(2018-12-28) Taxi Driver
Felix is looking suspicious around the resort so Jemma investigates.

The resort is a busy place this time of year. With tourists and locals alike coming up. While a lot of people come the traffic isn't too bad and inside the lobby itself you can find a mix of people from around the country. Busy with people running back and forth. Someone that is here, but not necessarily doing anything, is Felix. Having driven people here and now just deciding to relax a bit before perhaps going back to get food at home. A bit of a yawn as he sits on a chair at the lobby.

Jemma is seeing to the guests as best she can…which is very well. All smiles, grace, and class. Dressed in a body-hugging black dress with her long blonde hair perfectly layered, she looks just like the kind of thing you would expect here. Felix, however, doesn't. A smile on her face, Jemma sashays over to the young man and studies him for a moment. "Anything I can help you with?"

Felix is a bit bored. Thus, he finds himself studying someone and taking in a lot of info on them. That is until said person is moving towards him, still studying Jemma before offering a smile. "Hi. Sorry, just taking a breather. I'm not disturbing, am I?" He asks, taking another moment to study her behavior. Which hand she uses and such. "Also, do you serve food to those not staying here?" A grin at that.

"Disturbing? Depends if you're going to stare at everyone in a creepy way" Jemma replies with a smirk. "You're not a guest?" she confirms…needlessly…before gesturing the restaurant. "The restaurant is open to the public. There is also a cafe at the base of the slopes if you would prefer something lighter. Welcome to the Antler Pass Resort, Mister…?"

Felix does blush a little at her words, "Apologies. I did not realize that I was." He admits. "I am not. I drove some guests here." He explains. Looking towards the restaurant. "Ah, nice." Pondering it perhaps. "I might go check the cafe later." He decides before looking back to Jemma. "Logan. Felix Logan. But Felix is fine." Looking to see if Jemma has a nametag or similar. "It's nice meeting you." He offers as he rises to his feet, offering a hand.

"Jemma Stone" the blonde introduces in return, taking the offered hand to give it a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Logan…Felix. So, you're a cab driver? How…delightful." She stays professional rather than calling security. You never know who people know. "You wish to partake of some food?"

Felix ahs, "A pleasure, miss Stone. Any relation with Katherine Stone?" He asks, just in case. Nodding at her words and letting his hand fall back at his side. "Among other things, yes." If she actually saw his car, perhaps it looks less like a rundown cab though. "I was thinking about it yes. Is the cafe far from the lobby?" He asks, studying her for a moment. "I recently drove a family here from town." He explains before shrugging.

"The cafe you can access via the slope exit" Jemma gestures to the hall that leads out to the snow. "You would prefer something light? Please, walk this way." She leads him down the hall, walking slowly, a swing in her hips, glancing over every now and then. "Is this your first time at the resort?"

Felix nods, "I figured that I could use something light before getting out of your hair." He offers in a light manner. Watching her as they walk. "Indeed. Came to town only a few weeks ago." He explains. Noting the lack of response on the other Stone, but not pushing it. "Have you been around long?" Offering some small talk.

"I've only been here a few weeks myself. My father is Victor Stone, the owner, and 'no', not related to Katherine Stone" Jemma replies. "I should check this woman out. Everyone seems to ask that. She must be very popular. And you're not in my hair, Felix. I exist to greet" she smirks before holding open a door for him. "Through here. What brought you to Calaveras?"

Felix grins and nods. "Well, you can never be too certain." He offers and smiles. "Yeah, she did help out with the Christmas thing in town a few days ago." A bit amused as he looks to her. "Perfect. I feel greeted." He offers before walking through the door. Thanking her with a bow of his head. "Looking for family. A bit into Genealogy. Found out that my family came through Calaveras." He explains. Shrugging though.

Jemma follows him inside and closes the door behind them before gesturing for him to walk with her once more - it's a big resort. "No offence, Felix, but people who look like you are rather rare around this town. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find relatives. How has the search been going? Are you a genealogist by trade? No…you're a taxi driver."

Felix shrugs, "Not sure if they are similar though. Since I believe it's settlers from a bit back, rather than Hawaiian." He says and shrugs. A raised brow at her words. "Not by trade, and yes. Taxi. As well as stuntman." He explains. Studying Jemma a bit. "And no worries. How have you been finding town?"

"A stuntman? Hmm…not sure if Calaveras has much of a movie industry. Oh, you know where you could try? Cooperstown. They put on Old West shows. They could be looking for someone to gall of a horse" Jemma suggests before a final door leads into the cafe proper. The windows looking out over the snowfields to watch skiers descending. "I haven't seen much of the town to be honest. Anything worth visiting?"

