(2018-12-27) Urban Cowpeople
No mechanical bulls were harmed during the making of this log.

The Alibi Bar and Grill

A mix of neon beer signs and wood paneling, the Last Call Bar & Grill caters to its rural clientele. Or at least those with a rural nature in mind. The music is typically sourced from the old juke in the corner, a mix of old classic rock, country and a little modern R&B for fun. There's something for anyone and everyone really.

Slipping past the bouncer one is greeted by a long bar tucked to the far left. Stools line the bar which, like the building itself, as seen many years of abuse and use, but a recent sand and polish has given it a new life, as have the shelves which now line the back of the bar, keeping everything from the cheapest to the most expensive on display for the house.

Opposite of the bar are a handful of tables, while leather, upholstered booths line the opposing, windowless wall. There's plenty of room for everyone, so long as everyone doesn't mind being close and personal, thanks to the bulk of the room to the back being taken up by the bars most prominent features. The dance floor, which stretches in a sheet of scuffed and scarred hardwood, and the mechanical bull, perfectly positioned to allow patrons to sit back, have a drink and watch their friends land on their face in the foam pit.

"Can always be worse." She chuckled. Her eyes today also are a candy apple red. "Its going. Im not limping like an invalid anymore so ya know. That's nice." She mused and smiled to Kate again. "Lemme help ya out hun." Katya busied herself making up a drink for Kate. They are all up at the bar, Katya working behind it.

Ryder nods to Katherine and says, "At the inn. Lucky was doing his class there," acknowledging where they'd met before. He looks like he's been out rustling cattle, from the warm clothes to the servicable jeans, to the boots with a healthy coating of dust on them. Right down to the hat, which he takes off inside. His long hair is left long though, a bit tangled here and there from the wind.

"Bless you, but please go easy on me." Katherine says to Katya, turning to smile at Ryder. "My house smelled amazing for two weeks after that, it was a nice change from all of the food smells that seem to collide there. How is Lucky doing?" She watches Katya as she bustles behind the bar, trying to see what she's making for her.

Claire comes in at the crack of dawn with her… no, wait. She comes in like a person that totally doesn't belong in a joint like this, but also doesn't let it deter her, biting off her super-cute pink gloves so she can show the bouncer her ID with the tolerance of a person that's accepted her fate in life is to get carded. Constantly. Cleared for entry, she bounces her way toward the bar, where there are three people she recognizes, and her face lights right up. "Hi! Hi hi," one for each.

"I'll try." Katya mused. A few moments later she sets a drink down in front of Kate. "You'll love it." She assured the woman. It was sweet with just a little kick. Reminiscent of Vanilla Coke. Katya gave a nod to Claire, starting to grab a glass for another order a waitress just put in. "Gonna have anythin?"

"Luckys' fine. Traveling some for work. I'll let him know," Ryder says when Katherine mentions that she liked the way the house smelled after the class. He notices Claire approaching and nods to her in greeting as well. "Miss Reed," he greets her, knowing her name well enough from how many times she'd contacted him over the past few weeks. "How goes?"

Katherine gives the drink a look before she sips at it, nodding slowly at the taste before she sets it back down. "Thanks." She nods at Ryder, turning to wave hello at Claire. "Evening, Claire. How was your holiday?" She asks, getting distracted for a few moments as she turns to look around at the decor. Her eyes land on the mechanical bull and she frowns for a moment before she takes another drink.

"Mister Starr. You look like you tried to wrestle the wind and and it won!" Claire returns, smiling peachily at him while she tries to look totally chill standing at the bar - but really can't pull it off, so winds up hopping onto a bar stool instead. She's still not pulling off super-cool, but whatever. "Evening, Katherine. Uhhm, what are you having that you'll love?" Craning her neck, she tries to figure out Kate's drink by look alone. "Oh, just really wonderful, thank you for asking. Yours? Did you have lots of guests?"

