(2018-12-26) Interview With the Flan Hire
Vyv interviews Wyatt for a kitchen position.

Cassidy Carr's loft has been the place for Vyv to hold meetings while the shop is still under construction. It's less tricky to get clients in than the B&B where the chef is staying. Carr is waiting in the lobby for the next appointment, one Wyatt Roswell. The personal assistant is wearing something for the season: a red long-sleeved turtleneck with a gold silk scarf, and a mini skirt in black and white houndstooth, with black leather areas. Black tights and ankle boots complete the chic look. She peruses her tablet as she waits for the young man to arrive.

Said person soon enough appears as Wyatt comes in. Having been out looking for a place to work, or intern, to try and get some experience. Thus he end up here. A smile and a wave to Cassidy. "Hi. Wyatt Roswell. I was coming in for a meeting?" He offers, a bit nervous perhaps. A smile on his lips though.

Cassidy smiles in that professional way that doesn't reach ones eyes, and offers a hand to Wyatt to shake. "Mister Roswell, Cassidy Carr. I'm Chef Vydal's assistant and he's waiting to meet you, please come with me." She leads him to the elevators, then a ride to the fourth floor, stopping to enter loft 401. "It says here you're attending culinary school now, and you do, what exactly, with rodeos?" she asks as she gestures him inside and offers to take his coat.

Wyatt does shake Cassidy's hand. He does seem slightly unused to the clothing he is wearing, but trying his best. "Pleasure to meet you, miss Carr." A smile in return. Following along into the elevator. Hands in front of himself. "Indeed. I am, and I used to compete. A few championships and other acomplishments." Shrugging, "Want to be able to do something else though, and food is amazing." Not realizing her offer perhaps. "Oh, thank you." He will say as he follows inside.

When they enter the loft, Vyv looks up from the papers he's perusing, toward the door. The dining table would probably be the place to sit for making notes, but he's claimed that armchair instead, a small notebook balanced on one of its arms. He seems settled in fairly comfortably, leaning back in the way the chair's designed for, legs crossed. Somehow his posture still looks quite good. He's in a well-cut oxblood wool suit over a crisply white shirt, with a mustard silk tie with subtle white stripes; a simple silver-and-garnet tiebar and similar cufflinks add to the accents, along with brown leather brogues and a cognac, mustard, oxblood, and white paisley pocket square. This may also qualify as dressed for the season; certainly it qualifies as well-coordinated with Cassidy, albeit not enough to be 'matchy'. Was that intentional, or did they just think similarly?
"Ah," he says, looking Wyatt over assessingly as Cassidy leads him in, "Hello. Wyatt Roswell, isn't it?" The accent's hard to miss by the second word, and he unfolds gracefully to his feet, moving toward the arrivals, and offering the man a hand. "Vyvyan Vydal."

Cassidy closes the door behind the young man and then she moves to the living area that is serving as a meeting space for now. There is a bottled water, a glass, and a napkin for Vyv and Wyatt set on the coffee table, because the assistant thinks of everything. "Can I get either of you something more to drink? Coffee? Tea?" she asks, setting a folder in front of Vyv with all of Wyatt's information in it.

Wyatt smiles and nods. "It is." Moving to take the offered hand. "Pleasure to meet you, mister Vydal." Glancing to Cassidy at her words. "Nothing me, thank you." He offers and looks to Vyv, hands clasping behind his back. His own accent local. Standing and just letting Vyv catch up on the folder that Cassidy hands to him. Trying to relax some.

"And you," Vyv replies, and gestures vaguely toward the couch. "Please, have a seat. And I think the water ought to be sufficient for now, Cassidy, thank you." There's what might be the ghost of an upward turn at one corner of his mouth as he addresses her, but no sign of it when he's settled back into the chair and is taking a few moments to look through just what's in the folder his assistant's given him.
"Mn," he says, scanning something, before looking to Wyatt again. "Culinary student. Why?" Brows faintly lifted; otherwise the expression is hard to read. But clearly at least slight interest, anyway.

Cassidy leaves the two to their meeting, relocating to the small office area she has converted her dining table into, and working on her laptop. She has a cup of coffee at her elbow, the mug on a little USB warmer because she's a closet nerd. Of note, there are no holiday decorations up in the loft, no evidence of having received gifts, no Christmas cards, nothing. Vyv may have noticed she's been quieter than usual the last week or so as well. Holiday melancholy certainly isn't a rare thing these days.