Felix nods a bit to her words, "They usually call me. I used to live in LA." He explains, shrugging a bit. Nodding about Cooperstown though. "Thanks for the suggestion." Stepping into the cafe. "Not sure yet. I haven't actually gone in to many places. Only a few." He explains and shrugs. "I feel kind of special getting you to escort me though." He half jests. Looking out the window for a moment before he will try and find a sandwich and seat. "You are free to join me, unless you have the need to run off."

"I'm sure I can spare the time for a salad" Jemma smiles sweetly, ordering one before sitting herself at the table with Felix. It is a cafe, but a high class one. Everything in the resort is high class. "Would I have seen you in any movies? Pretending to be someone else of course. I suppose that CGI has replaced much of what you do. Though you can always tell it is fake."

Felix nods a bit. "You might. I have helped some with fight choreography, but not enough to actually be the lead." He says and shrugs. Mentioning some movies that he has been part of, in smaller or larger roles. Sitting down and relaxing a bit. "How has it been working at the resort? Or I mean, I assume that you work here." He says and grins.

"It's the family business so I'm not sure it is 'working'" Jemma smiles. "I spend the year roaming around the various resorts we own." Her salad arrives, and she picks at it as they talk. "I don't see a lot of movies, sorry. None of those titles seemed familiar. "So you know how to fight? You could work in security."

Felix ahs and nods, "Well then." Bowing his head. "Now I feel very honored, getting to sit with the owners." He offers and smiles. Waving a dismissive hand at her reply. "That's okay." He assures her. "I know a bit. Looking for someone to do security?" He asks, since she suggested it.

"With the way this town is at the moment, more security could never be a bad thing" Jemma laughs. "If you want to put in a resume, I can have the head of security look it over. Do you have any security experience or is it just through fight choreography?"

Felix nods and ponders. "I can check it. And no real security. But I do have cameras set up in my current room and used to have some around my house. And also know a bit about tracking people down." He explains. "Or I should start a security firm out of my car. Could need someone that install alarms though." He suggests and grins. Taking a bite of the sandwich. "Mm. Nice."

Jemma laughs a little at Felix's words. "I meant more along the lines of standing next to a door or doing bodyguard work. Have you experience in that? Though, if you're technically inclined, that could be a help to. It sounds like you could be a private detective. But I am sure that your other careers keep you busy."

Felix shakes his head. "Nope. No bouncer stuff or anything." He admits. "Only in surveillance and such." He explains. Nodding a bit. "I might look into it." A workaholic, perhaps.

"Well, I am sure we could always have someone watching the monitors here. If you're good enough, of course. We don't let any riff-raff work here" Jemma replies before adding, "Only elite riff-raff." Only half her salad is finished when she decides she is done - she has a figure to maintain. "Are you driving that family back tonight?"

Felix smirks, "So either way, I'm riff-raff?" He asks, a bit of amusement. Shaking his head. "Think they were going to spend the night here. I was to pick them up tomorrow or the day after. Depending on what they decide on." Studying Jemma a bit more. Noting how she eats, and the fact that half remain.

"So you were sitting around in the lobby on the hope that someone else would know you were a driver and needed a ride?" Jemma asks with a smile. "You really need to work on your advertising. Enjoyed the food? Do you ski at all?"

Felix shrugs, "Had been driving for a while, so needed the rest before looking for people to drive back." He explains. Nodding about the food as he finishes the sandwich. "Yeah, tasty. And only for a scene. Not for my own fun. But I might give it a go." He says and smiles. "So, what else can you tell me. Miss Stone?" Not sure if she is okay with him calling her Jemma.

"Please, call me Jemma" she replies before settling back in her chair. "I shouldn't keep you from your job then. What else can I tell you about what?" she asks lightly. "You don't ski? The horror. Horse ride? As a stuntman you must be able to do that."

Felix smiles and nods, "Jemma." He echoes. "Oh, no worries. And just about the resort, and about yourself." He says and smiles. "Oh, I will go skiing. Just haven't done it off the clock, yet. And a bit of riding. Not great at it. Been more cars and leaping buildings, fighting, gun fights." He explains.

"And what kind of car do you drive? I have a Ferrari myself. I think it is my third or fourth" Jemma sighs, as if it is a chore to be filthy rich. "Daddy will keep giving me fancy cars. The resort is the best in Colorado. The finest in luxury and service, yet still happy to accept those who only want to dip their toes in something they may never know otherwise. As for me? I am a traveler. Just got back from Russia. Been there?"

