(2018-12-27) Complicated
That's just what it is.

Katherine is seated near the french doors that lead out to the back yard, a steamnig cup of hot chocolate sits on the table, her feet are up on the chair, bringing her knees to about chin level. She looks drawn and tired, a large blanket draped over her knees as she knits. Dinner is still on the warming tray, chili with brown rice and cornbread. Quietly in the background music plays softly, and in the great room a fire burns in the hearth.

In comes Felix's car and a few moments later he is coming into the kitchen. Looking around for food perhaps. Spotting Katherine first though. Almost looking like he was caught stealing, with a sheepish smile on his lips. "Hey." Seeing her tired look though, studying her for a moment. "You okay?"

Katherine nods, a few sharp jerks of her head, before she glances up at Felix. She aims a wan smile in his direction and her head tilts toward the kitchen. "There is chili in there for dinner if you're interested. Brown rice as well, help yourself to as much as you'd like." She manages a brief smile before she looks back down at her knitting.

Felix nods as he does go to get some chili and rice. Putting it into a bowl and then moving to find a seat near where Katherine is. "What are you working on?" He asks, glancing over towards her. Eating some of the chili. "Amazing as always."

Kate takes a break, resting her knitting on her knees as she watches Felix eat his food for a few moments. "A blanket, and thank you, I'm glad that you like it. I assure you, I just threw it together quickly, hoping that it didn't taste all that bad." She gazes down and after a few moments she begins to knit again, slower this time, minding her stitches.

Felix ahs and nods, "The one for Auggie that you mentioned yesterday?" He asks. Eating more. "Even quickly thrown together, it's good." He says, studying her a bit as well. "How has your day been?" Is asked, studying her and perhaps a bit of worry.

Kate shrugs a shoulder, gazing at Felix with before she smiles again. "I had a very stressful evening, and I'm just trying to recover." She gazes back down at her knitting, her needles clacking rhythmically. She brushes her hair back off her shoulder, wrinkling her nose. "How about you, get a lot done today?"

Felix furrows his brows some. Finishing his food before going for seconds. "Mind if I look around some?" He asks, if allowed he will try and make warm chocolate to bring for Kate. "I got a bit done. Mostly working though."

"Look around the kitchen? Sure." Katherine points to the pantry and then to a cupboard near the doors. "Food is in there, you're welcome to anything that strikes your fancy." She nods at him, letting out a soft chuckle. "Did you scare anyone today with your driving?" She drops a stitch and pulls on the yarn a little bit before she begins again.

Felix nods and smiles, going along and does go about it for a while. Continuing and soon finding what he needs. Getting the chocolate going. "I don't think so. An old lady came in, so tried not to drive too fast, but she pushed me to speed up a lot." He admits and smirks a bit at that. It takes a few more minutes. But soon he has a bowl in one hand and a cup in the other. Moving to offer the cup to Kate. Tiny marshmallows added, if there are any. "Do you drink hot chocolate? Figured you might need it." He says and studies her.

"I like hot chocolate." Kate says, taking the cup in both hands, letting it warm them. She gazes down at the tiny marshmallows melting in the cup, blinking slowly. "Thank you, Felix. This is very kind of you." She murmurs, holding the cup to her lips to drink from it. It's still hot, so she simply holds it for a few minutes, gazing at Felix as he settles down to eat. "I bet you made that old lady's day."

Felix smiles as he watches Kate, "Glad. Thought I screwed up first." He says as he sits down. "It's nothing much. You've fed me each day, and offered great company. And you seemed too busy to join me at Java Junction today." Winking at that. As for the old lady, he smirks. "Yeah, she really liked it fast. Even drifting." He admits and shakes his head. "She was badass."

"Badass old ladies." Kate looks amused, taking another sip from her mug before she sets it aside to cool. "I'm sorry, I took a sedative before I slept last night and.." She wrinkles her nose, her shoulders slumping. "I'm sad to say I slept until after three in the afternoon. Thank the gods my assistant got breakfast together."

