(2019-01-04) Guns and Crosses
Olivia is looking for a gunsmith to help with the cult investigation.

It's a little past dinner time and one of the longtimers of the shop is idly chatting up a woman in a longcoat who's currently perusing a wall of semi-auto rifles, a plastic rifle case in her hands. She glances sidelong at him and remarks, "I hope you aren't expecting that stamped knock-off to fetch you much money." Though what she's alluding to is, well, up in the air.

What gun shop doesn't like a visit from the F.B.I.? Though, in this case, Olivia is very much dressed casual. No jacket with yellow letters on the back, just a rather large ski jacket to protect against the cold outside…and conceal a bulletproof vest and pistol holster. The Latina makes her way to the counter, glancing at the chatting pair for a moment as she makes a note of all the occupants, and upnods to the owner. "Hey. I'm looking for a Teija Harkonnen. I'm told she does weapon personalization. Any idea where I can find her?"

The clerk returns the nod and sidelongs a glance toward the darkly clad peruser currently sizing up an FN SCAR. Woodland digital camo, no less. Well, she was until she heard her name and she slowly turns, so as not to bump anything with her case, see, shoots him a look as he says, "She's right-" and she cuts him off with, "What can I do for you, miss?"

Not what Olivia was expecting but if there is anything an agent who specialises in serial killers and cults has learned in life, that is 'always expect the unexpected'. "Ms Harkonnen" she greets, making her way over while also reaching for something in her jacket. "My name is Special Agent Olivia Lopez…" She flashes her badge - didn't she mention she was FBI before? "I was wondering if we could have a chat." A nod towards the street. "I have something in my vehicle I would like you look at."

Teija arches an eyebrow. Well, that wasn't the way she expected this trip to go. She puts the case carefully on the counter, "Back in a few." She buckles her coat closed, given the slow way she did it, she's making an overt gesture of taking her gun out of play should the Agent feel in any way threatened by her being strapped. That done, she gives a polite if slightly distant, "Of course, ma'am." and starts to make her way out.

A nod of thanks from Olivia before she is leading the way outside into the bitter cold. Her 4x4 is parked around the side of the shop, at least out of the wind a bit. "I am told, Ms Harkonnen, that you are the best weapon personalizer in the area. Do you happen to know if you are the only one?" She opens up the back of the vehicle and drags out a long box from under a blanket. Long enough to hold a rifle. "I'd like you to know if you were responsible for what I am about to show you. Feel free to get in the back out of the snow if you like…do you have gloves?"

There's a little shake of her head, "My grandfather is the best. He's been retired for a couple of years, though." Teija replies, following Olivia to her 4x4. Her coat is buckled shut against the cold, but she's making a point of keeping her hands out of her pockets, though they are getting a little pink. With the woman's question, "I have some in my pocket." she returns, canting her head as she regards the box.

The pair are outside the shop at the moment, looking at something in the back of the 4x4. Or in a box in the back at least. "Put them on please" Olivia replies, "Assuming you will want to handle it." The Latina opens up the box to reveal an assault rifle inside. An assault rifle where the barrel has been etched with 'God punishes the unjust' and the stock has a rather ornate cross decorated with accurate flowers. "Is this your work? Your father's? Not sure how recent it is."

A dirt-spattered silver truck pulls up to the curb, and parks not too far behind the 4x4 being approached by two women. The engine is killed, the driver's side door cranks open, and a moment later a gentleman in a bomber jacket, dark jeans and boots climbs out. A jangle of keys being shoved into his pocket, and a brief glance across the road before he crosses toward the gun shop.

Teija hmmm's softly as the other woman decides to open the box. Some fine leather gloves, black of course, slip over her hands and she considers it. She takes up the weapon like an old hand, drawing the charging handle to check the chamber and letting it slingshot back to place like the sandbox was only yesterday. She turns it over in her hands, hefts it a couple of times while the car pulls up behind them. She glances back in time for the driver to get out. Hm. Then back to the lady's question, "Fast pull on the charge." She points the barrel down and squeezes the trigger to produce a 'click', "Trigger's too light to be factory. Heft's like it's got a bull barrel. I know three guys in county who pride themselves on this particular combo. Jake Schooner, Wade Horrowitz and Earl Boddicker." She starts eyeballing the artwork, "This wasn't done with an engraver or dremmel… I'd guess Boddicker's work."

