(2019-01-06) Bad News
Olivia visits Teija in person to inform her of the fates of the Boddickers.

It's late. Very late. Olivia did warn Teija she was coming, and to confirm her address, but didn't give the reason why. Snow is falling outside as the Federal Agent knocks on the door with gloved knuckles. "It's Special Agent Lopez."

There is a light on in the house, nice, if modest by Cedar standards, as well as the porch lights, as their visitor was expected. There is an inquiry from the upper floor, a man's voice, though soft, through the walls, answered in turn by a more vibrant woman's. The door opens, revealing Teija in a loose black tee and leggings, bereft of gunbelt, though in a gunsmith's home would a firearm really be too far from reach, really? Her expression is neutral, more her usual grim neutral than an effected 'grr! I'm mad at everything' front as she says, "Hello, Olivia." She glances at the snow drifting down around her visitor and, "It's freezing out, come on in."

"Thanks. I won't stay long" Olivia promises, aware of the disgruntled voice upstairs. "I didn't mean to wake up your boyfriend" she apologises, stepping in and having a quick look around before it seems she is going to get straight to the point. "I regret to tell you that Mr Boddicker, his wife, and his son have been murdered. We still haven't been able to find his daughter, but I believe she has been abducted by those who organized the murders. My condolences." She tries to sound sympathetic but it's not as warm as it could be from someone with more empathy.

A short laugh, then, "My grandfather." Teija replies, some wry amusement lingering at her lips as she steps in out of the way. That changes quickly as Olivia spells out the fates of the man and his family. She closes her eyes and gives a slow shake of her head as something solemn and Finn passes her lips. The eyes that open again are hard, though her voice is soft, there's all the warmth and uncertainty of a tombstone within her words, "Whatever help you need to end this, you'll have it." He was alright by her, "Anything."

Olivia would put a consoling hand on Teija's shoulder, it wouldn't be very good but it's the thought that counts, but the Goth woman seems to be handling things quite well. The Agent's hand stays at her side. "Thanks, I appreciate the offer." She looks upwards. "Your grandfather? He knew, Mr Boddicker, didn't he? My condolence to him too. Would you like me to tell him?" A deep breath. "I have some records that I recovered from Mr Boddicker's house. Maybe you could drop by to look them over if I can't make head or tails of them? Lots of gunsmith jargon. Codes for items. That kind of thing."

Teija shakes her head, "He needs his rest, fighting his meds for the news would just make it worse. Thank you, though." She takes a deep breath, maybe centering herself, "I can meet you in the afternoon. I have to make sure Gramps and Nana have their morning meds… and I have to tell him about Earl. Have you checked the shop, itself, the house? Any missing weaponry?"

"The bodies were discovered at the house. I checked the workshop on site. I wouldn't know how many weapons are missing, if any, until I've gone through all the records. It /looks/ like all the paperwork is present so that will help us find out what we need to." A little sigh of guilt. "Sorry I couldn't bring you better news. Drop by when you can, that would be great." She looks towards the outside world. "Hopefully the weather will clear up. Are you sure you're okay?"

There's a slight shake of her head, "I'm angry. We weren't… tight, but he was a brother." the Goth returns softly, "He did right by me. He was good to his family…" Something glitters in her eyes again, then they lower for a moment, "I can swing by your place or his about noon." She looks up the stairs for a moment, jaw clenching grimly for the duration, then she looks back, "Was…?" a sigh, "It look like they did them quick…?" There's distress in her voice as she asks, then after a pause it's tamped down, "He'll ask." she explains, gaze flicking once again up the stairs.

"It was quick" Olivia confirms without going into detail. At least for the parents. The dead boy, not so much, but no need to go into that now. "Nothing wrong with being angry. You wouldn't be human if you weren't. And, don't worry, we'll get them. And soon." Once she can deal with all the corruption that seems to be protecting them. "I should probably get going. Sorry for the late visit. We'll talk soon."

Teija nods crisply and nods, "That'll help, some." she says softly. She takes another breath and lifts a hand for the woman's shoulder, "No, thank you for letting me know, Olivia. Be safe, and I'll see you tomorrow."

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