(2019-01-05) And Then There Were Three...
Another Campbell for Calaveras

Saturday night. A very, very cold night. It is snowing outside, inches on the ground already. So it seems a perfect night for Uma to stay at home in front of the fireplace and watch soppy movies with her baby sis. The doctor is in pajamas and fluffy bunny slippers, allowing herself a bowl of ice cream as 'The Notebook' plays on the television. "Wouldn't it be nice to be in love like that" Uma sighs. "To share that with someone special for so long." A mouthful of ice cream before she realises Eve is not answering…and may not even be present. "Eve?"

Eve is totally present: she's curled up on the couch behind Uma's fireplace perch, surrounded and buried in a pile of cushions, and wearing an oversized sweater and long socks. As if Uma's call has just awakened her, Eve suddenly bursts into a giggle… because how is 'The Notebook' not hilarious, right? Before Uma can ask, Eve turns to the older Campbell girl and holds out her phone. "Oh you gotta see this. The greatest collection of rollerskating fails ever recorded on Youtube. The number of crotch abuse is unbelievable!"

Yes. Eve is clearly a big fan of soppy romantic movies.

There is a brisk knock on the door, and then someone is trying the handle. "Open the damn door, I can hear you in there!" Kali leans against the door frame, a bag in one hand before she knocks again ..and again… and again. She brushes her blonde hair back away from her face and waits until one of her lazy sisters gets up to get the door.

Uma stares at the offered phone before a little sigh. "If you want to watch something else, we can watch something else. Even 'Rollerskating Crotch Injuries: The Movie'." The pounding on the door bring a confused expression to the doctor. "Expecting someone?" Uma drags herself to her feet and then…that voice. It can't be." She scampers over a little quicker to the door, opening it up and staring. "Kali? Um…what a surprise." Her tone a little flat. It takes a few moments before she almost leaps out of the way to let her sister in. "Come in, it must be freezing out there. Eve, look who it is."

Eve perks up like a gopher at the knock. Like Uma, the younger Campbell seems to recognize the voice, which only brings a furrow to her brows. "I sense… a great disturbance in the Force. I fear something terrible is about to happen." She muses, but unlike Uma, she doesn't drag herself out of the couch. No way, it's too cozy there! Eve does lean forward to peer in the direction of the door though, until Uma makes it all official. Yup, it's true! Cheerfully, Eve holds out one hand and waves towards the eldest girl of the clan. "Hey Kal! What happened? Took a wrong turn in Albuquerque?"

Kali brushes past Uma, a slight smirk on her face. "It should be a surprise. I didn't call before I came." She glances around the room, her eyes falling on the movie they're watching. "No. I took a wrong turn at Denver, and I decided to come visit my two favorite sisters." She glances between Uma and Eve, her eyebrows raised slightly. "You two don't look happy to see me. What have you two been up to that you don't want Mom to know about?"

"What? No. Of course we're happy to see you" Uma smiles, "Why wouldn't we be? Here, let me take your bag." She will try to take it off big sister, to place it carefully somewhere. Probably something very expensive in it. "It's great to see you, Kali. Honestly." A quick hug and a kiss on the cheek to prove it. "Would you like a hot chocolate or something? Sit down in front of the fire. We don't hide anything from mom. Did she tell you that Eve is Queen of the Snow?" Uma is still proud of her baby sis.

Eve pfffts loudly at Kali's observation, pulling herself up from the couch (but her phone still in-hand) and heading over to join her sisters. "We're totes happy to see you!" She echoes Uma's words, and once the doctor gets in her hug, Eve follows suit and spreads her arms for Kali. "C'mere, you!" Assuming she does get a hug, including a press of her cheek against Kali's, Eve releases the latter and gives her a once over, but flails her arms a bit at Uma first. "I'm sure half of Denver knows that by now." She makes a face and turns back with an upnod at Kali. "Does mom know you're here?"

Kali grumbles as she's hugged, but she squeezes both Eve and Uma gently before she breaks away to peek into a few of the rooms. "Yeah, she knows that I'm here. I was going to go see her, but she said you two might benefit from a brief visit." She glances back at her sisters, eyebrows raised. "It will be brief. I need to get back to work soon." She fixes a look at Eve, eyebrows drawing together a little bit. "So you're Queen of the Snow? What does that entail? When did this happen?"