Ryder reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, pushing it over to one side, and shrugs his shoulders. Happens sometimes. He lifts his beer and takes a swallow while the other two talk, listening idly, like one does when all seated together at the bar. He glances over toward the mechanical bull, and then back over toward Katherine, raising a brow. "Bad bull riding experience?"

"I'm not exactly sure what this drink is, but it isn't too strong." Katherine glances down at the drink before she smiles over at Claire. "It was lovely, we had a gift exchange and dinner." She shakes her head at Ryder, jerking her thumb toward the bull. "I've never indulged, but I've heard some horror stories." She shrugs, grinning a bit. "Have you ever rode on it before? Is it really fun and people just don't realize it?"

A hair-tie comes off Claire's wrist, and she offers it over to Ryder off the end of her fingers. It's just a plain back one, at least it's not pink like the rest of her stuff. "For when you leave, maybe? Getting hair in your face is the worst, and then it's all tangled." Whether he takes it or not, she orders one of whatever Katherine is drinking, assuming Katya's still around to make it. "That sounds very nice." Re: the gift exchange, not the bull-riding, and then she shuts up to let them discuss mechanical bull-riding while she just eavesdrops nosily.

"I've done it," Ryder answers when Katherine asks if he has. "It's more fun if you don't try too hard." He glances over toward her drink, studying it for a moment, and then he glances over toward Claire. An amused smile ticks the corner of his lips upward and he reaches out to take it with a "Mighty kind of you." He twists his hair up into a loose man-bun and fastens it in place with the tie, giving her a nod.

Mm well, I'll fall off if I don't try too hard so I'll observe instead of giving it a try." Katherine takes a drink and smiles back at Claire. "Did you do what you said you were going to do for the holidays?" She asks, quirking a brow at the woman. "Movies and..snacks, was it?"

Claire does a terrible fake drawl, pretending to tip her hat at Ryder; "Happy to oblige, Mister Starr." Without the accent, she adds, "Plus, you're rocking it way harder than I could. Are you going to put on a clinic for us?" With the mechanical bull, she means, looking between it and the drink that's being put together for her. "Pretty much, yep. I did have to run out for a minute - my friend brought over pie, but I had to supply the Redi-Whip. But otherwise I stayed in bed or on the couch all day. It was soooo relaxing."

Ryder tips his hat, which he isn't wearing at the moment, in Claire's direction. Then he says to Katherine, "Try after a few drinks. Most folk think it's better that way." He then says to Claire, "Nope." Doesn't look like he's about to go get up on the bull this afternoon. "Not nearly drunk enough."

"It might take me most of the next hour to finish this drink, we'll see after a few of them." Katherine nods at Claire, offering her a bright smile. "I'm glad you got to celebrate the holidays the way that you wanted to. When do you all get back to work on things, or are you nearly finished?" She glances back at the bull and chortles softly. "Looks a little imposing."

Claire was given the same drink that Katherine had been given and then got busy helping out the new bartender. A few muttered words in Russian as she made her way back to the trio. Offering them another smile. "Oh come on now. The bull is fun and there's all kinds of padding in the pit. Ya can't really get hurt." She laughed, looking to the bull a moment and then shook her head, focusing back on them ."Anyone need any refills?"

Claire, with her elbow on the edge of the bar and her chin on her palm, takes her drink with a quick smile of thanks at Katya, putting some money on the bar with her chin-free hand. "Are you going to put on a clinic for us, then?" She turns the question from Ryder to Katya then, smiling ever so convincingly. "Somebody," looking between Ryder and Katya with a nose-crinkle, "has to show us rookies how it's done." The question about her work earns Katherine a shrug; "We went back to work yesterday, editing, it's super-boring stuff. Ride the bull, Katherine!"

