(2018-12-28) Work Worries
Sully and Olivia discuss various work issues while beating each other up.

In from the main area wanders Sullivan Tremble, suited up in leggings and a fitted tank top. The back of her left arm and shoulder is still fun colors, and no doubt her back, too. That's covered by the clothing she wears. However, nine days on, the deep tissue bruising is still working its way out of her body and looking mighty nice. She carries a water bottle (aluminum), a small towel (white), and is just dropping a small bag on the floor to drop into a crouch and begin to use a black wrap to tape her hands. She weaves it in and out between her fingers, with a little extra at her wrist and over her knuckles, moves succinct and easy.

Sully's arrival will be greeted with the thump-thump of gloved hand slamming into punching bag. Hard. Olivia bounces on her feet as she jabs and uppercuts into the defenseless object. She too is dressed in gym top and leggings. Her long hair tied in a ponytail. Her olive hued skin already glistening with perspiration; she may have been at this a while. One last haymaker, complete with angry yell, before she looks back to notice the new arrival. "Doc" she greets with a respectful nod. "Feeling better?"

And up comes Sullivan's head, just as she finished taping one hand, then swaps to the other. Her left hand goes a bit faster. Since they're in civvies, she replies, "Lopez." There's a bit of a grin there, and the brunette rises to finish taping while she talks. "I'd like to find out. I took it easy on upper body workouts for a bit, but I was going to go out into the gym and solicit a partner. You're here, and you look warmed up." She nods to the mats. "Any interest?" Asks the 5'4" doctor of the 5'7" special agent.

Olivia glances at the mat and a wry smile forms. "You sure about this? I've got a lot of frustration to work out." It is a teasing warning. She picks up a bottle of water from the floor with a gloved hand, downing a couple of mouthfuls before nodding. "I could do with a spar. Boxing? Wrestling? Martial arts?" Her work gear is nearby rather than in the locker room. Her pistol not hard to get at - it's a work requirement lately.

"If you hurt me," Sully laughs, "I'll cry uncle." The shorter woman seems pretty comfortable with the idea of a little sparring. She smiles. "Martial arts or boxing. Your choice. I haven't practiced my ground work in a while." Also the healing contusion on her back might make that a faster-losing proposition, but she doesn't say that, of course, and the bruise is largely covered. "Go for a five minute and see where we stand after?" She holds up her taped hands. "Light contact. Gloves or no gloves?" Her knuckles are wrapped so there shouldn't be any major accidents even in the case of a little slip. Probably.

"Is your uncle around to help you out?" Olivia smirks before nodding over to the punching bag. "I've just boxed for a while so how about some light contact martial arts? I know you got thrown out of an ambulance, Doc, you're probably not a hundred percent so I'll take it easy." She will try at least. Olivia makes her way to the mats, still bouncing on her feet and obviously eager. "How did you go with that body from the cave? Unless you want to talk work later?"

That prompts another laugh from the ME. "Oh, I see. It's like that is it?" She nods and kicks off her shoes. "Light contact sounds good to me. I would appreciate you pull any kicks to my left side." Fine, stating a small weakness there, should help them overcome any lasting injury, no? The brunette heads for the mats too. "We can talk and work. I pulled what I could, sent out my samples. Still waiting on most of them, but she didn't appear to have any internals missing. Most everything else was fairly standard." She rolls her shoulders, then brings her hands up, falling into a loose stance. "You get anything of the MO?"

Of course Olivia will take it easy. Sully is an M.E. She won't know how to fight as well as a Federal agent. "I think we live in a pretty bad world when a murder autopsy involves the words 'fairly standard'" she smirks before a lazy punch at Sully is greeted with a surprisingly hard and expert blow in return. Olivia winces at the 'light' contact before a look of surprised acknowledgement towards Sully. "Okay. This is going to be more fun than I thought" she smiles. taking things more seriously now. "Nothing that matches exactly. And if we don't come across another body soon, we might not have much more to go on. The killer was going for a Christmas motif. And that's past. Oh…Merry Christmas by the way."

"Oh. Shit, sorry." Sullivan grins, sorry, not sorry, pulling her hand back with a grunt. She bounces a bit to the left, feet light on the mat. "You're right, we do. And… to all appearances, she didn't die from the evisceration. Waiting on the tox, which should be in my box soon, I hope, though there's a backlog at the lab, as usual, and someone in routing keeps misplacing my paperwork." She's a little annoyed, right now, and trying to adjust from Manhattan to Calaveras style medical examining. "Hey, thanks, Merry—" Sully almost walks into a knee but drops to take the brunt with her uninjured shoulder, contact solid enough to thump, but nothing that'll leave any lasting bruises. "Christmas!" A few more quick moves are traded, then one solid elbow strike, this a little something from the Muay Thai school of contact.