"Good old, mom. Always watching out for us" Uma smiles, though it is a bit strained. "So nice of her to send you here." The doctor shoving down thoughts like 'mom doesn't trust me to look after Eve'. Being around big sis always makes Uma feel a /little/ less important. "Everyone in Denver /should/ know" Uma grins at Eve but she will let baby give the details. Which is rare. Normally she'd blab out the whole story herself. "How is work, Kali? Still nobbing with the hobs?" A little play on words…very little. "I'll just get those hot chocolates."

Eve gives Kali a bit of a suspicious look, like 'You don't know?' or 'Mom didn't tell you?' "Yeah, well, about that." She reaches up the phone and uses it to scratch the side of her temple. "It's a local thing they do every winter. I guess it used to be a beauty contest but this year they're opening it to everyone? I dunno. There's some publicity stuff around town I'm supposed to do, and, uh, maybe order the peasants around a bit? Execute some rebel scum? That sorta thing?" Eve shrugs both shoulders and breaks into a wry grin. "But hey, I have some ideas how to milk this thing." Leaving it at that, she looks down at Kali's hands, then behind her, as if looking for… "So how brief is brief? So brief you didn't pack anything?"

"I was nobbing a hob and that's why I'm taking time off. Don't ask. I can't really get into the details while Eve is here anyway." Kali mutters at Uma, before she glances over at Eve. "Sounds weird, but as long as you're owning it…and you're making Uma proud…" She trails off, holding up one bag. "I have one bag. It's going to be brief, but I can buy things that I need here." She slowly walks around the living room, arms folded over her chest. "So…what else goes on in this sleepy town? Beauty contests…doctoring…" She aims a lazy look at Uma. "Anything fun to do around here?"

"No milking!" Uma calls out from the kitchen - ears like a cat. "It's an honor, Eve. Make a difference for everyone, not just yourself." She soon reappears in the flesh carrying a tray with steaming mugs of cocoa. Her bunny rabbit slippers flopping about as she walks. "Oh" she blushes about the nobbing. Definitely something that Eve shouldn't hear about. When she's older…maybe. "We can talk about it later then" she nods in understanding. "Did mom show you Eve's routine?" Someone is getting excited again. "Have a seat, Kali." No doubt big sis will report back to mom how many packing boxes are still unpacked. Uma can't wait for that phone call. "Lots of fun things" she nods before pointing at the television. "We're watching 'The Notebook'." This seems to be her idea of a fun thing to do around here. Once mugs are handed out, she returns to her seat on the couch. "So good to see you again, Kali. How long has it been?"

Eve follows her sisters towards the couch and chooses to perch on the high armrest instead of sitting properly. "Yeah, the Notebook. It's a hilarious flick." She muses loudly to herself, quieting down as the two older sisters talk. She looks between the pair, and at some point she perks up with a spread of her hands. "You guys do know I'm eighteen, right?" She pauses and shoots a meaningful look in Uma's direction. Yep, the sister who can't remember her age! "That means I'm legally an adult and I can hear all about your adult content. C'mon, let's hear it!"

Kali takes a seat and stares at the television for a few beats before she groans. "I remember this movie. I hate this movie." She glances over at Uma and shrugs. "Four years?" She waves that away and folds her arms over her chest. "You're eighteen already?" She blinks at Eve, getting an impish smile on her face. "Well what happened was, there was this guy. It's always a guy. When you grow up Eve, don't get involved with guys. Find a nice woman instead." She waits a few beats, smirking, before she goes on. ".. he was married and well, we got involved. I was polishing something one day when his wife walked in, and she complained to our boss…and.." She makes a gesture, smirking. "Vacation!"

"I miscalculated /once/" Uma sighs at Eve before the pressure gets too much and she turns off the movie. "I like it" she mumbles to herself before picking up her mug of cocoa to hide behind. "Four years? Gosh. Yeah, just before I was sent out, I think. Mom was always letting me know how well you were doing." And then there is a story. A blush at the mention of dating women. "Eve knows some very nice boys" she butts in briefly. A tiny shake of her head about married men before she looks confused. "Why was his wife upset you were polishing something? Were you in a sexy maid outfit or something?"

Eve rolls her eyes a little. Evidently. NO ONE in the family remembers how old she is. She squints at Kali's story though, because c'mon, it's a scandalous and saucy tale! But rather than looking scandalous about it, Eve just breaks into wry grin. "Yeah, don't you hate it when the wife walks in while you're polishing a guy? Whatever happened to respecting privacy." She deadpans, side-eyeing Uma meaningfully, then folding her arms across her chest as she continues to listen.