Ryder seems to be nursing his beer, and so still has more than half left. He shakes his head, not needing a refill at the moment. He shakes his head at Claire, despite her encouragement and then nods toward Katya. "It's the lady's bar." She's the bartender, anyway, and it doesn't look like Claire's going to get him up on that bull any time soon. "How's the film going?" Ryder asks Claire. He'd heard about what happened, of course, but he wasn't there.

"I don't know, Katya. There is always the possibility of getting hurt." Katherine is halfway done with her drink, and she indicates it with a poke of her finger. "What is this, anyway?" She asks, reaching for some of the peanuts on the bar. She glances at Claire and begins to laugh, shaking her head back and forth. "You should get on the bull, Claire. Show us how it's done."

Katya shook her head. "I only got up on that thing once since I been here - cause I was stupid. I don't do the mechanical bulls anymore. Just the real ones." She mused. "Here, I'll getcha some help." She winked and then moved towards an empty part of the bar - hey, what Sammy didn't see didn't hurt him right? "Free round for anyone who wants ta show these lovely ladies the ropes a the bull!" She called to the growing crowd - most of them still regulars and then grinned as she hopped back off the bar, to behind it. Free drinks always got people going and it wasn't long before a couple good ole boys were gearing up to show them how it was done. "Go take a closer look if ya want." Katya mused, motioning to the pit where the bull was. "It's vanilla vodka, coke, and a bit a simple syrup." She explained to Kate. "Thanks again Claire, by the way. For that heads up about Tennesse. Gonna head out there for a bit for the show."

With a teetering palm, Claire tells Ryder, "It's coming along. I don't think we got much compelling footage in Calaveras. What happened to Warren sort of sent things off-track here, but we have plenty from elsewhere. Everyone's pretending to edit but really just skiing." That last is added confidingly, with a secretive grin. "Wait," to Katherine, with a finger held up and a drink out of her straw. "I need liquid courage - and someone to show us how it's done," since Katya just made that announcement. "Oh yay, I hope you do super." In Tennessee, she means.

With the call going out for free drinks and the gathering crowd of regulars seeming eager to drink and show them how to ride the bull, Ryder is off the hook. He continues to nurse his one beer while he talks up at the bar with Katherine, Katya, and Claire. He says to Claire, "Nothing wrong with skiing." He swivels around so that he can watch the shenanigans on the bull from where he is. At 6'5", he doesn't need to get any closer to see over most folk.

"This is the best time of year to do it, I think we're supposed to be getting more snow tonight." Katherine nods in agreement with Ryder, watching as people crowd the bar for the opportunity at free booze and a chance to ride the bull. "Katya, you apparently know exactly how to get things going around here." She sets down a bill, nodding toward Claire. "I'll pay for her next drink, she needs liquid courage, you heard her."

Katya's favorite pasttime while working is getting people to ride the bull. It's always amusing. She knows most of her tips tonight will go towards covering the 'unauthorized' free drink announcement, but it's worth it. "Never been skiing. Might have to give it a try." Her candy apple red eyes are glimmer with amusement as Kate proclaims she is going to pay for Claire's next drink. "And I know just want kinda liquid courage'll do the trick." She assured Claire and winked to Kate. "S'why Sammy hired me. I've been workin' in bars since before I was legally allowed to. The clientelle may look different, but they're all people who came to have a good time a good drink at the end a the night." She shrugged, pouring out a shot of tequila and sliding it over to Claire with an innocent look. "And thanks." She added to Claire. "It'll be fun I think. Be good to get on the road again, even if it's only for a little bit."

Claire, with a laugh when everyone at the bar stays put, "Not even for a free drink? Gosh, this thing must be brutal!" She's still got ninety percent of her first drink when Kate's paying for a second one, and she swallows a straw-full hastily. "Noooo no no, don't do that. Oh, good gracious! That's not liquid courage, that's tequila, I know the difference." She doesn't touch it as yet, sticking with the sugary concoction. "You should drink that, Katya, then that would be your free drink, and you can - " A point goes to where some brave soul is earning his free round (and also showing off 'cuz girls).

