(2018-12-30) Dining with the Queen
Uma and Eve head out for dinner and find Faith

Sunday night and Uma is not in the mood to cook. And Eve, from experience, is probably not in the mood to eat her sister's cooking. So off to Maude's they have gone. it's cold but it has been a sunny day - as sunny as Colorado winters get. This doesn't stop Uma arriving in heavy coat, gloves, scarf, and beanie as if she is heading to the North Pole afterwards. She will open the door for Eve and slap her gloved hands together to get some life back into them. "Find us somewhere to sit, Eve? Somewhere warm? I need a trip to the little girl's room. Be right back."

Eve is also in coat, gloves, scarf and… thanks, no beanie. The difference is in the latter's case, all of it is far more colorful, a clash of pinks and purples and blacks, making for a more festive experience than the more practical Uma. Bobbing her head to Uma's 'request', Eve heads for one of the familiar booths while waving the older girl to go about her business. "You do that!" She calls to Uma, even as she takes a seat. "See if you can defrost the toilet seat while you're at it!" Humming to herself then, she plops down and slips on to the seat, and picks up the menu for a close study.

Faith ducks in, looking like she's been wrestled by a bear. Her coat is askew, her hat is falling off her head and she's blinking and looking quite puzzled. She pulls her hat off, shrugs out of her coat, and hangs the garment from a hook before she makes her way toward the counter. "This place is charming, the memorabilia is amazing. Uh." She puffs up her cheeks, blowing out a breath before she picks up a menu. "Can I have some chicken tenders and fries please? With a coke? Thanks."

Uma is not long gone and is quite happy to tell Eve about why she was so quick. "They don't have heaters in the bathroom" she whispers. "No, I wasn't going to defrost the seat. People will get piles. Now, what would you like to eat?" Settling onto a seat herself, she picks up the menu to scan. "Of course, I will be paying. You are royalty after all." A wink for her multi-colored hair sister before her doctor senses are alerted to the presence of the ragged looking Faith and having missed her ability to talk properly. "Does she look like she's been in an altercation?"

Eve looks up from the menu, maybe a bit surprised at how quickly Uma returns, but hey, that just means they get to order sooner. The comment about royalty gets a beaming grin from Eve, along with a dramatic gesture at the opposite seat. "You may be seated." She adopts a mediocre British accent for that announcement, but before her attention can be returned to the menu, it is pointed by Uma towards Faith. "Uh." Eve peers and considers the unknown woman for a moment. "I dunno. Like a boob job? Maybe. But man, look at how roughed up she is; remind me never to go to that clinic, wherever it is."

Whatever piles are, they sound awful. Faith listens shamelessly like a person might, it's late at night after all and nobody else is chatting. "I was just surprised by how cold it was outside." She offers, turning to grin at the pair. "I spent all day in a nice hot kitchen, and when I walked outside it seemed like a personal attack for a few seconds there. That's why I'm here. I usually eat at the Corner Cafe." She shifts her eyes from empty table to empty table before she clears her throat. "Uh, Faith. That's my name? It's my name." She sounds sure. "Are you really royalty?" She asks Eve.

"Thank you, your majesty" Uma smirks with a bow at being given permission to sit, after already having been seated. A confused shake of her head at her sister follows. "Boob job? Where did you get boob job out of that? Wait…you want a boob job now?" Uh-oh, Faith has been listening in. Uma removes her foot from her mouth long enough to smile at the stranger. "Yes, it is rather…brisk…out there. You're a chef? No pressure on the cooks here then. Would you like to sit with us? If her majesty deigns to allow it. I'm Doctor Uma Campbell, but Uma is fine."

Faith approaches the table, turning to make sure the waitress at the counter sees where the chicken should cluck to. She pulls out a chair and plops into it. "I'm not a chef, I'm a baker. If you've ever had cupcakes from Totally Baked, then you have tasted my wares." She blinks, scrambling back to her feet as she stares at Eve. "Uh, permission to approach, your majesty?" She nods to the table, just in case Eve didn't realize what she meant. While she's nodding, she also sneaks a look at her boobs. Yeah, in this sweater, those could look fake.