Kali stares at her sister, her darling sister. So sweet. So innocent. "Uma. You're a doctor, right? You know about the birds and the bees, don't you?" She makes a vague gesture, bobbing her fist toward her mouth with her eyebrows raised. She slants a look at Eve before she lets out a sigh, slumping in her seat. "Where am I sleeping?" She asks flatly, her eyes shifting back to Uma.

"Of course I know about the birds and the bees" Uma pouts, "I even had the talk with Eve." It wasn't much of a talk. Eve ran away pretty fast. "What does that have to do with polishing?" And then there is a mime display from Kali and Uma goes bright red. "Oh…I see…" she croaks before a big mouthful of her cocoa - who cares if it is too hot. So there is a little coughing and gagging afterwards. "You can sleep in my bed if you like" she suggests. "I can sleep on the couch or a cot bed for a couple of days. Just like I never left the Army."

Kali stares at Uma, but when she turns bright red, Kali begins to laugh out loud. "You don't have a boyfriend here who is going to want to come over and see you? What have you been doing here? Working? Going to pageants?" She rolls her eyes and then picks up the cocoa that has been served to her. "We obviously need to get you out and about for a little bit."

"No, no boyfriend" Uma admits - hence watching 'The Notebook'. "Cobwebs are starting to gather." Her big sister wouldn't mock her about it so it is okay to joke…even though Kali is laughing out loud at the moment. "Eve offered to do some matchmaking for me." It's got that bad? "But, yeah, been working hard. Trying to get the practice going. Unpacking. Looking after Eve." Any excuse being dredged up to avoid the truth of social incompetence. "A little bit of what?" she smirks, "Polishing? Oh…sorry…that was probably rude. But you're only on vacation, right? You haven't been fired."

Eve adds in conspiratorial tone to Kali. "If you're staying in Uma's room, make sure you don't go through her drawers. Especially the top nightstand one. That's where her boyfriend lives." Hey, did she get a hot cocoa too? If so she reaches for it and holds it in both hands before taking a sip. While listening to Uma's polite questions and Kali's replies.

Kali smirks over at Uma, nodding. "I haven't been fired. They can't afford to fire me. I mean…they could try." She rolls her eyes as she grins over at Eve. "Is her boyfriend big? I might have to check him out, but it would be gauche to borrow him. I have my own in my bag, somewhere." She glances back at Uma before she leans in to speak quietly to Eve. "Fix her up with a brawny yoga instructor or something. She needs to loosen up."

"Eve!!!" Uma is aghast. She would throw a pillow at her little sister…except she is worried about spilling the hot chocolate and having to clean it up. And then to make matters worse, Kali has her own. Must be a Campbell thing. Once Eve is old enough, they can have a bestowing ritual so she too can have a 'boyfriend'. "Don't worry, Kali, I'll move it." Why doesn't the couch open up and swallow her? A disbelieving look between her two sisters. "You know I can hear you? I'm right here. I'll change the sheets on the bed." Run away!

Eve reflexively ducks her head at Uma's aghastly cry, ALMOST spilling her hot cocoa but somehow manages to avoid it. It's a miracle! "Stop scaring me like that!" She pouts and frowns, as if this whole thing is somehow Uma's fault. Fortunately, she is quickly distracted by Kali's quiet note to her, to which she bobs her head eagerly. "That's kinda what I had in mind, but… I dunno, for a small Colorado town, this place is filled with gay guys and bi-guys. I think they should rename the town to Brokeback Camp or something."

"Some things never change." Kali remarks as Uma scurries off, her sharp gaze focusing on the television for a few moments. "This stuff is garbage and love never works out like the movies. Why does she have you watching this crap." She raises her brows as she snorts out a laugh at Eve's words. "Well if worse comes to worse, we'll go for a day trip and import her in some ass." She glances toward Uma's bedroom and then back at Eve. "Is she really doing okay?"

"Huh?" Eve purses her lips and blinks at bit at Kali's question, then promptly waves a hand dismissively. "Oh, she's /fine/. She's just being Uma-the-responsible-one, y'know? She's never worldly like you, Kal." She notes sagely, but they all know THAT already! "Besides, she's been busy getting her practice all set up. I'm totes trying to get her off her ass and out to meet guys, but she's not in any hurry. But hey, now that you're here, you can totes drag her out! And if you wanna do a hunting trip, I'll come along for the ride too."