There's a bit of a kerfuffle at the door as Warren comes in, trying to open the door with his back while simultaneously adjusting a crutch to keep the door from closing in around his one good foot before he ever makes it into the bar. But where there's a will, there's a way, and Warren's got a lot of will, so while it may be an awkward fumble? He comes spilling in soon afterward, mumbling something under his breath. "I hate doors," he says to no one in particular, maybe to Claire, considering his hazel eyes glide her way as he comes hobbling up to the bar. But there's a smile that comes after the words, one that he flashes to the rest of the group as well. "Quite a crowd tonight."

"I've been once or twice," Ryder says when skiing is mentioned, but that's all he offers on that topic. He then asks Katya, "What's in Tennessee?" having picked up on that part of the conversation. He can't help but laugh about Claire's exclamation about the tequila though. "Wiser words were never spoken." Noting Warren's approach, Ryder tips his head to his cousin in greeting and says, "Warren. How's it going?"

Katherine eyes Claire for a few moments and then she reaches out for the shot, dragging it in her direction. "This reminds me of high school." She mentions before she picks it up and downs it. She sets the shot glass back on the bar, poking it toward Katya with her finger. "I'll take another shot of courage please, with some lime if you could be the kindest ever." She nods at Warren as he crutches his way in the door, pushing aside the remainder of her first drink. "This was good, a little too sweet though."

Katya eyes the door briefly as Warren fumbles his way in. She slides a beer on tap to the spot next to Claire as he approaches her, giving the man an upnod. "How's the foot?" Then to Claire she smirked. "Like I told ya, I don't do mechanical bulls. There was one exception and there ain't gonna be more." She grinned at Katherine took the plunge. "There's my girl." She pours out another shot. "Prolly cause the extra bit of syrup. But rather be safe then sorry." Looking to Ryder then. "There's an indoor rodeo goin' on. Figure I ain't got nothing here really stoppin' me from goin now that my ribs are healed up from my fall at the Charity. So why not, right?"

Claire, who has no poker face, brightens right up when Warren hobbles over to join the onlookers at the bar. "Sit yourself down before you find a way to ruin your one good foot, sir." She hisses in a breath sympathetically when Katherine starts shooting tequila, making a disgusted shudder like she can taste that burn herself. "My money is on Katherine Stone to be the next one on that bull," she stage-whispers between Katya and Ryder, sitting up straight on her stool a second to see how the first rider landed.

"Hey Ryder. It's going great, if you can't tell," Warren says to his cousin with a small laugh and a pointed glance to the cast on his foot, setting aside his crutches and gracelessly hopping the rest of the way to the stool beside Claire. There's a grateful look passed onto Katya for the beer that is slid in his direction as he settles in. "The foot's great, the cast'll come off in another two weeks, and then this one won't be able to make anymore jokes about my one good foot," he points a thumb accusingly in Claire's direction, before he smirks over to her. "You're gonna need to come up with new material. Are you ready?" his brows pick up as though it's a challenge, before his attention slides over to Katherine while she shoots down that tequila like a champ. She might not grimace, but he does. "Didn't know you were a tequila fan there, Kate."

"No reason not to," Ryder seems to agree with Katya, giving her a nod and lifting his beer to her in salute. "Let me know how it is." The large man isn't particularly talkative, but seems good natured enough. He glances over at Claire when she proclaims Katherine as the next bull-rider and looks skeptical about that. "My money's on that guy," Ryder says, nodding to one of the drunken yahoos that seems to be showing off in order to ''show the girls the ropes'' as it were. Then he smirks at Warren and says, "Aside from that. We can all see you got a busted hoof."