Wyatt does move to take a seat on the couch. "Cause food is interesting, and the freedom there is." He says and smiles. "And there is a satisfaction in seeing it enjoyed." Shrugging at that cliche answer though. "Oh, and it is fun to suprise people with new combinations."

Vyv watches Wyatt while the answer's given. No sign of a reaction to the first part of the reply, though the addition gets a faint nod. "Mm," he says, a flicker of a glance toward Cassidy — though no sign of anything like concern — and then at the folder again. He picks up the pen that was laid on his notebook (it's a fountain pen, as it turns out), and makes a note of some sort on whatever he's looking at. "And what's your eventual aim? Where do you hope to take your skills, once they're developed? Figuratively, though I suppose literally might be interesting as well."

Wyatt ponders about his aim. "I don't know yet, cause it's a vast profession and a wide world. But I think being a chef, perhaps running my own place." Pondering for another moment. "I hope it takes me everywhere. I'll probably still have something here, but hopefully other places as well."

Vyv studies Wyatt for a moment after that one, and this time the nod is clearer. "All right," he says. "So: surprising people with new combinations. Tell me about the best one you've come up with, how it came to mind, and how you went about developing it. Why that food, and why that change to it?" There's another note made, something quick but a bit longer than the one before, and the older man still seems to be watching closely when the answer's given. If it weren't a job interview, it would be edging on rude.

Wyatt ponders, "Well, so far I made an asian style three dish meal, with western flavors. Miso soup, with lamb stew styled flavors. Woked noodles with an inspiration from different italian spaghetti. Finally A dessert looking like salmon roe maki style, that is actually salted caramel, white chocolate, cafe latte. With some different things. The roe being coffee, the rice white chocolate mousse and salted caramel instead of dried seaweed." He explains, seeming to speak about it passionately. "With the first one I wanted to show the flavors of Colorado, but with a twist. With something equally traditional. Then the second, something that is common all over the world, with their own differences. So showing how similar they can be. The last one, some experimental stuff more technique and molecular gastronomy. Making it actually look like something to throw people off. Hopefully all three also mix in together. With the light light dessert, that can have a bit stronger flavor. Spaghetti can often by followed by coffee, so thus coffee and ice cream style finish, and a much lighter than the first two." He might not be spot on with everything or how it would completely work, but seem commited and proud enough. A smile. "Sorry, I'm rambling."

The interest is clearer as that answer comes, and as it goes on with that passion — particularly once it reaches the dessert. A hint of a raised eyebrow at that, though Vyv looks… actually somewhat pleased when the details of that one come out. It's still subtle; he doesn't seem given to highly demonstrative reactions, but there's that faint upward turn to the lips again.
"No, I wouldn't say that was rambling. And it's good to know you have an experimental mind. Does lead also to the obvious question of how you feel about patisserie, and how much that's been covered in your training thus far. How would you rate your knowledge in the area?" A bit more impassive again, but it feels somehow like an important question. What sort of answer might be 'correct' may be trickier to figure out.

Wyatt nods and smiles, a small shrug though about patisserie. "Not covered enough, but we do have basics. And I want to be able to do everything. A good meal ends with a good dessert, so I do want to know a lot. Besides, knowing how to make different baked good also opens up a new world of experiences, and experients." He goes on. Not seeming to try and find out what the correct answer is, just going on what he actually likes.

Another "Mn," and another note, as well. Vyv studies Wyatt for a few silent moments, thoughtfully. "That may answer the next question well enough, I suppose, but in case you have other reasons to add… why are you applying for this particular position? What are you hoping to gain from it? And," definitely a faint half-smile, one brow lifting again, "What do you feel you specifically have to offer us? Why, to put it baldly, ought I hire you?"

Wyatt nodding a bit as he thinks about it. "Wide experience and also to find my nieche. I am still only a culinary student. I still have years to find out exactly what kind of chef I want to be. Not only from a standpoint of what I make, but from how I lead staff, and how I handle all kinds of things in a kitchen. Watching all that are employed here should do that, and watching and learning from you. If I get the oppurtunity." He says and smiles. "And well, I might be able to bring in local customers. Especially the rodeo folk. I know a lot of them, close with the Starrs. I also have a lot of merit on my own. I also think it offers some young blood to this place that could try and learn and dare to step outside of the orthodox. I know trends and such, and what is new and cool. Might help out. At least among teens." He suggests. "And perhaps for the same reason that you agreed to the interview to start." Offering the potential that Vyv might have had thoughts on him even before this meeting. True or not.