"She's acting kind of motherly, and it's gonna piss me off, I promise." Kali gets up, peeking toward the bedroom to make sure Uma isn't listening in. "How has that been going? She find patients? She needs to play more. All work and no play makes Uma…Uma." She wrinkles her nose and peels out of her coat, leaving her in slacks and a white blouse. "I should threaten to stick around until she starts getting out and finding things to do. Surely there is a wrestling troupe around here jumping off of top ropes and being studly. She'd love that."

Uma reappears, the old sheets bundled up in her arms as she heads for the laundry. "You can put a different movie on if you want" she calls out to the plotting pair. "Eve has one with crotch shots in it. Which, as a medical professional, is nothing to joke about. As a woman, however, it is pretty funny." She disappears again.

Eve shakes her head at Kali's suggestion. "Dude, Calamaris is rodeo country. The locals prefer to wrestle their horses than people." She informs sagely, taking another sip of the cocoa before hopping off the armrest, leaning over to put the cup down. That's when Uma makes a brief appearance, which reminds Eve to swipe at her phone again. "You wanna see? Watching guys nailed in the crotch in skating fails is hilarious!" She goes on to search for said videos but continues to respond to Kali. "She's getting patients okay. I mean, she even got me working as her part-time receptionist once in a while. Which her patients appreciate very much, by the way."

"That sounds dirty, painful and not at all fun." Kali decides, glancing at Uma when she makes an appearance. "Crotch shots? She's letting you watch movies with dick in them?" Then Eve explains, and Kali looks a little soothed, leaning in with a smirk. "Okay, but you wanting to see others in pain worries me just a teeny tiny bit. Hopefully you know how to deal out a crotch shot if someone gets grabby."

Uma reappears, smile on her face. "Okay, Kali, bed all made and…umm…object removed. I hope you enjoy your brief stay. It's going to be great to have us all back together again. The three amigos. Oh…we should watch that." She makes her way back to the couch, leaping over the back and onto the seat - she still has the moves. "So, this guy you were…polishing. He's leaving his wife now? You two are going to settle down, get married, kids, live happily ever after?"

Eve grins lopsidedly in response to Kali's concern. "Everyone's always worried boys getting handsy around me… mom said the same thing, Uma said the same thing. Everyone keeps forgetting I've taken two years of Muay Thai. Believe you me, if a guy gets grabby, he's gonna worry more than just a crotch shot." She nods sagely. But it's true, Eve has always been pretty athletic at school! Even though her family may not know what kinds of sports she plays. When Uma returns and asks the question about settling down, Eve looks like she's going to burst out laughing. But nope, she barely keeps her mirth in check, but looks expectantly at Kali.

Kali watches Uma's acrobatics with a critical eye, glancing over at Eve before she responds. "No. He's staying with his wife because he didn't sign a prenup and he doesn't wanna end up penniless and disgruntled with the world. Think I'm the type to support a man? Pft." She snorts out a laugh, shrugging at the choice of movie. "I could watch that, it's better than this soupy excuse for a love story." She makes a face at Eve, eyebrows raised. "Maybe you can give me a pointer or two, I owe a few people a good punch to the junk. Really."

"Oh…that must be disappointing" Uma frowns about Kali and her new man not being able to be together. "Oh well, at least you still love each other. That will get you through the bad times." Life is like 'The Notebook' to Uma. No wonder she is alone. "You want to learn to fight, Kali?" A glance to Eve before shrugging to her older sister. "We can both teach you that if you want. People tend to forget I'm a trained killer" she laughs. "Not that I'm proud of that… The scrotum area, or 'junk' if you prefer, is a good place to place a disabling hit. Temporarily disabling at least." Her gaze turns back to Eve. "Have you known any grabby guys?"

Eve shakes her head at Uma, along with a pout. "Not yet, but I'll let you guys know if I do." She starts to wander off in the direction of the kitchen, evidently in search of further sustenance, but Eve is taking her sweet time and determined to remain engaged in the sisterly conversation. In fact, when she passes by Uma Eve wraps her arms around the middle sister and gives her an enthusiastic hug. "Ooh you are just so sweet and adorable!" Eve tells Uma in that indulgent, babytalk-kind-of-way. "We're totes gonna find you a rich prince named Ken with billowy hair and perfect teeth." Grinning, she lets go to continue on her way to the kitchen.

"Love? I barely tolerated him. He was foul in bed, and he couldn't find the clitoris if I drew him a map on my own body in lipstick." Kali rolls her eyes, sighing. "Which is amazing because he's in his late 40's, so really? There is no hope for him." She glances at Uma and then over to Eve, before she looks back at Uma. "I might as well make this a learning holiday. Get some stuff done, maybe learn how to throw one punch. It can't hurt." She sighs, shaking her head at Uma. "She's right, you gotta get realistic before you end up old, wrinkly with dust coming out of…well.. you know."