"Is the lab closed with the government shutdown" Olivia casually asks as she blocks the elbow with her own - a loud crack of bone on bone echoing around the gym. "You know some moves, Doc" she states, obviously impressed. "Let me know what you find out from the tox. I'm thinking it might have even been the tattoo ink that killed her. If so, then it's definitely a tattooist we're looking for. Street rather than a shop." Olivia is panting heavily as they spar, so the words come out in bursts. Like her punches and kicks that can't break through Sully's guard. "You keep fighting this well and I might ask to have you in the cult raid team."

"The ink is the only other open wound on the body, and I took some flesh to process it. If the lab doesn't move its ass, I'll start requisitioning equipment. We send a lot of things away. Calaveras isn't Manhattan." Finally, she just says it. It's frustrating. She gives her arm a shake but keeps it up. Olivia is strong enough to show her a few things. "I spend most of my free time in the gym" She flashes Olivia a grin, "Or running." Her words are also punctuated by effort, her hazel eyes watchful, balance on the balls of her feet. "New York winters," She feigns an elbow and throws a knee, "Are long and boring." One, two, three rapid moves, all of which Olivia meets in kind. "You should see me with a knife." She smirks a bit, "But my firearms training," Jab! "Could use a boost."

"Frustration is something we all have to get used to in this line of work. I can't believe everything was perfect in Manhattan either" Olivia counters, while countering the flurry of blows coming at her. "Most of your time in the gym? You need a boyfriend for the winters" she smirks. "I don't think I can show you much about boxing or knifework…is that a benefit of cutting people up all day? But if you want to come down to the range, I'll see what I teach you. Give me a chance to get some self-esteem back." She takes a step back to recover her breath. "This place even have equipment to requisition? You should have seen the trouble I had getting an erasable whiteboard."

"No, it certainly wasn't," Sully bites out. Her words punctuated by a harsh intake of breath. Hard block. Good times. "My boyfriend was my ex-husband." Her eyebrows twitch. "Most of the time." She steps back too, as Olivia's stance changes, and drops her shoulders, giving both arms a hearty shake out. Her left arm is sore, sure, but it's not as bad as she thought it would be, by her expression. "I would really love some pointers. It came to my attention at the Food4Less, that I might really ought to have a gun. I wouldn't feel right about it until my handling improves." She shakes her head, hopping off the mat to grab her water bottle. "I don't think there's a budget, but my tight ass boss will at least have to say no if I fill out the paperwork, instead of looking at me like it's my fault the lab's overwhelmed. Some asshole stole my whiteboard's markers." She looks pointedly at Olivia.

"You were married? My condolences" Olivia deadpans as she takes the opportunity to grab some water herself. And there will be some stretching too. Sully fought back a lot harder than that punching bag. "It would be nice if no one needed to carry a gun around but, in this town, at the moment, it might be a smart move. I can help you get officially certified if you'd like." A shake of her head. "I can't believe they took Liz. And we're still fucking sitting around instead of going up there and getting her back." There is much anger that she is doing her best to hide. "This has dragged on too long" she adds before putting up her hands in mock surrender. "Don't look at me. I didn't steal your markers. And seeing how you fight, I promise never to in the future. Bloody things I used were permanent anyway. So much for the erasable whiteboard functionality."

Sully smirks. "Thanks, Lopez. I appreciate it." The condolences, that is. She, too, takes a moment to stretch, as her warm-up was mainly a run and some light bodywork earlier. That brief but thorough spar puts her in need of a little upper body stretching. "I think it'd be a good idea too. I will take you up on that."

And then Liz. "Yeah. She… she was bleeding pretty good. I had my hands on her when I realized what was happening. Fairly sure I broke at least a nose, but I got bodied right out of the ambulance. That was …" It was awful, and she's still pissed she didn't have a gun to make her point more permanently. Of course, she was somewhat disoriented by a grenade earlier in the encounter. "I'll go, if I can, as medical backup. When it happens. She might need a surgeon at this point." The set of her jaw suggests she didn't get a good enough look at the wound before the rest went down. "… Alcohol should take off the permanent ones." She mms. "Maybe it was a Marshal." Those guys do whatever cowboy thing pops into their head. Marker larceny included.