"Dodge Charger." Felix explains. Nodding about her car. "I wanted to get a mustang as well, but not as good for work." He offers and grins. "I see. Daddy's girl?" He teases, more playfully than anything. Shaking his head, "No work out of the country, other than London. But there is talk about some places I might be heading to. Is Russia nice?"

"/One/ of Daddy's girls" Jemma points out. "The best one, obviously, but not the only one. A Dodge? How…quaint. Maybe you should get a bus? Just a suggestion. Russia is nice if you move in the right circles. The rich men are quite the gentlemen and know how to treat a lady. The poor men drink vodka and beat each other up." A pause before she shrugs. "Which can be fun to watch I suppose. London, England? That is quite the trip."

Felix chuckles. "I see, and yes. Not smart to race around in a Hennesey, Venom. Though I'd want to." He says and grins. Shrugging about a bus. "Seems quite black and white. He suggests. Nodding about London. "Indeed. Quite fun. A lot of people though, at all times." He admits and chuckles.

"Have you been searching the rest of the country for your relatives? I'm intrigued. How do they react to your visit? Do they want to know you, or do they think you're a psycho stalker?" Jemma smiles slyly. "You do all that staring at people after all. Does your girlfriend, or boyfriend, enjoy being dragged around like that?"

Felix shrugs, "Going from west to east, so only been around at a few places. Was up in Washington and been in Texas." He explains. "Some don't care, but most have responded with amusement and some interest. I have them in my contacts and on social media." He goes on, shrugging once more. "It makes you able to do the whole, see where you come from, and what your ancestors did, and get to know new people. Some might even have worked with me without me realizing from start." He says and chuckles. Shaking his head. "No girlfriend currently." He offers, grinning a bit at her words and the sly smile. "Might been one that thought I was a psycho stalker. But we managed to solve it in the end. Without a restraining order."

"Quite the networking project. Maybe you should work in promotions?" Jemma suggests before smirking at his smile. "Glad to hear that you didn't end up in prison over it. Family is important, I suppose, but I think we should always be looking forward." A shrug. "Just my opinion. There's been no harm in your looking back…yet. And I'm sure you'll get a girlfriend one day."

Felix grins and nods. "Perhaps. I'm not sure how good I am at that though." Bowing his head. "Glad to hear that you care about me not being in jail." He jokes. Nodding about family and the past. "I think yeah. And I am sure that I will. How about you, Jemma? Anyone able to convince you to stay with them?"

"Oh, please, I'm much too young and pretty for a steady boyfriend" Jemma laughs. "Unless they're filthy rich of course. I can get filthy for the filthy rich" she winks. "I travel too much at the moment. I go where the winds take me…or the resort management and promotions do. One of the two. I would need a lot of convincing."

Felix chuckles and shrugs. "Hey, he might have something else to offer." He teases and shrugs. "Though filthy rich is nice I suppose." Nodding as he listens to her as well. Raising a brow. "Anyone tried?" He asks, leaning back in his seat some.

"Oh, a couple of oligarchs" Jemma shrugs. "One of them even got me a very lovely, and very expensive, diamond necklace. Almost sealed the deal…but he was already married, and his wife murdered him. Still have the necklace though." She muses on the question a little more. "I guess there was a guy in college but, hey, we're all stupid at that age."

Felix ahs and nods, listening curiously. "Well then." He says and shakes his head. "And well, seem not all are rich then?" He teases. Tilting his head though. "How come you wanted to know about girlfriend? Thought I'd be a loner due to hobby and occupation?" He asks with a small grin. "Or did you have another reason?"

"I was just curious about this nomadic life you seem to have chosen" Jemma replies before a little giggle. "Do you think, if I wanted to sleep with you, I would care if you had a girlfriend or not? That's not my life, Felix. I just fuck whoever I want. They can deal with any consequences."

Felix smirks, "Funny." He seems to mean it though, even though he isn't laughing per say. "True, and before you do ponder that thought anyhow, probably not." Denying her, for now. A wink though, so perhaps more just playful. Or he is just amused by her casual ways.

"Don't worry, I wasn't offering" Jemma winks in return. "Yet." She notices the time and stands. "I should get back to work. Is there anything more I can do to welcome you, Mr. Logan?"

Felix grins and rolls his eyes. "Saying you can or cannot resist my charm?" He jokes. Though he rises as well. "Nothing more. I should also get going. Or well. Call me Felix." He says and grins. A last wink. "It was nice meeting you. Take care."

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