Uma smiles as she hugged, gently patting Eve's wrapping arms. "They don't have to be rich" she points out with a giggle before letting the baby of the family go on her way. And then Kali is getting all blunt again. "Hmm…have to wonder why his wife wants to keep him" she smirks before her eyes narrow. "So why were you still polishing him?" A roll of her eyes about her fantasy world. "There's nothing wrong with wanting the best out of life, is there?" she says to both sisters. "I know that no one is perfect, but I should at least hold out for someone who knows where the clitoris is. Right?" Then she screws up her nose at Kali. "Too late with the dust."

Eve is temporarily out of sight, but there are rummaging noises coming from the kitchen. After a minute or two comes Eve's call. "Hey, anyone want some ice cream? Or… I hope it's ice cream, and not that frozen yogurt crap."

"I think she likes the money." Kali responds, and she leans in, her voice low as she responds to Uma. "He could have been the key to my next promotion, and I like to make sure my way up is well lubricated. Being a woman is hard." She makes a long-suffering face, and beats on her chest a few times before she winces. "Yikes." She turns to call out toward the kitchen. "I'll take some of the frozen yogurt crap!" She jerks her head toward Uma. "You two really getting along and all of that?"

"I've still got my ice cream!" Uma yells back, though it is rather melted now. Who watches the 'The Notebook' without ice cream? To Kali there is a look of disappointment mixed with confusion. "Don't be silly. /You/ are the reason you will be promoted. Nothing to do with crappy lovers or their lubricants. Of course being a woman is hard; because it is worth it. But it will be easier for Eve when she tries to make it big. All the hard work we've done in showing how awesome we are." A slightly alarmed look. "Are you having a heart attack? No beating your chest." To the question, Uma smiles warmly. "Of course we are. Eve is helping me out with work, she's back at college, making friends. Queen of Snow for goodness sake. She listens to me…sometimes…if she agrees with it."

There is… more rummaging. Cabinet doors opening and closing. Glass bowls clinking. Utensil drawers being rifled. After a while Eve returns with one big bowl filled with… it could be ice cream, or it could be frozen yogurt, along with three spoons in her other hand. She steps past Uma and hands the bowl to Kali, before taking a seat next to the oldest Campbell sister. "We're all sharing that, by the way." She points to the bowl of yumminess, and one of the spoons is offered. "Are we talking about making friends? Cuz I tell you, the people in this town are pretty friendly. Way friendlier than back home. If you go to a coffeeshop and chat up random people, they'll totes give you their life stories. It's pretty freaky."

Kali takes the bowl and she digs into it, an eyebrow quirked toward Eve. "Weird people huh? I'm not really interested in friends. I came to see my sisters, possibly find a nice mountain man to seduce for a day or two, and then I'm going back to Denver to find out what the suits are going to do about my problem." She sticks her spoon in her mouth and squints at Uma. "You know, I have occasionally considered that you were replaced by a fembot or something, but you truly scare me occasionally. I can see who runs things around here though." She eyes Eve, and then digs into her bowl again with her spoon. "Mom would be thrilled to hear it."

"I exist to guide, not rule" Uma pouts at her elder sister before spoon is taken and huge amounts of dairy like substance is to be enjoyed. A nod to Eve. "I've noticed that about people. They really are…open. And it's contagious. I find myself giving life summaries with alarming regularity." A shrug. "Nobody's actually interested in what I say…" Mmm…ice cream. "A mountain man? I don't think it would take you two days to seduce one of them. More like two seconds. I don't know if I've met any mountain men. Cowboys galore though. And I do go out. I went to a New Year event where is was dressed in a grass skirt and coconut bra." Some little pride at her daring. "Still came home alone. I scare you?" That seems to amuse the girl who used to be terrorized by Kali on a daily basis. Okay, it was twenty-five years ago but it still counts.

"You know the fun part about people giving out their life stories?" Eve points a spoon at Uma meaningfully. "Is that I can make up stuff on the spot and people will believe whatever BS I feed 'em. It's so funny." Turning back towards Kali, she licks her spoon and scoops up some of the ice cream for devouring. Yes! It's actually ice cream! Not that frozen yogurt crap. All the talk about seducing guys, however, is only listened to but not commented on by Eve; baby sister is evidently still learning from her siblings on that part!