Felix nods about ladies. As for her apology, he shakes his head. "No, no. Don't apologize. I'm staying for a while still, so we can do it some other time. Glad that you got to sleep." He says, eating more. Looking around some before looking to her working on the blanket. "And, if I'm being annoying, feel free to tell me." He assures her with a smirk.

"Thank you." Kate does look slightly mollified by his words, her cheeks pink. "Why would I think you were being annoying?" She asks, picking up her knitting needles again to start on her weave. She looks comfortable and warm at least with the throw draped over her legs.

Felix smiles, noticing the pink cheeks. Finishing his second serving. "Oh, just in case. And perhaps cause." A small blush of his own. "I am flirting with you once in awhile, and don't want you to feel awkward." He admits. Letting her work on the blanket.

Kate pauses her stitches, leaning forward to rest her chin on her knees. She gazes at Felix, her eyes on his as she quietly observes him for a few moments. She gazes at the hot chocolate and then back to Felix. "This is going to sound silly and blunt, but.. as long as you don't mind that my life is kind of complicated, I don't mind the flirting. If you're flirting with intent, then that's a whole other discussion."

Felix find her gaze, a grin at her words. "Good to know. And, maybe. I don't know." He admits, studying her a bit. "Wouldn't want to make it even worse, but you are great. So." Leaving the last unsaid. Perhaps there is the start of intent, but not acting on it. "But I do enjoy flirting." He adds and winks.

Katherine looks amused then, a wry smile forming on her lips. "I suck at lying, so I always find it easier to be as up front as I can manage." She wrinkles her nose, her chin on her knees. "I can't think how you could possibly make it worse unless you were some horrible person hiding underneath all of that .." Her hand lifts and she gestures vaguely at Felix. "..happiness?" She laugh at the last, her eyes on her hands for a moment. "I'm not good at it. Unfortunately."

Felix grins, "Honesty is the best policy, right?" He offers. "Ah, well. I do have bad habits, but I don't think that I am." He says as he studies her, "Which part are you no good at?" He asks.

The two of them sitting near the french doors that lead to the back yard. An empty bowl of chili in Felix's lap and Kate has a blanket she is working on in her lap, and hot chocolate nearby.

Katherine nods at Felix, still regarding him with some wariness as she answers. "All of it? I never was good at flirting, and I doubt I'll ever be comfortable enough in my own skin to improve much." She rolls her eyes, picking up her needles reclining back against the chair. "Everyone has bad habits Felix. Some more than others."

Esme slipped into the B&B, dropping in before she headed home to see how Kate was doing. She walked into the Kitchen and offered an easy smile to the pair as she caught the tail end of the conversation. "And what sort of bad habits are we talking about?" Her brow quirked as she walked towards the pair. She was wearing a white turtleneck sweater with a white pencil skirt, black tights, and her usual occultish jewelry. "How are you two doing tonight?" A hand was offered to Felix. "I believe I saw you downtown the other night, by the Taxi? Esme, pleasure to meet you."

Felix smiles, "No need to be, but you've done well so far." Nudging her gently before letting her go back to her needles. "I wouldn't still be around if you were that bad." He points out. "And I think that goes for all of the people staying here." Glancing over as he hears someone stepping in. "Felix, pleasure to meet you. Officially." He offers and smiles. "Just all bad habits. I guess I talk too much and drive too fast." Which are probably the less awkward ones.

Kate looks a little drawn and pale, but she gets to her feet to wraps Esme in a brief hug. "I'm so happy to see you Esme. How are you? You look good." She gestures to a seat near the pair before she sits down again, pulling her feet back up on the chair. She's wearing pale gray sweats, a tank top underneath the sweatshirt. She blinks over at Felix, his statement making her laugh. "I'm not sure how to reply to that." She admits quietly, giggling a little bit. "Because I think you're saying that I'm doing okay at flirting with you, or that you'd leave if I wasn't?" She sets her knitting aside, looking as if she might get to her feet. "Esme, would you like something to drink?"