That Liz was also injured, bad enough that an ambulance was though necessary, only makes Olivia stew in anger even more. "She had better be still alive" she whispers coldly. "I fucked up there. It should never have gotten this far. That damn Omri and his reluctance to talk." A sigh and a shake of her head. "Blame game doesn't get us anywhere…even with markers." An attempt to smile follows before she raises her arms towards Sully. "Help me get these gloves off?" They are full on boxing gloves. "If I have alcohol with me, it's for drinking, not wiping whiteboards."

"She has a chance, if they treat her. If they medicate her." Sully murmurs, though she doesn't sound like she has an abundance of hope. "Are most of them teens? Surely there's someone running this fiasco with more sense. Someone to direct them and make decisions." Someone who knows how to find malleable, medically trained crazies to see to an injured hostage. Or whatever Elizabeth is to them. "You're right." Sully reaches up to take hold of the left glove, loosening the fastener with a couple jerks of her fingers, and pulling it off. She follows with the other, making short work of them. She's done that before, too, then. "I'm sure I have some extra isopropyl in my office. I'll bring you some next time I visit. I'm sure security'll find it amusing."

"The guy in charge is no teenager" Olivia confirms. "The woman proclaiming to be his mother is no teenager either. I suspect a lot of the people there aren't. But what teenagers, and children, give you, is someone malleable. Someone you can brainwash into shootouts with the police. I mean, who wants to kill a child, right?" A nod of thanks at the removal of her gloves before she flexes her fingers. "Liz is a hostage I suspect. Though, to be honest, she may even just be there to be tortured to death. To show the cult what happens to people who betray them. Omri will be next."

"Yeah, it did take a few moments for the fighting to get started at the market." Sully shakes her head, eyes going a bit far away from a moment. "… Torture's good. Torture means she might still be alive. Especially if they tried doctoring her up a bit before getting started." Funny perspective to have, but Sullivan does spend her day elbow deep in corpses. "I hope she's strong-willed." She means Elizabeth, of course. "She'll need it. I hope it's hostage." Or torture. Both have their risks, but those options above the other mean she won't have to see a LEO on her table, won't have to give a press conference, won't have to attend another funeral of cop. "I take it he turned? And they're taking that personal."

Sully does have a point about the torture keeping Liz alive and Olivia has to nod at that. "Good point. From what I know of her, strong-willed is an understatement. And if not that, then she is angry at everything. And that will keep her alive too. Still, being constantly angry is not the best for a cop to be afterwards." Another mouthful of water. "Omri fled after the attempted hospital bombing. Yes, he betrayed them. Told us where the camp was…and I'm still trying to get a judge to agree to the raid. Abducting Liz is a help there too. Omri was staying with her but I haven't seen him since the kidnapping. He is in danger and doesn't seem to want to do much about it."

"Iron will is good too. If she can get through this. Just live long enough to find the other side," Sully swallows briefly, then tips her head back to take a swig of water. "She has a shot at recovery." Physically and mentally, of course. Sully doesn't say a good shot. She wouldn't. She's too pragmatic for that. But there's some glimmer of hope that perhaps Elizabeth yet lives. "Shit." She considers all that Olivia just said. "What an epic fucking mess." The woman tosses the gloves toward Olivia's bag, and they land close, one only rolling a few inches away. Pretty good aim for a science nerd. "I hope you find him before they do." She glances over at Olivia then. "Anything I can do. You let me know?"

"Keep your eyes peeled and keep safe" Olivia replies to Sully's request. "Hanging around with me isn't a great way to extend your life at the moment. They're coming after anyone that supports the current dominant paradigm. And that means you. Though I think you can look after yourself…with sufficient warning." A smile at the glove toss. "And let me know when you want to go down the range. I'm going to need to get some practice in. And let me know what goes on with that tox test." She moves over to her bag to pack it up properly, pistol placed carefully on the floor next to her. "And if you ever want to grab a drink, let me know."

"I've never been good at keeping to the sidelines, Lopez." Sully seems genuine in that, and there's clearly a story, or series of stories behind the statement. "Head on a swivel, always." She glances around, reaching up to peel the reusable tape from her left hand first. She rolls it around her opposite hand as it unwinds. "I spend a lot of time on my feet, so I'll vary my runs just in case any of them are smart enough to look at the city website and find a photo." She doesn't really expect it to become an issue, but one never knows. "My direct line goes to a message service after hours, but my service will forward on anything you drop in the personal box. Drinks, shooting. I'm down for either, and my schedule should be open nights next week. I'm on thirds this week cleaning up a back log left by my predecessor." Who clearly made a mess of things, by her tone. "I'll CC you on the tox as soon as pings."