Vyv makes another note, a very short one, at the beginning of the answer; at the bit about daring to step outside of the orthodox, the eyebrow goes up again, and there's a slight pursing of his lips; could be annoyance, or could be suppressing a smile of some sort. Whichever it might be, it's followed by what's rather easier to read as a faint smirk. "Well. I do look forward to discovering what's new and cool," he murmurs, and makes another brief note in the folder.
He leans forward, then, opening the bottle of water that's set before him on the coffee table and pouring some into the glass. He takes up the glass, settles back again, and has a fair sip before he speaks again; there's likely a touch of his attention still on the youth as he does it, but from the sip onward it's all there again. "That does bring to mind another question — the rodeo. You compete, do you not? It's obviously little of my concern what one does outside of work hours, as long as it doesn't affect what happens within them, but, as a chef, I do wonder how you prevent it being a danger to your hands." The one not holding the glass flexes, as if absently illustrating the slim, dextrous fingers that are his stock-in-trade, or certainly one of them, at least.

Wyatt shrugs a bit, "Same way that I do in the kitchen." Going right to it as the other has offered his own words and opinions. "Not getting my finger chopped off through precaution. So in rodeo, using gloves. Tucking and rolling. So on, and so forth. Even with one hand, you can still cook. Seen that guy on masterchef with a broken arm?" He points out. "Or that blind chef, for that matter." Watching Vyv curiously. "So I do try my best to keep free from harm, but even if harm happens. There are other ways around it, if you're creative."

"You can, but it takes considerable practice to do it as well or as swiftly, without impinging on the work of those around you," Vyv says, "In my experience disabilities are less of an issue than injuries; learning to compensate from the beginning or over considerable time is smoother than suddenly having to counteract a new issue. However. This is rather a rodeo town, and as long as you can assure me it won't become a problem, I'll set that aside." Another ghost of a smile, "Rumour does have it others ski, which has also been known to be perilous."
He sips again, thoughtful a second. "If I do hire you, you'll be beginning on simple prep while I assess your abilities and attention to detail, and while you learn how things are done in my kitchen. Chopping, measuring, and the like. If all goes well, you'll graduate to helping to prepare or decorate various items as I or Mr. Tanaka see fit, based on your talents. You'll be expected to do things precisely as you're instructed, and I do mean precisely. As you may have already learnt, baking can be rather more," his free hand makes a vague gesture, "…finicky than other forms of cooking, particularly when aiming for consistency. If you're given an opportunity to experiment on the clock, it's unlikely to be for rather a while. I of course expect meticulous punctuality and hygiene, and when busy periods hit, a certain amount of overtime is likely to be necessary, although it will generally be predictable. Are these all things with which you can deal?"

Wyatt shrugs, "Can't agree. I'd put the evenly. I've managed to ride and run with broken legs and hands." He offers and grins. "It won't. And well, perhaps I can get a new position while injured. If I show affinity for it. Or just going to being a busboy. There it can often be done with one hand. In my experience at least." Nodding about where he will begin, "Sounds great. More than I was assuming that I would get to do." He says and smiles. "Oh, it can also just be a technique thing, and if you tell me not to do like I want, then that is okay. I will do it as you say." Another nod about what he expect from Wyatt. "I can." At least to a start. A little experience would help out, even if they can't work together too long.

"Managing a thing isn't the same as doing it well," Vyv says, "And I do rather require things be done well." There is, however, a bit more of a smile, if fleetingly.
He sits forward a little, giving Wyatt one more look over, and then nods. "Good. Then I think it's worth a go. You can sort the other details with Cassidy," he indicates the young woman with a tilt of his head, "She'll fit you in the schedule and get you up to speed with the general rules. We'll arrange your first shifts for when Mr. Tanaka is free to introduce you to the kitchen. He's my second; he's quite good at what he does." A half-smile, chin lifting a fraction and one brow somewhat farther: "I'm /very/ good at what I do. If one wishes to learn, there are worse places to do so." The other side of his mouth twitches to match the first, and he offers his hand again. "Welcome."

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