Esme returned the hug and murmured softly to the woman, giving another squeeze before letting her go. She chuckled softly as she took her seat. "I don't know if talking too much is a bad habit." She mused and smiled to Kate, "It's good to see you too. I'm doing better than I was a couple days ago, so I can't complain too much." Esme mused and then shook her head. "No, no. I'm perfectly fine. I just wanted to stop in and chat for a little bit before I head home is all. Are you staying here Felix?"

Felix raises a brow, smirking at her. "Oh, erhm." A bit pink. "Not quite what I meant, just in general. That you're good and all that." He tries to explain. "But, yes. You're also doing okay on the flirting part." He adds. Amused as he studies both of them. Moving to put away his empty bowl. Then going back to sit. "It can be a bad habit if your words are stupid." He suggests. Nodding about staying here. "I am, but if needed I can offer to drive you. Free of charge, this time, unless you brought a car of your own." He says and grins, perhaps a bit playful as well.

Katherine murmurs something quietly to Esme when they hug, and when they step away from one another, she settles back into her chair. Picking up her knitting, she continues before she pauses to laugh toward Felix. "Thanks. I honestly have no clue how I am, but thank you for saying it." Her eyes dance with amusement before she gives her attention back to her hands. "Esme is one of my besties. She's a librarian down ..hey.. didn't August say you should talk to her about your research?" She shifts her eyes to Esme and then back to Felix before she shrugs, knitting again.

Esme had looked just a touch concerned at whatever Kate had whispered, but the look passed and her smile settled on her features again. "I just might take you up on it - I walk just about everywhere, but walking in the dark is not always so great." She chuckled, flashing Felix a smile and then looked curious. "August? She's a…tattoo artist yes?" Thinking on the vague memory she had of meeting the woman. "What sort of research are you doing?"

Felix ahs and nods, "Pleasure to meet you. And if you're her bestie, I guess you need to get free rides all the time." Nodding at that. "I want to stay on Kate's good side." He stage whispers to Esme, which is clearly loud enough for all of them to hear. "Ah, right, right. She did." Studying Esme. "Genealogy. I found out that I had family in Calaveras. Not sure if anyone is still around, but found out that they were. Think some might still be around, not sure on the details though, so would want to try and figure it out. They suggested talking to you." He explains. Rising to his feet. "Fair warning, I like to drive fast."

Kate clears her throat, watching Felix for a few moments before she goes back to knitting. "It is really very hard to get on my bad side." She says quietly, a smirk forming on her lips. "You have to pretty much be a horrible person, all the time." She tilts her head to the side, dropping a stitch, which makes her swear quietly. She puts the knitting aside, flexing her fingers before she picks up the hot chocolate that Felix made for her. It's nice and pleasantly warm now so she drinks from it.

"Only nintey-five percent of the time." Esme countered with a light chuckle and leaned over to give Kate's knee a pat. "Kate here is nearly a saint. It's one of the things I adore about her." She grinned a bit as Kate swore and then settled in her seat, motioning for Felix to sit back down if he wanted. "We don't have to leave just yet, but thanks for the warning." Esme grinned a bit and then thought a moment. "There are some old books and records in the library archives yes. You're welcome to drop in any time and take a look. If you call ahead I can get the information pulled ahead of time."

Felix ahs and points to Kate, "Perhaps, but not what I said. I want to be on your good side. There is shades of gray as well." He points out, winking at her. "You okay?" Asked as he notice her mumble swear. Though then his attention is caught by Esme, looking over with a smile. "Agreed." Offered about Kate. A slow nod about not needing to leave yet. Reclaiming his seat. "Ah, thanks. I will see about that then. As soon as I get time to go there."

Kate wrinkles her nose, looking vaguely embarrassed as Esme mentions being a saint. Her cheeks get pink and she scoots a bit further down into her chair. Her fingers tap at her mug, before she shifts her gaze toward Felix. "Yeah, I just think that I'm not made to knit tonight." She aims a look at Esme, eyebrows raised briefly before she drinks more hot chocolate. "Felix, you might be too nice too."

Esme looked fairly amused as Kate's pink cheeks and shifted in her seat to relax further, giving her a little grin. Then looked to Felix again. "So, Felix. I take it you've just rolled into town? Do you plan on staying for a while or just seeing what you can find out about your family?" She asked curiously. Then to Kate, "I should have you teach me how to knit some time. It seems like it's relaxing."