"I'm not." A tequila fan, Kate gasps as she sets down the shot, shuddering for a moment before she pulls her phone from her pocket. She taps something on the screen, sets the phone down and glances at the guy that Ryder nods at. "That is a likely fellow, and I hope he doesn't break his neck." She turns to Katya, a slight smile forming on her lips. "Has anyone ever broken anything on that bull before? I bet they have. Accidents always happen." She rests her cheek on her palm, frowning toward the bartender. "You're leaving for Tennesse? That's a shame, you'll be back though, right?"

"Precisely." She gave Ryder a two-finger salute in return with a chuckle. The guy seems like he actually might make it - despite being quite inhebriated. However he does lose his grip and fall into the pit. Much to the dismay of the gathered crowd. Katya giggled as she watched and shook her head to Kate. "Never had no one break a bone since I've been here. Sammy could tell ya better. I'll have ta ask him sometime." She offered and nodded. "Eventually. Might swing back round to New York and see my parents. If they don't kill me, I'll make my way back. Calaveras ain't a bad little town."

"I," Claire begins confidently, lifting her chin and everything, "am absolutely ready for everything that comes along with the end of that cast. You'll see." She risks another drink of her sweet concoction; based on how she makes a face from that alone, there's no way she would've been able to take that tequila shot, and she watches Katherine do the second one with wide-eyed awe. "Look at all that foam to land on, I bet it's totally safe." She shoots a look at Katya for back-up. "See? Totally safe." She quiets to let Katya explain her trip, her eyes following Ryder's point to the guy about to show-off. "Do you think he'll fall? I think he'll make it."

A phone somewhere nearby begins to ring - it appears to be Katherine's.

Katherine removes her cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.

There's a skeptical squint to the look he shoots Claire, an amused smirk crinkling one side of Warren's mouth. "I dunno if you're ready for everything. I suppose we'll see," he remarks, knocking two fingers against the top of the plaster cast. "In two more weeks!" The excitement is real, you guys. "What're you drinking anyway? Candy in a glass?" He leans to look suspiciously at Claire's drink, before he straightens up again. Then, to Ryder, his eyes brighten, and he folds his hands around his beer mug to bring it up for a quick sip. "Well aside from the broken hoof, everything's coming up sunshine and roses," he says to his cousin, "I had the best Christmas, just laid in bed all day. Couldn't ask for anything better than that. What about you, cuz? How's the ranch?" There's another drink to his beer as he looks to Katya, focusing on her for a brief moment as she talks about leaving. "I didn't know you were planning on leaving town. You still going to come down to the stadium?"

"Most folks just fall off into the padding," Ryder says with a nod to the ample padding. "You're more likely to sprain your wrist from flailing around holding onto the pommel, or twist an ankle trying to climb out." He nods toward the guy wobbling his way out of the pit. He shrugs to Claire and says, "I think he'll probably go a few rounds before he gets cocky." He says, "Lazy day in bed sounds like a pretty good Christmas. Ranch is fine. Cattle are healthy. Horses are healthy. Lucky's out of town, but hopefully he'll be back soon." He'd likely seen the family at least a little around Christmas; they do live on the same property, after all.

Katya pushed back a few strands of hair. "Only for the show. Well and any travelin' I do after." She shrugged to Warren and nodded. "Yeah. Prolly tomorrow or Saturday, get in a final bit of practice before the new year." She looked over at Katherine's phone started ringing and then looked over as the bartender in training started flagging her down. Her eyes rolled and she pushed lightly off the bar. "Gotta go save the day. Hollar if you guys need anythin'" A wry smile crossing her features before she headed to the other side of the bar to help out.

Katherine is distracted by her phone, talking quietly as to not interrupt any other conversation. Whatever is said makes her laugh and she slips to her feet, holding her hand up in a farewell type gesture as she struggles to get her coat, scarf and hat on while keeping the phone to her ear. "You don't have to do that." She says into her phone, rolling her eyes as she walks to the exit. "I can get a ride.. hold on." She turns back toward the bar, wiggling her fingers. "See ya'll later."