Olivia eyes off the new arrival for a moment - he doesn't look like a cultist - before listening to Teija's thoughts on the weapon. Her eyebrows rising in an impressed expression. "Do you happen to have an address for this Boddicker?" She holds out her hands for the weapon to be returned before placing it back into the case. "Have you heard about the cult that has been attacking facilities in town? Burning down ranger stations. Kidnapping cops. This was one of their weapons, carried by a ten year old girl. Boddicker might know how many weapons they have in the compound…assuming he isn't dead already."

Sevin rolls his shoulders and burrows a little deeper into his jacket as the chill hits him. It might not be snowing tonight, but one can taste the promise of it on the crisp air. The two women openly examining an assault rifle are studied in turn as he reaches for the door to the shop. Idle scrutiny perhaps, or curiosity piqued by the ornate weapon. He's apparently got more manners than to linger though, and shoves the door open with his shoulder before ducking inside.

As long as he doesn't get grabby with the box she left with the clerk on the counter…
Teija squints at the engraving some as the lighting is steadily worsening, the explanation about the cult seems to break her study and she looks toward Olivia then, checks the chamber one last time, safety, then hands the weapon over, "Gossip, mostly." She glances at the shop door as the fellow shoulders through it, then back to the other woman, "Yeah, he's got an apartment over his shop at…" and an address is quickly forthcoming, with something more in her voice than simple courtesy, "We were briefly stationed together in oh-ten. I was comin' in, he was going home. Good guy, couple kids. Hope he's ok.."

"I hope he's okay too" Olivia agrees as she hides the weapon back under the blanket. "You served?" The Goth girl has plenty of surprised it seems. "Thank you for your service, ma'am." The back door of the vehicle slammed shut before she gestures to the store. "We better get inside before we freeze our balls off." A pause. "Oops, too late." Olivia doesn't often make jokes so it may have not been told well. She heads back to the store, holding the door open for Teija before heading back in with her. Hopefully, the stranger isn't fondling Teija's box.

Maybe just a brief touch. Gloved fingertips on the lid, the thing adjusted an inch to the side when Sevin stepped up to the counter. "Jacket serrated hollow points. Nine millimeter, yes." That's to the clerk, his pale gaze skimming the shelf behind the guy, tone a bit abrupt. Which could be owing to his accent, which seems to fall under the banner of the semitic family of languages.

"Yes, ma'am. First armored." Tya replies, "Ended up running a tank in Delta company 'till oh-fourteen." She manages a faint smile and bows her head a touch, "Thank you for your continuing service." The joke does fall flat on her, but she concedes the point about temperature, "Getting nipply out fer sure." Since the door's been opened as it were. She steps in with a gracious, "Thank you." It could be good to have a nice refreshing poke at the box, you never know. She muses about the fellow's order, fairly nasty close in, not likely to go through a wall. Guy either wants to geek someone ugly, or he really wants to keep his home safe without worrying about puncturing the neighbors.

"Armored? Nice. We could do with a tank here to be honest. You local?" Sevin's order also gets Olivia's interest. Obviously a professional. Thankfully, she is not the kind of agent who is immediately going to leap to the worst about a man of (approximate) 'middle eastern appearance'. The bad guys she is dealing with at the moment are distinctly Anglo-Saxon. She offers a nod Sevin's way.

Goodness knows which, with this one. He's an older gentleman. Quiet. Doesn't look like the sort to have any violent intentions. Sometimes, though, it is the quiet ones. His phone comes out of his jacket pocket while he waits, and his gaze briefly shifts to Teija when running tanks is mentioned. Slight furrow of his brows and a briefly lingering scrutiny, and then he's leaning a hip against the counter to browse something on his phone. The tee shirt he's wearing under his jacket looks to have 'University of Colorado, Calaveras' emblazoned across it.

Teija, sadly, does have some baggage, considering where she's spent a lot of the last few years. As she's scrutinized, she eyeballs him, back and makes her way toward the counter to reclaim her box, looking to the other woman, "Yes, Ma'am. Born'n raised."

"Please, no need to call me ma'am" Olivia offers to Teija with something that will one day grow up to be a smile. "Olivia will be fine. If you need to call me ma'am again, it will be because you're in trouble." She appraises Sevin once more. "Mature age student?" she asks as casually as she can before looking back to Teija. "A non-LEO local who knows how to handle a gun could be quite a help to me. If you're interested."

Sevin looks up briefly from his phone when he's addressed with that casual question. A glance down at his shirt, then back to Olivia with some amusement. "Something like that," he settles on eventually. Then, "Instructor." That ammunition order is taking a while. Back to his phone, he opts to ask Teija in a low murmur, "Army?"