Eve exchanges a brief look with Uma, then glances back to Faith and beckons the woman with her menu. "I am totes royalty. Recently appointed as Queen of Snow by a panel of judges I don't really know and crowned and ordained by KCC1TV. Gawd, nobody watches TV in this town." The last bit is added in a mutter, but she is all smiles as she scoots over to make room for Faith. And while she waits, Eve turns back to Uma with a stare. "What? No! I don't want a…. oh. You said 'altercation'. I thought you meant 'alteration'. Y'know."

Uma just stares at Eve over the altercation misunderstanding. "Why would I talk about a complete stranger's boob jobs? Never mind, we can drop it." Less confusion and more smiling when she looks back to Faith. "That was royal permission to sit. You didn't see her Frozen skating routine? Well…have we got something special to show you." Proud big sister is pulling out her phone to find the video of Eve's award winning performance. "'Totally Baked' is actually a bakery? Oops…I thought it was one of those marijuana shops that are all over the place. I'll drop by next time. Who doesn't like cupcakes?" She finds the video on YouTube. "Some of those comments are a bit uncalled for. I especially don't like 'HotStuff63' saying where he would like to put the snowman's nose. I'll get the video from off the television station website. One moment."

"I mean if we want to talk about boobs…I am getting chicken tenders, breasts…whatever they're called." Faith takes a seat again, leaning back in her chair as she gets comfortable. "I was working that night, but I meant to catch the re run, but I never know when things are going to air on that silly channel, so I gave up." She stares at Uma, concedes the point and shrugs. "Nah, it's a cupcakery. I have a lot of different kinds." Her gaze flicks down to the comments for a moment before she waits to watch a video. She loves Frozen so this is going to be great.

There is a look of horror on Eve's face when Uma promises to dig up a video of her performance. "Uma! That's…. kinda embarrassing." She even tries to reach across the table to push Uma's phone away, while flashing an awkward grin at Faith. "So uh, hi, Faith. I'm Eve, who is definitely not a doctor like my sister here." A finger is pointed at Uma. "Sisters, y'know? We know all about embarrassing each other."

"It's not embarrassing" Uma protests as she pulls the phone out of reach. "You should be proud. It made you a Queen…for a couple of months. Mom and Dad love it." Finding a copy without rude comments, she shows it off to Faith. "Just go to the channel website, there's a TV guide on there or you can just stream it. Look…isn't she awesome." Eve's routine involves roller skating while dressed as a princess from Frozen; someone is dressed as Olaf too. There are numerous skating tricks and moves, fireworks, explosions, something for everyone. "Maybe you could do a Frozen cupcake and Calaveras' very own Queen of the Snow can promote it? Or would Disney crucify you? They're pretty litigious. Don't worry, we don't want to talk about boobs. Though chicken tenders sounds good. Oh…this bit is where she does a little spinning leap. How cool is that!"

Faith leans in, watching the routine with wide eyes. "Ooooh." She sounds like a spooky ghost for just a second or two, but then there are fireworks and explosions, so of course, "Ahhhh." She glances up at Uma when she suggests Frozen cupcakes and she winces. "Disney would probably crucify me, and I'm going to be honest? I don't want that? I don't. Sounds bad." She holds up a finger before she adds. "I do have snowflake cupcakes though, and you can have a free one, since you're a Queen. I mean, it should have benefits, right?"

Despite Uma's insistence that it's not embarrassing, Eve does a facepalm as the older Campbell girl goes right ahead and shows off the video. Well, at least Faith seems appreciative of the show. "Yeah, speaking of food… can we please order something? I'm like starving here." She picks up the menu again, clearly wanting to shift the focus to anything but the video. To sweeten the proverbial pot, she starts flipping the pages. "Lessee here… how about a nice greasy burger, fit for royalty? And a strawberry milkshake to fend off the cold? What about you two?"

"Queen Eve got to turn on the town Christmas lights" Uma beams proudly. "The ones in the main square. And she'll probably be setting off the NYE fireworks." Once the video is done, Uma leans back out of Faith's space, putting her phone back on silent - a doctor can never turn it off. "Faith ordered the chicken tenders and I'll probably have the same. Oh, and a caramel /thick/ shake. Thicker the better" she explains to Eve. A pause before she stands. "I'll just go and order them, your majesty. You own the bakery, Faith. Nice. I doubt any of the product would get to the shelves if I worked there." And then she is off to order.