Felix ahs and shrugs. "Well, no need to stress it then." He offers to Kate, about the knitting. As for her compliment, he shrugs. "Perhaps. Though you probably need to get to know me first." He points out, more playfully than anything. "Ah, well. Was going to stay for a little bit." Glancing to Kate, "Might stay longer." He says before looking back to Esme. "Been here for about two weeks, I think. How about you?" His accent, if she paid any attention, is kind of general american. But perhaps more specifically California.

"It usually is pretty relaxing, and you should knit, the joys of warmth and cuddling awaits under a knitted blanket." Katherine notes, gazing from Esme to Felix as she continues to quietly drink her warm chocolate. She takes a deep breath, her brows knitting for a moment before she lets out her breath. She finishes the chocolate and sets it on the table. "You know, most people who take in the small town charm here end up staying. We're all pretty friendly here and we don't bite." She gets to her feet, picking up the mug to carry it to the sink.

"Then I'll add it to something we try during one of our girl's nights." Esme nodded matter-of-factly. Smiling to Felix, "Calaveras is a nice town. I think you'll find you like it. Most of us that have left for a time seem to find our way back. It isn't for everyone but…it has a good draw. I was born and raised here. Even went to school with Kate here for a brief time. I was a senior while she was a freshman." Esme offered. "I was in California for school and then for a few years afterwards. I went to UCLA."

Felix nods about most ending up staying due to the charm of small towns, "Possible. I'll probably still need to leave at times, for stunt stuff. But I think it's good for me to have a back up." Studying Kate for a moment. "Sure that you don't bite?" He teases with a wink. Looking to Esme with a nod. "Ah, I see. Then you both know quite a bit about town then." Nodding about UCLA. "Cool. I admit that I didn't really do that much on that. More into the stunt scene. And lately tracking people. Family."

Kate moves over to the sink, running her mug under hot water before she pours coffee into it. She adds two squares of chocolate, eying Felix quietly for a few moments. "I do, actually, but only when asked politely to do so." She blows on her coffee and focuses on Esme. "I have a few ideas for girls's night too, wine..chocolate..knitting and maybe a few silly movies." She pushes away from the counter, taking a sip from her coffee to see if it's sweet enough before she curls back up in her chair. "I hope you're able to find your family." She gazes over at Esme, her brow furrowing slightly. "Are you sure you don't want something to drink, Esme?"

Esme chuckled a bit at Kate's response. "Yes, we do. And the library offers even more. I'm confident we'll find something along the lines of what you're seeking." She said to Felix and grinned to Katherine. "That sounds lovely. I still want you to come over for New Year's Eve. I was serious about the sparklers. It'll be fun." She brushed back a few strands of hair and nodded. "I'm sure, Kate." A brief glance to the back door and a silent sigh before smiling again. "I should probably get going anyway really. But I'll call you tomorrow and we'll iron out our girl's night a little more." Looking to Felix. "Now you can warn me that you drive too fast." Offering him a fleeting grin and a chuckle.

Felix grins at Kate, "I knew it!" He teases. Though it is brief before he looks to Esme. "Ah, I'll drive you." He assures her. Grinning. About his family, he nods, "Thank you. I hope I do." Then back to Esme. "Fair warning, I drive too fast." Turning back to Kate. "Will you wait up? I'll be quick." He offers and smiles.

Katherine's cheeks get pink and she nods at him as he moves to follow Esme from the kitchen. "I'll be up for a bit anyway, don't drive too too fast, she's fragile cargo." She takes a drink from her coffee cup, letting out a breath at the warmth as it envelops her.

Felix grins and nods. "I'll get her back safe." He assures Katherine. Then they're off. The sound of the car speeding away can be heard.

It takes awhile, but he is back soon enough. Clearly faster than the speed limit. Coming inside looking around some in the great room before coming into the kitchen. "Still here?"

Katherine is seated where she was left, music still playing as Felix enters the kitchen. "Still here." She confirms, and most of her coffee is still in her mug. "Did you get her home safe?" She asks, brushing her hair back away from her face with slender fingers. "Did she flirt some more?"