"Olivia." the Goth takes the name out for a spin, smiling faintly. Her attention turns back the older fellow's way as the other woman's interest does. The conversation passively absorbed, though she is only briefly surprised it came back to her, but she nods, "Yes, sir."

"Instructor? Like…a sport?" Olivia asks Sevin, her building curiosity trying to be hidden by her casual tone. A teacher would normally call themselves a Professor…or a tutor. Instructor sounds…military. He is in a gun shop after all. "Were you in the army too?" She wonders if she should have said /an/ army? A smile at Teija's smile. "Or Liv if you prefer" she says with a shrug.

A sport? The question seems to hit him sideways, and Sevin looks briefly confused. Scratch scratch of his thumb through his scruffy beard, and he clarifies quietly, "I teach maths and physics." The phone is switched off and tucked away, his attention resting fully now on the two women. "Good guess," he offers with a warm chuckle at Olivia's second question. "Air force, yes. But.. retired." They might have noticed that he favored his right leg very slightly. Or they might not. "Yourself?"

That brings Teija out a little more. She looks between the two as the exchanges happen, then, as it comes back to service, "First Armored." A hand disengages from holding the rifle case to extend his way, "Teija."

"I haven't had the honor" Olivia replies to Sevin about her own service. "I'm just a simple LEO" she adds with an apologetic shrug. "Air force? I'll keep that in mind. Especially if you can fly helicopters. Math and Physics?" She tries to look excited about those subjects. "You said 'maths', with an 's'. You're English?"

The offered hand is grasped firmly in Sevin's gloved one, after a moment's hesitation. He's got a solid grip, but nothing overcompensating. "Sevin." Suh-veen. "Nice to meet you." The hand is shoved back into his jacket pocket, and a contemplative look leveled on Olivia.

"Apaches and Kamovs, mostly. A few fixed-wing aircraft as well, but not my strong suit." He rubs at his nose with his knuckles, scratching an itch perhaps. "Law enforcement? What branch?" Shake of his head in regard to whether he's English. His accent, for those familiar with it, is clearly Arabic.

The Goth is still wearing her gloves, too, so she doesn't read anything into it. Instead, as he gets into his interesting mix of helicopter pedigrees, she gets a slightly faraway look in her eye. Silence ensues from Teija as the conversation continues, wherever her mind's gotten to at the moment.

Olivia nods slowly to Sevin's words. "They count as choppers" she notes with a smile. "All these people around here with hidden skills." Slipping her hand back in her jacket, she produces her badge to show the Egyptian. "Special Agent Lopez, F.B.I. I specialize in serial killers and cult murders. Which seems pretty apt for this town." A glance to Teija. "No offence." A glance that now lingers as she asks the other woman. "Are you okay?"

Sevin appears mostly unruffled as the badge comes out, and Olivia's designation is rattled off. Though an observant eye might spot the slightest tic in his jaw. "Good to meet you too, Ms. Lopez." Pale gaze lingers on the badge, then roves back toward the counter as his box of rounds is set down. He digs in his jacket pocket for his wallet. "The Longbow's a hell of a chopper," he mentions with a glimmer of a smile at the corners of his mouth while digging for his credit card. As for serial killers and cult murders, "Sounds like heavy stuff." To a math teacher, anyway.

"MMm? Just thinking. Old times." Teija returns softly, then she nods to Sevin's observation, "Bow's are nasty, that's for sure." She shifts the rifle case to the other hand, then, "It's been nice to meet you both, but I should get back now and make sure everyone's taken their meds."

"Their meds?" Olivia's eyes go a little wider at this revelation from Teija. She reaches into her jacket once more to hand over a business card to the Goth. "Give me a call later and I'll let you know what happened with Boddicker. Thanks for your help." A nod to Sevin about 'heavy stuff'. "You should keep alert at the Campus. It is a signifier of the status quo, like the television station, the hospital, the ranger station, all locations that have been attacked to help the cult destabilize the city."

His ammunition paid for, the box is collected under one arm while Sevin's wallet is shoved back into his jacket pocket. He studies Olivia for a few moments before giving a slight nod. "I'll keep an eye out." And eases away from the counter to make for the door. "If you'll both excuse me."

Turns the card over a couple of times between her fingers, then tucks it into her coat pocket, "Grandparents." she explains, "More pills every year." She gives a little shrug, but, "Have a good one." she offers Sev as he makes his way doorward.

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