"If I want to make any money it has to make it to the shelves. Plus, I make a lot so, I don't want to be wider than I am tall." Faith watches Uma go to order before she turns to smile at Eve. "She's pretty proud of you, but at the same time, I am so glad that I am an only child." Since she ordered a few minutes ago, her food arrives, and she shoves the chicken tenders to the middle of the table. "Feel free to have one while you wait for your food, it wouldn't be good if you starved to death." She picks up a French fry and bites into it. "My god, I can taste the grease."

Just as Uma gets up, Eve's phone starts buzzing. Yes, the pink iPhone. Which is promptly lifted to her ear. "Heyyyy, senor Rodriguez. Como estas, muchacho? Uh, hold on one sec." She puts the phone call on hold and turns her attention to Faith. "Oh but you don't know what you're missing! The competition. The survival of the fittest." Eve flashes a quick grin. "Mind if I take this call outside? I don't want you guys overhearing my shady deals." There's another grin, even as the pink-blonde climbs up to the seats, and tries to step out over Faith's back to head for the door…

Uma returns to find her sister heading for the door. "Wow, she really is embarrassed" she frowns before settling down back in her seat again. "Are you a native, Faith? Been running the bakery long?" A nod of her head towards the door of the cafe. "We're only new. Came down from Denver. I needed some peace and quiet. And…I really should stop giving my life story to everyone I meet." She finally pulls off her beanie and tries, badly, to fix up the mess that is her hair. After a few moments she gives up and puts the beanie back on. "What's your tastiest cupcake?"

“Native yes. Bakery…about a year?" Faith rests her arm across the back of her chair, a slight smirk tilting her lips. "It's okay, helps you to know people better. Denver huh? Denver is a nice place, I've been up there a few times, went to a trade show recently." She frowns, lost in thought for far longer than it should take to name a favorite cupcake. "Probably the almond joy cupcakes, but I'm a sucker for anything that tastes like my favorite chocolate treat. She picks up one of the tenders, tearing into it with her teeth. "I try to come up with a new flavor every month, it's the fun part of the job."

"A new flavor every month? Wow. Do you get rid of one and replace it, or is it an ever-expanding menu? In my line of work, I do my best NOT to come up with a new disease every month" Uma teases before remembering something. "Oh, I don't know if you have a doctor already…" She rummages around in her coat pockets. "But if you don't, and Cedar Pines is close to you. Ah, here we are." Uma hands over her business card. "Keep me in mind. Don't get me wrong, I hope you never have to use me, but if you ever feel ill, give me a call." A pause. "Can you see why I never get dates? Denver is a lovely little town. I grew up there and then spent a few years in the medical corps. As you do. If you didn't have to run your own business, I might even ask you to be our guide around town someday."

Alas, Faith has to dash off and Uma is left all alone as food is delivered. "It's not all for me" she smiles up at the waitress, "My sister will be back soon. Any second now." Fingernails tap on the table as she starts on her shake. Then the phone is out again to rewatch Eve's winning performance.

Eve returns shortly, passing by Faith as the woman dashes out. Yup, the phone call is done, and the phone is dropped on the table as Eve rejoins Uma at the table. "Did you find out what happened to that woman? Like, bear attack or terrorists or rapists?" She plops down and folds her arms on the table top."

"I think it was just the shock of the cold" Uma shrugs. "Understandable. She seems nice…and I think her boobs are natural. Oh…we have a new neighbor. Cash. Though I knew him as Captain Montgomery-Reagan back in Iraq. He was a pilot who got shot down and ended up in my hospital. Small world. Any plans for New Year?"

Eve shakes her head. "Like you said, I think I'm supposed to be lighting some more lights for New Year. I'm actually pretty happy they haven't tried to put me in some bikini yet." She shrugs both shoulders at that thought, but then tilts her head at Uma's revelation of their new neighbor. "Really? He got shot down and landed in your hospital? That's convenient. Listen, I have an idea…"

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