"Oh, I don't know. She - " Claire aims the end of her straw toward Katya, making her way off to deal with other things. " - made one for her." With another straw-point to Katherine, also beating a hasty retreat. "And then one for me. Vanilla Coke and something." She shrugs, happily clueless. "I think your cousin must have onion breath. He showed up and all the girls left," she side-whispers at Ryder. "Or they really, really didn't want to ride the bull."

"It was the best Christmas," Warren says affirmatively over to Ryder, a sly smile disappearing into the mug as he takes another long drink. "It's definitely got to be fear of the bull, his breath smells perfectly fine to me," he says of Katya and Kate's hasty departure once the beer is set back down, and he stretches up to take another look at the bull in question. "You should ride it,' he remarks to Claire afterward, "Unless you're scared, too?" He moves his elbow to nudge Ryder. "Back me up here."

Ryder watches as Katya and Katherine head out, giving both a friendly enough nod as they depart. He finishes off his beer and sets the glass off to one side, not immediately looking for another. He smiles amusedly to Claire and says, "You didn't leave." Then he nods in agreement with Warren and says to Claire, "You should. Got enough courage yet?"

Claire didn't leave, that's true. "Yet! I'm trying to tough it out," while she holds her nose against this non-existent onion breath. Then she leans down to look at the volume in her glass (75% at least), looking skeptically between it and the bull that has absolutely dominated this entire scene. "The only thing I'm scared of is spiders. And giant raccoons. Oh! And silly string, I don't trust that stuff." She plonks her full drink down manfully; "Hold my vanilla Coke." And marches on over. Since no one else has the brass.

"Giant raccoons are the worst," Warren agrees, a deep chuckle rolling out of him as Ryder comes in with the assist and Claire gets up to make her brave march to the bull. "She's cute, huh?" he says as an aside to Ryder when Claire's out of earshot, the vanilla Coke glass lifted from the table for a quick sniff and a sip, before he winces at the sugary, syrupy taste. "Ugh, I can feel the sugar in my teeth," he tries not to gag as he sets the glass back down, and swivels in his seat to watch the show that's sure to unfold. "How long you think she'll last, Ryder?" he says that loud enough for Claire to hear all the way over there. "I'm guessing ten seconds. You taking the over or the under?"

"Silly string," Ryder repeats, though there's no question mark at the end. He seems to just accept it with a nod, and moves right along to motioning for another beer. He glances after Claire as she marches her way over toward the bull and then nods in agreement, "She is. Persistant, too." He glances over at the drink and makes a bit of a face. Then he considers Claire as she's getting the instructions from the operator on how to get on and hold on. "Under."

<FS3> Claire rolls Athletics: Failure. (2 4 3 3 5 3)

Free drinks or not, guys absolutely let cute girls get on mechanical bulls ahead of them. Claire is, of course, aware of this and rewards everyone who lets her cut in line with a peachy smile. Someone's nice enough to explain to her how this thing works, and she listens intently and nods along; the fact that she falls down in the middle of the foam once pretty much sets the tone, as does needing help get on the thing at all. There is much hooting and hollering - for, like, maybe five seconds, then a universal, "Awwwww," 'cause she flops right off onto her butt. It's like the opposite of Debra Winger in Urban Cowboy: nothing sexy about it, right down to, "Ow!" Bit her tongue. :(

"Very persistant," Warren agrees in a tone that suggests he doesn't think that's a bad thing whatsoever, taking another swig of his beer to get the taste of vanilla Coke and whatever out of his mouth. "Ten bucks a fair bet?" he glances aside to Ryder with perked brows, before his focus shifts back to Claire just as she falls down in the middle of the foam before she's ever even gotten onto the bull. "Looks like it'll be easy money. But maybe she'll surprise us." Spoiler alert: she won't. There's a lot of sharp whistles and woots from Warren there at the bar once the bull riding gets underway - for all of those five seconds, before she falls and he flinches and hands off a crisp tenner to Ryder. He'd get up, but well. He's only got that one good foot. So instead he just yells out: "You looked pretty up there!" Because he's helpful.

