go visit." She makes a face, setting down her coffee. "Be careful, Calaveras tends to suck people in and keep them."

Sevin's appearance doesn't seem to startle Kate, she watches him approach to get coffee, reaching out to touch his arm in greeting. "I hope you're hungry, because Sam didn't want the chicken and dumplings, and someone has to eat it." She gestures toward Sam then. "This is Sam Ryce, he's a new resident here." She tilts her head toward the man pouring himself some coffee. "This is Professor Sevin Khan, he teaches at the University."

"You're not the first person who has warned me about getting trapped here and not wanting to leave. It makes me feel like the place is either really great or this is the start of a horror movie." Sam says with a quite laugh. His head turns when Sevin makes his way into the room - nodding along with Kate's introduction when he approaches. "We actually met last night. Good to see you again, Sevin." Again, he focuses on getting the name as correct as he can manage. "He was trying to do some work over at Java Junction and I made that impossible by talking to him." He adds.

Sevin looks over briefly at the touch to his arm, and shadows a small smile to Kate. Then resumes fiddling with the coffee machine. Advanced physics degree right here; can't operate an espresso machine. "We did," he confirms. Meet last night. Pale eyes shift briefly to regard Sam, and he gives a terse little nod. "You didn't interrupt a thing. How's the writing coming?"

"That's how I met him as well, but he wasn't grading papers, he was fiddling with his phone." Kate makes a face when Sevin doesn't agree to eat food, but it's brief enough that it might be missed. She waits a few beats and then gestures to the espresso machine. "How about I make you one of those, and you go find a comfortable place to sit?" She is already pulling out a mug to put it in. "Nothing in it, I imagine?" She asks to make sure, glancing over at Sam. "Do you write while you're out and about? Some people get more inspiration that way. I've tried to knit at the coffee shop, but every time someone interrupts, I drop a stitch."

"I haven't really done any writing since I've arrived. I'm sketching out ideas, but nothing concrete yet. I'll likely wait until I have my apartment settled before I really start into things. Especially when I'm starting out I use a lot of space. I story board my work. I'm very visual, I suppose." Sam says with a shrug, watching while Katherine solves the mysteries of the espresso machine. "I do write or sketch when I'm out in public, but never with the expectation that I'll be very productive. If I'm out it's because I'm hoping to run into someone. If I do, I get some extra work done."

Sevin didn't precisely agree to eat food, but nor did he disagree with the premise. In his usual fashion, he simply didn't acknowledge her comment at all, though remedies that eventually with, "I'm starving, actually. I'd love some soup, if you don't mind." The espresso machine is poked at a bit longer before he concedes to Kate's superior mastery of it with a soft grunt. She knows perfectly well how he likes his coffee, so he doesn't elucidate further. "Do the people you meet ever make it into your writing then?" he asks Sam, easing away from the counter and shrugging out of his coat now that he's warmed up sufficiently. It's draped across the back of the couch for now, shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

Kate opens the cupboard again to get a bowl, her eyes shifting to Sevin for a brief moment before she ladles some of the thick soup into it. She sets it aside, pulling salt and pepper closer before she hunts up a spoon to dip into the bowl. She lets it steam there for a moment while she turns to fiddle with the espresso machine. It doesn't take more than a few minutes before she has some night black espresso ready for serving. "That's a really good question. I'm sure you'll have plenty of ..interesting subjects if you model them after people here in town." She wrinkles her nose, walking the espresso to the table to set it down before she retrieves the soup and spices, setting them down as well. "Enjoy." She leaves it at that, moving to open the fridge, poking around inside for something. When she closes the stainless steel door, she has juice in her hand. "Are you sure I can't convince you to take a container of soup home with you when you go later, Sam? It's really good."

"It does smell really good." Sam admits, looking toward the dish that has been served up to Sevin and considering for a moment. "I could take a little. I don't want to abuse your generosity too much, Katherine. I assume you have actual paying customers around here that you're planning to feed. But, if you can part with some I'm sure it would make an amazing dinner." He smiles, pushing his empty coffee mug forward. "And I should likely go pretty soon." He adds, before addressing Sevin's question. "I've never taken someone I've met and just dropped them into a story. But, everything I do and everyone I meet influences me in ways that I don't always realize. And sometimes I'll take a specific quality of someone I've met and weave that into a character."

"It's not abusing if I'm offering, and if it makes you feel better I could charge you for it." Kate shakes her head back and forth, grabbing a container from cupboards under the counter before she shrugs. "I always make far too much, and I occasionally drop off dinner for certain people." She scoops some from the slow cooker into the container, filling it about halfway. "I apologize for taking you away from your walk, but it seemed polite to invite you in for food and coffee." She closes the container and sets it near Sam. "You're welcome to come to dinner anytime, drag Esme up with you one evening, I think she feels bad about dropping by and I hate nagging at her to come visit me." She watches Sevin for a few moments, more wanting to see his reaction to the food she served him than anything else.

"This has been great, Katherine. Thank you very much the invitation. And the lunch and coffee and now dinner. But, mostly the conversation and company - it was really nice." Sam takes the container that was offered to him, smiling down at it. "Looking forward to this later. But, I should keep walking and let you get back to the rest of your day. I'll do that - come to dinner, I mean. And if I can convince Esme, I'll bring her along. She might find it a bit strange." He laughs, trying to visualize how that interaction would go.

Sevin has settled in at the counter with his bowl of hot soup, meanwhile. Spoon brandished in one hand, and half an ear on the conversation as he focuses on eating. He'll not interrupt the conversation, but judging by how he digs right in and begins demolishing it rather quickly, he seems to be a fan. The chicken is the only thing left untouched, as much as he can manage. "Nice to see you again," he tells Sam, once it looks like the man is making to depart.

"I doubt it. She's used to me badgering her to come up here, she might be slightly surprised that I sent a secret agent to help me." Katherine grins at Sam, turning to get herself a bowl of soup. "Enjoy your walk, stay warm, and stop back again sometime." She opens her juice, taking a drink before she blinks. "Do you want me to walk you back out, or will you be okay?" She notices that Sevin is avoiding the chicken in the soup. It's almost light a light bulb appears over her head. She might be rude and use a spoon to take some of the chicken from his bowl.

"Good to see you again, Sevin. Thank you for everything, Katherine. I'll be OK finding my way out." Sam says, clutching his prize to his chest and inclining his head to both of the others before he slips out of the kitchen to go get his winter gear on. The sound of the front door opening and closing follows a couple minutes later.

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