"Yeah, I've never been much of a watcher either. That's what the sidelines are for" Olivia nods, getting out a coat for the conditions outside and tucking her pistol into the back of her leggings for now. The bag swung over one shoulder as she stands. "Avoid patters" she nods. "Where do you live? Apartment block or house? Keep in mind that if they do find you, they don't mind starting something in public. One of the reasons I have a shack in the middle of nowhere. Which was shot up the other week." Her brow furrows. "You have a service?" Olivia shrugs before adding. "I gave you my card in the cave? You've got my direct number?"

"You did." Sully replies re: card in the cave. "And I do. I'll use it, leave you mine, and we can cut out the answering service." There are some law enforcement officials she'd never consider giving her personal number to, but Olivia is definitely not one of that ilk. "I'm actually staying at the Stone Bed & Breakfast at the moment. Kate Stone feeds me all of my meals, and does some of my laundry, too. It's like all the good parts of a husband without all the husband." She smacks the top of her water bottle to secure it again. "I've been looking for a place of my own." She thinks for a moment, then murmurs, "If I notice any unusual activity, I won't take it back to the B&B." God, that would be a horror show. "I pay for a very expensive messaging service to sort out the calls I want from the ones I do not." She rubs her thumb briefly across her ring finger of her left hand, though the move is brief and may go unnoticed. She finishes removing the rest of the tape then, and tosses that to her bag.

Olivia would be a terrible agent if she didn't notice that absent rubbing of the ring finger. A frown on the Latina's face at what must have been a hard time in Sully's life, but she isn't sure what to say about it. It's not as if she has gone through the same thing. "A B&B? I guess it is a tourist town. If you do find your own place, don't choose a shack in wild. The bulletholes let in all the cold air. Oh, and if you ever do come to visit me where I'm living, make sure you tell me first. There is…security…I've set up since the incident and I would hate to have you fall prey to it. Though, it sounds like I should be envious of the service you're getting there. You think you could slip my laundry in with yours?"

Sully tunes back in when Olivia comments on the B&B. "Yeah, it's a great little place. Open to everyone. She serves dinner to the guests and community. I literally walked in off the street to ask for a three-week booking, and before I could do so, she handed me a bowl of stew. Homemade stew. And coffee. From a pot that's been descaled sometime in the last month." Or decade, as seems to be the case with the ones down at the PD. And the ME's office. "Maybe you should rethink the whole… ventilated shack option." Sully's brows rise a bit. "I will certainly inform you before I attempt an ingress to your fortress of solitude and bullet holes." She laughs then. "I send half of mine out. But if you have regular wash you want done, I could slip it in the basket. Add an extra weekly tip to the kitty. Katherine does seem to enjoy the domestic side of things. I rarely see her sit still." She smiles. "I can give you the number to my service if you have dry cleaning. If you just put yours in under my name, they'll charge you half as much. Kate's doing as well."

"Hey, don't mock the Fortress of Solitude and Bulletholes" Olivia mock-pouts. "There's a little stream that runs past. Have you ever tried doing laundry in a stream in a Colorado winter? I don't recommend it, but I'm concerned about heading into the coin-op in town while people are trying to kill me. Descaled? Seriously? Damn, this Kate must /love/ domestic life." A quick look around to make sure she has everything. "Guess I should get going before it gets too dark to drive home. Surprisingly few streetlights in the middle of nowhere" she winks. "Great to see you again, Doc. Thanks for beating me up a little."

"The stream sounds really lovely." Sullivan agrees with that, for certain. "But it's really the impromptu ventilation and lack of immediate medical aid that I take issue with." She opens her mouth to comment on the laundry in a Colorado winter and then thinks better of it. "I think you should talk to your agency about a higher per diem." That's said a bit, what, well… dryly. Sully nods. "Be safe out there, Lopez. And do try to find a little more civilization now and then?"

"When things are safer, come on down to the shack and we'll have a picnic next to the stream" Olivia suggests before adding, "When it's warmer too. Hey, the government is shut down, remember? Now is not the time to ask for more money." She walks over to Sully, tapping her lightly on the shoulder in a friendly fashion. "If there was any civilization to be found, I would. Good night, Doc." Then she is off.

"When it's warmer," Sully echoes, smiling. Definitely when it's warmer. Definitely when it's ceased to snow, as it seems do have done for several days now. "I know. God. I know. No more paperclips for us. No more pencils." She shakes her head sadly, and then laughs, touching Olivia's elbow as the other woman takes off. "Goodnight, Lopez!" She busies herself gathering up all her gear, then gives the pool a thought. Hm. Nah. Not today. She turns instead to the locker room to take a nice long shower. Then: dinner at the B&B and some death reports late into the night.

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