Ryder doesn't seem to mind it either, because his expression remains mild with a hint of amusement. He nods his head, indicating ten bucks sounds fair to him, then leans back against the bar to watch and see just how long Claire lasts on the back of the mechanical bull. He applauds when she gets up on the bull, and five seconds later when she lands on her tush in the foam, before reaching out to take that ten between two fingers, fold it, and tuck it away in his pocket. He gets up and wanders to the edge of the pit to offer Claire a hand on behalf of his temporarily lamed cousin.

There's no shortage of helping hangs, but Claire picks-and-chooses, letting the nice-guy that told her what to do get her to her feet, and then selectively choosing to grab Ryder's hand to get her the rest of the way out of all the squashy-grabby-foam. "Thank you!" with breathless enthusiasm, undimmed by having utterly failed. "That was terrible and super! Are you going to do it now? You should, just don't bite your tongue. And that foam smells like all the beer in the universe." And hurries back to Warren - er, her Vanilla Coke. That Warren is minding for her. All smiles.

<FS3> Ryder rolls Riding+body-2: Good Success. (1 1 4 2 6 8 8 7 1 2 5)

Warren remains at the bar, staying useful by stealing Claire's glass and sliding it closer to him to mind it all the more properly whilst Ryder and nice-guy help Claire out of the foam. When she comes bounding back, he cocks his head to the side, brows lifting upward. "Is your tongue okay?" he asks with a pointed look at her mouth, leaning just a touch out of the stool as though he were very concerned that she may have bitten it off. "You did good. Just maybe need a little practice. It's all in the thighs," he waggles his brows at her, sitting up a little straighter to peer over to the bull and see if Ryder will actually attempt. "I bet he lasts the whole ride. It's not even a real challenge."

"Alright," Ryder says once he helps Claire out of the foam and over the edge so that she can go back to the bar. "I suppose since you were brave enough to give it a go.." He nods over toward the operator and he wades on down into the foam, wobbling a bit like you do, but he has no trouble getting up on top of the bull and holding on. He's done this before. He takes a firm grip of the pommel. The bull starts off slow, and he eases into the ride, letting his body shift with the motion to keep his center of gravity, well, centered. As the bull picks up speed, he continues to move with it, even when the movement becomes less predictable, and more jerky. He does wobble once or twice, sliding a bit, but he manages to recover, and eventually completes the ride. Sliding off into the foam, he climbs back out again and then heads back toward the bar, receiving a cheer or two. He salutes with his beer, then settles back in. "You alright?" he asks Claire.

Claire, with the eyebrows right back, "Do you want to find out?" If her tongue's okay, she means. But really she plops back down on her stool, looking at where her cocktail went with a doubtful, "You're not drinking that, are you?" Other than a head-shake and a big laugh about practicing and thighs, she lets that topic go and watches Ryder attentively. "No, he is doing good. My my my." Because she can appreciate the view, okay?! So can plenty of other people, if the piercing cheers and wolf-whistles are any indicator, still dying down when Ryder gets back to the bar. "I'm fine, other than being completely upstaged."

"Mmhmm. But maybe later," Warren replies with a sly grin, though only because he's completely and innocently concerned. The question of her drink makes his nose screw up as he casts a look back to her glass of pure sugar that he was guarding. "God no. You can have it back," a beat, as he tucks the glass a little closer to him. "As soon as you pay me for my drink watching services. This was very hard work," he remarks, smirking over to her before his attention rises to Ryder there on the bull. Claire's reaction just brings out a hearty laugh, and he raises his voice into a sharp holler to join in with the other whistles and cheers, clapping his hand on the side of his leg when Ryder comes back around. "You're a show off, Ryder. No one around here's gonna be able to do half as a good as that," he says with a big grin. "And it sure sounds like you've made some fans, too."

