(2018-12-24) The Doctor is In
Kate gets a new doctor, and Uma gives big girl advice

Christmas Eve and the doctor surgery is open. It's usually more of a busy time for emergency departments but there is still a steady stream. One of her later appointments is Katherine Stone. Uma has given the receptionist (often her sister Eve) the day off so will greet the new patient herself before ushering Kate into the consulting room. The doctor is dressed casually though there is a 'doctor coat' hanging on the wall for patients who feel better if she wears it. "What did you wish to discuss, Ms Stone?" She gestures to a seat for Katherine.

Katherine takes a seat, crossing her legs as she places her purse on the ground. She's dressed for the weather, expensive cashmere sweater, a button down white blouse and new denim jeans. She brushes her hair behind her ears, settling back into her seat. "Well first and foremost, I was wondering if you were taking patients. If so, I would like to bring both of my sisters in to see you." She clears her throat, gazing down at her lap for a moment before her eyes narrow slightly. "My sister Sarah has MS, and my younger sister is pregnant. If you know of an OBGYN, that would be appreciated.." She fidgets with her sweater, finally looking up to meet Uma's gaze before she quietly admits, "I also would like to know about a morning after pill?"

Uma sits herself down at her desk, though on the same side as Katherine - no need to make it feel like a job interview. "Definitely taking patients" she smiles. "There are horrible forms to fill in but it shouldn't take you too long. Are your sisters eighteen? Different forms to fill in." She nods to the ailments. "Sorry to hear about the MS. Do you happen to know what type? Different types have different treatments. Are you expecting to be a carer?" An apologetic shake of her head. "Sorry, don't know many local medicos but I can definitely ask around. And as for the morning after pill…" Uma grabs a prescription pad. "Is this for future use or required now? I only ask because if it is the latter, and considering the holiday opening hours around here, I can give you some 'samples'."

"One is nineteen, the other is sixteen." Katherine shakes her head at Uma, wincing before she pulls her phone from her purse. She pulls up an email that Sarah had sent to her, but it doesn't have a lot of information. "She was looking for a neurologist, but I figure having a general practitioner would be a good place to start as well." She nods at Uma, settling back in her chair. "She doesn't really want me to be. I want her input, and to be somewhere where she feels comfortable and safe. So ..she and I have a lot to discuss, but I want some of that discussion to happen in front of a professional so I can ask questions." She clears her throat, managing a slightly embarrassed smile. "Required now. Yesterday really, but I couldn't get here yesterday."

Uma nods as she looks over the email. "A neurologist can certainly supply all the details, but for day to day issues, I should be fine. I'll help set up the treatment routines and supply any medication she may need." She takes down the name of the doctor on the email. "Do you think you can get Sarah to come in and see me? She might want to do it by herself at first. Don't be hurt by that. She is probably very confused and frightened. Seemingly random ailments like that can make the world feel very cruel. So finding somewhere comfortable and safe is a very good start." At the urgency of the pill, Uma stands and heads on over to the drug cabinet. Unlocking and finding what she needs. "I could lecture about using a condom but you can't put spilled milk back in the bottle." Her brow furrows. "That similie was probably a bit too much." She places a box in front of Katherine. "I'll get you a water."

"Yes, I think that I can. She was hiding this from me, and hiding in her room during Thanksgiving. Since she and I had the talk about her condition… she's more willing to try to find treatment." Katherine chuckles and nods at Uma. "I don't want to crowd her, I want her to be comfortable, and if that means her coming alone …whatever it takes." Kate's eyes track Uma as she moves to the cabinet, and her cheeks get pink. "It was a date, I usually have something prepared, but I'll be honest? I absolutely did not expect what happened to happen." She opens the box, pushing the pill from its plastic prison. "This is so embarrassing…" She mumbles, holding the pill in the palm of her hand.

"No need to be embarrassed" Uma assures Katherine as she next places a glass of water nearby. "Just try to take protection with you at all times. And if you see this gentleman again, try and get him to as well. It shouldn't all be down to you." A sigh as she returns to her seat. "Sorry if I'm sounding a bit mothery" she half-smiles, "But it is only concern about your health." A nod about Sarah's reticence to discuss her condition. "At her age she's supposed to feel immortal. This can be quite a blow…to say the least. I'm glad she has started to talk to you. As sisters, you two share a special bond. Use that. What about your parents?"

Katherine's cheeks are still pink as she takes the pill, swallowing it with a drink of water. "What..exactly should I expect with that pill, by the way? It's my first time having an oops." She clears her throat and shrinks in her seat a little bit. "I'll talk to him about it, but I'm not sure that's going to ever happen again. Then again, I didn't think it would happen the first time." She shrugs awkwardly and then lets out a sigh. "Sarah hasn't felt immortal for a while, I know that much. She was destroyed when our parents and siblings died. When it came down to fight or flight, she fled, and spent most of the next two years out in Pennsylvania. Our bond is a little strained, but we're working on that."