"No mountain men. Not into cowboys." Kali slumps back into the couch, eating her frozen yogurt and loving it. "I'm realistically optimistic since you said two seconds, but I guess we'll see what happens." She takes another spoonful of her frozen treat. "So you went out for New Years? Good job. About time." She points her spoon at Uma. "You do scare me. You need a bitch injection. Or just someone to slap you around until you get angry once or twice. It won't kill you."

"Don't lie too much, Eve" frowns Uma in her 'caring for the world' way. "You could upset someone or make them do things for you to try and make you happy. Things that they don't need to do. Just…be careful with what you say, okay?" That wasn't /totally/ mother disapprove style. "No cowboys? I thought you liked riding." See, Uma can be totally cool and hep with her comments too. "I don't need to be a bitch" she replies softly, a little blush to her cheeks and a screw up nose at being put under the microscope. "I'm a doctor. Doctors shouldn't be bitches. Surgeons however… It doesn't kill anyone to be nice either." More ice cream to block those memories of the real killing she had to do. "Kali, you're gorgeous. If you want sex, then you will get it. I'm really surprised you needed to get yourself a mobile boyfriend."

Eve looks between her two older sisters and steals another spoonful of cold dessert to eat. "You're /so/ hardcore, Kal." She points out, along with a sagenod, before turning her gaze towards Uma… and a shrug of both shoulders. "Just saying it would be funny, Uma. I haven't /actually/ lied to anyone As friendly as people around here are, no one's actually showed any real interest in hearing who I am, so no one's gotten my grand made-up life story yet." She heaves a dramatic sigh. "Maybe someday."

"Every girl should have a mobile boyfriend. Men are great and all, in small doses, but half the time they have no clue what they're doing. The rest of the time, they're all too aware and they dangle you around like a cheap keychain from a rest stop gift shop." Kali cuts a look at Uma, pressing her lips together so she doesn't snort and possibly inhale her yogurt down the wrong pipe. "If they're not interested in you Eve then screw them. This town is too good for all three of us, I'm still not sure why you two aren't somewhere more…hopping?"

"Aww…don't be like that, Eve" Uma frowns, reaching over to give the baby's knee a squeeze. "You've probably dazzled them with your ways and you don't need to rely on a story to get them interested. It's a compliment. And I'm sure, one day, you will be able to tell your funny lies if you need to." Uma has to nod to Kali about the mobile boyfriend. "Solidarity, sister. The men I've known are totally like that." What a memory she must have! "I wanted to come somewhere quiet" she admits to Kali. "Didn't realize it was going to be /this/ quiet" she giggles. "It's good for Eve too. Get her away from the noise so she can figure out who she wants to be."

Eve bobs her head at Uma's comment. "If by 'noise' you mean mom's constant nagging, then it's totally true." She pauses another beat to steal more dessert from the bowl on Kali's lap, then adds with a meaningful point with her spoon. "Nobody tell mom I said that." Another scoop. "And UCC is a pretty decent school. Besides, if I go to somewhere more hopping, I wouldn't be winning contests like this Queen of Snow thingie. Big fish in the little pond, y'know? I don't wanna be just another blonde in a sea of bimbos in L.A."

"Well maybe all this sleepy town needs is a dose of fun. There has to be a bar around here somewhere we can sneak Eve into." Kali lets out a yawn and then huffs out a sigh. "When Mom calls, can you tell her that I arrived looking sorry about my life choices and I begged Uma to help me get my shit together? I would like to avoid the nagging too."

"I'll help you out as best I can, Kali" Uma smiles, proud to be the family bedrock. At least until she realises that her big sister only wants to avoid nagging. "Ah…you didn't mean that. I'll let mom know how repentant you are. We shall get your shit together in a few days. She doesn't really…nag." There she is, trying to protect family members again. "Okay…maybe a bit." These two are such bad influences! "No one will ever think of you as a bimbo, Eve. You're way too classy for that."

Eve squints and peers at Kali for her request. "Dude, I don't know if I'm good enough of a liar to pull that off." She deadpans, then points her spoon at Uma. "So yeah, Uma should do it." Giving said spoon a thorough cleaning with her tongue, Eve gets back to her feet. "Hey look! I just polished this spoon! I hope it doesn't have a wife who's gonna come through the front door." Grinning wryly, she makes her way towards the kitchen again, presumably to drop the spoon in the sink. "Okay kids, I'm gonna go turn in. If you guys are seeing your boyfriends tonight, can you try to keep it down please? I need my beauty sleep, thanks."

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