Ryder settles back down at the bar and says to Warren, "I told them I wasn't going to ride, more than once. But since she got up and did it, I agreed. Wasn't aiming to show off." The fact that he did, however, notwithstanding. He takes up his beer and lifts it to those who congratulate him. More drunken yahoos get in line to give it a try, loudly proclaiming that if Mr. Man Bun can do it, they can, too. He grins a little over at Warren and says, "You can, when you get out of that cast."

She reeeeaches toward her drink - not that she can't reach it, but the theater is important, just barely scrabbling her fingers against the side. Claire suggests, "What if I give you an I.O.U.? You can cash it 'maybe later.'" With the eyelashes. She could just take the drink, and does go so far as to steal the straw out of it, holding her finger over the end so the liquid stays trapped inside till she can drink it. Then, to Ryder, "How does it compare to a real bull? Harder or easier?"

Someone sends Ryder a free drink. The bartender plops it down, pointing to a gaggle of women down at the other end of the bar, who burst out in twittery giggles.

"I did it once, a month or so back. The guy manning it was a real chucklefuck and cranked it up to eleven, I flew right up over the bull's horns," Warren says to Ryder with a deep laugh, before his attention shifts back to Claire and her antics. The theater /was/ important, his smile amused as she reeeaches and he just casually tilts the cup a little further away. "Oooor, you could pay me now /and/ give me an I.O.U. for the maybe later," he suggests with a lift of his shoulders, big eyes to the eyelashes, tilting in his stool just a hint closer to Claire, his grin big and bold. "I wouldn't say it's easier than the real thing," spoken about the bull, "But at least you don't have to worry about getting a horn in your gut." And then the bartender comes to gift Ryder with a free drink from the gaggle of giggling girls, and Warren just laughs, shaking his head back and forth.

"Wouldn't know," Ryder says to Claire with a shake of his head. "Never rode a real bull, just horses, and the mechanical one." He nods toward where yet another dude gets thrown off into the padding. He does nod toward Warren, though, and says, "No risk of getting gored is a bonus." He then receives a free drink and he glances over toward the girls, and lifts the drink in their direction before downing it and setting it back on the bar. He's not above free drinks.

Claire's honestly surprised at Ryder, even says, "Really?! But you made it look easy. That's really not fair, somehow." With only a tiny bit of jealousy, 'cause he's over here getting free drinks and she can't even get the one she paid for back into her keeping! Soundlessly, she repeats the term 'chucklefuck' to herself, making a face before she notes, "If I pay you and give you an I.O.U., then you're double-dipping. You better hope you don't get audited." What's she going to do? Not plant a smooch on a cute guy that's leaning her way like that? Please.

"I told you, it's all in the thighs," Warren says of riding bulls and horses, chuckling to Claire. "And I'll have you know, I claim all my earnings. I fear no audit," he raises his brows, leaning in juuuust a touch more, until he comes away with that smooch looking like he just won the world's best prize. He slides the glass promptly back in front of Claire after, sitting all the straighter and with a big ol' dimpled grin on his face. "So where's Lucky at anyway, Ryder? And when are the two of you gettin' hitched?"

"Well, I've got plenty of practice on that particular type of bull," Ryder says, nodding once more toward the mechanical one. So it's not like he just got up there for the first time or anything. He tips back his beer for a bit and then shakes his head at the pair of them, amused. When Warren finally wins his kiss, he lofts his glass in his direction. "Lucky's doing some traveling for work, attending some classes and seminars." He then shrugs his shoulders, "Don't know. Date keeps changing. He keeps freaking out over planning. I suppose he'll let me know when he makes up his mind." Then his phone rings and he takes it out. "Speak of the devil." He gives a nod to Claire and Warren and says, "Gotta take this. Talk to you both soon." He then pays for his drinks and a generous tip before he begins to head for the door.

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