"There shouldn't be too much in the way of side effects" Uma replies about the pill, "But come back and see me in about three weeks and we can make sure it worked. Oh…and try not to throw up in the next couple of hours. Not expecting you to, but just in case. And no unprotected sex for now." A coy smile about the possible one-night-stand. "I don't judge, Ms Stone, I heal. Or prevent illness if I can." A wince as the story of the family deaths come out. "I'm sorry to hear that. Has Sarah seen a psychologist or anyone like that? Have you? I'm sure it was traumatic for all of you. And even if your relationship is strained, that doesn't stop you being sisters and the love beneath it all. I know all about that."

"Oh..okay good." Katherine nods at Uma, nodding again at the other instructions. "Yes ma'am." She offers a wry smile before she quietly speaks again. "Kind of you. Our old practitioner still..practices, but he's an older man. Knew my father really well, if I had to ask him about something like this? I would die, twenty seven or not." She sits back in the chair, crossing her legs. "My sisters and I were all referred to a really kind psychologist, and Lynn still goes. Sarah stopped wanting to go, and ..I'm too busy, honestly. I really need to start going again because I've been having panic attacks when things pile on too high. I don't want it to happen anymore, and I think talking to someone might help."

"Being too busy sounds like an excuse for not wanting to go. We can all find a few hours a week if it is going to do us good. Or we should. Do you exercise? Anxiety attacks is not something to ignore" Uma replies, her tone warm and considerate rather than lecturing. "Is that a local psychologist? I met a Doctor Everett the other day. He seems nice. Not sure how many psychologists there are in Calaveras. There is no shame in going to see one." A little frown. "And I'm pretty sure your old practitioner wouldn't have made judgement either. This is also a place where /you/ can feel safe and comfortable, Ms Stone. Be as open as you like…it may save your life one day. When was your last attack?"

"I do exercise, I've been swimming laps lately, it's a good way to clear my head." Katherine shakes her head at Uma, leaning her cheek against her palm. "I'll look up a local one, see if we mesh. If you're speaking of Stan? I don't think that would work for me." She looks thoughtful, frowning slightly. "A few days after Thanksgiving. They took me to the emergency room, gave me some sedatives and told me to avoid stress triggers. I'm working on it still."

"Exercise has lots of health benefits. Shame it has to be so strenuous" Uma teases with a sigh. "Yes, Stan. Oh, some history there? None of my business but do try to find someone to talk to. Even a friend. Getting it out eases the problem and you'd be surprised by how just talking about it, shows it is not as bad as you've allowed yourself to think it is." A light tap of her head. "Leave everything in here and it grows wild if you don't tend it." At what happened at the hospital…she doesn't seem impressed. "Do you know all your stress triggers? And they gave you sedatives for that one incident but no real plan. I shouldn't get too annoyed, they're busy, but they exist to make people well. Not temporary fix and throw them out."

Katherine nods at Uma, chuckling softly before she leans in to quietly confide in the other woman. "I eat a lot of sweets and savory foods, perk of my job, so it's important that I get to the gym a few times a week." She reaches up, slender finger scratching at her eyebrow. "There is some history there, and I would rather keep it firmly in the past." She chuckles under her breath as she leans forward to pick up her purse. "I was getting involved in a large business deal, it…was a huge part of my stress. I'm not sure if I'm still doing the business thing, but thinking that I might not has brought a lot of relief, I'm sure that is a sign from above." She rolls her eyes, chuckling softly. "I recognize more of the things that stress me out, and I keep working on it." She frowns, pulling out her wallet. "How much do I owe you, doctor?"

"If you have time for the gym, you have time to talk. It's all part of the health trip. Talking will deal with the sweets of life. Hmm, I think I lost the metaphor there." Uma nods in understanding about Stan. No need to go into any more detail. "Find out for sure if you're still doing the business thing. If you are, and you ignore it, then that could definitely be a stress trigger. And if you don't want to do it, and you feel better not doing it, then opt out. Though also be sure, as you don't want to regret it. Life can be so hard" she smiles warmly before shaking her head at the wallet. "First consult is on the house. Second one I charge double. Just kidding." A quick prescription is written out and handed over. "If you need more pills."

Katherine gazes down at the paper, her cheeks pink. "I hope I won't. I mean..I have condoms at my home, I was dating someone pretty seriously for a while." She brushes her hair away from her face, leaning in to shake Uma's hand with her free one. "Thank you so much. I'll have Sarah get in touch with you, see if she wants to come in with our without me. You've put my mind at ease, and I truly appreciate that, thank you so much." She dithers for a moment, putting the paper in her purse. "Have a good evening, and thank you again." She says, moving toward the door.

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