Felix nods, "A bit tumbled, but safe." He offers and grins. As for her flirting he nods, "Oh, yeah. A ton." A bit sarcastic. "Jealous?" He teases. Getting himself some coffee and moving to reclaim his seat. Watching her as she brushed the hair away from her face.

Katherine snorts out a laugh, her eyes dancing when Felix asks if she's jealous. "I don't get jealous very often, it just seems like a waste of time." She turns a bit, draping her legs over the arm of her chair before she reaches for her coffee. "She's amazing, Esme, if I were into women? She'd be in a lot of trouble."

Felix nods and smiles. "Fair. You don't seem like the type." A smile and a nod about Esme. "Ah, good to know. And she does seem interesting." He agrees. Watching as Katherine shifts some. "And I am sure that she has a lot of stories about you as a freshman." He says and winks.

Katherine winces, shuddering for a moment before she takes a bracing sip from her coffee cup. "My high school years were the worst years of my existance. I hope she doesn't remember any of it." She states, keeping her cup in her hands. "I hated school with a vengence."

Felix nods as he listens, "Ah. Well then, hopefully time now will be a lot better." He suggests. Giving her hand a squeeze, if allowed. Studying her as she talks as well. His hand probably grazing against the mug. Sipping his own coffee.

"Now is better. No more high school. No more bullying." Katherine returns the squeeze briefly with one of her own before she draws her hand away. "Felix, why don't you help me understand why you're flirting with me, because..that might help?"

Felix does watch her at the question. "Because you're interesting." He admits. "I admit, yeah. I flirt with people now and then. But. I do try not to lead them on, if I'm not curious about them." Sighing, "Is that a bit much?" He asks genuinely, "Sorry."

Katherine laughs softly, shaking her head at Felix. "I'm really not. This…this is me. I'm a homebody, I hide from things..and I'm really kind of ..awkward." She frowns as hair slips from the pins keeping her hair in the two buns, fidgeting with them for a few moments. "People sometimes see my being nice as flirting, so it might seem like I'm leading them on…but that really isn't the case." She shakes her head quickly, waving away his apology. "It's really okay, it's not too much."

Felix pokes at her head, gently. "In here. Don't need to be out there to be interesting. I guess you're opposite of me. And opposites attract, or something." Nodding about her being nice being misunderstood. "Is that true in this case?" He asks. "I haven't thought on you flirting too much. But I enjoy it. But if I have the wrong idea, that's fine." He says, seeming a bit disappointed if that is the case, but trying not to give that up too much.

Kate winces as he pokes at her, snorting out soft laughter. "We're both too nice, is that really us being opposites?" She bites on her bottom lip, frowning slightly. "I have flirted with you, obviously, I did invite you out to have coffee, that's not just being nice." Her shoulders roll as she shrugs, an embarrassed smile on her lips. "I just think it's important for you to understand, I'm in a complicated situation right now. I was seeing someone, and he disappeared. I'm not sure if he's ever coming back..or what happened to him. At the same time, I'm sleeping with an older man..because..I'm angry at myself? I'm complicated, and you're a nice man, you don't deserve to get pulled into that."

Felix nods slowly, a smile on his lips. Hearing her and listening curiously. "That is complicated. Though I'm not going anywhere yet. So the offer of coffee and flirting remain." He tells her. Kissing her cheek. "And that can be that, for now. Leaving anything else up to you." He assures her. "I think you did have you did out of feeling abandoned." He suggests. "So don't beat yourself up too much."

"See? Complicated enough that you probably should steer clear." Katherine frowns when Felix kisses her cheek, her shoulder coming up slightly as she laughs nervously. "I'm trying to be transparent, that way you can't say that I fooled you, or lied to you to get your..attention." She pushes her fingers through her hair, glancing out the back door. "Thank you for saying that."

Felix nods, "I should. Do you want me to though?" He asks curiously. "And sorry, I shouldn't make it more complicated for you." Another grin and nod. "No tricking happening. We can talk more tomorrow though."

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